Free! Iwatobi Swim Club


Chapter 2: Old Reliable

"If there's something you wanna do in life, you do everything in your power to accomplish it, but if you cheat or do anything illegal, I'll kick your butt," Those are the words of the one who got me into diving in the first place. If the 'Little Old Lady from Pasadena' is a swimmer than that be my nana, my grandma Kana. She is one tough lady.

Put it this way, my nana lives a very healthy lifestyle. It seems the only thing that is aging is her hair. My nana is fifty-five years old, but facially she looks forty. My nana took me in after my parents died. My nana never yelled or cursed at me or hit me. As she would say 'That kind of stuff doesn't solve anything, it just makes things worse'

My nana was a master of the 'silent treatment'. You all know what I am talking about. That kind of thing is worse than getting yelled at or hit by your parents. But my nana always stuck by me in my times of trouble. I miss my parents, but I know that I am not going through my life without someone lending a helping hand on the sidelines.

There comes a time when you just have to let people go their own way. When I signed up for this program, both me and my nana knew it was time. I wanted to start living on my own, and yet I know I am not truly alone. Nana still sends money through the mail, and care packages. Here I am in Iwatobi, living and going to school by myself.

My nana calls on most weekends to check on me, and I send her online videos of my progress in the pool so I can keep her connected. My nana is an engineer at the local fire station in Hercules, and doesn't look like she's hanging up the uniform anytime soon. The one thing I am afraid of is my phone at times. I don't when I'll get 'the call'.

'I always worry about you, nana, I fear the times when the phone rings, and I hear the news from the chief' I thought looking at my cellphone before picking it up, 'but it's you, nana, you're the one that gives me strength, not every many people can say that their grandma is a firefighter, that make you a cut above the rest, someone special'

"Let's practice," I said ready to go to the pool,

The same strength and will that drives her also drives me to do what I love. After doing some searching, I found that the city pool has a 10 meter platform, a 5 meter platform, and a 3 meter and 1 meter springboard. As I came out of the locker room ready to practice after the day's classes, I felt like someone watching me, but I ignored it.

I got my chance to start practicing again. I switched my glasses for my contacts, and began my climb up the ladder of the 10 meter platform. With every step up the climb, I think about how I got here. With a hair-tie like a ring around my ringer, I tied my hair up in a ponytail, and tied a knot in my shammy towel, and tossed it to the ground.

I walked up the edge of the platform, and turned my back to the water. I sighed, and stretched out my arms up to my shoulders. With a push from my arms and a launch from my legs, I leaped off the platform in a two and half somersault with a one and half twist. A small flower of water bloomed and wilted as I entered the water like a knife.

"I maybe a swimmer, but I can appreciate the artistry of diving," said a voice making his presence known after a few dozen dives. I climbed out of the pool, and adjusted the bottom of my swimsuit after climbing out, "I thought this might be your sport judging by your size," I put my hands on my hips feigning being insulted, "I mean your height,"

"You sure you didn't come just to look at my butt while I practice?" I teased him as I picked up my shammy towel. The young man lightly blushed, "I'm just playing with you, bro," I said giving him a light push in the arm as I sat down next to him. I checked the time on my cellphone, and I had to get home, "I gotta go," I said gathering my stuff.

I was putting my contacts back in their container, and picked up my glasses off the side of the pool, "Wait, who are you?" He asked as I was walking away back to the locker room. It was the first time I had an audience to watch me practice. The guy had a point though, you don't see many tall female divers in the world of professional diving.

Putting back on my glasses, I smiled to him, "I'll see you in class...Hazuki," I said heading back to the locker room to change and head home. Hazuki seems like a nice guy. I know my luck with making friends at school is not very good, but I might fair better around something I enjoy like water. I enjoy being around water, but I'm not obsessed.

He must be surprised that the same girl that can't go one day at school with tripping and falling on her face is also a diver. Honestly yes, that is still me. Karma always has that weird habit of making me clumsy especially at lunch time. With a meeting new friends like Hazuki, maybe I can get to know more people at the school. It's worth a shot.