Naruto : Advent of the Flash

October 10

Konohagakure no sato

Konoha Hospital

Kushina woke up feeling exhausted like she hadn't ever felt before and her eyes fluttered open. She groggily looked around to see the white ceiling of the hospital and sat up feeling pain course throughout her body with every movement she made. Then the memories of the night came rushing back to her as she remembered all that she had lost last night. She remembered how her husband sacrificed himself to seal that demon and save the village. She felt a pang of hurt as she remembered how he had split the Yin and Yang halves of the chakra and sealed them into Mito and Narumi while the soul of the demon into her son Naruto.

She reached onto the side of the bed and let her feet touch the cold icy tiles of the hospital floor and got up with a great amount of effort. Suddenly the door clicked open and in walked Jiraiya, Tsunade, Hiruzen and Kakashi. They all looked stunned that Kushina was up and already standing. Tsunade rushed to her side and helped her as she stumbled a few steps and helped her stand straight.

"Kushina even if you are an Uzumaki having a bijuu ripped apart from your body has taken its toll on you. You should rest and let your body recover from the strain." She scolded but Kushina paid it no mind. Tsunade brought her back to the bed and help her sit gently as she started going through her medical charts.

"Well Kushina you should be fine after a week's worth of rest. But there has been a lot of damage to your chakra coils that will take some time to recover. You will have to spend a couple of years in rehabilitation to let your chakra coils recover before you could use the shinobi arts again." She said and Kushina nodded and gave her a small smile as Tsunade smiled back.

"Alright you people talk, I have to go and check on some other surgeries that are going on." She said and left as Hiruzen gave her a grateful nod for returning back to the village in its time of need. He knew it was only temporary, but the village needed her medical skills and he was glad she was there. She had saved any lives already treating the patents that had been given up by the medial staff and he couldn't be prouder of his student. He walked up to Kushina's bed as he saw she was lost in thought and put a hand over her shoulder as she looked at him surprised that she had spaced out and smiled a little smile back; and he saw that she was hiding the pain that was in her heart.

"Hiruzen where are my children? Please bring them to me." She said in a pleading voice and he nodded as the three men walked up to the cribs and took a hold of each of the peacefully sleeping child in their arms. Hiruzen and Jiraiya laid the twin redheaded girls in her arms as she looked at them smiling that they had completely inherited her Uzumaki traits as they gazed at her sleepily with their violet eyes and went back to sleep. The three men smiled at seeing their interaction and Kakashi stepped forward to hand over her third child as he put his hands forward.

Kushina saw the blonde bundle in his arms and her eyes widened as she laid her first gaze on him and immediately saw those three faint whisker marks on each of his cheek and remembered what he held. Flashbacks of the previous night came rushing back to her as she saw the visions of the Kyuubi piercing Minato's abdomen with his claw as he tried to save Naruto and finally sealed the soul into him and her hands slapped Kakashi's hand away.

Kakashi was startled as his hand was slapped and saw Naruto felt the movement and was about to get up when he started rocking the little child and he went back to deep slumber snuggling in his arms and he smiled under his mask seeing how much he looked like his beloved sensei. Hiruzen and Jiraiya too saw the interaction and were surprised at Kushina's actions. Hiruzen decided to voice his confusion as he felt dread form in the pit of his stomach.

"Kushina what's wrong don't you want to hold your son?" he asked gently and she stared at him with icy eyes that startled him a bit.

"That 'thing' is not my son anymore." She said in an icy cold tone and all three were wide eyed at what she said.

"Kushina what do you mean, Naruto is your son!" hissed Jiraiya in a low voice not wanting to startle the sleeping kids and she glared at him.

"No my son died the moment Minato sealed the soul of the Kyuubi into him. He is possessed by the demon that killed my husband and almost destroyed the village completely. Look at those whiskers on his cheek those are proof enough of the possession. He is the reason my husband died and left me alone." She hissed glaring at the blonde bundle in Kakashi's arms as he held him protectively in his arms and backed up a couple of steps away from the bed. Hiruzen was stunned at the confession she made and the pure hatred she glared at the little blonde bundle with.

"Kushina you can't be serious that is your son. Just look at the resemblance he bears with Minato. He has inherited those strong Namikaze genes of your husband. Don't be blinded by your hatred." He spoke gently trying to get the point across.

"Yes Kushina you were a Jinchuriki yourself, you should know better than to talk about it like that." Said Jiraiya in a calm tone trying to keep his temper in check while Kushina's face darkened as she glared at them.

"That 'thing' killed my husband and took possession over my son's body and those marks on his face are proof enough. Minato must have slipped up the sealing in his last moments and the demon took advantage of it. Just finish that 'thing' off and be done with it. It has caused so much damage to this village and my family already." She said in a cold tone and all three were wide eyed at her words and their eyes turned cold as they glared at her.

"I expected better from you Kushina." Said Hiruzen as Jiraiya and Kakashi too followed him without saying a word. They walked out of the room and sat down on the bench in the hallway, all of them in deep thought. Tsunade was walking down the hallways as she saw the three sitting there with thoughtful expressions on their faces and saw the little blonde bundle in Kakashi's arms as he stirred awake and was getting a bit uncomfortable. Kakashi tried to calm him down but he kept struggling. All the three men tried everything they could but the boy wasn't calming down as they saw his troubled expression. He wasn't crying but they knew he was uncomfortable and nearly whimpering but didn't know why or what to do for him. Tsunade saw the pathetic attempt of the three men calming him down and they were all startled as Tsunade walked up to them and took him in her arms as she wrapped him up in a warm embrace. He instantly calmed down and smiled as she rubbed his back gently and held him by his waist as she gazed at him with a loving expression. Naruto just kept staring at her with wide blue curious eyes and she smiled at him lovingly as she kissed him softly on the lips and he giggled happily as she rocked and cooed him making him giggle all the more.

"Aren't you adorable my little angel ooohhh." She cooed and he gazed at her curiously and rubbed her cheek softly with a bright smile as she held him closer to her. All the three were dumbfounded as Tsunade played with the little child that they were trying so hard to calm down and smiled a moment later seeing her lost in her own little world.

She cradled him in her arms and watched as he was smiling and giggling as she rubbed his whiskers that made him look all the more adorable in her eyes. She brought him closer to her chest as he yawned cutely and snuggled into her embrace and just went back into his deep slumber again. She smiled at his peaceful sleeping face and gazed at the three smiling men and looked on curiously.

"Why is it that you three idiots are taking care of him instead of Kushina?" she asked and all of them looked down ashamed confusing her greatly.

"Well you see Tsunade, Kushina has kind of abandoned Naruto thinking that he is possessed by the Kyuubi." Said Hiruzen nervously as the temperature of the hallways dropped a couple of degrees.

"What?" she asked in a low voice and all of them began to sweat as Kakashi spoke up.

"Well you see Tsunade-sama she believes him to be the Kyuubi and that his soul has taken over his body. She even went as far as to call for the boy's death." Explained Kakashi nervously and Hiruzen sighed.

"Yes well she isn't the only one, the whole council and the villagers are forcing me to either execute him or just throw him out of the village and be done with it. With Kushina abandoning him, he has nowhere to go. The orphanage isn't safe and with the truth of his heritage and the burden he holds within him, the villagers as well as his father's enemies will stop at nothing to kill the boy." He said sadly and all of them looked down as Kakashi spoke up.

"Jiraiya-sama why don't you adopt the boy; he will be safe with you." Said Kakashi and Jiraiya grew nervous as he looked around trying to think of an excuse.

"Well Kakashi I have to run the spy network for the village and I can't have the fear of a helpless child with me if someone tries to attack me for something. And I really am not a great father material kind of a guy you know." He said laughing nervously and Hiruzen sighed.

"I would have adopted him but the council will raise hell over it and with Biwako's death and me retaking the Hokage position, I cannot take care of him; there just isn't the time that a small child like him needs if he is with me." He said sombrely and both turned to Kakashi.

"Well I have ANBU duties and I really don't have any experience with children nor am I mature enough to raise him. Plus, he reminds me too much of sensei, it hurts to just see him and be reminded of the loss that I have endured." He said as all three of them looked down on the ground thinking of what to do as Tsunade had enough of their rambling.

"Pathetic…" she whispered and they all looked at her questionably.

"To think that you would all make such excuses and leave a little child of a person who gave up his life for this pathetic excuse of a village. How far has this village fallen. To think that a mother abandons her own son, his father's friends abandon his son as a worthless child and the village he died protecting is calling for the murder of his child. This isn't the village that my grandfather and granduncle envisioned and died for. It was their dream that no child should ever suffer the childhood that they faced in their era and thus the village hidden in the leaves was found but I guess they failed." She said icily and all of them averted their eyes ashamed as the truth was slammed into their faces.

"Don't worry about the child if none of you cowards are willing to take responsibility for him, I'll adopt him as my own son." She said calmly and all of their eyes widened as Hiruzen smiled hopefully.

"So you are going to stay in the village now Tsunade?" he asked hopefully and she scoffed as they all looked on confused.

"I've seen the real face of this village tonight and it disgusts me to no end. No I will be retiring from the shinobi forces completely and go out of the village to raise Naru-chan there as my own son. He will be safer there than here with all the wolves hunting him in the village." She said and Hiruzen was wide eyed.

"You can't be serious Tsunade, the village needs you now more than ever and Naruto belongs here where his father wanted him to be raised." He said desperately and she glared at him icily as he flinched from the stare.

"I came here just to treat the people of this village from the attack after I heard about the attack on the village and the magnitude of the destruction. I was going to retire anyways but I guess destiny had a beautiful plan for me in mind. Kami gave me a beautiful son to raise and live for." She whispered softly kissing Naruto and Hiruzen smiled sadly knowing she was right and he had no way to make her stay. Plus, Naruto was really not safe in the village at the moment. The villagers were plotting of ways to get rid of him and the council wanted him to keep the demon away from the 'hero twins Uzumaki' so that he won't get his power back and kill them.

"But Tsunade what about the enemies that will be hunting him down for his father's enemies, you are safer here than outside the village." Said Jiraiya knowing the village needed the strength of a Sannin and her skills desperately at the moment and she glared at his pathetic excuse for keeping her tied down.

"Please I am one of the Sannin Jiraiya and my skills haven't gotten that rusty for now. Ever since I got rid of my haemophobia I have upped my skills again; and I don't think that anyone is stupid enough from Iwa or Kumo to take me on just for the sake of hurting a child and bring the wrath of Konoha on them. They are recovering from the last war themselves and won't do anything stupid for now. Nothing any of you say will make me stay in the village any longer." She said and Jiraiya nodded hesitatingly knowing she was right. Kakashi just listened silently knowing Tsunade will be giving him the love of a mother that he so desperately needed. It was the best for him and he was happy for his sensei's legacy.

"Alright Sarutobi-sensei, I'll send my retirement papers at your office tomorrow morning along with the adoption papers for Naru-chan. I'll leave tomorrow at noon after we have dealt with everything." She said and he nodded hesitantly knowing there wasn't anything he could say to make her stay in the village.

"Alright then I have healed all those that needed my immediate assistance and left the rest of the cures needed with the medical staff. If that is all I will be retreating to the Senju compounds for the night. Me and Naru-chan need a bit of sleep." She said getting up and they watched her leave with ashamed faces knowing that the truths she spoke of their cowardice would sting them for quite some time.

Senju Compounds

Tsunade walked through the large Senju compounds to the house of the clan head and saw that this abandoned part of the village was mostly unscathed with the barrier seals of her grandmother still holding up strong even after all these ears. She walked through the gate of the house and on to the rock steps on the grounds of the huge garden towards the old royal two story house that was still as elegant and beautiful as it was in its old days.

She opened the door as the barrier didn't stop her recognizing her blood and chakra signature and she walked in towards the master bedroom and put down Naruto on the huge bed as she went into the bathroom to get changed into her sleep wear and came out in a white robe tied around her and her hair flowing freely as she sat on the bed and took up Naruto in her arms and sat down as she heard the door open and knew Shizune must have come home.

Shizune slid open the door and dropped the small bag in her hand in shock as she saw Tsunade there holding a little child in her arms gazing at him lovingly. She wondered who the child was and his blonde hair just shocked her all the bit more.

"Tsunade-sama who is that child?" she asked in a stunned voice pointing at Naruto and Tsunade saw Naruto's eyes open lightly from the voice as he yawned cutely and gazed at her with those wide blue curious eyes again. Shizune came beside her and sat down as she watched the adorable child that wasn't even paying attention to her and just staring at Tsunade curiously.

Tsunade kissed his lips softly and he smiled and giggled happily as she cooed him and suddenly Naruto tugged on her robe slightly. She thought that he must be hungry since the last food he was given at the hospital was six hours ago. She gently opened her robe as Naruto latched himself on her nipple and she held him close to her as she held a ram hand seal and Naruto started feeding himself happily. Shizune watched in disbelief as she saw her master feeding the little child on her own. But didn't understand how that was even possible for her to do.

"H-How?" she stuttered out and Tsunade smiled at her little apprentice.

"This is a medical jutsu that I wanted to introduce to the nurses at the hospital for children who lost their mothers unexpectedly and needed to be fed. The council shot down the proposal seeing that it took a lot of training and time and they thought of it as a waste of time for potential combat medics during war. Well I guess it does have its uses now. The user sends the medical chakra activating our mammary glands forcefully and stimulates them to create the milk for the child. I am the only one for now who can use it with the amount of control it needs or it could lead to breast cancer in any unexperienced females attempting it.." She said as Shizune nodded with a smile and was amazed at the skill of her master as she watched the little blonde boy feed himself. She saw the glow of happiness on Tsunade's face and smiled at the two. She hadn't seen that smile on her face in so many years. This was what she needed the most she mused.

"Who is he Tsunade-sama?" she asked and Tsunade changed the position for little Naruto as he latched onto her other nipple and gazed at Shizune with a smile.

"I have adopted him Shizune and his name is Naruto. Kushina has abandoned him, he is actually Minato's son and has the soul of the Kyuubi sealed into him. The whole village, his mother included has abandoned him and is calling for his death. I'll take him away from this village and leave the village tomorrow. I will send my retirement papers tomorrow morning along with his adoption papers and we'll leave tomorrow at noon." She said and Shizune was wide eyed that they would do such a thing and watched as Naruto stopped and Tsunade smiled as she tied her robe again. She undid her jutsu and watched as Naruto was staring at her curiously and then saw him looking at Shizune for the first time.

Shizune gasped as she saw his wide beautiful cerulean eyes staring at her curiously and hesitantly took him in her arms as she saw him staring at her. She just resisted the urge to yell KAWAIII and glomp him to death at his adorable face. She watched as he gazed back at Tsunade and opened his arms to her urging her to hold him and she took him from her and cradled him in her arms as he snuggled into her embrace happily. Shizune was surprised that he had such an attachment to her in such a short amount of time.

"He really likes you Tsunade-sama." She whispered as she saw Naruto feeling sleepy and going in and out of sleep and Tsunade nodded.

"Yes after all he is my son." She spoke in a soft and happy voice making Shizune smile as she walked out of the room towards her own letting them have their rest. Tsunade lied down with her head on the pillow facing sideways as she gazed into the sleepy eyes of the little blonde beside her.

"Do you like me as your mother Naru-chan?" she whispered softly and he rubbed her cheek with his tiny hand and she kept her own on his and as she brought him close and he snuggled into the crook of her neck happily and she smiled. It was almost as if he understood her words she mused. She closed her own eyes and went to sleep with a big smile after all those years.

"Good night Naru-chan." She whispered as sleep claimed them both and they slept peacefully into the night.

The Next Morning

Tsunade woke up with a yawn as she felt something snuggle into her neck and a small breath on her neck as she gazed down at the little blonde bundle cuddled up against her and smiled. She slowly sat up with him in her arms as he too yawned cutely and gazed at her with those curious cerulean orbs. She was transfixed by his eyes and his little smile and she was surprised that he hadn't cried once since last night when those three idiots were scaring her little cute baby. She saw him and fed him as he tugged on her robe again and she rubbed his back gently waiting for him to burp and then freshened up herself and little Naruto as she sat in the warm water of the bathtub with Naruto in her arms who was giggling and playing with the water. She played with him and laughed so happily after a long time and felt completely refreshed. She walked out of the bathroom as she walked over to the dresser and closet for some clothes.

She opened it and saw her usual clothes but chose to discard the green jacket for today and wore a white full sleeved battle kimono that gave her good access if she had to feed Naruto again. She picked up Naruto and put the diapers on him that Shizune had brought her a while ago and wrapped him up in a blue blanket with the Senju symbol on it as she walked out with her hair tied in a loose bun with a senbon. She walked through the streets and towards the Hokage Tower as every villager turned and gazed at her curiously seeing the little blanket in her arms and whispering things about who the child was or was he her son since they gazed at his blonde hair and started gossiping.

She paid the idiots no mind as she gazed down at little boy hidden from the villagers in the blanket and saw him playing with a lock of free hair of hers and smiled as she came up to the Hokage Tower.

Hokage Tower

Hokage Office

Hiruzen was going through his paperwork and was wondering if it would ever end. The stacks just kept piling up no matter how many he completed. He sighed as he heard a knock on the door and sighed in relief from the break he got.

"Come in." he said and the door opened as Tsunade walked in with a blue blanket in her arms and he saw the familiar mop of sun kissed blonde hair peeking out of it and smiled at his student. Maybe this would be good for the both of them he mused. Tsunade walked up and placed a scroll on his desk with the official Senju clan seal on it and he sighed.

"Tsunade you don't have to retire, you have a lot of years ahead of you and you already have Sannin travel rights. You can just go without the retirement." He tried to persuade her one last time and she just scoffed.

"Please Sarutobi-sensei, that means the village can recall me if there is ever trouble and force me to return. I don't want to return to this village until I want to and until Naru-chan is ready for it." She said and he sighed as he took the scroll and unsealed it. It was worth a try he mused as he stamped the scroll handing it to her secretary and knew the council would raise hell over it. He took out the papers for adoption and kept them in front of her as Tsunade took a seat and picked up the brush signing it as Hiruzen took them back and stamped them with his official seal and handed them to his secretary too.

"Sarutobi-sensei this adoption is official right; I mean Kushina is still his real mother…" she said uncertainly as Hiruzen cut her off with a wave.

"I had the paperwork done with her last night after you left and she has evicted Naruto from the Uzumaki clan and has cut all her ties with him. She requested for Minato's inheritance and I am afraid that Minato has left most of his fortune for the girls since Kushina has evicted him from it and left just a little for Naruto. Minato believed Kushina would take care of him and left her the guardian of his fortune, but he has left the knowledge he had for Naruto seeing he took after him." He said handing her some scrolls with the Namikaze seals and Tsunade took them with a smile.

"Well I don't care about the money anyways the Senju fortune is already large enough. And I'm sure Naru-chan will appreciate these much more than money anyways." She said and Hiruzen nodded with a smile.

"I suggest you keep the name Naruto Senju for now and do not associate with the Namikaze name for the time being until the animosity dies down a bit alright." He said and she nodded with a smile as she gazed down at the little child in her arms.

"So how do you like your new name Naru-chan, Naruto Senju has a nice ring to it right?" she asked cooing and he giggled happily making the adults smile and Tsunade sat there playing with him.

"So Tsunade where will you go now?" asked Hiruzen and Tsunade answered him while playing with Naruto not looking at him.

"There is an old Senju compound unused from the warring states era. Grandpa used to take me there when I was a child and it is quite a big house with lots of open spaces and the protection of my grandmother and granduncle's seals. So it should be the safest place for Naru-chan for now. There is a small village nearby for supplies and is unknown to almost everyone now." She said and Hiruzen nodded sadly.

"So when will you return to the village?" he asked and she frowned.

"I don't know sensei, maybe when the village has recovered enough from their hate and Naru-chan has grown up enough. If the villagers would still hold their hatred on him then I don't know if I would really ever return if Naru-chan doesn't want to." She said and he nodded hoping that the villagers came around in time.

"So I guess this is goodbye for now sensei." She said standing up and he nodded himself getting up and walking her to the door. Tsunade left and walked down the streets as she entered a convenience store and brought some supplies for the trip and went back on her way to the Senju back avoiding the annoying gossiping villagers.

Senju Compounds

Tsunade walked in seeing Shizune packing all the stuff up and smiled for her help. She sat down on the cushion in the huge traditional Japanese living room as Shizune came in finishing the packing and smiled at her as she sat down in front of her.

"So Tsunade-sama did everything go alright?" she asked pouring the both of them some tea and Tsunade took the glass gratefully and sipped it keeping it down on the table.

"Yes Shizune everything went fine and from today onwards our little Naru-chan is Naruto Senju to the world and my son being the official clan heir to the Senju clan." She said happily and Shizune smiled brightly.

"So now I am a big sister and have a little brother to coddle." She chirped happily and Tsunade smiled and nodded as Shizune took the little boy in her arms.

"Now I am your big sister Naru-chan, you like me don't you? Isn't your big sister the best?" she asked cooing and he giggled giving her a confirmation as she coddled him happily and played with him. Tsunade smiled thinking how he had made the both of them so happy over the past two days. She saw that he was now warming up to Shizune too and was happy for it.

"Shizune is everything done? Are we ready to leave?" she asked and Shizune nodded.

"Hai Tsunade-sama everything is done and we can leave anytime we want." She said and Tsunade nodded as she took Naruto from her arms and both started sealing the things into storage scrolls and Naruto giggled every time they sealed something at the poofing sound it made and the both of them laughed as they saw him get upset when everything was sealed. Tsunade glomped him as he puffed his cheeks slightly and rubbed her cheek against his making him giggle. Both of them picked up the scrolls and walked out of the compounds going towards the gates.

At the Village Gates

Tsunade came up to the gates seeing some people standing there. Hiruzen, Kakashi, Jiraiya, and the three elders too were there with them. She frowned thinking about what they could be wanting with her and walked towards them. Koharu and Homura came forward and gave her a warm smile and Tsunade just gave a small nod of acknowledgement without so much as a slight smile. They noticed this and grimaced at her cold greeting and she looked at their faces of disgust that they had for a moment as they gazed at Naruto and she held the sleeping child tightly to her chest which they noticed and frowned.

"Tsunade-chan why are you retiring and leaving the village, you have free Sannin travel rights and we haven't forced you into anything all these years so why are you doing this? We can always get you reinstated and forget about all this. You don't have to leave" Said Koharu with her grandmotherly smile as Tsunade spoke up.

"No I don't want to be tied down to this village any longer and Naru-chan needs my full attention. I don't want you recalling me for any reason by force and I have served this village quite enough already. I have fought in two of the last wars and have lost enough; it's time I left the shinobi forces and lived for myself." She said and Homura spoke up.

"But Tsunade-chan this is the village your ancestors built, the village needs the strength of a Sannin and the last Senju in the village at this time. You shouldn't leave and that too just because of that 'thing'." He said venomously whispering the last part as Tsunade narrowed her eyes at the old coot.

"You better hold your tongue you old goat, that 'thing' as you called it is my son and the heir to the Senju clan and the son of Minato Namikaze." She said coldly and Homura flinched and glared back as Danzo spoke up.

"You should stay Tsunade, what would your grandfather and granduncle thing of you leaving the village behind?" he asked in his stoic voice trying to guilt trip herand she glared at the old war hawk.

"They would be ashamed of what this village has become especially what some of their students have fallen to." She said as Danzo frowned understanding her insinuation. He thought it to be a waste that the last Senju and a Sannin was leaving and that too for a useless Jinchuriki with no chakra. Maybe if he tried he could get the real jinchuriki and make them good weapons for the village, he thought. All three backed down seeing she was in no mood for any persuasion and the other three stepped forward.

"Well Tsunade keep writing and keep in touch with your old sensei alright." Said Hiruzen and she nodded with a small smile.

"Umm take care of Naruto Tsunade-sama, I can't think of a better person than you to care of him. Maybe you could come back with him sometime." Kakashi said nervously and Tsunade smiled seeing the usually laid back copy ninja fiddling with words and nodded.

"Don't worry Kakashi you'll see him and I'll take care of him. After all he is my son don't you worry about a thing." She said and Kakashi nodded with an eye smile.

"Well Tsunade-hime don't you worry I'll be seeing you soon, after all I can't be too long gone without seeing my godson. And Minato did name him after my book's character." He said proudly and she smiled.

"Yeah the only book you wrote that was worth anything." She said and Jiraiya looked offended.

"Hey I'll have you know my books are a hit. Even Kakashi and Sensei have turned to my ways of exquisite literature I'll let you know." He said and she looked at the both of them incredulously who were whistling innocently looking away and Jiraiya continued.

"And after all maybe you could show me a thing or two for my research." He said giggling perversely and a moment later he was embedded in the village wall crying anime tears as the other two sweat dropped. They all said their good byes and Tsunade walked out towards the old Senju hidden compounds with Shizune and little Naruto in her arms with a smile.

Author's notes : There is the first chapter in the fic and a new start. Naruto will not have any demonic chakra in this fic and will only be able to talk to the fox for his knowledge. He will be entirely dependent on his own strength and will learn medical ninjutsu and Tsunade's super strength along with the Hiraishin and Rasengan and will have Tobirama's control over water. I don't know if he should have the Sharingan or any other bloodline and the pairings too are not yet completely decided but maybe this time it'll be Izumi, Mei or Kurotsuchi with him. So leave your thoughts in reviews. Ja Ne ;)

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