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Jon was honestly feeling pretty confused right now but he didn't let it show. Yeah, he was smart but Westeros didn't have this kind of advancement that 'America' did. Fucking hell in Westeros they were still cutting people open to find out how bodies worked and here they had stuff that made drinks for them!

It was crazy- he was on an energy burst because he drank 3 espressos in one go. He liked coffee but he honestly did it to try and figure out how the machine works and he thought he understood it better know. He didn't think it was wise to have another one so he sat at a table quietly bouncing in his seat.

His father and all the others Doctors were working on something and he had to stay hidden so he stayed in the lab with Vision.

The said Vision was staring back at him also. Tilting his head as he watched Jon pace and bounce, bored out of his mind.

"I see like Mr Stark you have a certain love of coffee?" Vision questioned motioning to the three little espresso cups that littered the desk. Jon snorted.

"Hardly…yet but I was interested in how the machine works." Jon looked at Vision considering the glinting yellow stone at the top of his head. "How do you work" he blurted out impulsively. He was confused how a man could be red.

Vision's eyes widened slightly, no one was usually so forthright with their questions when it came to him.

"I do not know…It is awfully confusing." Vision touched the stone on his head reverently. "One day I hope to understand it but I am artificial intelligence to a certain degree… or I was. Vision stopped wondering if he remembered J.A.R.V.I.S. He saw no sign so he stopped.

Jon nodded his head "So you are like fake smarts?" he trailed off, his breathing suddenly felt very tight.

Whilst Vision had been explaining to him he was looking around the room. His eyes had cast towards a screen with all the other Avengers on it, it was meant to be nothing but something caught his eye as he was monitoring them.

One picture stood out, Jon would recognise that face anywhere. it was the man that took him. The scary man who had the metal arm. He always scared Jon, when he took him away he was silent, distant and frightening and when Jon was given to someone else he vanished.


Why did he forget everyone? What did they do to him and why now did he remember? He continued to stare at the picture until Visions voice snapped him back into the present.

"So, I suppose you can say I have fake smarts." He concluded looking at Jon who stared at him blankly for a few moments before perking up.

"Oh-oh yeah cool." He said hoping the words his father used would throw Vision off. It seemed it did and he was about to deflect again before the lab door opened.

All the adults piled in at once and it was chaos voices were over each other his uncle Rhodey's being the loudest.

"How long do you think it's going to take Bruce? The government are going to continue to watch this place if they see Steve…"

His father cut him off "So we meet them somewhere else!"

"We can't leave the portal unattended for that amount of time, what if someone gets out or in?"

"It's a chance we'll have to take-"

"No!" Jon cut their argument off "Someone needs to stay here, I'll stay." He volunteered but Tony shook his head.

"No way kid, I just got you back we are not separating" He jabbed a finger at Vision and Selvig "If these two stay Ross won't be suspicious we just need to get Bruce and the rest of us out undetected."

Jon raked his hand through his hair "I'm not going to get taken I'm a grown man!"

"Your 19 too young to drink so not quite yet a man" Tony said back quickly.

This time it was Rhodes who cut in "Oh come on Tony he's right-"

"NO!" the yell rang out and ringing silence followed it Tony looked at his feet and back at Jon. "You can stay here but Selvig will stay and I'll call in the kid he'll be psyched"

No one questioned it Tony looked a little apologetic "We'll meet Cap" he said looking to Vision and Bruce "Rhodey you stay with Selvig and J- the kid will be here soon"

They all nodded grabbing gear quickly and efficiently while Jon stood off to the side and watched it happen. Occasionally his father would cast him looks before puffing up his chest and walking towards where Jon was sprawled across the couch.

Jon moved a leg that took up too much room on the chair and Tony settled next to him and frowned at nothing for a moment.

"How you finding it kid?" he asked carefully casting a look at his son who furrowed his brow.

"I'm fine, handling it fine." He said back, Tony was not convinced he might not have seen Jon angry many time but he was still a teenager that longed-for freedom.

"I know you think I'm…babying you but I just want to keep you safe." He said staring at his hands before clapping one on Jon's knee.

The ire Jon had been feeling deflated slightly "I know you want to look after me but I can protect myself."

Tony looked at him and smiled softly before reaching out ruffing his hair "I know" he whispered more to himself than to Jon "It's hard to lose you when you were a baby and now you are a man."

Jon smiled before putting his singed hair back in order "I desperately need a haircut" he said, his father snorted.

"Definitely" before standing up and after a moments deliberation he hugged Jon who hugged back tightly "Good luck papa" he whispered.

"Thanks J" Tony muttered as he pulled away. He walked a few paces backwards before saying "Go easy on the kid he gets… star struck"

Jon had no idea what that meant.


It was quiet after they left, just Jon and the other two pottering around, Rhodey had cajoled him into going into the lounge to eat Spaghetti? It was an ordeal how the hell do you eat it, it just flops about.

His struggle was cut short by a flicker in his peripheral vision he spun round and was met with young gangly boy taking a few steps back.

"Sorry sorry sorry I thought you were Mr Stark-" The boy opened his mouth looking like he was going to continue rambling.

Jon cut him off "Close I'm his son." And that shut the kid up he snapped his mouth shut and cast a look around the room trying to find anything to save him.

Nothing just him and Jon "You're his son?" he questioned again not quite believing it.

Jon rolled his eyes "Yes I am. You the kid he kept mentioning?"

That snapped the boy out of his thoughts. "Kid? He squawked indignantly I'm not a kid."

Jon surveyed him quietly, he was middle height about the same as father with Brown eyes and hair that was combed neatly to one side. He dressed in those strange clothes all bright with strange metal things instead of ties and buttons. Jon was still dressed in his Westeros clothes minus the leather vest.

He looked to be about fifteen or sixteen and if his father called him he was obviously capable so Jon settled for "No you are not."

That seemed to appease the kid slightly and he shuffled awkwardly under Jon's gaze "I didn't know Mr Stark had a son."

"Not many people do"

The boy nodded and Jon stepped forward and held out his hand "I'm Jon Sno-Stark, I'm Jon Stark." He said firmly feeling a swell of pride at his full name.

The boy nodded and took his hand "Parker…Peter Parker" he said shaking his hand firmly.

"So why am I here? Your dad said it was urgent."

"I'll explain everything if you tell be what 'Dad' is." Peter looked at him disbelievingly before saying "You know… Dad is another term for father." Oh, that made sense.

Jon nodded "Thanks, this is going to be a really long story."


Stark Mansion stood out against the green background of trees. It was cream with ornate carvings and windows that towered over the driveway where a fountain sat in the middle.

Bruce gaped "Wow"

"I know, I haven't been here since my parents died." Tony took a different route in the car so they missed the road that his parents were murdered down. It still hurt even after years.

All three of them squeezed into a car which Bruce hotwired 4 miles after sneaking out of the Avengers base.

Bruce truly was a Darkhorse when it came to criminal acts.

They sent the co-ordinates to meet using the brick Steve mailed to him. They hadn't heard anything back but Tony knew they'd turn up.

He stepped out of the car and walked to the large door. It hadn't been open in years every month the maid and gardener would come and clean but that was about it.

The door creaked open ominously like in those suspense films and he stepped in quietly. It was like he was 21 again bored and angry but this time he was here for a reason.

They settled into the hall which was large with a big staircase in the centre of the room and waited. Vision sat contemplatively on the stairs while Bruce paced with fidgeting hands and Tony just peered out window and occasionally his phone which monitored the cameras at the Avengers base.

Peter had arrived and was now currently listening to Jon with great interest while Rhodey paced in the downstairs lab with Selvig. All quiet on that front but it wouldn't be for long. Tony was sure.

He hoped Peter and Jon got on, it would be good to have someone of his own age bracket as a friend.

"They are here" Visions crisp voice broke through the silence.

Tony spun round hearing the faint buzz of the Quinjet landing on the back lawn. It was then silent, he didn't know who Cap was with or how many but hopefully they didn't want to fight. He had a suit on standby in the car and they always had a Hulk.

He saw Bruce looking shifty probably hoping Natasha wasn't there with them. He doubted that Cap trusted her a lot. The door to the kitchen opened quietly and he was met with a Glock held steadily by Clint who surveyed them carefully looking for weapons.

They had none.

"All clear" and he opened the door wider and walked through followed closely by Natasha, Wanda, Sam and Cap.

Ant guy and Barnes must be somewhere else.

Steve looked at him steadily and walked the furthest into the room while the others hung back they didn't trust him. It hurt a bit but for a good reason. Wanda was full on glaring him.

"Relax no government officials here just us three." He said holding his arms up.

"What is it Tony?" Steve said calmly.

"We have a problem-"

"What kind of problem?" Sam cut him off quickly.

"One that involves all of us" Bruce said stepping out of the corner he was in and facing them all. Tony saw Natasha straighten up and bite back a smile.

"Dr Banner" Steve said smiling

"Captain." He replied

"Ross is watching our every move he suspects all of us, we can't leave the facility without raising flags. We know where three infinity stones are and what's left of HYDRA and the government want it. We need to get them before something else happens."

"Why should we." It was Clint know glaring at him slightly. Jesus this was harder than he thought.

"Drop it Clint" Natasha muttered looking at him "We picked up a huge increase in activity at the Base a few hours ago, Tony what have you done?"

"Me and Bruce built a portal that takes us to the dimension of the stones." That caused an upheaval but it was Wanda who was angry.

"You are doing the same thing as HYDRA!" She exclaimed.

"No! This is important and lots of people are relying on us!" Tony said.

"Who" Steve said and Tony shut his mouth and deliberated his options before finally he said it "My son"

That revelation was met by utter silence everyone stared at him apart from Vision and Bruce.

"That boy in the video was him…wasn't it?" Steve said looking at him.

Tony nodded "He was taken by HYDRA he got a message through we found him and now we need to save the world. Again." He rattled it off quickly looking between them all just as his phone beeped he looked at it quickly.

Rhodey sent him a text "Now that we are all assembled."


He liked Peter he liked him a lot, he was smart and kind sort of like a mix between Sansa and Arya. After explaining everything to him, Peter then told him about being a superhero and how he met his Dad.

He then preceded to teach Jon about how to eat spaghetti correctly.

This was cut short however by a bolt of lightning that struck down next to the facility. Rhodey rushed to the window and then sent a message to his father.

"He's here." He muttered to Peter and Jon just as the door opened.

So I hope you enjoyed it, chapter 10 soon!