The Cursed Leaf: The Shinobi system's flaws.

Naruto/Earthbound beginnings crossover.

This story is dedicated to SonSanbi23, for his great fanfics. ("The Rise" and "Good luck from blood" are my favorites.)

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Summary: A 7-years old Naruto hates Konoha, forced to wear constantly a mask, never allowed to show who he truly is. Despite everything against him, his perverted godfather had managed to both retire from shinobi duty and take care of Naruto. Unfortunately for the Sandaime Hokage, Jiraya had dark plans not against Naruto, but against Konoha...


People aren't easy to understand.

Sometimes, they tell the truth, sometimes, they lie, then, there is the worst case...

...When a lie, living in a lie, forced to lie, every time, with no possibility of telling, showing the truth.

Uzumaki Naruto is in this case.

He was a lot of things, he was a hyperactive blond who wore bright orange and a master prankster. However, there was something that no one, not even the Sandaime Hokage, knew about him.

"Will I be missed?" The 7-years old boy thought, holding an old, rusty kunai.

That was his tenth suicide attempt. And he was going to make sure it will work. He tried to poison himself, he slit his throat, he tried to drown himself, he tried to strangle himself, he even jumped off the Hokage monument for God's sake! But either he failed, either an ANBU, or his Jiji stopped him.

"Will I be missed?" The question repeated itself, more than a hundred times.

He wasn't an idiot, like everyone in the village assumed him to be; quite the opposite in fact, sure he was no Nara, but he came close to it. Why did the seven year old, blond haired boy make the decision to hide his true intelligence from the world? It was simple and yet sad for a boy his age to think like he did, his thoughts went something like this: "The villagers called him a demon and so, what would they fear more? A smart demon or a stupid one?"

As far as he could remember, he was always alone, and he hated everything, everyone. He hated the village, he hated the Hokage, he hated humans, and most importantly he hated himself for the fact that he hated.

The first 5 years of his life weren't that bad. Everyone was either hating him, either glaring at him. Nothing more, nothing else.

Why? Because he was wearing a mask.

It was quite obvious to Naruto that they would be less likely to believe him to be a threat; if they thought he was an idiot, and so his mask of idiocy came in as the solution to not becoming a bigger target for the villagers. For his whole life, he was wearing a mask. A mask of happiness. For his whole life, he was a lie. A lie of happiness. A forced lie, because he didn't wanted anyone to hate him even more, fear him even more, pity him, or worry about him. As it turned out, his mask had fooled everyone, even the Hokage.

And then, it happened.

What happened?

Naruto wanted some truth in his life.

When he was thrown out of a shop, he actually glared at the shopkeeper, releasing all the hate he had in his heart. And said shopkeeper was scared so much, his pants were wet. The blonde was confused. How a 50-years old shopkeeper, was scared by...a 5-years old brat?

Two weeks after this event, the Kyuubi festival happened. And the very first "Fox hunt" happened. The shopkeeper was among the angry mob. And the very moment the jinchūriki saw him, he understood:

He COULDN'T show who he truly is...He COULDN'T show the truth!

And then, the beating happened. And, at the last second, he was saved by the Hokage and the "masked weirdos ninjas" as he liked to call them.

The second "Fox hunt" happened next year. And everything went the same as the first one.

"Will I be missed?" The question repeated itself, again, like some annoying song.

And many things led him to believe he will be missed.

He remembered the people with weird red eyes. They were always smiling and waving at him each time they saw him. Especially two of them. A spiky pale blonde girl with black eyes. What was her name again? Oh yeah, Kasumi. She was called "The Second coming of the Uchiha's black sheep.". She had an attitude that reminded Naruto of himself, she always helped him when he was pranking someone, and she was always carefree, caring and gentle. The other one was a black-haired boy with weird duck-ass hair, Sasuke. He was arrogant and had a dumbass attitude, but deep down, he was caring, kind and gentle.

After the people with weird red eyes, there was two other people. A pink-haired girl with green eyes. Naruto saved her from bullies, and she befriended him. She was smart, but shy, people made fun of her because of her forehead, and she never understood loneliness, or pain. So, she was quite the selfish crybaby, always whining about her forehead, not aware of other people's pain. What was her name again? Suckura? Sakura? Yes, Sakura...Whoruno? No, Haruno, Yes, Sakura Haruno. A blue-haired girl with lavender eyes. Like Sakura, Naruto saved her from bullies and she befriended him. She was...strange. She was always stalking him, for some reason. Sometimes, it was cute, like when he caught her on the Hokage monument. Sometimes, it was absolutely...creepy. He remembered when he caught her while he was walking around. She had a weird grin, and her nose was bleeding for some reason. Her name? It's obviously Hinata Hyūga.

While Kasumi, Sasuke, Sakura and Hinata were the closest things he could call friends, Naruto never understood the concept of friendship. If somebody asked him if Kasumi, Sasuke, Sakura and Hinata were his friends, he wouldn't give an answer. He was happy with them around, true, but he was forced to lie to them, lying to them. Even with his "friends", he couldn't show who he truly is. He couldn't call them friends, because he had to lie to them. Seriously, friends can't lie to each other, right?

His "friends" will miss the Naruto they knew, the mask.

They wouldn't miss the real Naruto, because they never knew him from the start...

And right now, he was the real Naruto.

"No...Nobody will miss me..." He said to himself as he was going to stab himself at the heart.

But a hand stopped him.

"Wrong. I will miss you." Said an unknown voice.

A 10-years old girl "I'm a boy, Narrator-san.", oops, sorry, an androgynous 10-years old boy with long black hair, pale skin, large, dark-brown eyes and slender frame, wearing a over-large, shredded light-brown shirt which fell off his shoulders, and a pair of shredded knee-length pants, and a dark choker was running through the cold streets of Kirigakure, looking for food.

The boy's name? Haku Yuki.

The orphan stopped running when he saw somebody laying on the ground.

"Who's that?" Haku wondered.

The guy laying on the ground was an unconscious teenage boy, wearing a bi-colored shirt of unequally sized blue and yellow stripes tucked into his pants only on the left side, a red hat with a blue rim facing the left, navy blue shorts with no belt, blue shoes and red socks.

If the boy remained here any longer, he would freeze to death.

"How can I help him? He seems older and heavier than me, I don't know if I can carry him, but he's gonna die if I don't do anything." The Yuki thought.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Haku made his choice...

Sometimes, if you walk around Kirigakure, you could see an androgynous boy carrying a teenager boy...