Sorry folks, not an update, just a very important note.

I've received a very disturbing email, and feel the need to clarify something very VERY important.

IN NO WAY DO I SUPPORT, ENDORSE, OR APPROVE OF CHILD ABUSE, NEGLECT, OR PROSTITUTION. It is a despicable practice that destroys lives, and in no way is my work intended to glamorise or promote it.

My work was intended to highlight how such events impact a person and affects their life and future relationships. I attempt to handle this sensitively, but I am only human, and an amateur writer, so if I've gotten it horribly wrong, I apologise.

I try to mark all my stories with appropriate tags to prevent causing issues to people who don't want to read about such things. The contents of my stories are SUPPOSED to be challenging and disturbing, and outright sickening. They are supposed to make you think, and feel. But above all, THEY ARE FICTION. They are NOT IN ANY WAY indicative of my own preferences or actions! Please bear that in mind if you choose to read my work.

I would think all of this would be obvious, but apparently it isn't. So I apologise for getting you excited over a non-existent update. Just rest assured that despite this persons demands, I will not willingly be removing my stories. If the admin gods chose to take them down, so be it, but it will never be removed by my doing.

On a (hopefully) more pleasant note, the next chapter is partway written. I know it's been overdue for an update, but I had surgery over Christmas and New Years, and I'm still healing, so work progress is slow. Don't panic, I'm fine, and work will continue! I won't leave you hanging any longer than necessary!

Thanks for everyone's reviews so far, by the way; it really means a lot to me to see such a dark story being reviewed so positively. I use my fanfiction to not only practice my writing (since I'm an aspiring novelist), but also test out themes that may show up in my original works later. Admitted, the Vahan Saga is way darker than anything that would fit in my original stuff, but I believe a writers job is to peel back the pretty fa├žade and poke the ugliness underneath. It's just sad that such things exist to poke in the first place.

So in conclusion, thank you all again for reading my work. I look forward to receiving your reviews and feedback in the future. You guys are why I do this.