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Griffin was packing his bags. He wanted to get to the airport early so that he could talk with his team before they got on the plan that was going to change their lives forever. He zipped his backpack shut and slung it over his shoulder. Grabbing the duffle that was sitting on his bed he walked towards the front door while calling out to his sister

"Melissa, come on we are going to be late" just as he finished his sentence he walked around the corner and saw 4 suitcases sitting by the front door. Only one was his

"Okay, I'm ready" said a voice behind him. Turning around griffin saw his younger sister with a large backpack as well as a small rolling bag that he was pretty sure did not fit the guide lines of being a carry-on.

"Why on earth do you need so much stuff?" Griffin asked truly shocked by the 5 bags his sister had packed.

"What? I only packed one suitcase and two carry-ons. Just like you did I might add." She gave griffin a pointed look.

"Then who do those belong to?" griffin asked point to the two additional bags sitting by the front door.

"Those would be ours" Griffin's mother said while walking in with his father "we want to come with you and see the school that both of our children got full rides to."

"mom, no I already told you the dean of the school will meet us at the airport and help us settle in. you and dad don't need to come" griffin tried to stress the importance of them not coming to Portland with him and Melissa and eventually the two parents conceded and put their bags away.

"Come on mom, dad we are going to be late" griffin said as he walked to the car. The ride to the airport was long with both parents gushing about how proud they were that both got in to a school so prestigious that neither parent had ever heard of it.


"Our conditions are we want you and your team to come with us to Portland and work with us and we want you to work with us and learn from us." Nate said.

"Okay but how will we convince our parents to send us across the country with the world's most notorious criminals?" Griffin asked.

"Leave that to me." Hardison said rather smugly

A few weeks' later letters for all the swindle team arrived claiming acceptance and full rides to the most prestigious high school in the country.


When Griffin and his sister finally made it through the hassle that was known as the TSA security check point. They made their way to the Starbucks near their gate. Sitting there was a group of kids known as the Swindle team or as they would be begrudgingly referred to from now on as leverage Jr., thank you Hardison for that horrible name.