ok guys i aint got much to say sorry itbtook so long but enjoy chapter 2

Chapter2 past present and possible future?

after tony and his good friend reached the den talking they soon ran out of things to talk about there was a silence for a moment"what should we do now?"the grey wolf ask his friend sitting down tony thought for a moment as he turnd serious"well we could talk a bit more because i have a few things id like to say to u my old friend"Winston was surprised at how quickly serious his friend got but he got serious as well"well what is it that u want to say tony"the reddish brown wolf sat and thought how to saybit to his friend"well Winston theres no easy way way to say this i just hope u wont resent me or hate me or anything for it"Winston quickly interrupted with a light laugh"hate u i could never do that tony ur my first,best and only friend i couldn't hate u even when we were fighting i didnt hate u"he said as he gave a friendly smile to his friend"well in that case.."he paused" well even been friends for a while and ive begun to like u as bit more of a friend and i"Winston interrupted"tony ur beating around the bush just say it"tony sigh thinking"i like u a lot...Winston i think i love u but i never told u bc the packs were rivaling pack witch was partly my fault ig but after that ive never really been alone with u long enough to say it"tony explained winston thought for a moment he was completely surprised he didnt know tony licked him that much for that long he to liked tony but never said but he was confused cuz he already had eve but he looked at his friend"well tony im not fully surprised but im glad u said something now since were alone we can speak freely and ill say i feel the same way but eve..is...well eve"tony hung his ears down for he knew Winston was about to reject him but instead he felt Winston nuzzling his muzzle in a loving way"but eve"tony was cut off again by Winston"eve wont know yet and if she does oh well"they both smile as nuzzled each other as winston let out a yawn"its late lets sleep"Winston nodded as he laid down and tony lay close to him smileing as they snuggled as they drifted asleep

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