On a long afternoon in Mid June, the sun cast an orange, red, and pink blanket over the evening sky after a long rainfall. Three girls worked on their costumes. Two girls worked on the girls worked on sewing machines. Another was hand stitching. The laptop on a playlist of various songs played as their background soundtrack. "Volunteering is going to be a pain again this year!"

"I don't want to get mobbed again." Dare worries. "I remember the last time that happened."

"Don't worry D," Says Rhoda, "you got us... and Mimi.."Dare just stared at her, giving a look of concern before saying,"Mimi's nuts."

"Exactly. Where is she by the way?" Rhoda asked.

"Shes at Fabric Bin. Said she's on her way with craft foam and glue sticks. She'll be here soon."

The young hand stitching seamstress looks up at her laptop checking the internet looking at the counter on the Fandomonium website. "45 Days!" Rhoda cheers. She was so excited that she lost focus and pricked her finger letting a high-pitched "OW!"

Anaya could feel her fingers ache and stiffen under the rumbling sewing machine. She slumped back in her chair, staring up at the ceiling popping her knuckles, slightly wincing at the pain. 45 days. That was the last thing she needed to hear. "There is no way we're getting these outfits Ready in time." She groans.

"Yeah we will," Says Dare "We have a whole Month and a half. They'll be done by then."

"I know, but it feels like three days." She says letting out an exhausted sigh.

"Yaya, you worry too much." Says Rhoda; "Besides, slouching and groaning isn't helping you either." She playfully scolds throwing a leftover scrap of white cotton spandex at her older mentor.

"Neither is internet surfing!" Dare responds. Anaya throws the white scrap back at the young Samoan; the fabric draping over her head.

"Hey!" Rhoda groaned.

"Back to work, little Missy!" Anaya snips at her. Rhoda glared at her mentors. The dark freckles on her nose scrunched as she stuck out her tongue. "That's how you got pricked in the first place." Says Dare. Rhoda pout as she looks down at her costume and continues stitching.

Hey guys, It's been a long time since my hiatus but I am back. The internet is limited as well as I have been working out in the real world. so I will be updating temporarily. This one is still being worked on so don't freak out about the changes.