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It's not a small box that sits on the glass coffee table, but it's not a big one either. The outside smells of new cardboard bought specifically to hold whatever's inside, but there's a smell that lingers with it that can only come from age. On it there's a small postage label with only the name 'Alice Cullen' hand written at the top. There's also a stamp, but nothing else. Obviously the person who packaged it knew that Alice would see it and therefore wouldn't need to send it. It's for that reason that it still lies unopened in the dining room. All the family gathered, standing and starting at it.

"Will you just open it already!" Rosalie groans fed up with all of the suspense. Emmet seconds that idea having grown bored a few minutes ago.

"Rosalie" Carlisle chides and she rolls her eyes.

"Is it dangerous?" Esme asks hesitantly, worrying for the family's safety.

Alice looks but sees herself buying some new louboutin shoes later on this evening if the colour of the sky is anything to go by.

"No it's okay" she chirps and uses a sharp nail to cut open the box.

Lying on the top is an envelope. It too is addressed to Alice, in the same script as the packaging label. I scan her thoughts to know if she know what's inside, but for once she's just as clueless as the rest of us.

She opens it up warily, not liking the element of surprise.

Inside is a letter. I can see it in her head but she reads aloud for the rest of the family's benefit. I close my eyes and listen.

"Dear miss Cullen," she starts.

"I suppose I should start by introducing myself. My name is George Rosenbloom. You don't know me but I know a fair amount about you."

She quickly runs through all the men she's met in her life but true to his word she can't think of any going by his name. I can't either and neither can the rest of the family. Jasper's military mind immediately thinks of the repercussions of someone knowing about Alice's gift and possibly our vampirism but with so little to go on he can't make sort of plans to protect the knowledge from going any further.

"You're probably wondering how I knew you'd get this and if I know about your future-seeing ability, which I do obviously.

I had hoped you would see me sending this parcel as it was the only way I knew to get in contact with you, or more specifically your bother Edward, as the contents inside are for him."

Suddenly everyone's thoughts turn to me and their minds race with new possibilities. My mind is flooded with ideas not my own and I try desperately to tune them out trying to think of who could possibly want anything to do with me. I've barely interacted with anyone these last few decades, only coming back to live with the family in brief intervals when I can no longer stand to hear my mothers pleas to come home. My current visit has been more permanent, lasting two years. I still feel just as miserable though, if not more. I feel as if I will live out my entire eternity this way, in a constant limbo of pain and numbness.

"They're a series of letters written to him by my late wife, who passed away two months ago in a car accident.

She never sent any of them, but I thought he should have them seeing as though they were addressed to him.

I believe you knew her many years ago, although she told me time flies faster for you than it does for us. Her name was Isabella, Isabella swan."