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'I must warn you I have many more appetites that only you can feed.'

Bella gasped as the words absorbed into her mind. She felt every muscle in her core clench when Edward only smiled.

"So what would you like to see first?" She blinked as he broke the tension with the simple question. But all she could think of was the several ways Bella wanted him. His hardness to her softness. His darkness to her light.

"I don't know. I would enjoy a tour of the city," Her eyes lingered past him to the town-scape outside. But it was what rumbled beneath both their skin that really made her want to explore.

"Would you prefer for this to happen immediately?" Edward quirked a brow from where he leaned. Their bond was as tangible as he explained. She felt it rippling and curling between them with every moment they still stayed apart.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, we could perhaps forfeit those plans in favor of something else." Her core heated as his gaze dragged down her body. She even swore that connection inside started to purr as when his stare lingered where her breast hung her blood-stained shift. But Bella didn't care about the carnage that still laid evident on her clothes. She needed him now.

"Like what?"

Edward pulled away only slightly from the counter. "Something that I think you'd agree is long since past due."

"Oh?" Bella swallowed at his dark words.

"How about a bath!" He shot from the counter, no ounce of his desire as Edward held out his hand, "I would give us a chance to start out our new lives with a clean slate. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Oh." She felt her own arousal disappear. Edward was only just looking out for her best interest. And gods only knew what kind of mess she looked like. Bella gave a weak nod as he led them down the hall.

"Unless of course, you were thinking of another act?" He cocked his head with a smirk. Her head shot to him as her gaze widened in shock. He had been teasing her. She snapped her agape mouth the next second.

"A bath does sound nice." Two could play this game, after all. "Where is the washroom?" She peered ahead. Edward chuckled.

"This way." The hall was longer than it seemed, and Bella felt the tension rising once more. She could have groaned from the anticipation. But as he ran a hand down her face, she felt the blood and dirt caked. It was almost enough to erase the feeling of Edward's hand at her waist.


"This house is beautiful." She used her thoughts as a distraction. They still had a lot about, the two of them. Like the future of Edward's court. Her own immortality.

"Glad you like it." His voice was sincere, "My mother furnished it herself." And at the mention of Edward's mother, Bella felt a pang of guilt in her gut. Here she was, her head clouded with desire, and here was Edward, perhaps caught up in his own guilt of his family. Bella bit her lip in shame.

"She had good taste." The word had hung like death between them.

"Yes. She did. And that's how I know she would have loved you." Edward didn't let any emotion reach his face, but Bella knew better. Though she couldn't give any more comfort, even as their footfalls paused in front of a white paneled door.

"I would have been lucky to meet her." She peered up to him. The statement sounded bland to her own ears, but Bella wished to convey how much she meant it. The yearning to meet the woman that raised her mate made something inside clench uncomfortably. Edward seemed to mirror that same feeling as regret flickered across his face. But that was all he allowed to show as he nodded back to present.

"Well, here it is." His tone was overly enthusiastic; as if he was choking something back. Bella heard him mention something about towels and how to work the spiket. But all she saw was his back as he turned and started walking away.

"Wait!" The plea broke from her before Bella realized she had said it. He turned an increment as she gulped her next words, "Could you perhaps…stay?" Another swallow as she watched his jaw clench. So Bella stated the only reason she could think for him to remain, "I need help with unlacing."

Edward had finally faced her by then. He only gave the softest nod as the veins in his neck throbbed. Bella made sure her breathing remained steady as he came back to that doorway. "Of course." He murmured, moving past her like the immortal he was. "Let me turn on the water first." Bella might have answered him, or she might have not. And Edward might have given another statement, or just stared. But she knew nothing but the sound of his footsteps as he came up behind her.

She shivered though Bella wasn't cold. His heat was ebbing off in waves, and she almost closed her eyes as he passed just a breath behind her. Bella dared look at him from over her shoulder. Edward blinked to the skin of her shoulders, then back to her face. Entranced.

"Well?" she whispered, "Are you going to help or not?" Bella forced her voice to remain steady as she revealed to him the series of laces she needed help with, "I think the corset starts at the bottom."

There was a moment of silence where nothing happened. And Bella cursed herself for pushing Edward too much. But then she felt the lightest finger at the bottom of her corset. They barely brushed the tops of her skirts, and that alone, sent a wave of gooseflesh.

Edward might have let out a groan, "Found it." Her breath returned as the corset loosened. Bella hung her head with the sweet relief of it. "Are you okay?" his voice rumbled like thunder; though he spoke in a mere hush. Bella supposed in her clouded desire, her senses were heightened. Then she realized she should probably answer him.

"Its just—feels good. Like a relief to finally breath freely." She thought the words foolish. Edward's breath fanned across her neck in a low chuckle. But he continued tugging his fingers up her corset. Bella didn't dare move a muscle as he hummed,

"Why you women torture yourselves, I'll never understand."

She couldn't help but scoff at the truth of his words. And she also couldn't help but reply, "Would you prefer I go without?" Her face heated with the thought of it, "Imagine what people would think if the mate of the High Lord showed herself in such dishevelment?"

"It would be a sight for sure." His tone was one of awe-filled lust. And Bella felt a liquid warmth trickle down between her thighs. "You could wear a paper bag, and still look beautiful."

She chuckled at that. "Is this what mate-hood is like?" Perhaps she was so relaxed, that any ounce of filter had evaporated the moment Edward's breath and touch washed over her. But either way, she was left cackled at the thought of her mate in all his splendor, and then Bella beside him in a paper bag. "I get showered with compliments? If so, I can't understand why any female would refuse."

She waited from his reply. When it didn't come, Bella glanced back at him. Only to find green eyes molten as she stood in nothing but her shift. He blinked back to her face, "Do you wish any further help of mine?"

"Perhaps." Bella glanced down to her body. She could have sworn Edward pulled in a shaky breath. Who knew her mate in all his centuries, was still nervous at the sight of a naked body? "The slip," she offered, wondering how much he needed to be pushed, "It also has a troublesome tie at the neck that is hard to reach."

Without a breath, he untied the string and her slip dropped. The lace underwear did nothing to hide her nakedness beneath. She would have liked to think Edward enjoyed the sight eyes. And from the sound of his rumbling groan, it seemed as though he had.

She jumped when his fingers brushed between her shoulder blades. "I'm sorry." He removed his hand, "I promised you a bath."
Bella laughed. Actually, laughed as she turned to face him. His expression was almost painful as she peered up to him. His eyes barely glanced to her breasts. "Edward. Do you honestly think I asked you in here just for your help?" He dared another look to where her breasts hung heavy beneath her lace brazier. Bella felt the peaks harden in pure anticipation. And if Edward noticed as such, he was being a gentleman by not reacting.

"I didn't know what you wanted." He glanced between her eyes like he was trying to find the truth beyond her words. Bella didn't' know what else she had to do, sans begging her mate to take her, other than undressing like this. He let out a shaky breath as he dragged the back of his knuckles down the curve of her shoulder. It was a loving gesture as she waited for him to decide. "And what—" his hand lingered where her own arm brushed her waist. Edward dared place his hand at the bare skin there "—Pray tell, do you want, Bella?"

Her gaze flared almost as wide as her mouth when he undid his necktie with a smirk. And whatever sort of male had entered this bathroom had vanished just mere seconds ago. The realization sent a thrill of fresh arousal straight to her core.

"I don't particularly know." Bella might as well as be honest. Edward's smirk remained as he tugged his overcoat from his shoulders. And her eyes sparked to the broadness of them. "I wanted to ash any remaining stench of that with from you myself," she said. His smile widened.

"I wouldn't want anyone else to." He paused as he tugged the dress shirt from the band of his trousers. "I'm sorry. Did you want to do the rest?" he asked. Bella managed a mute nod. He gave a male-satisfied smirk, "Then I'm all yours."

As she stepped forward to help Edward free of his shirt, her mouth watered to all the bare skin revealed; thinking of all the ways she wanted to taste him. Bella first saw all the scars littering his tan skin. And she couldn't help but drag her finger-tips over the risen flesh. She let her hands wander from there, across the wide chest she loved, and even lower to where the muscles of his abdomen shuddered under her touch. When her exploration finished, his voice broke the silence.

"Am I adequate enough for you, mate?" His eyes were glazed with living desire.

"Don't let it go to your head."

He huffed at her answer. But Bella was not done. She scratched her nails down the planes of his back. Edward sucked in a groan before his glare met hers. "Devious mate." Bella only met him with equal heat; slowly feeling her core building with want. Edward read as much in her eyes, "Then would you like to do the final honors?" His whisper coated her open mouth as his grip went to the fabric that tied around her breasts. And Bella did nothing but bask in that last moment before their joining.

"Together?" she fingered the band of his trousers, and she swore something twitched just beneath in anticipation. But before Bella could shove her hands in and feel just for herself what lay in wait for her, Edward's mouth was upon hers.

The kiss knocked the wind out of her, and her balance as well. They were sent sprawling into the tub. Edward took all the brunt force of the fall; his arms like a living vice as she fought to sit upright from the shock of the water. His laughter boomed across the room.

"You did that on purpose!" She slapped his soaked shoulder. Edward's hair was soaked as well, his tan skin already gleaming. An even though she was now seated rather comfortably in his lap, that didn't stop her mouth from gaping in shock. "Self-indulgent ass."

He gave a not so sheepish grin. "Sorry, I couldn't resist."

"I thought I was going to smack my head and die!" She folded her arms; though she felt what was poised against her backside.

"Can I repay you in any way?" He pressed soft lips to her neck, pulling away her damp hair as he pressed his nose beneath her ear; inhaling her scent.

"Keep this up, and neither of us will get very clean. I might have to kick you out."

He hummed, "That doesn't' sound like much fun." Only then did he pull far enough away to look at her see-through brazier. Bella felt her breath catch the instant her nipples hardened. Edward loosened a growl. He might have said something smart as well, but all Bella knew was the feel of his mouth at her chest.

His mouth gave the perfect pull to her peaked breast, and her head fell back with a sigh. Edward only pressed his palm at her back, arching Bella's chest further into his open mouth. She was happy to oblige, as he swirled his tongue against her sensitive flesh.

He pulled back with a pop of her breast, he only dragged his teeth along the swell of her other, "Aren't you happy you let me stay?"

"Tell me how much," she breathed. Edward pulled her completely astride him, and the water splashed over the side like careening waves. The position allowed her lace covered core to feel every inch of him, and the silky feeling of his cock couldn't have been more heavenly against her core.

"I want to give you everything," he murmured before pulling her lips to his. The kiss was wild and unkempt, and Bella wouldn't have it any other way as Edward traced the line of her lace underwear with his finger. She bowed against him. He barely hooked that finger in the fabric covering her center.

Bella whimpered as she started to stroke the heated flesh there. And her hips bucked with each swipe. "Just wait my love." His voice was the only island in this ocean of sensations. His lips at her ear the only life preserver in the endless sea of pleasure. And then Edward lifted her to the rim of the bathing tub.

Bella yelped at the chilly air, but her attention shot to the gorgeous male below her when Edward faced where her legs parted on instinct. The water kept his lower half concealed from her. But any disappointment left Bella's when her mate parted the final barrier from her and his hungry stare.

"Are you cold?" He broke his concentration to her white-knuckle grip to the edge of the tub. He didn't know Bella was shivering in pure anticipation. But she lost any capacity to answer as he ran a broad palm from her calf upward. His callouses scraped against her sensitive skin almost painfully. She started to shake in earnest.

Edward hummed as he realized the same. He lifted her right foot delicately, kissing her ankle before moving upwards; slowly, methodically as he moved closer and closer to where Bella was whimpering for him. "Edward." Her voice shook in time to her tremoring muscles. His crystal green eyes flicked to her face.

"I think you'd agree, these have to go." He braced his fists at the seam of her underthings. And with one firm tug, they ripped in half. "You're so gorgeous like this." He sounded like he was talking to himself when his eyes glazed to her naked center. She shook once more. That ripped a snarl from his chest.

"Please." She all but begged. At this point, Bella was far from any bit of self-depravity that made her feel ashamed for needing his mouth on her. Edward merely tugged her just inches from his awaiting mouth, savoring this desperation of hers.

And then he licked her.

Bella bent her neck with a pathetic whimper. But with each lap of his tongue, she was undone; unbound of any sort of remaining sense of self as she became nothing and no one but his. Edward gave a growl in appreciation. And her tremors turned into full-blown spasms the more he licked her. Over and over as he drew her very desire from mouth alone.

"Edward," she gripped his hair as she gasped down to his buried face. He hummed at her taste; nuzzling that tiny bundle of nerves with his nose as he lapped at her with abandon. But it was when he inserted a single digit inside, that stars sparked at her vision.

His other hand moved to her hip; angling Bella for better access as her body fell against the opposite wall. The hand that was tangled in his hair was her only root to reality as she rode out the sensations of her mate. Bella didn't care what noises she was making. Edward might have groaned his own answer. But she was too busy murmuring incoherent prayers for her release. And her mate obliged.

Edward brought that tiny bundle of nerves into his mouth, and sucked. She bowed from the tub, screaming for all the damned world to hear as she shook from wave after wave of pleasure. He merely pushed in a second finger, filling her to the point that the first climax rushed into another. His name was nothing but a plea from her lips.

Every ounce of her was tired as Edward allowed her to come down from her high. Bella blinked to the white ceiling of the bathroom. Her hand was still woven into his hair when Edward placed a tender kiss at her inner thigh.

She looked down with a daze, only to find the entire tub empty. "It looks like a bath won't be happening after all," he smirked. But all Bella saw was the impressive cock of her mate; hard and waiting.

Her mouth went dry.

"Can't say that I'm upset."

He smiled before lifting her in his arms. Bella sighed as he threw her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. But that just gave her a rather glorious view of his ass as she laughed in glee. "I hope you're laughing because you almost boiled your mate, and not something else."

She playfully swatted the mass of muscle that was her mate's beautiful behind as he carried her to what Bella hoped was a bedroom, "Can't I just be laughing because I'm happy?"

His grip tightened around her waist, "That's the only reason. Though I can now brag I made my mate burn so hot, she boiled an entire bathtub."

He whipped her around to his front, Bella was still naked and shivering from the aftermath of his mouth on her. But she still watched his eyes linger at her breasts. Edward did nothing else but nuzzle his nose to her neck as he kept walking.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked, for his skin had turned a bit hotter than normal. Edward's eyes dropped to where her hand rested against his heart.

"I was thinking of the first time I saw you wet in that greenhouse. How I was so overcome with desire that I ran away."

Bella nodded, "I remember. Seeing you even with your gray skin and hair. I still thought you were the most striking thing I'd ever seen."

Edward gave a purr as she dared press a kiss to his jawline. Still, she couldn't believe something so beautiful could be hers. "I went into the gardens after leaving you," he continued, carrying them down the endless hall, "Trying to fight the need for you like ravenous animal."

"And did you fight it?" She already knew the answer, which became even starker when his eyes roved up and down her form as they entered one of the many bedrooms. Hunger was clearer than the answer in his eyes.

"No." his lips spread as he set her down, "Actually, I grew drunk with the thought of kissing each droplet of water from your skin." He paused to lower his mouth to her neck, "Like this." His tongue dipped lower across her collarbones, until they hovered over the swell of each breast. And Bella groaned. "That was when I couldn't deny it any longer. Right then and there, I knew you were mine. As much as I was yours."

"Mine," she echoed. "That sounds good to me."

"And none of it compares to the sight of you now." His eyes met hers, as Bella sat back on the bed.

"Tell me." She whispered. Yet neither needn't open their mouths to tell one another what they needed. Edward cocked his head with a smirk that made gooseflesh rise.

"I'm inclined to show you instead." Edward crashed his lips to hers. Bella quickly wrapped her arms around those broad shoulders she adored and pulled. Deepening the kiss almost desperately as he let loose a growl, she felt his body envelope over hers.

And Bella wanted to consume him. To be consumed as her mate broke his mouth only to drag it along her neck. He moved methodically down her body, as if cataloguing the taste of each patch of skin. And she let him, moaning and sighing as a beautiful warmth started to bloom inside her.

But Bella yelped when she felt a scrape of along her hip. Her gaze snapped down to find her mate smiling, his new canines shining in the daylight against the flesh of her thigh. The sight sent slow, molten desire rushing straight downward. Edward seemed to have sensed as much as he pressed his hand where it coursed the fastest.

She moaned as he dragged a hand through her wetness, and whatever arousal he smelled along with it had him snapping a snarl. Bella's head fell back when his hands was replaced by something else. At the head of his cock at her entrance, she felt her body loosen. He only coated himself with her arousal. And gods, it was as if he was eliciting her own personal brand of torture.

Wicked, beautiful torture. But still absolutely agonizing until he finally spoke,

"What do you want from me, Bella?" his voice was raspy. She barely registered the question because his hands were now teasing each breast. He was driving her insane.

"You know very well what I want." She snapped. But the fact her mate waited for nothing but her word made her blood heat tenfold. So Bella brazenly opened her legs in clear invitation. Edward snarled.

"Really?" he warned; clearly stating how quick and dangerous this coupling would be. Bella eagerly shifted. But all thought evacuated her head as soon as he pressed those canines at her throat. Edward was careful not to draw blood, but the claiming of the gesture was still clear. But Bella was insistent on a far different claiming. She didn't want it slow and steady, but quick and passionate.

He barely swiped his length along her core, already feeling how drenched she was. Almost embarrassingly so as he hissed again. She arched to the friction. Yet Edward kept that slow torturous pace.

Frustrated, she bucked her hips to meet his. And when her hot core pressed against his hardness, Edward let out a warning growl. "Let me look at you." He rose quickly, as if he was afraid he stayed any longer he would lose control altogether. So Bella let him: her breath nearly ratcheting out of her chest as his eyes glazed along her form. "Beautiful," he breathed, something unworldly crossing his features as her mate just stared. Openly and unabashedly as if he was trying to preserve her like this.

And even Bella had to admit through all they had endured together, she felt this strange vulnerability wash over. Not because she was stark naked; no, that was no issue at this point. But it was because her mate— the one and only soul destined as hers among so many—was now staring at her like he was the lucky one in the deal. When it was the other way around.

But she managed to quirk a brow to Edward, "Are you just going to stare?" His mouth popped open when she spread wider for him.

"Devious minx," he growled. Bella moaned as he dragged a possessive hand from her throat, all the way down to where she wanted him the most. And with a mere brush with heal of his hand, he had her writhing.

"Wicked Lord," she only partially glowered. But Edward paid no heed as he shifted his exploration upwards, this time trailing a circle around her navel. And Bella had no quarry in raising her hips to meet him. She was beyond desperate at this point that her body was starting to sing in anticipation. And Edward knew it.

"So eager," his low chuckle drove something deep in her core. And Bella felt a slip of fire spark along her veins. And if they weren't both careful, it would soon manifest to real flame.

"Tease," Bella shot right back. Edward showed his canines in unmistakable smugness. And she had no time to reply before her mate was at her center. Time slowed as her mate probed that heavenly cock inside her, pulling out all sorts of noises Bella didn't even know she could make.

"I think my eagerness wins." Another core-tightening push, this time Bella had to fist the edge of the table to stop from combusting. Edward paused.

"Like I said." She managed through clenched teeth. "Tease." She threw her head sideways with a gasp. Edward merely pulled it back with a finger to her chin. She let out a sigh at the male above her. But that turned to a gasp when he gave her what she wanted.

It was in one fluid motion as he sheathed himself inside her. The sensation was so perfect, Bella swore. Edward's expression was full of concentration as he paused, perhaps using every bit of restraint to not just take her quickly and savagely like his Fae heritage demanded.

But with every inch he gave, her center actually fluttered. And each time she thought Edward was fully seated, her mate had more to give. By the Gods, the feel of him inside her—Bella could sense more than feel the power of her mate's body wanting to be unleashed. The sheer fact he was choosing to hold back had her placing a soft hand at his cheek.

"Are you all right?" He managed to ask. She smiled softly. Both of them were trying to hold on for dear life. Bella glanced to where they were joined. Gods, she wondered if she could take it.

"Just keep going."

"Bella, love—"

"Keep going." Gripping his forearms, Bella let the warmth of him center her; on how much a gift Edward was to her. How lucky she had been to be given such a loving, caring male. And the love she had for her mate, it gave her the strength.

He hesitantly kissed her fingertips. "I love you."

"I love you too." His next push, had Edward almost completely sheathed. Bella closed her eyes at the tightness, of the feeling of their bond swirling inside her core, almost encouragingly. "Faster. Please." It was a plea, and a clear one as his answering growl shook the walls around them. But he didn't move.

Cracking her eyes open, Bella read the distress clear on his face. Edward was being called between his two sides. It was fitting, this duality within her mate, since Bella herself was demi-Fae. And that was how she knew Edward had to give in to that, or else it might shatter them both. She merely rose to meet his mouth in not quite a kiss as she whispered her permission, "Let yourself go." Their eyes locked just as Bella watched the words break the final leash inside him. And then there was no more softness.

His tongue plunged inside her mouth. Bella eagerly met him, groaning openly in agreement as they spun for dominance. And then he slammed into her. Her body jolted upwards from the intensity. But the raw emotion she felt was like nothing she had ever felt. It was a burning in her chest, something that both soothed and forged each time Edward thrust into her.

But as Bella glanced to the hand clutching his, there were no flames to be found. For now, at least as Edward pushed again, this time faster as more heat spread. She was left gasping with each desperate plunge, the bed beneath them groaning against the strain. She moaned along with it.

Everything from his breathy growls to his beautifully concentrated features left Bella in a state of wonder. His elbows were braced beside her head as he drove into her. Over and over. And She was set a-spark: Bella was a fire being forged by her mate. With each meeting of their hips they both became stronger. But still, she saw how he was keeping himself with that final slip of self-control.

"You're still holding back," Bella hauled herself to meet him, their body now flush as she wrapped her legs around those glorious hips of his. Yet it was still not close enough; she wanted to become one.

She hadn't expected him to answer, and Edward gave none as his pace started again; this time increasing tenfold. Bella clutched her grip at the nape of his neck, holding on for dear life as he barreled into her. She whimpered, feeling her mate finally give into himself. Fae and beast alike. And the sensations that came with it were indescribable.

It felt as though Edward was pouring his soul into her. With each heave of his hips he was driving her from her body into some other place where nothing but him being inside her existed. Nothing but their bond existed. And in that place, Bella heard in every tongue how much Edward loved her. He was speaking with his mind, mouth, and body how he would worship her every day; cherish every moment with everything he had. Until she realized he was actually speaking the words out loud.

The sounds of the old language were so beautiful that Bella clutched herself closer. Edward's breath was her rhythm. Bella swore she could taste the unmistakable richness of his blood. And blinking back to reality, there were punctures marks where her mate's shoulder met the column of his neck.

Gods, she had bitten him. But he didn't seem to care as his snarl traveled though her bones, settling deep in her core where her mate continued his claiming. "More." Bella arched her back, her head falling back as she relished in each sensation. Every rasping touch, every furious drive, every drawn-out sound created their own soul-quenching song that she was determined to memorize.

Then Edward took hold of her arms, using them as leverage as he titled her backwards. The new depth he reached forced a low groan from her chest. And Bella wasn't sure she could take it much longer. She whimpered his name over and over; sounding like a plea to her own ears. Perhaps it was.

Then she was moving as Bella quickly found herself astride her mate. Now that she was on top, her mouth popped open to the trueness of their connection. Yet Edward gave no pause before he started to guide her hips.

Her mate apparently enjoyed the sight as he gave a sharp groan. One that made her body jolt with excitement in more ways than one. Her heart was flying; her core tightening to much that she knew it was about to snap. "You're spectacular." His attention lowered to where they joined. Bella followed suite, in absolute awe. He slowed so she could see better, and each time they met, it brought another glorious richness deep from her core.

"I think I'm—" Bella cut off with a cry as he grasped her entire weight into his hands, making his own pace now. Her entire body flared to his clenched teeth, the taught muscles of his arms as he held her.

"Bella," Edward growled into her neck, his breath coating the shell of her ear, "Now it's your turn to let go." When she said nothing, he brought his thumb to rub that tiny bundle of nerves. "Come for me, love," Edward ordered this time, taking her mouth and massaging her tongue in earnest. She groaned, just as she felt her mate's magic come into the thrall.

She gasped when Edward's cool mist kissed along every inch of her skin. Darkness enveloped her. But her breath caught when she felt something invisible lick across her breasts, her neck. Every erogenous zone that existed, her mate caressed it with either his hands, lips or invisible power. And every bit of it was pushing Bella towards igniting.

She screamed as her release barreled through her. Edward barked his answer, those soft lips at her ear, her throat as they both held onto each other through the thrall. She felt her magic climax with her; coursing warmth through every bit of her body. Yet her mate never broke pace, never let Bella falter for a moment as he made sure every drop of pleasure was extracted.

'Open your eyes.' She didn't know it had been herself or Edward giving the order, but either way, Bella obeyed. And her breath caught at the sight. The room was filled with mist; dark, iridescent, cooling darkness as it wrapped each room in its shroud. It was indescribably beautiful as Bella arched into the final waves of her orgasm. Then she realized she was not witnessing complete darkness, but shadows met with light.

Bright, white light.

It was her magic that was mingling and twisting among her mate's power. And the realization sent her spiraling again. This time Edward's pace quickened impossibly, as his arms cinched around her like a vice. He whispered her name over and over as Bella held onto him. And together, they let her light break through the darkness. Through the throngs of their desolation and despair they were healed; through the beauty and beastly alike, they were accepted.

Until nothing remained but the glowing mating bond between them.


"Well, that was something," Bella finally murmured, still tangled in her mate's arms as they both caught their breath. It had either been hours or moments afterwards when her magic became dormant. But her fire gave a final dim rumble, perhaps a reminder that it would never be truly tamed.

Yet as she looked back to Edward, he only pulled her closer into a deep kiss. One of promise and redemption that Bella had to groan from. "That was definitely more than something," His growl turned something dark and forbidden inside her. And Bella had to clench her lips to stop it from jumping his bones.

She still had many questions, more so about Edward's secret court and friends he had kept hidden. "Although I would love nothing but to repeat that many times, I think you promised me a tour and introductions."

"Did I?" He smirked.

Bella opened her mouth to answer when he suddenly pulled her against him. Letting out long groan, she felt him hard and ready behind her. And she forgot everything but him.

"Forget the dumb tour," Bella grumbled before delving body and soul, into his care.


Edward felt his mate's stare as he cooked them dinner on that tiny kitchen stove. He concentrated on the sound of meat cooking just so he wouldn't delve into her desires; desire he could feel her boring into the back of his head as she waited by the opposite counter. His beast rumbled at the feeling. They had only just stopped after their fifth room on their tour. At least, that was what they had called it.

Edward have given Bella long, specific introductions to the kitchen, bathroom and multiple bedrooms before his mate's half human body had grumbled in hunger. And he was more than happy to perform one of the many ways he could take care of his mate.

Bella's voice pulled him from his thoughts, "You need to get back to your fighting weight." He hummed at her assessment of hers. It wasn't like he was starving. On the contrary as he patiently fixed them dinner. One of many meals to come as they went forth in their eternity of happiness together.

"What fighting weight? Am I too slender for you?" He turned over the meat in meaning, and he could practically smell his mate's hunger as he sprinkling salt and pepper. Her mouthwatering was either for the meal, or in hope of a sixth round of introductions. Either way, Edward had trouble silencing the Fae part of him that wanted to give Bella both.

"I didn't mean it that way," she answered, her voice soft. "All I mean is that Victoria took too much. The Spring Court took too much. Ever since you explained everything, I can see the truth in your appearance."

He closed his eyes at her words. Her worry made something in his chest collapse. Even after all his mate had done and sacrificed for his kindgoms, she would always have an ultimate concern for him.

He simply concealed all that shame with the upturn of his lips, "And how are you going to see me back to proper physical fitness?" He finally turned to look at her. She wore nothing but one of his discarded shirts. She was the vision of relaxation as she sat at the counter, pausing her snacking to quirk a brow at him. Her dark eyes told Edward enough of how she could whip his body back into shape. It made his beast purr.

But she merely rose her chin in response, "Hush it you, I'm serious. I would soon see a tan back to your skin, and brightness back to your hair as well. More so than it is now."

His smile broadened. "You've thought about this quite a lot, have you?" He watched more determination fill her shoulders; her jaw set in utter truth. Edward felt his love for her strengthen almost impossibly. How did he ever deserve such a woman?

"Yes. And for the rest of my days, I would have us well fed, seeing plenty of sun," she shoved another piece of bread into her mouth as a bit of sadness plumped in her lips. And his heart stopped.

"What do you mean the rest of your days? Don't you mean the rest of our days?"

Bella let out a long sigh, "The books I read were clear that demi-Fae are no immortals. There will be a day when I die, Edward. But whatever time I have left, eternity or not. I want to cherish it with you."

He felt his magic start to gather at his palms. Even if his mist was still invisible, it ran along his skin, drawing a deathly coolness to his skin at her words. Bella was already planning for their eventual parting. And Edward simply could not hear it.

"Don't speak of death," he growled; daring the reaper himself to take his mate from him now, after everything they had gone through, "Not on like a day today. And surely not when I am so thoroughly happy."

She only gave a small nod, and he read everything in her eyes. Bella was already ready for their tiny slice of eternity together to end. And she would take anything she got with him , and leave eternally grateful. His teeth ground at the thought.

Thankfully, a knock interrupted before Edward could command her to stop lingering on such bad news. His Fae senses snapped to the murmuring outside those doors, knowing exactly who had found them.

"Oh Gods." He thought they would have more time to be together; just alone without any conversations of thrones or responsibilities to plague his mate's mind. But from the sound of ever-increasing chatter from his doorstep, it seemed Edward had been wrong.

Bella's own attention spun to the doorway. "What's wrong? Who is it?"

He quickly turned off the burner, already mourning their beautiful meal they would have had together. Jasper and Emmett would quickly ruin any food if Edward bothered to set it on plates. So he merely dropped it on a platter.

"It's everyone." He gave his mate a once over; something deep in him swelling at the sight of her bare, save for his shirt. And even though Edward loved the males outside like brothers, if they even lingered on anything than Bella's face, he would tear their throats out. "Do you wish to change into anything else before meeting them?" He urged, "Because now is the time."

"Them?" Her eyes widened, "Who is them?"

"The rest of my court," Edward was anxious for his two worlds to meet. He had no doubt Bella would excel in anything she faced, but he himself didn't know how to deal with having a mate. How was he supposed to protect her without coming off as a complete Fae brute? "You already met Emmett. Now you have to meet Rosalie." Another glance to the door as his magic gave Bella some pants. She didn't say anything to the matter of his dressing. He took her hand to stand anyways. "And I bet Jasper and Alice are also with them. All of them will have questions about our future."

He swallowed his next words; not knowing how to breach them. But he had to warn Bella about the chaos of a court she was about to be confronted with "—About marriage and children. I thought I could postpone it. But they found us."

She didn't answer. But her face deepened with a flush. "Do you not want any of those things?" Edward was already stalking into the kitchen for some water when she murmured the soft; cautious words. He felt every bit of their bond snap taut when Bella looked at him from beneath her lashes.

"Gods, of course, I do!" He couldn't help but hide his desperation as he faced her, "I want all of it. But only if you do too." She seemed put at ease, but only slightly. But his mate still angled her chin as she announced,

"Whatever anyone demands we will handle the rest. Now go, answer the door."

Edward smiled at the confidence that slid down their bond. She was so strong that he felt all his anxiety dissipate as quickly as his mist. "I love you no matter what," he said, as if such an endless devotion could be spoken aloud. But he said the words anyways, hoping they would ground him as much as Bella's firm stare did. "But prepare yourself, love. This bunch is not easy to handle."

"We heard that!" A voice screeched from outside. Edward rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, and we know just what you two were doing before-hand." Emmett. Edward ground his teeth at any of them hearing his mate in such a state. "So don't act all high and mighty now."

Edward dared look at his mate; only shocked to find her laughing at Emmett's comment. The sight was all he needed. "Ready?" His mate beamed.



"Took you long enough!" Emmett threw his hands up as soon as Edward answered the door. Her mate shot Bella a secretive smile.

She only turned to the lot of them, letting out a breath as she prepared for the new chapter in her life. And eternity or not, she vowed not to take a minute of it for granted. So as sure as Bella kept that in mind, her slice of happiness would be long enough indeed.


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