'What has gotten Martin into such a tizzy?' is the question that M.O.M. is pondering over her morning cup of Joe. Her top agent has run into her office. He looks completely panicked and his hair is in a state of total distress.

"Martin Mystery, what is the matter with you today?" she asks him through clenched teeth. He has run into her office at full speed and knocked into her desk, causing her to spill coffee all over herself. It burns, but she can take the pain. She is used to Martin's clumsiness.

She is curious about what is eating at his soul and wonders if that is literally the problem.

"DIANA IS AFTER ME!" the boy screams.

"It's okay, Martin," Billy tries to soothe the kid.

M.O.M. sighs as her imagination goes to work. She wonders what the kid did to incur the wrath of his stepsister. Did he destroy her science project? Did he burn down her room? It is obvious that he has done something quite horrible because Diana does not frighten the boy, except for maybe this time.

"Martin Mystery, what did you do?" she asks, cocking an eyebrow.

She thinks that he totally deserves this. Martin is a nuisance and she only keeps him around because he is one of her top agents. Plus, he is always the one who ends up with the burden of the stickiest and the grossest cases. He is the only one who enjoys doing them. She does not want to torture any of her other agents by forcing them to take these excruciating assignments.

"NOTHING!" he shouts. "Except for being this devilishly handsome."

He runs his fingers through his hair as M.O.M. rolls her eyes.

"I just realized Diana has a crush on me!" Cue another eye roll from M.O.M. as Martin presents his evidence. "Check this out. She's always following me. She's always hitting me. AND…she is always angry every time I flirt with Jenni or any other girl. She's also very ticked off every time I mention Jenni's name. If those are not signs, then I don't know what are!"

"Martin, you are so right," Billy agrees with Martin. "I've noticed that before, too! I just didn't want to say anything in case I was wrong. Human relationships are so much different than alien relationships. On my planet, if a girl likes a guy, she presents him with a heart that she ripped out of a vicious predator's body."

M.O.M. has heard enough. She tries hard not to literally knock some sense into the kid's head, but it is tough. Through clenched teeth, she offers her own interpretation and explanation of Martin's predicament.

"Martin Mystery, Diana Lombard is not in love with. She's your step-sister for M.O.M.'s sake! She's always with you because you're always on assignments together, not to mention that you go to the same school. She's always hitting you because you are a nuisance! Girls don't hit boys because they like them. That's what five year old boys do and for that matter, that's what you do, Martin, because you are so immature. She does not want you to hit on or think about Jenni because Jenni is her best friend. She does not want you together because she knows Jenni can do better! She gets annoyed when you flirt with other girls because you fail all the time. Flirting distracts you from your mission and Diana is very career-oriented! You mean nothing to her!"

She knows that was harsh, but she could not help saying it. She has wanted it to say since the first day that Martin became an agent for the Center. She only kept him to force him to do the dirty work. This has been on her chest for the longest time and now, she feels free. She breathes easily while tears stream down Martin's cheeks as Billy consoles him.