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Big house. All aloney. On my owney. Nothing to comfort me except for the blasting of "Pretty Girl" by Sugarcolt. Mom ordered Chinese and then got a phone call from Sookie saying it was an emergency. Something about "Four in four". So she ran out. And now I'm eating cold pork fried rice while reading "The Pearl" for the billionth time. Might as well put on my pajamas. I'm single and have no one to impress now! Not that I was planning on impressing anyone with my sleepwear anyway. Okay John Steinbeck, I get it. The pearl is evil. Thank you for drumming the concept into my mind. Ugh redundancy in literature merits a big cup of coffee. Actually, anything merits a big cup of coffee. Strange logic. Okay, flannel pajama bottoms, comfy tank top, big fluffy terrycloth slippers, big mug of coffee. Ahhh. All alone doesn't seem so bad at all.

What the? Who's at my window? Mom would suggest Canadian terrorists. We got into a whole big discussion about it a few nights ago..

"Mom, there can't be Canadian terrorists!"

"Why not?"

"For one thing, they're Canadians. Canada can not have terrorists!"

"If there can be a Parent Trap 2, then there can be a Canadian terrorist."


"It's always the quiet ones..."

"Mom, it's CANADA!!"

"Bad insurance plans could make a man do crazy things."

"I'm going to bed."

"Look out for Avril Lavigne blowing up the house!"

Sometimes I wonder if I'm going to wake up one morning to men in white coats taking my mother away to Bellevue. But, right now, I've go to deal with the fact that someone is currently at my window and the only thing I have to defend myself with is a half-filled cup of coffee. And there's no way I'm wasting any precious caffeine on my assailant. I can almost hear the music that plays in those horror movies when the killer is right around the corner and the girl has about five seconds left. Here goes noth- oh it's Jess. That would be a crappy horror movie. Hmm. Let in very hot guy and possibly risk mom killing me or let him sit out there in dark.

"Jess! What are you doing here?" He's starting to climb through the window. Guess that problem is solved.

"I was supposed to come by later. You know, you really should use better ventilation when you use wite-out. It's affecting your short term memory."

"Oh." I'm still wearing my pajamas. This is TWICE he's seen me in my pajamas. And both times I feel like my cheeks are going to burst into flame.

"So what're you reading?" He points to the book on my bed.

"The Pearl"

"Nothing like a book that hits you over the head with most obvious concept."

"Yeah, well Steinbeck is good at that. Um, help yourself to some Chinese food; I'm just going to change clothes." He cocks his eyebrow and smirks. Damn it.

"But I liked your outfit. And besides, why would I want to leave?"

"Jess. shut up and get an egg roll." He leaves reluctantly. Oh crap. What to wear? What to wear? Okay, jeans and a shirt. Jeans.jeans.DAMN YOU MOM! She stole my favorite jeans again!! I am going to steal her Nine West heels next time and hide them. Just for payback. Okay, so other jeans and where's my black sweater? Lent it to Lane for her date with Dave..damn! Okay, blue sweater, jeans, let's go.

"Took you long enough."

"You had food. It's not like you would have starved to death waiting or anything."

"Do you have any chopsticks?" He starts going through a few drawers and cabinets. He seems momentarily surprised when he finds a pair of pink high heels in a cabinet near the stove. It's not our fault if the closets are too small.

"Yeah, fourth drawer on the right."

"Should I be scared of finding anything dirty in here?"

"If you mean dirty silverware, then yes. Otherwise, shut up." He find some chopsticks and we eat in silence. A very awkward silence. Even worse than most Friday night dinners.


"I broke up with Dean." There you go then. I should never join the C.I.A. I think all they'd have to do is leave us in an awkward silence then I'd break like stiletto heels under Liz Taylor.

"Huh." Oh Jess, you always are so articulate about your emotions..

"So." My turn to be all monosyllabic.


"Listen, Jess, I-" and then I'm not allowed to speak because he's kissing me. He's just leaned across the table and grabbed me and currently we're attached at the lips. Can he do that? Is that allowed? Oh god, I hope it is..Okay no, no. Bad. Focus. Pull back. Yes pull back. I'll do it in a second. Okay maybe a minute. No, right now. Wait. Now. Yeah now. Oh for god's sake. There all pulled back. Now we're back to the silence.

"So you and Dean are done."



"The papers will be on your desk by Monday."

"Sounds good. Do you think you can deal with not being single for a while again?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, if you want some space after the break-up, I, uh"

"I don't want any space before this relationship."

"Good, because I don't want any space between your lips and mine." And we're kissing again. All kisses. All better. Oh god. Thank you Dwight! Thank you, stupid sprinkler!