Title: Chikara

Author: Shadow/Phantomness

Rating: R

Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. Card Captor Sakura belongs to CLAMP. This non-profit, non-copyright infringing fanfiction belongs to me under international copyright laws and taking it is plagiarism. Don't steal and don't sue. Thank you *Phantomness bows*

Characters: Uchiha Sasuke, Uchiha Itachi, Team 7, Cerberus, Clow Cards

Pairings: SasuIta, ItaSasu, Naruto/Sakura if you squint

Notes: Crossover with Card Captor Sakura. Humanized Clow Cards

Warnings: (not all in this chapter) Potentially OOC Sasuke, insanity, shota, incest, cross-dressing, noncon/dubcon

Chapter 1: Will you be my family?

The first thing Sasuke did after being released from the hospital was go home.

That man had told him to live. And Sasuke did not want to die. But, Sasuke reasoned, there was no way he could rely on the Academy to teach him to teach him what he needed since Itachi had already graduated. So, he would need to learn everything on his own. That was why he was going to go visit the armory first, and then the library, where the Uchiha kept countless scrolls of techniques, amongst other writings.

Sasuke replenished his supply of shuriken and kunai, idly picked up a thick bundle of neatly wrapped senbon, and although he was not sure why he needed them at the time, a precious stack of the strongest fuuinjutsu seals the Uchiha owned. The armory, at least, had been spared any bloodshed. He next headed to the Uchiha Clan library, which was also in pristine condition. Sasuke was just collecting a few of the scrolls on basic elemental jutsu, because while katon was his primary element as far as he knew, Itachi was way beyond him in terms of mastering katon jutsu. Again, he would only be playing catch-up.

Sasuke was reaching for another scroll when he realized that there was a book on one of the lower shelves that he hadn't noticed before. It was definitely glowing. He rubbed his eyes, blinked, and looked again. No, it was not a hallucination. The book was shining with golden light, and it was giving off pulses of chakra strong enough for him to feel. That was not normal. Was it a trap? Sasuke instinctively reached for one of the seals he had taken from the Uchiha armory. Before he could apply it though, the book floated out of the bookshelf, and the clasp holding it closed opened.

Sasuke peered inside, not sure what he had expected. Inside was a deck of fifty-two cards, with a word written at the bottom in a language he was not familiar with. He could, however, recognize the kanji at the top of the cards, and he could feel the latent power thrumming through them. So, as soon as he took each card out of the book, Sasuke promptly laid it on the ground and then placed a binding seal on top of it, finishing off each seal with his name in his own blood. He knew that much at least. When he was finished, Sasuke took a deep breath. Now, he needed to activate them…

There was only one card that held Sasuke's interest at the moment, but being practical, he did not want to risk activating the strongest and losing control of all of them. So he picked the card that seemed the weakest, and read it's name out loud, hoping that was the key.


The card glowed, a strange golden circle formed beneath his feet, and it obeyed his will. Sasuke watched as the library floor in front of him became soaking wet, but no matter. His test had succeeded. The Bubbles card floated free from the seal he had placed upon it. It flew to his hand, his name carefully scripted upon the bottom in his blood.

Sasuke was about to test a second card, when the book began to glow again. How curious…

The creature that emerged resembled a teddy bear, or a lion club, with a tuft of a tail. It also boosted tiny white wings. Was it a summoned animal of some sort? It introduced itself as Cerberus, the Guardian Beast of the Clow Cards. Cerberus was pleased that Sasuke had not foolishly scattered all the Clow Cards and unleashed a disastrous catastrophe. He was not so pleased that Sasuke had sealed all the Clow Cards in his name and with his blood. And he hadn't even given the boy the Sealing Wand! This world was completely different from the one he and Clow had resided in…

"You can't seriously expect us to stay here with you," Cerberus said flatly.

"Why not, Cerberus," Sasuke asked, once the Guardian Beast had explained what his duty and purpose was.

"What about your family? Our existence is supposed to be a secret!"

"They're all dead."

That shut the winged lion that was in his true form, as the Firey and Earthy Cards were both present, up.

"…When did they die?" He asked in a softer tone of voice.

"Three weeks ago," Sasuke said in a soft voice. "My elder brother killed everyone."

Cerberus swallowed uncomfortably. The boy standing before him could not be more than seven or eight years old. "Oh," He said awkwardly.

"Cerberus," Sasuke said softly. "I know I'm your new Master now, at least temporarily." He saw the lion flinch at his words, "But that's not what I really want. Will you and the Cards be my new family?"

It wasn't as though the boy was ever going to be a substitute for Clow Reed, Cerberus thought, but he didn't exactly want to be used as nothing but a tool for revenge either. Cerberus sighed, and nuzzled against Sasuke, who was clutching the deck of Clow Cards to his chest, as if they were the most precious things in the world to him now. Maybe they were.


"I like pudding," Cerberus told him the first night.

Sasuke didn't know if they had any pudding left in the refrigerator. But he checked anyway. They had not cut off the electricity yet. There was no pudding, but he found senbei and some leftover cookies in the cupboard. He couldn't cook as well as mother had, but he managed rice and boiled vegetables, and sprinkled fried fish powder over it to make it palatable.

Cerberus ate the senbei and the cookies. Sasuke ate the rest. He'd buy Cerberus pudding tomorrow.

Cerberus was in his small form. Sasuke made sure that the Uchiha privacy seals were still up. He didn't want anyone from Konoha finding out about his new family. Konoha hadn't done anything to stop Itachi from killing his old family. Konoha didn't deserve to know about his new family. What if Itachi came back? They couldn't stop him the first time. They might not even lift a finger to help the second time.

No, it was safer not to let them know anything.

Bubbles helped him with the dishes. Sasuke thanked her for her help. She helped him with the laundry, too. It was nice to wear something besides hospital pajamas.

Watery washed his hair for him. Sasuke hadn't realized how nice it was to have his hair washed. She might not be his mother, but he cried anyway. She held him close and even if she wasn't human, her webbed fingers were gentle when she wiped his tears away. It's all right to cry, she told him. Even the greatest sorcerer in the world cried when his beloved died, and even he couldn't cheat death.

"Rest well", Sleep whispered, sprinkling him with pixie dust. "No nightmares tonight", Dream promised.

"Are you sure you want to live there?" The Hokage questioned him.

Sasuke nodded.

The old man sighed and puffed on his pipe, but did not try to sway him further.

Sasuke withdrew the money he needed to pay for his groceries, and then went grocery shopping. He made sure to buy plenty of sweets for Cerberus. Then, he returned home.

He had training to do.

"Break me," Illusion whispered, a kaleidoscope before his eyes, spinning in an ever changing dance, trailing fingertips across his skin, jasmine perfume in his nose and the taste of honey wine on his lips, "And you'll never fear the Tsukuyomi again."

Power sang in his blood as he blocked Fight's strikes, before she sent him crashing to the ground. "Better," she crooned, "But I've learned every martial art in existence. Relying only on your Uchiha style taijutsu will never be enough. Remember that."

"Keep dodging," Arrow sang, seeing the Sharingan whirl in Sasuke's eyes. He hissed as two arrows caught him in the shoulders, another arrow in his chest, and four in his abdomen. Arrow sighed, put down his bow. "I missed your vital spots, but you're still not fast enough."

"Don't let me catch you," Shadow purred, seeing Sasuke leap from post to post. "Remember, any shadow you cast is fair game." He reached up, grasped Sasuke's ankle with a tendril, yanked him to the ground and pinned him down. Sasuke exhaled, felt the fireball tear through the cloaked figure, but his relief was short lived.

"Did you think fire would hurt me, Sasuke? When you moved, you cast another shadow, and fire casts its own shadow as well…"

Sasuke cursed, and Shadow laughed. "Try again…."

"I can cut through anything," Sword reminded him, "So don't let me get close enough to cut you."

"Can you find your way out?" Maze taunted, as Sasuke entered the labyrinth. He wasn't completely certain what it meant, but the hand gesture Sasuke had made was obviously not a polite one.

"So in this world, earth and water make wood," Wood mused out loud, watching as Sasuke molded chakra under her watchful eye, seeing the first tender shoots grow underneath his hands. She smiled, leaning over his shoulder. "Better…"

Freeze watched as the ice crystals formed around the boy. He reared up out of the pond, breathed out the blizzard. Sasuke was unmoved. He held his own, his own control of ice equally matching that of the ice fish. Finally, Freeze sank beneath the water of the lake. He did it, he thought with a smile. He actually did it…

Thunder roared as the storm ended. Each bolt of lightning had hit precisely the targeted area. No stray sparks or random discharges. He was growing up.

Firey nodded, watching as Sasuke finished the complex dance. Not a single wisp of fire had been out of place. Excellent…

Metal and crystal were not aspects she usually played with, but she was willing to indulge him. Earthy stroked Sasuke's hair, watching as he built up his creations.

"Is Yue coming?" He asked Cerberus.

"Not yet…"

"It's been three years…"

"It is much harder to hide in this world of ninja."

Sasuke nodded.

"Your power is very similar to that of our Master's. That is how you are able to sustain us." That was what Cerberus had explained to him, a month after he had gotten the Cards. Clow Reed had left his Cards a certain amount of energy, but he had not intended for them to be activated several hours a day, every day, the way Sasuke was using them. Sasuke had bound them with his chakra and his very blood. The power of darkness, Cerberus had called it. Sasuke would have scoffed, as he did not actually believe in magic, but how else was he to explain his new family? In any case, he had his family and all was well. The first few days after Clow's magic had run out, Sasuke had been nearly comatose, and Cerberus had been forcing crushed soldier pills mixed with water down his throat almost non-stop, but after that, it had simply been a balance of getting plenty of rest and eating nutritious, high-calorie foods. Sasuke had taken to always making certain he had plenty of storage scrolls around with a few month's worth of food, just in case. Cerberus was an exception, as he absorbed energy from the sun and could also compensate by eating vast amounts of food. That was how he had kept Sasuke – and by extension the rest of the Cards – alive.

"Are you prepared?" Return asked him solemnly.

Sasuke nodded.

"Remember, you cannot change the past. You can only observe." Cerberus reminded him sternly.

"I know," Sasuke whispered. His family surrounded him, before they all glowed and returned to card form, slipping into his belt pouch. He wore black, the high-collared shirt and long pants, the bandages wrapped around his calves, gray arm guards and shin guards and breastplate, black sandals. Return activated, and he was in the past.

He cloaked himself in Shadow, not even a whisper of chakra. Shisui and Itachi stood on the bank of the Naka River.

His Sharingan spun, the scene burned into his eyes forever. Quietly, he observed what really happened. He followed Itachi when it was over, saw what Danzo had done. Heard his father and mother's last words…


The return to the present was almost stifling. Cerberus was waiting. "Sasuke, are you all right?"

"I will be," The Sharingan in his eyes blazed. Mangekyo, he thought idly. That bastard… Danzo would pay, but not today. He could not truly blame Konoha, or his Clan. The Sandaime would have pushed for a diplomatic solution, he felt. But that man, Danzo…

His hands clenched into fists. He would be patient. He would bide his time. He had waited three years already. He could keep waiting. It was only time.

He didn't need the Mangekyo. So, he didn't bother to use it. Besides, he could break the Tsukuyomi. The Amaterasu was pitiful compared to what Firey had taught him. Shield was the absolute defense unless one had Sword, which Itachi most certainly did not. Also, according to the stone tablet beneath the shrine, one could eventually go blind from overuse. Sasuke might not be a medic-nin but he wasn't stupid. Perhaps that should be his next area of study?

He flipped through Create's pages as he pondered.

Maybe he might not be able to help himself, but he might be able to help Itachi… Sasuke nodded. Yes, that would work. With that in mind, he headed towards the library.

End Chapter

Started 3/25/16

Completed 3/25/16

…Having 52 powerful, inhuman entities as Sasuke's new family might not be the healthiest thing for a traumatized young boy…

This story has nothing to do with Atonement. No, I haven't abandoned that fic. That one is actually complete. It just hasn't all been posted yet.