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In the depths of a darkened room, a phone was ringing over and over again, echoing around the small apartment and into the bedroom where a sluggish figure murmured complaints as he slipped his head under the pillow; his raven hair peaking out from all corners. The phone continued to ring and the figure growled as he threw the pillow at the door, where it fell in a heap on the floor. Golden slit eyes stared at the pillow angrily before the ringing of the phone grabbed his attention again.

Throwing the covers off him and the bed, he crawled over to the door and opened it, immediately falling over a box. Lying on the floor, he kicked the box out the way then rolled over to reach for the phone from under the pile of old newspapers. He collapsed on the floor, rubbing his eyes as he put the phone to his ear.

"This better be important." He mumbled.

"Rei! Thank god you're home. I thought I missed you." Kenny breathed a sigh of relief.

"Where else would I be at three o'clock in the morning, Kenny?" Rei complained, emphasising the time.

"Sorry Rei, but there's been a robbery at the Royal Museum. Shiro-sama wants you on it." Kenny explained

"Can't it wait 'til the morning?" Rei really didn't feel like getting up, not after the ten bottles of alcohol he consumed before he fell into his peaceful slumber.

"He wants you there to look for clues. Tyson's already on his way." Kenny answered.

"What about Robert?" Rei suggested, hoping that he could find a way out of this.

"Out of town." Oh yeah, he went to see his sick mother, damn.


"Off sick." Stupid excuse, though he was shot by that drunken idiot.

"Johnny?" Rei was on his last hopes.

"He's got his hands tied with a murder."

"Fine! I'll be there in half an hour!" Rei complained, giving up.

"Thank you, Rei. Tyson will explain everything when you get there."

"Fine, bye."

Rei threw the phone into the darkness before standing and picking up the nearest clothes he could find. He then grabbed his coat and walked out of his apartment. As the door clicked shut Rei stopped, closed his eyes and fisted his hands.

"Shit!" Rei exclaimed, not caring if he woke the neighbours.

Rei sighed, realising he'd left his keys in the apartment, so once again he would have to climb in through the window, which meant climbing over garbage, shimmying up a pipe and forcing open his window while balancing on a small ledge. Why didn't he ever learn from his mistakes? Rei sighed, his shoulders collapsing and commenced a slow and tiring walk down a flight of stairs.

Once outside, he climbed into his car, banged on the passenger draw and snatched his keys up. He never locked his car, this neighbourhood was full of residences that belonged to the force so not many thieves, and if there were, they were quickly caught.

The engine purred and Rei smiled as the car gently vibrated around him. He loved his car, he'd had it for five years and not once had it done him wrong. Rei got into gear and raced out onto the quiet road

Rei didn't have to look for signs of the museum; he could see the flashing lights of all the police cars a mile away. Rei pulled into the street and immediately began hitting his horn, a silent order for the public to move out the way. Slowly, but surely, he made it to a blue motorcycle and got out of his car. Rei wrapped his coat around him, immediately feeling the cold and rushed into the museum, not caring about the broken glass that littered the floor beneath him.

Walking in, he sighed in relief at the warmth of the building. He was greeted with the sight of strip after strip of yellow tap and policemen with clipboards equalling out the number of paintings hanging on the walls. Shuffling was coming from the back of the reception and Rei had to stretch his head to notice that Tyson was trying to get to him. He soon found his way to Rei, where his whole body seemed to collapse where he stood.

"Took your time. What happened to you, did you get dressed in the dark?" Tyson made a face at Rei's mix match of clothes.

"At least I'm not still in my night wear." Rei smiled noticing the white cotton shirt from under his brown trench coat.

"Yes, well, urm." Tyson stuttered, fastening his coat up completely.

"What happened?" Rei asked, relieving Tyson of the tension.

"The Golden Phoenix piece has been stolen." Tyson answered.

" Anything else?"

"No, just that." That meant this was planned and not random.

"Any clues?" Rei always hated working from scratch.

"We think we've got a fingerprint and hair. That's been taken to the specialists."

"Was there a point to me coming?" Rei yawned.


"I'm gonna kill Shiro-sama."

"No you won't."

"Got any leads or witnesses?"

"No nothing."

"Great. So can I go now?"

"Sure, but we've got a meeting at seven, don't be late."

"Am I ever?" Rei grinned evilly.

Tyson sighed and walked off into the building. Rei walked out of the building, but not before grabbing some pictures from a policeman. He quickly shifted through the pictures to find one of the Golden Phoenix. It was only small, easily fitting into a man's fist and was made from solid gold. The detail on it was exquisite, with every feather in its wings engraved, with it dating back to the ancient world. It's priceless. Now it was up to him to find it. Maybe Johnny would change cases with him. Rei threw the pictures onto the passenger seat and drove off, back to his home to get two hours of sleep.

Rei was leaning against a desk at which Kenny was typing into his laptop. He had been waiting for half an hour and Tyson still hadn't turned up. The door opened and both Rei and Kenny looked up eagerly, but only Johnny came in, holding two cups of coffee. He passed them to Rei and Kenny.

"Here. These should wake you up." Johnny said in his cheerful voice.

"Any sign of him?" Rei asked sipping on the coffee. He needed waking up, he hated being in such a grouchy mood, it was not like him at all and being in it for the past twelve hours was starting to annoy him.

"Nope, nothing. Are you surprised though?" Johnny sighed.

"Not really. Heh, and he told me not to be late." Rei grinned shaking his.

"If he's not careful Shiro-sama will catch him." Johnny warned.

"I'll ring him." Rei offered.

He pulled out his mobile from his jacket pocket and flipped the lid open.

"Wow, new phone. Looks good." Kenny complemented.

"Thanks, got it at the weekend. Thought I should get a new one, with the old one not working anymore." Rei said as he filtered through to find Tyson's number.

"Yeah, a bullet lodged into the back will do that." Johnny smirked.

"Hmm." Rei mumbled as he listened to the ringing of his phone.

The door swung open and Tyson rushed in, panting, his phone ringing in his left hand. Rei turned his phone off and placed it back in his pocket. Tyson walked over and collapsed in a chair.

"A bit late aren't we?" Rei grinned.

"Traffic is murder. You will not believe what I had to go through!" Tyson said, exaggerated hand motions to add to the effect.

"You over slept again." Kenny sighed.

"You try waking up after having to be up 'til four in the morning." Tyson complained.

"I did." Rei fought back a grin.

"And he got here early." Kenny added.

"Well, that's just Rei; way too much energy for his own good. Give me some." Tyson asked.

"No chance, I need all I can get." Rei replied.

"Yes, how is Anasha?" Johnny asked folding his arms.

"Haven't seen her in a while. She went on holiday to the Caribbean with Mariah and. him. They get back in a day or two, so I'll see her then." Rei explained, staring into his coffee.

The door opened and Shiro-sama walked in. He was a big man, both in height and weight, no one messed with him unless they wanted to be squashed like a bug. His regiment black hair made him look like the general he once was and his black suit gave an overall impression of, 'don't mess with me'. He scared Rei to hell. He moved over to the desk and Kenny quickly moved out the way to stand next to Rei, grabbing his laptop at the same time. Shiro- sama gave one look at Johnny and he left the room. He threw on the table three brown envelopes that Kenny, Tyson and Rei took and opened, pulling out page after page of information on their new case.

"Unfortunately for you we couldn't get a positive id on the fingerprint, but we have been able to get some DNA from the hair we found." Shiro-sama began, not wasting time on friendly chit-chat.

"And?" Tyson interrupted.

"We've traced it back to a member of the Hiwatari family."

"Voltaire Hiwatari?" Kenny asked.

"We believe so, but we need more evidence before we can do anything. That's where you three come in. If you can just turn to figure 45." Shiro-sama ordered.

They each pulled out a group of photos, with figure 45 being of an abbey.

"That building is where Voltaire is living at the moment. I need you to get in there and find that Golden Phoenix."

"That building in full of security systems, it would be impossible to get in. Can we just get a warrant to search the building?" Kenny spoke out.

"Not enough evidence, Kenny. If you can turn to figure 47."

They all turn to a picture of boy around nineteen years old, with light and dark blue hair and triangles on his face, being pushed into the abbey.

"This is Voltaire's grandson, Kai. He works at the abbey as a dancer. This is where you come in Rei."

Rei laughed to himself, he knew this would happen.

"Now I know why you wanted me on this case. You need me to get to know Kai to use him to spy on his grandfather." Rei yelled, he hated being used because of his sexuality.

"Other officers would be uncomfortable in that surrounding. You on the other hand wouldn't. We need you Rei, don't let me down." Shiro-sama spoke calmly.

"And if I do?" Rei threatened.

"I'll have your badge." Shiro-sama threatened.

Rei sighed and looked at the picture of Kai. It's not that he wouldn't mind getting to know Kai, he was very attractive. This was more about him being used. Rei sighed again, he couldn't lose his job; he needed the money at the moment.

"Fine, I'll do it." Rei gave in.

"Good. Kenny, I need you to get as much information as you can on the Hiwataris and that abbey. Tyson, you're to go in there as well and find out what you can from the people there." Shiro-sama ordered.

"Me, go in there! No way." Tyson shook his head.

"Tyson, Rei will be busy, I need you to do this." Shiro-sama asked, he never begged.

"Fine, oh why me?" Tyson complained.

"Cheer up Tyson, you never know you may meet someone." Rei grinned.

"Ha ha." Tyson exaggerated.

"That's it for now, report again at ten o'clock tomorrow. Don't be late."

Shiro-sama stood and left the room. Kenny returned to his laptop and began his research, while Tyson decided to fall asleep in the chair. Rei just stared at the picture of Kai, going into a little dream world of how he might encounter him. Kenny's voice interrupting him though.

"You should get some sleep too. You'll need it for tonight."

"Thanks Kenny. I'll come back in a few hours to see how you're doing." Rei explained.

"Don't bother. I'll ring up at five to tell you what you need before you go." Kenny offered.

"Thanks, bye then." Rei said.


Rei left the office and walked through the office apartments to the reception, where he signed out before leaving the station and walking round to his car. A big grin was plastered on his face at the thoughts of tonight.

May be this case won't be so bad after all.

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