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Part One: Path of the Prophecy


"Call yourselves Ret and Spaz. You're the Twins."

That was all they knew. Not what their real names were, not who they were, why they were here, or how they had gotten here in the first place. Indeed, they weren't even certain of where "here" was supposed to be. They'd simply woken up in a field of trees being badgered by a slightly wall-eyed man who wore the attire and general appearance of a Guide, but had the demeanor of a grouchy caretaker who just wanted his job to be blessedly over.

"You both have copper tools. Get a house up before evening."

Neither of them had questioned how a house could possibly be built in that amount of time-they both instinctively knew that it was completely plausible in this world. And they also instinctively knew being out at night in this place would be a very, very bad idea in their current state.

So, disoriented and confused, both sporting aching bodies and exhausted minds, they began to take their axes to the trees.

"Oi, who're you ordering us around?"

Ret grimaced. Spaz had only been quiet for a few minutes, likely trying to get his bearings. The man with the skewed eyes glowered at them, leaning his back against a tree at the edge of the clearing with his arms crossed.

"I am your Keeper."

"Keeper? You look like a Guide to me. Dunno how I know what that looks like, but hey."

Ret remained silent, watching the exchange out of the corner of his working eye while hacking away at one of the taller trees in the area. The man who called himself the Keeper scowled more deeply, pushing himself off from the tree and taking a few steps towards Spaz, who'd dropped his axe.

"Guide shall be my function for now, yes. It is not who I am."

"Who're you, then?"

"In time."

"When's 'in time'?"

"Spaz..." Ret decided it was a good time to interject, sensing that the Keeper was rapidly losing his patience. "I think we've got enough wood. Help me get a structure going. We can set up a workbench after we get the frame."

Spaz turned from his 'conversation', blinking several times before flashing a grin with a rather unnerving concentration of teeth showing. "Yeah, already? Gotcha!"

He scurried over to the center of the clearing where Ret stood, pulling out his share of the logs the trees broke into when felled. And together, the two began to build.

Overall, the two were taking their situation in stride relatively well, even though all they knew was what the Keeper told them; including, apparently, that they were related. Ret could believe this notion, even with his skeptical, clockwork mind. After all, they looked similar enough-young men with shortish, reddish hair, and very pale skin, each of them with only one functional eye. Ret's right eye was covered with a simple black cloth tied around his head, the other eye shining out amber, red in the light; Spaz's patch was on his left eye, a piece of dark green fabric tied around his head complementing his remaining emerald eye.

Together, they made something remotely functional as a human being, both in the physical and the personality.

The framework of the small box destined to be their initial cabin was completed in no time. Ret set up the workbench and spent some silent moments crafting, robotic and dull in his actions. He'd felt out-of-it ever since waking up. Presumably, it had something to do with whatever had left their memories wiped, though he found it odd that this fact worried him.

Probably will tomorrow. Think we're both in for a rude awakening.

For now, he put one foot in front of the other, taking one breath at a time.

"Take the walls. I'll get the door."

Spaz gleefully picked up the bundle of wood paneling that his brother handed him, walking to the far end of the wooden box and beginning to set them up to block out the elements. Meanwhile, Ret quickly fashioned a chair and a door out of some of the leftover wood, hands moving quickly as if he'd done this sort of thing a hundred times. That seemed odd, considering how he'd felt barely able to walk earlier. Again, he just accepted it was something he'd try to figure out later, when they weren't in danger.

Ret placed the door in the entryway, hearing a thump as it fastened itself to the wood above and below, just as Spaz arrived with the rest of the walls. "Well! That wasn't so hard!" Spaz said with another grin, turning to admire their handiwork before his brother tapped him on the shoulder, rolling his eye. "What?"


"Oh! We need light."

"Anything that keeps the monsters a few more feet away. Any gel on you?"

Spaz frowned and shook his head. "I've been with you the whole time. Slimes haven't been bothering us. Hey, do they usually bother us, do you know?"

Seemed that Spaz was more curious about their situation. Ret shrugged, but didn't manage to get out any words. The Keeper shoved his way into the house behind them, looking cross, with some burn marks on his hands and a limp in his step (had he been limping before? Now that he thought about it, Ret noticed he seemed to just generally have difficulty walking.) The Keeper walked to the center of the room, reaching into his inventory and slapping a small pile of green, jello-like material onto the table, where it sat, quivering pathetically. The brothers stared at their grumpy overseer.

"...Feh. There. I helped. Don't expect this to be common."

"Why did y-"

Spaz abruptly shut up at the looks both of the other men gave him, clearing his throat and making his way back to the workbench.

Within ten seconds, there was a bright torch attached to the wall, and their house was complete. It was small and modest, especially for three people, but it was workable and would keep the monsters of the night out-that was the important thing.

Ret poked his head out the door and stared into the sky, gauging the time by the location of the sun. "Just in time, too."

The Keeper nodded approvingly as he sank down into the lone chair. "You didn't die in the first day. Color me surprised. You're decent at getting back on your feet. Better than me." The brothers waited for him to elaborate, but he did not, simply folding his arms and staring at the floor.

Ret was the one who broke the silence as he closed the door behind him, just as the last rays of sunlight touched the house. "All right. Now that we aren't busy, 'Keeper', would you mind explaining?"

"In time."

Spaz seemed irritated, "What does that even mean?! Time's a pretty big thing."

The Keeper rolled his eyes, "It means I cannot say very much right now, I have a massive headache, and I don't want to spend all night talking either way. I told you what you need to know for now."

"I admit I'm not in the best shape myself," Ret replied, cutting off Spaz before he could say anything more, "This has all been quite startling, I'm sure you realize."

A low, almost alarming chuckle. "You have no idea."

A thud sounded through the house, indicating the night had come and there was now a zombie at their door. Spaz raised his copper shortsword and made as if to head for the door, before Ret grabbed his arm and silenced him with a look. Spaz pouted, but dropped the sword at his feet.

"They won't get in, not tonight," the Keeper stated, answering the unspoken question with a gesture at the door. "Keep an eye on the moon, though. Blood Moons are a lot more common than they used to be."

Well great. Ret again wasn't sure how he knew what a Blood Moon was, but he did know it was bad news, and judging by the look on his brother's face, Spaz knew as well.

"Get some sleep," demanded the Keeper, and without another word, pulled a pocket guide on crafting out of nowhere and began to read.

Ret frowned and looked around the room, then up to his confused brother who seemed like he really wanted to say something. But Ret was the one who spoke, a slight smirk lighting his face for the first time.

"So. Would you like the floor, or the floor?"