Ferne's Thoughts: Hey guys! So, this is my first fic written for this site (or ever), and will probably be rather long. I'll try to update every Friday until completion. Well, without any further ado, here's Unchained! *crowd cheers and throws flowers my way* Thank you, thank you all!

*** I, in no way- shape, taste, or form- own Hellsing, the Hellsing universe, or Alucard (sadly). Hellsing doesn't belong to me, but if I could, I would adopt it. ***

Floating, just barely beneath the surface. Seras couldn't tell what she was submerged in, but she wagered it was either clouds or whipped cream. Her eyes were closed, and try as she might, she just couldn't open them. Vampiric strength or not, all she saw was…. Black. The fluff she was submerged in coiled around every inch, every curve of her petite frame, as if the air was memory foam. Suddenly, a figure came into view. It was a man, Seras concluded after several seconds of peering at the figure. As he walked, the black seemed to disappear and fade to a blinding white. This white starkly contrasted with the dark figure coming towards her. Seras felt as though she should be scared, frightened of the figure coming towards her, but all she felt was contentment and… an odd fluttering in her stomach. The man was tall, Seras concluded as he came closer. He had one hand in his trouser pocket, while the other was outstretched in a way she couldn't quite decipher from the distance. Although her Nosferatu eyes could see kilometers away normally, she was having difficulty focusing on the staggering figure in front of her. She could, however, now partially see the man's face. It was draped in long black hair, mystery covering his features. Over his broad shoulders, his hair hung limply, tendrils swaying with each step. He seemed huge, but oddly enough, Seras couldn't hear any footsteps coming from his form. She closed her eyes, only for a second, and suddenly, the giant man was looming above her. Seras craned her neck up to look into his face. Who is he?

She instantly recognized the fiery eyes.