Harry Potter and The Revenge of the Goblet of Fire.

The Fourth Champion Ronald Bilius.

Chapter 1. The Fourth Champion Ronald Bilius. Part one. Harry tries to help Ronald.

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Summary: Harry could see his first friend Ronald was a troubled wizard and that money had always been an issue for him so he decides to try and help Ronald enter the Tri-Wizard Tournament. And because Harry helped a friend, someone or something will help Harry and Hermione have their happy ever after.

Ronald has another bad experience due to his greed plus the effect Voldemort has on his fears and jealousies.


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- Harry Potter and The Revenge of the Goblet of Fire. -

Our story starts in the Great Hall during the opening feast at the start of Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, just after Professor Dumbledore has announced the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

Harry watch the reaction of the announcement of the Tri-Wizard Tournament and the look of interest and even greed that appeared on the face of his first friend Ronald at the mention of the prize of one thousand galleons to the winning champion. He could see Ronald had big plans for that much gold, only for it to be crushed when Professor Dumbledore announce the age limit and the special Age Line that he will be installing around the Goblet of Fire to prevent under aged wizards or witches from entering.

A quick glance to his best friend Hermione showed that she would never approve in any way, any attempt to cross the Age Line or other wards that the organizers may have put up around the Goblet of Fire. She still trusted authority figures too much to blatantly ignore their warnings.

Harry smiled as he remembered how Hermione had been promoted to best friend status after she brilliantly assisted him to save his innocent godfather from a Dementor's kiss and helped him to escape on a Hippogriff. The memory of her holding him tight as they flew on the Hippogriff still filled his dreams each night and kept the nightmares away.

If he had the courage he would ask her to be his girlfriend but he didn't want to upset his first friend. Though Neville had explained to Harry that there was no such thing as a female best friend. Female best friends were actually girlfriends. To prove his point he introduced his female best friend, his girlfriend Luna Lovegood. Ronald just thought that was mental, and called Luna by that terrible name he had given her so long ago.

- Harry Potter and The Revenge of the Goblet of Fire. -

Ronald's insensitive attitude and pity party continued until the Goblet of Fire went on display, Ronald bemoaned the disappointment of how unfair it was that he could not enter the tournament, while Harry was busy brain storming ideas to circumvent the Age Line.

Finally the day came and the students could enter their names into the Goblet of Fire. They watched as the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons students with the of age Hogwarts students place their names into the Goblet.

Harry and Hermione cheered while Ronald just scoured as Fred and George tried their Aging potion to try and cross the Age Line, only for them to be forcibly thrown out with long white beards that would make Dumbledore jealous.

Gradually the crowd dispersed and Ronald made his first attempt to enter the Tournament.

"Parchment?" Ronald asked the bookworm, snapping his fingers. He knew how to push all of the bookworm's buttons to get a reaction.

Hermione huffed, she had told Ronald to not to try and didn't want any part in helping him break the rules. But she pulled a sheet of parchment from her enchanted book bag. "When are you going to carry your own parchment, Ronald?"

"Why? You always have plenty?" Ronald snipped getting annoyed.

"You might find that you need to take notes one day."

Ronald snorted. As if he would ever need to take notes when his personal bookworm was around. "Quill?"

"Err." Hermione grumbled as she opened her enchanted book bag again and took out a new quill. She didn't want to think about what happened to the last quill Ronald borrowed.

"Where is the Ink?" Ronald snipped, annoy that the bookworm didn't think to get the ink at the same time. What else was he going to use, his own blood?

Hermione slid the ink across to the lazy git. "Do you want me to write your name?"

Ronald thought about the offer for a moment and then snapped. "No! I have to do this all by myself."

Ronald always enjoyed getting a reaction out of Hermione as it made him feel better than her, and to remind her that if she wanted to hang out with him and his best mate Harry, she had better make herself useful. Maybe she could be a practice girlfriend one day, when he could be bothered.

Ronald's Pure-blood pride dictated that he would have to enter the Tournament without any direct help from anyone. Harry had given him a list of suggestions try including using the Twins' aging potion which Harry had bought for Ronald, but he scraped that idea after the twin's failure.

Harry's next suggestion was to use a paper plane but Ronald thought that was too muggle for his Pure-blood sensitivities, and without Hermione's help, they were not able to find the enchantment that the Ministry of Magic used on their interdepartmental correspondences. Some other muggleborns had tried to fold paper planes, but the parchment they had at Hogwarts was too thick and heavy to fly.

So Ronald first attempt was to use the Levitation Charm to levitate a piece of parchment into the Goblet. After Ronald's brilliant use of the charm to club a troll in first year, this should have been a piece of cake. But unfortunately Ronald had been slack and had not practiced the charm since that night, and he still had a lot of difficulty trying to getting the pronunciation right.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" He shouted, waving his long arms like a windmill. But the parchment only flipped over in the breeze that his windmill arms made.

Hermione had learnt her lesson and decided to ignore Ronald's effort while she kept on reading her favourite book, Hogwarts a History. Particularly the chapter on the Tri-Wizard Tournaments, the three dangerous tasks, the death toll, the rules that apply to the Tournament, and the penalties for cheating.

Seamus tried to help Ronald but that resulted in three burnt pieces of parchment and no eyebrows.

Harry was torn between helping Ronald without actually appearing to help him, and staying in Hermione's good books. He could see how angry and frustrated Ronald was becoming, and that Ronald had completely forgotten all the charms they had learnt over the last three years. The other suggestions Harry had brainstormed were all harder than the simple Levitation Charm. Harry worried how much he had forgotten and decided that he would revise the last three years with Hermione. With Voldemort still coming after him he needs to learn everything he could that would help keep himself alive. He looked at his first friend and saw that Ronald expected everything to be just given to him just like his mother feeds him.

Then Hedwig arrived with a letter for Hermione from her parents. Harry saw the joy in Hermione's eyes as she greeted the snowy owl and quickly untied the letter, while Harry gave Hedwig some bacon that had appeared on a plate on the Gryffindor table. Harry watched how carefully Hedwig ate her bacon, and enjoyed every bit of it. He knew Hedwig loved to fly but he didn't have anyone to write to, as Sirius was too far away recuperating, and professor Lupin was no good at corresponding. So having Hedwig as the official carried of Hermione's mail was a win-win situation that kept his two best female friends very happy. Thinking of the plate of bacon reminded him of Dobby, and he wondered if he could learn some elf magic with him because he wouldn't need a wand to perform it, which would be great at Durzkaban or if Voldemort had captured him and he lost his wand. So Harry had two things on his to do list.

Harry noticed Ronald as he tried to sneak the last piece of bacon from Hedwig's plate but Hedwig was quicker and left the Great Hall, leaving behind a very discouraged, angry and hungry Ronald. She would return when Hermione was ready to send a reply to her parents. Hedwig always seemed to know when she was needed.

- Harry Potter and The Revenge of the Goblet of Fire. -

Then Ronald got a brilliant idea all by himself, and remembered his tiny owl; Pigwidgeon, the Scops Owl that Sirius had given him. Ronald rushed out of the Great Hall, went to the owlery, grabbed the tiny fur ball and ran back to the Great Hall. Gleefully Ronald tied his fourth piece of parchment onto the leg of his owl, and pointed towards the Goblet of Fire.

The tiny owl looked at the Goblet of Fire, then looked at the terrible messy knot that tied the piece of parchment to her leg, and then looked at Ronald with an expression that said. Are you mental?

Ronald went red.

But before Ronald could explode, Hermione risked his Prewett rage, and spoke up for the little owl. "Your Owl cannot untie the parchment, Ronald." Leaving the next bit unsaid. 'You insensitive git'.

Ronald saw that the knot could a problem for the owl, and tried to untie his fourth piece of parchment from the leg of his owl but the knot got all tangled up and he had to bite the string with his teeth. He then shoved the parchment into the beak of his owl and pointed towards the Goblet of Fire again.

Pigwidgeon took off and flew towards the Goblet of Fire as Ronald and Seamus cheered while Harry and Hermione watched with growing concern for the owl. If it was that simple to circumvent the Age Line, the twins would have tried it.

Pigwidgeon sensed the Age Line, and flew around the Goblet of Fire. The Age Line was stopping her and Ronald and Seamus groaned in disappointment.

Pigwidgeon, not wanting to fail her master as he very rarely sent any mail to anyone, flew higher to see how high the Age Line went. She was right near to the ceiling of the Great Hall when she found a gap and crossed the Age Line.

Ronald and Seamus cheered and high fived each other as they watch the owl drop towards the Goblet of Fire.

"Hey Ronald, can I use your owl to enter my name?" Seamus asked his best friend.

"Sure, Seamus." Ronald said, feeling magnanimous as he was sure the Goblet would chose a Pure-blood like him over a half-blood.

But they had spoken too soon.

Just as Pigwidgeon got near the Goblet, a flare of red flame erupted and incinerated the piece of parchment in her beak along with all of her feathers, killing her and spitting her out. The crispy, flame grill owl landed on the Gryffindor table in front of a shocked and still hungry Ronald.

Hermione was disgusted with Ronald and whacked him hard in the face with her heavy and very useful book, Hogwarts a History.

"You insensitive git!" Hermione screamed as she stormed out of the Great Hall.

Ginny hit Ronald with her famous Bat-Bogey Hex and followed the other disgusted witches from the Great Hall. She was very angry with Ronald as she was using the owl to bring to her the beauty and hair care potions from her mother.

Harry felt sorry for the owl and was disgusted that his first friend had cared so little for her safety. Nevertheless, he cancelled the hex as Ronald rubbed his big long nose.

Ronald was torn. He was enraged at Hermione and Ginny for hitting and hexing him, and angry that his owl had failed to enter his name into the Goblet, and just how scrumptious the aroma of flame grilled owl was. He could just taste it. It was exquisite and no one was looking.

"Hey Harry, can I borrow Hedwig?" Ronald asked seriously with a full mouth. He really did want that one thousand galleon prize money and still needed to enter this mental Tournament.

"What! Are you mental?" Harry replied shocked that the insensitive git would even ask.

Ronald went Prewett Rage red at the thought that Harry had dared to call him mental.

"Bloody hell, Harry! I'm not mental, and you can always buy another one. You're rich!" Ronald sprayed all over Harry.

"You insensitive git! You only think of yourself and how poor you are but you do nothing to better yourself. Since that Age Line was announced, all you have done is moan about how unfair it was, and had your own private pity party, while I have been brainstorming ideas to help you get around it. But it is useless as you have forgotten all the charms we were taught over the last three years." Harry yelled back, feeling his first friendship breaking. "How could you ask for Hedwig? She is the only friend I have at Durzkaban!"

"I don't need first year charms to play Quidditch, and I had a broken wand, you greedy git, plus you're rich enough to buy a thousand owls!" Ronald screamed as he pushed Harry back and he landed on the floor.

"I am only rich because my parents were murdered by Voldemort, you insensitive git! I would give it all away to have my parents back!" Harry screamed from the floor as he watched the redhead git twitch at the V word and the look of shock and greed on his face at the mention of giving all that money away to someone else other than him.

"I am rich and famous enough to never want to be in this Death Trap Tournament. So Screw You, Weasley!" Harry yelled as he got up, leaving his first friendship broken on the floor and followed his best friend out of the Great Hall.

"Screw you, Potter! You're nothing without me!" Ronald screamed at his formed friend's back.

With the show over, the Great Hall slowly emptied as the students returned to their dorms. But one redhead was determined to enter the Tri-Wizard Tournament tonight.

- Harry Potter and The Revenge of the Goblet of Fire. -

Then Ronald had another brilliant idea. He didn't need an owl if he could fly himself on a broom. But he knew that the greedy git would never let him borrow his precious Firebolt. So he rushed down to the Quidditch pitch where they stored the school brooms.

Ronald found the best looking school broom and jumped on to fly it back to the castle. Unfortunately it wasn't very good and took him on a detour by the Whomping Willow which immediately whipped Ronald to a pulp and smashed the broom.

Lying on the ground Ronald noticed a pair of headlights looking at him and realized that it was his father's long lost flying car here to save him again. He crawled over the little blue car and climbed into the driver's seat. Ronald Bilius would never give up nor never surrender when there was food or money involved.

It was well after midnight by the time Ronald flew the little blue car into the castle and along the corridor into the Great Hall. But as the car approached the Goblet of Fire, it sensed the Age Line and wards around the Goblet, and veered away as it ejected Ronald from the driver's seat. Again.

Luck was still with Ronald as he did indeed unceremoniously fly, screaming his lungs out, over the Age Line, and landed softly on his head. The safest place for him to land as it was very hard and he wouldn't feel a thing except for the bruise on his upper thigh shaped like Goblet of Fire. So it was unfortunate that he had accidentally bumped the Goblet of Fire as he landed, and knocked it to the floor causing some previously entered parchments to spill out. Ronald stood the Goblet of Fire upright and looked at the parchments on the floor. There were three pieces of dark green and silver parchments with some Slytherin students' names on them, so Ronald stuffed them in his back pocket to burn later. No slimy Slytherin was going to stop him from being Hogwarts' champion.

There was a square piece of parchment with a gold embossed edge. The name Viktor Krum was signed very carefully in gold ink. Ronald started to place that piece of parchment back into the Goblet but he couldn't let it go. He had tried so hard to get Krum's autograph but he had refused to sign Ronald's bare chest as he didn't have any pieces of parchment with him. Ronald saw the beautiful calligraphy written piece of parchment with Viktor's name signed with gold ink and he wanted it. He wanted it more than he wanted that greedy git's Firebolt or his money. Ronald's mind turned metaphorically red shade of green with greed and envy, and he just had to have that piece of parchment. So he kept it, and was ever so happy to finally get Viktor's autograph. So he put his precious Viktor Krum autograph carefully in his inside pocket so he could sleep with it next to his heart.

Ronald smiled to himself at his own brilliance; he had got past the headmaster's Age Line all by himself, eliminated some Slytherins from the competition and got his own personal gold ink autograph of his hero. Now he needed to put his name in the Goblet of Fire and instinctively asked for the bookworm who always carried all his spare parchments, quills and ink, "Hermi...", only to remember that she had left with the greedy git.

Then he realized that he was all alone in the Great Hall, and the last piece of parchment was sitting on the Gryffindor table with the quill, ink and what little remained of his crispy flame grilled owl.

Outside the Age Line.

Outside the Age Line and out of reach.

"Bloody Hell!" The redhead cursed. "This is all that greedy git Potter's fault!"

Then he noticed that there was one last piece of parchment that had fallen out of the Goblet of Fire. It looked like it had been ripped off the top half of someone's Defence Against the Dark Arts homework on the Cruciatus Curse. He read the name and immediately was enraged.

It read; Harry Potter, in Harry's chicken scratch and underneath in very fine print; St. Brutus's Secure Center for Incurably Criminal Boys.

"Bloody Hell! That slimy disgusting greedy cheater! No wonder the greedy git wouldn't let him use his owl; he didn't want to compete against a proper Pure-blood like him." Ronald said to himself. "That does it! We are through!"

In anger Ronald ripped Harry's name off the piece parchment and shoved it into his back pocket with the Slytherin names to be incinerated later. Then Ronald realized that he still didn't have any more parchment left or a quill. So he turned over the only remaining piece of parchment that was inside the Age Line, and wrote Ronald Bilius Weasley on the back using his finger dipped in his own blood leaking from the scratches from the Whomping Willow, and put it back into the Goblet of Fire.

Ronald was very proud of himself as he looked around the empty Great Hall. He, Ronald Bilius Weasley, had succeeded where so many lesser wizards had failed. He was particularly proud that he had beaten his twin brothers. He stepped over the Age Line and smirked at the Pure-blood logic. The ward was designed to keep someone out but not to trap them inside.

Ronald quickly made his way to his dorm and the bed that was calling him. He was looking forward to Halloween when his name will come out of the Goblet of Fire. But in the meanwhile he would ignore and shun that slimy disgusting cheater, Potter!

- Harry Potter and The Revenge of the Goblet of Fire. -

The now driverless little blue flying car disappeared out of the Great Hall after it had spat Ronald over the Age Line. It continued down a corridor where it was spotted by the cantankerous Argus Filch, the Squib caretaker of Hogwarts, who chased it all over the castle for the rest of the night. Finally with the help of Professor Snape and some seventh year Slytherin students, they were able to corner it in the dungeons.

Professor Snape dispatched the enchanted car with a powerful Blasting Curse not realizing that Mr. Weasley had placed an Ever-filling charm on the petrol tank. The resulting explosion and fireball woke the castle, and took three days to burn out as it destroyed part of the dungeon, while it killed Argus Filch, some Slytherin students, and set fire to Professor Snape's hair and eyebrows. Everyone was talking about the Big Bang at breakfast that morning. All except young Ronald Bilius who by this time was sound asleep dreaming of spending his winnings from the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

- Harry Potter and The Revenge of the Goblet of Fire. -

Ronald had ignored and shunned that slimy disgusting cheater, Potter, and his new backstabbing girlfriend Granger, as he told everyone he could that he had put his name in the Goblet of Fire, and that he would be the Hogwarts Champion.

Ronald Bilius also had wanted to claim the credit for letting into the castle the little blue flying car that had exploded and killed Filch, some Slytherin dark wizards who got what they deserved and burnt all of Snape's greasy hair off. But the story in the Quibbler about a blue flying Heliopath that attacked the dungeons with a fireball, had included pictures of the weird magical creature with its glowing headlights eyes zooming down the corridors of Hogwarts belching fumes and black smoke from its rear end, and also the three day fireball. That had brought unwanted attention from the Ministry of Magic, The headmaster was forced to get the DMLE involved and declared that the unknown perpetrator who let the car into the castle would be on a one-way ticket to Azkaban.

His father was already in enough trouble for leaving the enchanted car at Hogwarts.

- Harry Potter and The Revenge of the Goblet of Fire. -

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