DISCLAIMER: I earn nothing from this story. All characters belong to Paramount. This story belongs to me, however. Just one of the many things I think up at 3AM.

"Time's up." I hope they aren't going to be my last two words. I hope my crashing into the Krenim vessel will reset the timeline, but temporal mechanics are just too complicated to take anything for granted. As I fly closer to the vessel, my life flashes before my eyes, and I think of all the things I wish I had done differently.

I think of being a young girl. I was so innocent. I had no fears or major heartaches, but the years since then have not been so kind. As always in moments of quiet, my mind turns to darker days of my life.

Mostly the guilt. Getting 150 people stranded in the Delta Quadrant. Knowing most of them (if not all) will either die or have to settle in this God forsaken stretch of space. All of that because I destroyed their only way home.

My final thoughts are of my gallant crew. They worked so hard, only to be destroyed by this mad man. This man who is so heartbroken that he is willing to disrupt everyone else's history in order to get back the woman he loves. If it didn't taste so bitter to me, I would find his actions sweet. As it stands, he's condemned my Voyager family to a slow, agonizing death, and no one messes with my family.