Naruto Uzumaki: Resident of Vault 69

Written By: Rave Rose of Twilight

Warning: I don't own anything in this story. I won't even begin naming sources that I'm borrowing characters from because I could use several thousand words on that alone. Don't judge me. I'm lazy and busy at the same time.

Chapter Three: Welcome to Vault 69! A Better Life...Underground! Part Two

As the two made their way down the corridor from the Science Lab, Naruto took the opportunity to scope out the layout of the area. On the side wall, he noticed a sign that stood out from the rest. The Water Treatment Plant was in the same direction they were going and the Science Labs and Power Plant were in the direction they were leaving.

"So we're going to see the Water Treatment Plant next," he asked curiously, getting Shizune to nod.

Once they reached the Water Treatment Plant's door, Shizune knocked. Thankfully, there wasn't an explosion this time. As the door opened, another beautiful woman was standing in front of them. In spite of Naruto slowly getting used to seeing incredibly beautiful women walking around rather casually, it was still slightly unnerving. The woman in front of them was wearing a slightly worn-looking Vault Jumpsuit with significantly shorter sleeves than the ones on the residents he'd seen. She had a more exotic look, much like Sakura, with long azure blue hair, similar to the color of his eyes, if not a shade or two darker, with curls at the end that looked remarkably like waves, midnight blue eyes, snowy skin complexion, and a rather curvy figure. Definitely a C-Cup.

Silently, Naruto was mentally cursing his 'godfather' for his 'gift' of having a general idea what a girl's three sizes were. If he ever saw him again, he'd beat the living hell out of him before passing him off to his mother, if she was still alive, to do the same once he finally told her what he did to him.

"Hello, Shizune," she said in a polite, yet excited tone. "What can Juvia help you with?"

"Not a whole lot, Juvia," Shizune replied with the same friendly tone Naruto was used to hearing from her. "I'm just showing Naruto around the Vault as a part of his tour. Naruto, this is Juvia Lockser, the main manager of the Vault's Water Treatment and Water Purification Plants. Juvia, this is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, our newest resident."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Naruto," Juvia said, extending her hand out toward him.

"The pleasure's all mine, Juvia," Naruto said, taking her hand and shaking it.

In that moment, Juvia felt her heart begin to race as she looked deeper into Naruto's eyes. The compassion and warmth that radiated from was beyond what she expected to find in anyone after her last failed relationship with her ex-boyfriend Gray Fullbuster. 'What is happening with my heart? Could this Juvia falling in love with this stranger? Gray was always cold and distant, but Naruto radiates such warmth and kindness. Juvia will not lose this chance again. Juvia will love again!'

Their hands fell to the side as warm smiles lit up their faces. "If you ever have any problems, Juvia will do her best to fix them," Juvia said with a sudden brightness to her voice before quickly retreating into the Treatment Plant.

"Come on, Naruto," Shizune said, practically dragging him away from the door. "There's still a lot to see and a lot more to do. Our next stop is the Power Plant on this level."

It was a fairly long walk before the two had finally reached the Power Plant. The raw electricity threatened to radiate from the door, causing Naruto's hair to stand on end with the charge as he got closer. Once again, Shizune knocked on the door and once again the person who stepped out of the room was incredibly cute. She wore a uniform similar to Juvia. She was an attractive yound woman with long, light blond hair and blue eyes. She had a petite, girlish figure and was slightly shorter than him. She wore her hair in a long ponytail tied high in the back, while leaving a long lock of hair on either side of her face and her bangs falling casually from right to left across her forehead and tied together by a green bandanna. She also had her ears pierced in an avant-garde style he had contemplated getting done a few times in high school, with two identical pairs of hoop earrings on each earlobe and an additional two cuff studs worn vertically on her right ear, above the others.

While not completely flat chested, the woman did have signs of developing her bust. Overall, Naruto thought she looked like a tomboy...though that wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

"Hey, Shizune," she said as she pulled off her grease-stained gloves and tucked them in a back pocket located on her jumpsuit. "Who's the new guy?"

"Winry, this is Naruto," she said in introduction. "Naruto, this is Winry Rockbell, our lead engineer and maintenance officer. If one of the systems breaks down, it's her job to fix it or send someone else to fix it if she's already busy."

"Basically, when we leave the Vault, I'm the one writing the scroungers and scavengers their shopping list of what we're going to need to fix up the place," Winry said confidently. "Frankly, Vault-Tec half-assed their work on the Vault's main support systems. The welds on the water pipes were shoddy at best. The entire Vault was wired by a hack who probably had a pyromania fetish. Honestly, I'm surprised that the Vault didn't spontaneously combust when I was making the very first series of repairs. It almost looks like they did it on purpose. Then again, considering every Vault was supposed to be some kind of social experiment, I wouldn't be too terribly surprised if it was on purpose."

"Well, at least we have someone with a brain to fix their 'mistakes'," Naruto quipped. "And, in the 'unfortunate' event that they died when the bombs fell, I think we can thank Karma for that."

Winry laughed a bit before jabbing him in the shoulder, getting him to wince slightly. "Can't argue with that logic," she said before turning to Shizune. "I think I'm starting to like this guy already. Let me know if Overseer Tsunade has anymore work orders. I'll try and get my people on top of them as fast as possible."

With that, Winry returned to the Power Plant and resumed what she was doing prior to the small interruption. "Winry comes from a long line of mechanical geniuses," Shizune commented. "She's in charge of maintenance of the Vault's facilities and faculties. If something goes wrong, like a circuit got tripped, your hot water isn't working, or a pipe suddenly bursts, she's the one you'll need to talk to."

The two continued their tour by taking the elevator down to Level Four. As soon as the elevator doors opened, an amazing smell wafted across their noses. Their stomachs grumbled and roared in protest, causing the two to turn toward one another and blush. "Let's go get some lunch," she offered before taking him by the hand and leading him in the direction of what appeared to be a cafeteria or some kind of diner that he used to hang out with Chloe and Max after school.

As the two sat down across from one another at a pair of bench seats, they were approached by yet another beautiful woman. She had thick thighs, a slight chubbiness that came out as a muffin top through her Vault Jumpsuit, and an impressive bust. Her hair was a light shade of pink that reached just under her shoulder blades with darker pink eyes that looked borderline red. She also had on a pair of white headphones that she took off and placed around her neck, though Naruto was surprised she could hear considering how loud the volume had to be for him to hear the electronic beat coming from them. In her hand was a simple notepad and a pen, ready to write down anything at a moments notice.

"Hey," she said in a soft, kind tone. "My name is Sonico and I'll be your waitress. Can I start you off with a couple of drinks?"

"I'll have a green tea," Shizune ordered.

"Can I have a Nuka Cola," Naruto asked, getting an eager nod from Sonico.

"I'll be right back with your drinks," she said before turning around. Sadly, just as she did, she accidentally tripped over a stray shoelace. When she readied herself to impact the ground, she felt a pair of hands grabbing onto her chest. Turning her head slightly, she was surprised to find a blushing Naruto trying to help her back to her feet and her own cheeks gained a faint crimson tinge. Once Sonico was back on her feet, she noticed Naruto had been quick to move back to his seat with his head looking at the table as if it had suddenly become interesting.

"Sorry," he said somewhat shyly. "My body just moved on its own when I saw you trip."

She smiled at him. "Thanks," she replied before bending over to tie her untied shoe, giving the two customers a good show of her very voluptuous backside through her Jumpsuit. If Naruto had to put a label on Sonico after meeting her for the first time, it would be Big Beautiful Woman, though Naruto would never label someone because labels simply divided rather than unite people together. "I'll be right back with your drinks."

And just like that, she ran off toward the kitchen, leaving Shizune and Naruto at the table. Shizune looked his way with a curious and admiring gaze. "Those were some great reflexes," she remarked.

"Yeah, well," Naruto muttered, trying to fight down his blush after feeling up someone on accident while trying to keep them from falling. "When you're as danger prone and accident prone as Chloe and me, you learn to move fast."

"Well that explains a lot about her GOAT exam results," Shizune said sarcastically, getting Naruto to chuckle warmly just as Sonico returned with three drinks.

Once she set down Naruto's and Shizune's drinks, she decided to sit down next to Naruto and take a sip of her own drink. "How's everything going, Shizune," Sonico asked, gently sipping her drink.

"Well, I was giving Naruto a tour of the Vault and introducing him to a few residents," Shizune said. "The Casino was our next stop, but when we realized how hungry we were, we decided to stop in for a bite before we continue the tour. Can Shinobu come out from the kitchen for a quick introduction?"

"Well, since the big lunch rush already cleared out, I don't see why she can't," Sonico replied, shrugging her shoulders before setting down her drink and heading back to the kitchen.

Minutes later, Sonico was coming back from the swinging door that led to the kitchen followed by what appeared to be a midnight blue-haired girl in her early teens. Most likely around 12 because she hadn't started to physically mature just yet. She had bright blue eyes that expressed an innocence he hadn't seen often in the residents and a hidden sadness that was veiled by a mask of happiness. She was likely one of the residents who had likely lost a number of friends and family to the bombs before she'd been brought to Vault 69.

She had a dazzling smile that lit up the room and before he knew it, she was standing at the edge of the table with a gentle expression on her face. "Hello, Shizune. Your usual order is almost done," she said politely before turning her attention to Naruto, blushing followed by a deep bow at the waist to hide her burning cheeks. "My name is Shinobu Maehara. I'm the head chef on the Level Four. Please take good care of me."

Naruto smiled and rubbed the top of Shinobu's head. "Sure thing, kiddo," he said with mirth. "The name's Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. If ya ever need me, just let Shizune know and I'll do my best to help ya out." The young chef nodded before rushing to return to the kitchen. Shizune and Sonico both giggled at the sight while Naruto looked kinda confused by the action. "Kind of a weird kid. Cute, but weird."

"Yess, well, you have to remember that everyone in the Vault is going to be a little strange considering the ratio of women to men," Shizune jabbed playfully. "Not to mention that everyone has some kind of baggage from before the bombs dropped. Some baggage might be small, but others have left emotional scars on the ones who carry them. But knowing the kind of person you are, I think you can handle it."

Naruto nodded in understanding. Some baggage was easier to handle than others. Chloe and Max had baggage that they shared surrounding the investigation into the death of Chloe's girlfriend. Naruto had killed someone to protect his girlfriends. They were able to handle the burden of their baggage together and that developed into his first relationship being a threesome. "Yeah," he said at the reminder.

Just as he was about to finish his drink, Shinobu appeared from the kitchen with a plate and two bowls of different food. One plate had brown rice and a slew of vegetables. "Here's your Mexican Brown Rice Salad, Shizune," Shinobu said as she set the plate in front of the Overseer's assistant. "Sonico, here's your bowl of pork ramen with extra narutomaki." She set down the steaming hot bowl of noodles and broth with pork slices before the waitress.

"Ra...ramen," Naruto said, drooling slightly at the delicious smell coming from the rather large bowl. Shizune looked at him in a playfully curious way.

"Is everything alright, Naruto," she asked.

"Yeah," he replied. "It's just that...ramen is my favorite food in the world. Mom used to cook it on special occasions. My birthday. Her birthday. Their anniversary. Graduation. When I got good grades in class. That kind of stuff. The last time I had it was a few years ago when mom invited Chloe and Max after...the guy who killed Chloe's girlfriend got arrested for her murder along with his accomplice. Before they got so busy at work that they hardly ever came home. I was worried that after the bombs fell that nobody would know how to make it anymore."

The trio of women had an understanding look in their eyes. To Naruto, ramen wasn't just a food. It was a memory. A memory of all of the good times he spent with his family. Shinobu nodded before setting another bowl of ramen in front of him. "I guess it's a good thing I made a bit extra then," she replied with a smile and blush.

Nobody expected to see him practically inhale the broth-y noodle-y bowl within a matter of minutes nor the sound of an empty bowl. They never expected to see him kneeling in front of the young blue-haired girl with her hand in his, causing her entire face to glow crimson. "Shinobu, this is the greatest ramen I've ever had in my life," he said tearfully. "Will you please marry me and cook this amazing ramen for the rest of my life?"

"Na...Naruto," she said as she covered a blushing cheek with her free hand.

"Come on, Romeo," Shizune said, grabbing him by the ear and proceeded to drag him out of the cafeteria. "We have a lot more to see before the tour's over."

Once Shizune and Naruto were out of the room, Sonico and Shinobu were left standing there. Sonico had to bite back a giggle when she saw how quickly Naruto devoured his bowl of ramen. Admittedly, ramen was one of her favorite foods too and Shinobu was arguably the best cook in the Vault, so her ramen was, by default, the best ramen in the Vault.

"Wow, Shinobu," Sonico said with a whistle of admiration. "You haven't even known the guy for a few minutes and you've already sunk your claws into him."

Shinobu blushed under the teasing before running back to the kitchen, causing Sonico to giggle even more at her reaction. Man. With Naruto around, she had no doubt things would be getting really interesting real quick.

Meanwhile with Naruto and Shizune, Shizune was busy teasing Naruto about his sudden proposal to a girl he'd never met before and how Chloe and Max might feel if they ever found out. She realized that he had an emotional attachment to ramen, but she never knew that he had such a strong attachment to it. He said his mother was just as addicted to the food as he was, meaning it was likely an inherited family trait. She only wondered if it was a dominant trait or a recessive trait. If it was a dominant trait, then who knows whether the Vault could withstand a large group of ramen-loving children.

Over the next several hours, between getting to know one another better and meeting other residents and finding out where they worked, Naruto genuinely felt like he had a good grasp on how Vault 69 functioned and just how vital it was that everyone did their jobs. Many of the residents varied in shape, size, skin tone, and the wide gambit of hair and eye colors. Some were astonishingly beautiful like Overseer Tsunade and Doctor Shizuka. Others were an exotic kind of beauty like Sakura, Juvia, and Mabui. A few were mildly chubby, but not unattractively so like Sonico and Minori Nakazawa, the chief of the Greenhouse on Level Six. Then you had the residents who had a more child-like appearance such as Washu and Shinobu.

After a long tour, they finally returned to Level Seven where the last stop was Naruto's personal residence, which was rather large, if he were to be honest. Far larger than a single person would ever need. Level Seven and lower consisted largely of the residents' quarters as well as the occasional bar and entertainment venue meant to keep up morale in the Vault. When they walked inside, Naruto was beginning to realize that regardless of how big it was on the outside, it felt a lot larger on the inside. Considering the circumstances, he could understand why he had such a large residence. Along the far wall was a bookshelf filled with perfectly preserved books, likely stored in the Vault to keep their minds occupied or as a source of entertainment when they were relaxing at home. The topics he managed to scan varied largely from book to book.

If he was being brutally honest, Naruto tended to avoid libraries when he was hanging out with Max and Chloe. It wasn't that he couldn't read. Far from it. Reading just never really interested him.

"Well, this is the last stop," Shizune said before handing him a key. "That's your house key. Currently, the only people who have copies of your key are the Security Office, Overseer Tsunade, Doctor Shizuka, and you. Doctor Shizuka and the Security Office's copies are for obvious reasons. If you are sick, incapacitated, or, in the unlikely event, held hostage, they have copies in order to be able to immediately enter in order to take care of the situation. Overseer Tsunade's copy is mostly in case you lose your copy, she can always have another copy made. For a price, of course. If, in the event that you wish to give a copy of your key to another resident, you can visit the Security Office and purchase a copy to give to the resident in question. Once again, for a price."

"What kind of price," Naruto asked. "Does everyone get paid to do their job or something?"

"Yes...and no," Shizune said hesitantly. "They get paid in bullets. Not a printed currency. The reason for this is because we can easily refill ammunition here in the Vault so long as you return with the casing or 'brass'. When the time comes to leave the Vault and salvage materials to reuse in the Vault, the bullets will be useful in protecting them. Each bullet has a specific value based on how rare it is and how much we have. 9mm and .22 caliber bullets are relatively cheap compared to .50 caliber and .308 caliber bullets. Based on what the searchers retrieve, they are offered a comparable price in ammunition in exchange. They then use the ammunition to pay for weapon repairs, armor repairs, drinks, food, entertainment and any other services we do in the Vault."

Naruto nodded. "So what if we find ammunition out there," he asked.

"Depending on how many people go with you, you typically split it evenly or you give it to the one who has a weapon capable of using it in hopes that they will return the favor when or if you find a caliber that your firearm needs," Shizune stated. "Considering we have 200 years before we have to worry about such things, I think we've got enough time to fine tune the rules and regulations for Scavengers." Shizune allowed herself to release a breath she must have forgotten she was holding. "In the bedside table beside your bed is a booklet with all of the Vault's current rules, regulations, current exchange rates for ammunition, and the current value of the various services in the Vault. There's one for the strip club, the bar, the grocery store, the hourly rate for the maintenance requests, and so on and so forth. If you have any questions, feel free to make an appointment with either myself or Mabui. As a prerequisite of living in the Vault, you are obligatorily required to speak with one of the Vault's many councilors over the period of the next three months free of charge. After that, you can make appointments with them for a price that the councilor will determine based on what you require counseling with since each councilor has a specialty and all of them charge different prices based on their specialty. Do you have any more questions?"

Naruto shook his head negative. "Alright. Then that concludes the tour of Vault 69. I'll be here next week at noon to administer your GOAT. In the Vault Ordinance Booklet are the phone numbers of myself, Mabui, Doctor Shizuka and Nurse Sakura, Overseer Tsunade, and every councilor, bank, and maintenance personnel that works in the Vault, so don't hesitate to call if you need a question answered or a service rendered. As a member of Vault 69, you have a bank account that you can visit to withdraw or deposit ammunition into with a beginning total of $500 that can be exchanged into ammunition according to the current exchange rate. Your first visit with the Vault councilor is tomorrow at noon. With that, I'll head back to the Overseer's Office. See you later, Naruto."

Shizune left the room, leaving a more knowledgeable Naruto behind to observe his surroundings. It had been a long day for him. He met, and probably made friends, with a lot of people he never knew or never interacted with before. He walked into his bedroom, tossed his dirty clothes in the hamper by the bathroom, and took a shower before going to the California King-Size bed and resting with his hands behind his head.

The artificial lighting had been dimmed to a dull glow, causing him to go from sleepy to alert immediately. Did Shizune come back to tell him something she forgot or something? "Hey, Ruto," called Chloe's familiar voice from his bedroom door. She stood there in her unique bra and panties alongside Max, who seemed to have gained a fair bit of confidence. "I hope you didn't forget that you had plans with me and Max."

"Chloe," he asked, still somewhat tired. "Max? How'd you girls get in?"

"The Overseer gave us a key," Max answered. "Once we told her of the situation between the three of us shortly after we managed to get in, she agreed to let us have a key to your place. We have our own place, of course, but we wanted to do this in here instead."

"Maybe tomorrow, you can help us christen our beds," Chloe said seductively as they stripped themselves of their clothes, revealing every single inch of them to him. "But tonight, we'll just have to christen yours."

That night, many were thankful that the walls of every residence was soundproofed to prevent any and all noise from escaping or entering.

Meanwhile, in the Overseer's Office, Tsunade and Shizuka were watching the events occurring in the bedroom unfold with analytical eyes. As time went on, Tsunade found herself surprised and impressed with Naruto's stamina and ability to somehow handle two women simultaneously for such a length of time. After he released a total of eight times, four for Max and four for Chloe, he finally seemed to pass out alongside his lovers. Chloe was resting directly on top of him with him still inside of her cradled in his left arm while Max had a fulfilled look on her face as she wrapped herself around his right arm.

"So what do you think, Overseer," Shizuka asked with a haughty tone. "His stamina is impressive and will only grow as the years go on. And with more partners, he'll eventually learn how to best please those he does become intimate with."

"He's impressive, I'll give him that," Tsunade said monotonously. "We'll find out more about their son once he takes the G.O.A.T. exam and the report from his councilor's report about his state of mental health and his personality. Once we can come up with a full report, we'll be able to see how well he can connect with the other residents. Outside of that, have you heard anything about how the other residents are taking the news about Naruto's status?"

"A few," Shizuka replied. "I don't have any names, but the word around the Vault is that some believe he should be thrown out of the Vault because he'd take advantage of his status to force himself upon the other residents because that is how they view men. And it seems their train of thought could be gaining traction with other residents."

"I see," Tsunade said through narrowed eyes as she cut the feed of Naruto's bedroom. "Keep an ear open for more rumors like that. If the faction grows too large and becomes a threat, we'll handle it before it grows too large to handle."

"Understood, Overseer."