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Chapter 1: The Beginning

Year: 1909

Planet: Chyrisaor (Pronounced Ki-ri-soar)

3rd Point of View:

An elegant, picturesque lady sat stiffly on her chair, overseeing the whole planet of Chyrisaor, the planet that housed all the primordial beings.

She had waist length hair that flowed freely down her back, and she had the perfect color tan on her smooth and flawless skin from her long existence in the Universe... No, she was the Universe.

Her eyes were painted a color black; but trapped inside the black was the Milky Way Galaxy. Her lips were a luscious red that with the addition of her proportional assets could cause any man to go crazy.

She wore a simple ring made out of Chaotic Metal the strongest in the whole universe.

Who was this mesmerizing woman? Chaos, the Creator of the Universe, Beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega.

A Few Moments later...

*Knock, knock, knock*

Sighing, Chaos replied in a tired voice, "Come in!"

"HAPPY 987,944,764,235,643 BIRTHDAY OF EXISTANCE, CHAOS!" Exclaimed her brother, Order, as he jumped out of the doorway.

Seeing his sister's mood, he quickly turned worrying and asked, "What's wrong Chaos? You seem sad."

Slightly ashamed for dampening the mood, Chaos replied, "Nothing, why would there be? It's my birthday!"

Laughing lightly, Order said, "Now I know there's definitely something wrong. I've known you for eternity, I think I'd know when my sister's lying."

Giving in, Chaos said, "It just... It just gets lonely up here, there's no one to talk to except you, and the Primordial Council... it's really tiring being alone."

There was a momentary silence while Order was thinking of the solution.

"AHA!" Cried Order suddenly.

Chaos jumped out of her chair, face planted on the ground, and screamed, "DON'T DO THAT! YOU SCARED ME TO DEATH!"

"You can always reform," Order pointed out, "But yeah, I get what your getting at..."

"HMPH, Smart Aleck." Snorted Chaos.

Barely containing his laughter, Order said, "Here sits the creator of the universe, acting like a child, snorting at her older brother."

"SHUT UP! I am not!" Retorted Chaos.

"That just proves my point," replied Order, "But anyways, for your lonely problem, you could just birth a baby!"

Thousands upon millions of thoughts swirled and raced around Chaos' mind. Then she stared at Order, and said, "So much for asking you..."

Order just stared and said, "What? I thought you were lonely! What's wrong with having a baby kid."

Chaos replied, "3 things. 1. With who, like I said, you and the primordial are the only people around and I'm not having a baby with my own kids. 2. I don't want to be defiled by a nasty being. 3. I already have kids."

Order retorted, "3 answers. 1. Go to Earth to find a decent male. 2. Just take the sperm and drink it, don't get it shot in you. 3. Those kids are ones you made with your powers, not one that you raised from birth. You never truly felt the love of a child that you nurtured."

Chaos thought of this and said, "Fine, but you choose the male, I'm too lazy."

To this, Order just sighed and thought, 'Why did I decide to help her again?'

Time Skip: Five days.

Still 3rd Point of View:

"EUREKA! He's the one." Cried Order.

"About time," Grumbled Chaos as she shoved him aside to take a look at her sperm donor.



Age: 34.

Birthdate: October 1, 1875

Birthplace: New York, Manhattan

Species: Demigod.

Parenthood: Poseidon and a mortal woman.

Short summary: A demigod that went rogue from Olympus because he was tired of being a pawn and receiving no recognition for his achievements.

Pros: Extremely Loyal(Runs in Poseidon's line), Good Swordfighter, Kindhearted man.

Cons: Can be a bit empty headed at some times, Horrible Bow Skills.

Relationship Status: Single


"I had a hard time choosing between him and a son of Apollo, but I would rather your child be extremely loyal to those he trusts." explained Order.

"Yes... Yes... I agree with you, so you'll be collecting the semen?" Asked Chaos.

"No, Eros is, he's better at those kind of things, that pervert." chuckled Order.


3rd POV

Eros cleared his throat, and the man in front of him jumped around with his sword drawn and tried to gut Eros.

"Woah, woah, woah... chillax bro, I just came to ask you a favor, I don't work for the Olympians." exclaimed Eros.

The man snarled and growled, "I don't believe you, I'm never going back to that shithole."

Sighing, Eros snapped his fingers and the sword turned into a cupid statue.

Then, Eros calmly said, "I could kill you if I wanted to, but I'm not here for that; I'm here to offer you a job. I'll pay you a thousand drachma to do it."

Gaping like a fish, the man said, "What is this job?"

Smiling, Eros replied, "I need your semen to get someone pregnant!"

Only Eros would be able to say that line so calmly while keeping a straight face.

Nearly fainting from shock, the man asked, "Seriously? No fucking around?"

In response, Eros just handed him a cup and a picture of a nude woman.

"Well I'll be damned, you got yourself a deal!" Exclaimed the 'Secret' man.

After a couple minutes, the man came out with the white liquid.

"The money?" Inquired the man.

Eros snapped his finger and all the money appeared in one massive pile. As the man gave him the cup, Eros stepped backwards, snapped is fingers, and a portal appeared behind.

"Nice doing business with you." Eros said, and with that he stepped into the portal and disappeared.

"What a weird man," the man thought out loud, "Not that I'm complaining though, after all, he gave me a thousand drachma."


3rd POV

"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKK!" cried Chaos as she breathed rapidly in uneven successions.

"JUST PUSH!" Hollered Order over the chaos Chaos was making. (A/N: Hardy Har har, eh?)

"I AM YOU FUCKING IDIOT!" Shouted Chaos as she suddenly convulsed and heaved out a baby boy.

Recovering from her labor, Chaos gradually sat herself up and gazed at the baby.

"It's captivating..." Chaos sighed, picking him up. "I think I'll call you Perseus, or Percy for short."

As a result of Chaos tickling little Percy's stomach, he started laughing and cooing. Seeing this heartwarming scene, Order's heart melted and he started tearing up.



"LADY CHAOS! LADY CHAOS!" Cried a messenger from whatever planet he came from, I could seriously care less.

"Yes?" I turned while holding my precious bundle, Percy, he's the cutest baby ever!

The messenger was gasping for breath and replied, "Shade is back."


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