Dinner had been awkward at first. Snow and Regina cooked, something which fascinated Leopold given that neither women could even begin to do that kind of work when he was alive. Regina made the first joke. There were no apples in the Underworld but Snow managed to respond with a quip about being sure that Regina could find some if she really wanted to.

Leopold asked David about his family, and explaining how he came to be King George's heir caused a political discussion between the former royals so complicated that Emma borrowed some of Hook's rum.

It was half way through the dinner, Henry by her side, that she realized that this was her family and Leopold was the interloper.

"Snow, do you have a picture of Neal?" The question came out of the blue and she nodded, going over to her jacket. Regina nodded to Leopold.

His face lit up as he looked at the picture. "This is my grandson?"

Regina half grinned and looked over at Emma, "Don't feel left out. Men always fantasize about continuing their lines." Leopold glanced over and a ghost of a smile passed over his face at seeing his granddaughter and his onetime wife sharing a joke. Even at his own expense.

The entire meal was so terribly normal that one could forget murder and magic and all the hate that people at that table had every right to have but for that moment at least was forgotten.

Leopold's shoulders relaxed and seeing his daughter happy and his wife accepted was all he had wanted for so long.

And it was Regina who glanced at Henry. "I think perhaps... it's time we try the caverns again."

Regina flew her hand up and the family was transported in a cloud of purple smoke. Everyone but Regina and Emma a bit surprised. The bridge was forming and the light appeared. Snow took her father's hands and walked him onto the bridge and they exchanged private words between them before she hugged him tightly. When she finally let go but was still holding one hand she smiled over at Regina and held her hand out to her.

Regina reluctantly stepped forward, not wanting to impose on Snow's finale moments with her father, but when she did Snow took hold of her hand as well.

Leopold smiled, "I was so very wrong Snow. You didn't need a mother. You'd found a sister."

Snow glanced over at Regina with a warm smile, and Regina even managed to return it slightly embarrassed, "Snow has grown into someone worth admiring."

Snow grinned, "That's high praise from Regina."

Leopold nodded, "I can see. Please take care of each other."

Regina nodded, "Snow and her family are my family. I will never allow anything to happen to them."

Leopold nodded, "That's more than I can ask."

He slipped his hand from Snow's and began crossing the bridge. On the other side a figure appeared waiting for him and Regina heard Snow's breath intake quickly and as she realized where she'd seen the woman before.

Queen Eva's portrait hung in her home for years mucking her for her own failures until they were taken from the wall and banished to some disused corner of the castle. The woman had a sad smile that Regina thought she understood, and caught Regina's eyes giving her a nod. Regina squeezed Snow's hand and nodded back.

And in a moment she was gone and so was Leopold.

And Snow began crying and Regina held her for a long time rubbing her back and telling her that it was alright to cry.