First and for most, this is after the war.. Naruto and Sasuke also didn't lose their arms, they didn't have some glorious out of the blue fight like retards... sorry if that's harsh but I found that beyond stupid when it happened, it was unneeded, especially like at the moment it happened. Also, this is AU, give it a chance. Furthermore, this like the successor to Chuko Naruto 7, you don't have to read that to read this one, just thought you should know.

Fem Sasuke, if you don't like those, you should back out now, cause she will be like the main girl, alongside Hinata. The full planned harem is, Naruto x FemSasuke, Hinata, Karin, Tayuya,. Also Tayuya in this AU was not reanimated, instead she was in a coma and in Konoha's hospital jail all this time, I know you may have seen this before but I like it.

Full summary - Sasuke returns to the leaf village, with Karin in tow. The new Hokage Kakashi doesn't trust her so, he does what any ordinary leader does, he assigns them a patron to live with, a blonde one to be specific. And since he was one the subject, he assigned another girl to the blondes watch. "Consider it.. a mission."

Secondary summary - What's a guy to do when he has to now deal with his long term enemy who is a mega Tsundere plus he kind of likes her in that way, and her ally.. Then some old enemy that helped his long term enemy escape long ago, plus juggle that with dating a hot friend who happens to like him. That all boils to headache for one Uzumaki Naruto..

I couldn't decide which summary to use, obviously. I went with the First one though.. But I put both down to see which one you guys think is better.

Warning - In case you need them, I just don't want you getting invested in the story then finding out things you don't like is in it. 1, it's a harem story, obviously. 2, - it's AU, obviously. 3,- there will be mature, detailed Smut later on. 4,- there will be Incest. 5,- Adult Language. I think that's about it..

Now that all that is out of the way.

LolaTheSa doesn't own Naruto.

Let's get to it.

It has been one year, and a half since the fourth great Shinobi war. Life in Konoha was booming better then it ever was, even with a somewhat lazy and some would say nonchalant Kage, Kakashi Hatake.

And for one blonde, life couldn't be any better. First, he had upgraded his apartment, and it is in a better part of Konoha, and boy, what a upgrade. You see, his new apartment is HUGE, or at least way bigger then his last one, and not chipping away, that's for damn sure! This one has two BATHROOMS, one in the hall way and one in his bedroom, the one in the hallway is smaller then the one in the bedroom. Not by much, the only difference is, the bedroom one has a shower and tub, the hallway bathroom only has a tub, a big one too! And did he mention that the shower and tub had hot and cold water too?

Moving on, let's get to the bedroom, there are three. You're probably wondering why one guy needed three bedrooms? You're going to find out later. In his bedroom, the master bedroom obviously, with the bath room and stuff. He has this gigantic bed, comfiest thing he ever slept on, not to mention the room was quite big too, the closet is like a mini room. The other two bedrooms were partially the same, just smaller, and no bath room. The apartment also has a living room that's connected to the kitchen, both were you standard thing if you asked him.

Second, this blonde was confirmed next Hokage when ever the lazy Kakashi stepped down, that is a lifetime goal for this blonde and to know he will eventually get it soon is something that made him beyond ecstatic!

Lastly though, the blonde man is dating a beautiful girl called, Hinata Hyuuga. Have you heard about her? Seen her? Are you jealous? You should be! They have been dating for like 5-6 months now. Their relationship has spiced up too, meaning, he could touch those big breast of hers now! And this is where the deluxe apartment came in, cause you see, this is one of those long term things and he wasn't planning on waiting to get her alone at all times of the day. He wasn't gonna ask her to move in just yet.

Life for one, Uzumaki Naruto, couldn't get any better. He has a nice place to live, he is loved by his village, going to be future Hokage, has a hot girlfriend, and is freaking insanely good looking.. Pushing it? But either way, life couldn't get any better.

'Except, it could get worse.' Ran through his mind as he slept on the couch of his own apartment.

2 hours ago

"Are you fucking joking Kakashi?"

The white haired Hokage eye smiled at his former student, still as rowdy as ever. "I can assure you I am not joking Naruto." He said, tapping his hand on he desk. "Consider it.. a mission." He continued, no longer eye smiling at the blonde, serious now. "You haven't been on one of those in a bit have you?" He added as his eyes went to the people in the room with him. Of course, he would have to make a contract to make it a official mission, ugh the work just keeps piling up, now he sees why Tsunade was always drunk on the job.

"A mission eh?" Naruto muttered as his eyes went to the other three occupants in the room. He frowned, "I don't know Kakashi.." He said, looking over one of them specifically with a light blush, that one also smirked at him.

The Hokage sighed. "Look at it like this." He started getting Naruto's full attention. "This one, Tayuya, and this one, Karin. Are both Uzumaki." He informed, shocking the blonde. Kakashi smirked. He wasn't lying. "Comparing your blood with and theirs, they were matches, so consider that." He added offhandedly. Their blood matched, but he, personally, didn't think they were close relatives, though with Karin's vibrant red hair, she could be closer then the other when it came to Naruto's direct family tree.

Naruto looked wide eyed at the two women. They are Uzumaki? Looking at Tayuya.. He remembers her, she was one of the ones that helped Sasuke escape to Orochimaru, he frowned, then he sighed. People change, she could be the nicest person now for all he knew. He glossed over her attire, she's wearing a black long sleeve crop top, and black kunoichi shorts, in other words, tights shorts. She also had on black ninja sandals. Overall, sexual look, and she knew it too with that damned look she's giving him. "Don't expect for me to call Nii san shit for brains." The girl said as she crossed her arms under her small bust. Nice? Had he said that?

"Wouldn't expect you to short stuff." He insulted back, glaring at her, she returned it, even more intensely in fact. What did she expect? For him to take her insult in stride or something?

Ignoring the girl, his eyes traveled over to Karin, she was allies with Sasuke, wasn't she? She also has red hair like Tayuya... But the shade is like his mom's hair color. He watches as she readjusts her glasses and seemed to be eyeing him up just like he was doing her. She was wearing the same navel revealing outfit he saw her in the last time he had seen her. Overall, again, sexual look. She then smirked at him, and he noted that this girl is also odd. He couldn't remember a conservation he has had with her, so hopefully she's nice.

But either way, they both are Uzumaki? He couldn't turn away family, even if they were enemies at one point and time. He can forgive and forget, he then looked over their attire again, he would have to get them to wear more suitable clothing though if they are going to live with him.

"And I don't have tell you about this one do I?" Kakashi started as he eyed his other former student, who during all this time was looking at her blonde teammate with curious eyes. 'I may regret this.' He thought, but he couldn't exactly think of anyone else to put Sasuke with, he couldn't very well let her live alone, and be up to her own devices. He has been to Naruto's new place, more then big enough to house four people.

And finally, The blondes eye's went to the raven haired avenger, he didn't meet her eyes though. He just couldn't, he knows she has that hair in a messy long pony tail, is staring at him. She's wearing the same outfit as Karin except hers is grey-ish and she doesn't have it zipped up, her cleavage is wrapped up in black bandages, and she is toned, he coughed a bit, can't be thinking of her body. And the shorts, where Karin's are a obvious loose fit, Sasuke's hugged her. he chose not to see just how tight they hugged her. The thigh high socks are purple, and the sandals black.. Overall, once again, a sexual look, and this being Sasuke made it worse, cause he's attracted to her in that way.

You see, Sasuke has always, and he does mean ALWAYS, been attractive. It's the personality that made her unattractive, at least to him.. Until, this certain event. Well he wasn't going to into to detail, he's already a bit to excited as is. "Don't stare to long, I might blush." He heard her mature but still sweet voice say. damn she caught him staring. she put a hand on her hip, a wide grin on her face.

"I don't know about that one." Naruto bellowed to his old sensei, swiping his hand in Sasuke's general direction. "Those two, fine, if they are really family, but that one? doesn't she have like a whole compound to live in?" He asked, his eyes going to the Uchiha only for a second.

Instead of Kakashi responding, Sasuke did. "Well that would have been ideal but.." She started, her eyes going to her former sensei. "Someone doesn't trust me enough to live alone yet." She growled at him, he gave her a sheepish look, she simply turned her eyes back to the Uzumaki, the blonde one, a much more attractive sight. 'Mmm I wonder if he thinks about me at all still.' Then she scoffed at her own thought, of course he does.

Naruto frowned at that, looking to Kakashi for confirmation, he nodded. The blonde sighed, just great, but he understood why. He looked from the Hokage to Tayuya, then to Karin, then he eyed Sasuke. They all had one thing in common, they all had on very.. alluring clothing. "Ok, if they are staying with me, they can't be walking around like that.. wouldn't want Hinata getting the wrong idea." He said, with a heavy blush.

"Tough luck." Tayuya was the first to holler, she stomped up to Naruto. "Just cause you are my new pimp don't mean you get to tell me what to wear, got me?" She yelled in his face, he was taken aback by her reaction, damn he sure always got the freaking feisty ones., she stepped back once she saw him nod.

Karin raised an eyebrow while tilting her head to examine her clothing. She wasn't wearing anything to explicit, unlike Sasuke over here. That means the blonde found her state of attire enticing, 'hmm the possibilities.'.

The raven haired face froze, her eyes locked on to Naruto's. 'So that fucking Hyuuga had the balls to go after my things?' She thought as a frown formed, well, it wasn't exactly hers anymore, she left it here for anyone to take when she abandoned the village, but that's beside the point. What's hers is hers dammit, and of all the fucking women, he had to get with Hinata? Why not Sakura? She's more like her. And so what she didn't come back to the village right away after the war? He's still hers.

"I think you have your answers to that, besides it's not like I can choose what they wear anyway." Kakashi finally answered, he hopes this doesn't put a strain on his relationship with Hinata, his eyes went to Sasuke, he knows the two has a... erotic history, and he still didn't quite know the Uchiha's motives for wanting to come back fully. He sighed, not that it mattered right now.

"At least tell them to follow my orders, seeing as I'm their patron, not 'pimp'." He said, emphasizing the word Tayuya used with a snare. He heard Sasuke snort, he knew he wasn't gonna be bossing her around, but he can try at least.

Kakashi nodded. "That I can do, Sasuke, Karin, Tayuya." He said, using his deep authoritative voice. It got their attention, except Sasuke, he knew the girl is listening though. "Naruto here, is going to be... like a patron to you. So in other words, like a pimp some would say." He mused at the end there, Naruto glared at him. "All things you need and do is to go through him first, therefore, you have to listen to him when he wants you to do something." He finished with a stern tone, directed at Sasuke. This won't last forever, just long enough he knew they could be trusted, though he might lighten up on Tayuya, she didn't really have anything or anyone outside of the village, anymore at least.

"All things I need eh?" Tayuya spoke, a light blush on her chicks. Naruto guffawed at the meaning of that, and Kakashi fanned himself with his hand. "And come to think of it, aren't you quite the looker." She said out loud, staring at him in a new way, lustful way. She was hardly put off by the fact they are related in some way, she hardly knew him. But she knows he's quite fucking hot, and if she's going to be living off him, why not repay him somehow?

Sasuke immediately glared at the red head, she remembers the chick a smudge, that's it. "Back. Off."Was the only words she spoke, she would kill this chick here and now if she has to. Bad enough he was dating the Hyuuga, she didn't need some fucking random slut trying get a ride on her man too.

Turning toward Sasuke, the red haired girl growled. "What the fuck are you gonna do about it?" She roared, she wasn't scared of the girl. And who was she to tell her to back off?

Karin looked Naruto over, she had digested all that was said. she couldn't say she liked it, but Sasuke didn't seem to mind, and really seemed to be into this guy. She could see why, he is attractive, and if his personality is really like it's said to be, that added another plus there too. Though by the look her friend is giving Tayuya, looks like she'll kill anyone who tries to touch him. She must be also thinking of ways to kill that girl he's seeing.

"Now, now ladies, Naruto is a taken man." Kakashi said, momentarily defusing the situation, and realizing it was partly his fault, he could have worded things better. He chuckled as he caught Sasuke's glare. "Naruto, I'll have the mission contract for you to sign later, and I'll be giving you a steady stream of money to make sure all is taken care of." He said, then looked at the time. "Now if you don't mind, I do have a break."

Just like that, his life was freaking twisted on it's head.

30 minutes ago

"Nice place." Tayuya said as she threw herself all over the couch. And she wasn't lying either, it's a nice little place and it's cozy. "Also got dibs on the big room." She said out loud for anyone to hear.

Before Naruto, who is sitting at the kitchen table eating, could respond, Sasuke snorted. "That would be my room." She countered, she already threw her clothes bag in the closet, she did see all Naruto's little outfits, he didn't have much. "Though, I wouldn't mind sharing it with Naruto.." She added with a wink at Naruto, he blushed, she smirked, we'll see how deep that little weak Hyuuga has her claws in you. Plus that bed room has it's own bathroom, of course that would be hers.

Naruto again opened his mouth to respond, but was beat to the punch. "Oh please, you wouldn't know the first thing to do." She laughed out. And yes, she has had sex, plenty of it, her old village had special relief rooms, and she used them quite a lot, until, that dreadful mission and the coma. She planned to get back in the thick of things, with the blonde over there, related or not.

The blonde in question didn't even open his mouth, his eyes went Sasuke who just snorted. "You think so do you?" She started as she made her way to the hallway, her eyes flashing to Naruto. Tayuya didn't know how wrong she was, though it's been while and she is more then sure he is way bigger then what she could possibly remember, the point still stands. She stopped before she disappeared in the hallway, Ignoring the annoying red head for now. "My offer is still open, and tomorrow you will take me shopping, for food, clothes and other things." She informed then continued on to the room she just hijacked basically. She had clothes but not many. As for the food, she wasn't planning on living off ramen.

"Tch, just a room anyway, I'll take the one on the right then." She said as she hopped up, then walked to Naruto. "Now that she's are gone, listen I don't really have a change of clothes, so could I borrow some until you take me clothes shopping pimp daddy?" She asked, voice full of humor. Naruto noted despite the brash humor, she didn't look as self strong as before, obviously asking for things isn't something she likes to do.

He nodded still, choosing to ignore the 'pimp daddy' comment. "Of course, but they are in the room.. with Sasuke.. And I don't plan on going in there, alone with her." He said with a shaky smile, he loved that room but he wasn't going to be sleeping in there with Sasuke, cause he doubted he would be getting any actual sleep. Or going in there anytime soon, He would take the last room, but Karin had already went up in it and never came out, she did look pretty tired. And like Tayuya said, it's just a room.. That has a nice comfy bed, it's own bath room. He sighed, wonder how long he would have to be their freaking patron.

"Oh calm your ass, I'm not talking right now, later." She said, giving him a knowing look, obviously him and bitch girl had something going between them. She yawned, damn she's tired. She gave Naruto a coy look. "You could room with me instead?" She asked, mischief obviously in her voice. He shook his head vigorously, if he wasn't going to share a bed with one girl, he damn sure wasn't going to with another, even if they are related, and judging by her constant come on's, that's a fact she could give zero fucks about. "Suit yourself." She teased as she walked into the hall way then went in her new room, she's sure she will have plenty of time to work him over in the coming future.

The couch it is then..

Thoughts? This idea recently came to me, and I quite like it, so I decided to write it out, just to see if you guys share liked it.

That, plus I wanted to write a Narutox FemSasuke Hinata Harem.

And If I had to guess on how this will be... I don't know tbh, just enjoy the ride if you like it.

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