A/N: This story takes place roughly mid-5B. There is discussion of marital rape in this story.

Snow White and Emma Swan picked their way among the head stones looking to see if they could find Graham. "Are all these really Regina's?" Emma asked quietly.

"Oh no. They're all from my father's kingdom. The Enchanted Forest was a dangerous place."

"I remember." Emma said quietly.

"Though... no small number of these were the Evil Queen's victims."

"It's hard to imagine Regina that way. Even when I saw her ..."

Snow smiled a little sadly, "It was hard for me to imagine even when I was living it. But Emma you should have seen her when she was young..."

Emma turned around when she realized that her mother had stopped talking mid sentence and saw that she'd stopped in front of a grave. It was a simple stone, little different than those around it, reading Leopold Blanchard. "Is that...?"

"Your grandfather," she shook her head, "I don't understand. It's upright. We've been in town for days. If he's here shouldn't he have found us?"

Emma put a hand on her shoulder, "If he's here he has unfinished business. Maybe it's too hard for him to face."

"We have to help him. To help him move on."

"Of course," Emma said quietly. "Trust me I'll find him."

The next morning Emma announced that she and her mother were going to look for the dead king she noticed that Regina was unusually quiet. "We can help," Henry said. "I'm sure mom can find him with a locater spell."

Seeing the haunted look in Regina's eyes Emma was confused, but remembering her friend's remark about forgiving yourself she smile reassuringly. "I think perhaps ..."

"I doubt Snow's father would care to see the woman who murdered him, Henry." Regina finished for her. Bluntly.

"But the book said ..."

Regina smiled, "I think I'll avoid the semantics." She looked over at Snow. "Go help your father. If there is anything I can do to help you, you know you have it."

Snow nodded solemnly. "Thank you."

Henry decided to go with them still, and Regina had given him a locator spell to use. They found themselves walking all over town seemingly at random. "Is he avoiding us?" Snow said quietly.

"I don't think so the pattern's to random. We were down that street a few minutes ago." Emma pointed across a yard.

"There..." Henry pointed. Down the street was a garbage truck moving slowly along while an older man with a beard picked up trash cans and emptied them into the back.


Snow said confused.

King Leopold turned his head and laid eyes on his only daughter for the first time since she was twenty years old, "Snow..."

She ran ahead of Emma and Henry into his arms. He picked her up and spun her around. Something made Emma want to put an arm around Henry.

"Daddy, this is your granddaughter Emma, and your great grandson Henry."

Leopold took off his work gloves and walked towards them grimy and dirty but with the dignity of a king. "Hello ..." He reached out to start to touch Emma's face but stopped.

"Hello," Henry said, but he was more hesitant and watched the man suspiciously.

"What are you doing here, Daddy? Is mother..."

He shook his head, "No Eva moved on. I'm... here for the reason everyone is here."

Snow nodded, "Unfinished business. Well don't worry. I'm here now and we can help you."

He smiled sadly. "That's a lovely thought, my beautiful daughter. But you don't have that power."


"My unfinished business isn't with you and I rather doubt there is much forgiveness in the heart of the person I wronged."

Emma raised an eyebrow.

Snow tilted her head, "Regina? But ... don't you know she killed you?"

Leopold shrugged, "Everyone around here died somehow, Snow. But you can do worse things to someone than killing them."