For the past four or five months my friend Ginny and I (melgibsonrulz) have been constructing a crossover together. The topics are of course, Chicken Run and Zelda, Ocarina of time. If you have never payed Zelda before, which I doubt, it was first produced in 1995 by Nintendo64©. The plot is rather thick, however for all of you that want to learn, I will give you the main bits, even though you can basically follow our script without knowing anything about it. A young boy, Link, lives in a weird forest called the Kokiri forest, guarded by The Great Deku Tree. Link is the only one of the Kokiri that does not have a fairy Guardian. One day he is given one, and a task to free the Great Deku tree from a curse. As his adventures continue, he meets different species and friends. Well, that the beginning. There's a thing call the scared Triforce that holds ultimate power in Hyrule, the land which the Kokiri forest is placed on. A great Sorcerer, Ganndondorf wants to control the world, so of corse he wants the flipping triforce. So Link teams up with Princess Zelda to discover his destiny, fight evil monsters and save Hyrule! No, it has been brought to my attention that there are MANY pairings with the handsome, cute, strong. Link. Such as Zelda/Link (obvious) Link/Malon, Link/Ruto (he HAS got her engagement stone after all!!!) And even Saria/Link. Basically, EVERYONE loves Link. EVERYONE wants him. So the possibilities are endless.

On a last note, I tended to think that Link was always 7 years old, then 14 once he gains the triforce. But it seems there are a lot of definitions, but 7, 8, and 10 years old happen to be the most popular. It really doesn't matter, just as long as you keep in mind that when he pulls the Master Sword out of the Stone of time, he ages seven years. So, that just about covers it. But I doubt you will be about to find any good explaining stories on the Zelda fan fiction because it's like searching for a miniscule needle in a haystack the size of the red sea. I really don't know why I'm explaining this because just about everyone knows it. Anyway, Ginny and I have made up a user name together, but only for shared projects. We put a lot of hard work and effort into these, so you had BETTER REVIEW!!!!!!!!! (Kidding)

The forest chapter will be up as soon as Ginny emails it to me (I lost it! Aren't computers the damdest things?)