Ch 2: Finding clues

Jake Armstrong is coming into his own apartment he has rent few time after his really big fight with Faye; the same one for what they have decided to divorce. But now that it s officially done; he doesn't know what to think about their decision anymore; and seeing her almost every day is really not helping to clear his head.

Of course he has started dating other people; but unlike her; nothing serious.

Even if he says he's okay with that; he really can't understand why Faye has decided to date Peter; one of the Balcoin; especially after what the three of them have been through.

Today Peter is on their side; but that wasn't always the case; and Faye almost die because of him and his siblings. But Diana and Cassie trusts him too.

Someone is knocking on the door. Strange. He got barely visitors, except Faye and his sons; but he knows that they aren't in town tonight.

He opens the door revealing, Diana's daughter. Margo.

Margo has never been there to see him privately; surely because of her history with his boys; he suspects. But unlike Faye, he has never resented the girl after what she did to Nick; he knows too much his other son; Henry, to not only blame her.

Jake knows the situation too well. He did exactly the same to Faye.

"I'm sorry to disturb you." She is starting clearly feeling uncomfortable. "But you are actually the only one who can help me."

"Please come in."

The young girl is following him into the small living room where she seats on the couch.

"I know you used to be a witch hunter. Nick told me once."

Jake's face loses colors at the announcement. He dislikes when someone reminds him his past mistakes.

"I m not here to judge you." She follows really quickly after seeing his face. "I need your skills; I m sure you know a lot about them."


"There is this new couple in town; they arrived yesterday; I met them near the boathouse. But something was definitely wrong. They're too good to be true."

"Did you talk to your mother about this?"

"No. You know how she is. She won't be suspicious. And will surely invite them to dinner just to greet them."

"Then, let her do."

"What do you mean?"

"Dinner. We can invite them into your house. My circle can be present in the meantime you can go to their house and try to find any information. Do you know where they're living?"

"No. But Aunt Mel does. She is their realtor "

"Good I'll talk to Faye about your suspicions and she'll manipulate your mother to have this dinner."

"Don't think it's a good idea. Faye already hates me. You know about what happened with..."

"I know" he cuts her not wanting to remind her again her mistakes. "But I can be pretty convincing; and beside she not really hates you. She is just a protective mother."

"Thank you Jake. To trust me and not hate me."

"No problem."


Amelia Jane is helping his father to prepare the party of her baby brother, Ethan who is turning 16 today.

They have invited all Junior years classes and some of Senior year. It will be a really nice party; especially on this beautiful beginning of October.

And as leader of her own circle, she also has to look out at her friends; in case something wrong happened. She knows that Margo and Robin are both using their magic to make everything, even meal. She also knows that Henry is pretty addicted to his powers. And of course there is still some hatred between the Armstrong brothers and Margo. So tonight, AJ can't enjoy the party like the rest of them. She has to be sure that no one will use magic in presence of the powerless people.


Nick comes into the boathouse with his mother, his father and Henry. It's already full.

They approach Ethan, the birthday boy.

"Happy birthday, kiddo" Faye says with a smile. "I'm gonna get a drink, you come? " she asks his father.

"Absolutely." Jake answers.

"Don't make any troubles, you too, especially with my dear friend Diana's daughter."

Nick rolls his eyes before his parents turn around.

"Happy birthday." He says.

"Thank you. Henry, pleasure to see you." Ethan smiles shyly to his brother, just like Nick doesn't exist.

"I hope there's booze." Henry answers hardly interested in anyone.

"Follow me" Ethan keeps smiling and leaves with Henry leaving Nick alone.

"Okay nice guys"

Ethan has always been very attached to Henry; and the blonde has never understood why; his twin brother is an asshole; who doesn't care about anyone but himself.

"Hey baby!" Amelia-Jane joins him, and he kisses her on the lips.

"Guys" Sophie-Ann follows immediately. "The party is a real success. Everyone is enjoying it."

"Have you seen the other one? Robin and Margo, are they coming?" AJ asks.

"Aunt Diana won't let them drop the party, so I guess they're already here, surely getting drunk."

Just like if they hear their thoughts, the two siblings Barkley join them.

"Margo." Sophie-Ann hugs her.

"Hey guys. Sorry but Robin has drink too much tonight. And if my mother sees him like this she will blame me for the rest of my life."

"No idea why." Nick whispers and only his girlfriend hears him, he supposes by the look she gives him.

"I'm gonna help him. " Sophie-Ann offers just before leaving with the drunk boy.

When they leave, there is a very awkward silence between the three of them.

"So, hmm..." AJ starts but is immediately interrupted by the door of the grill opening.

Two people are coming in, a couple Nick supposes. New in town also, everyone knows everyone in Chance Harbor, new people are always been noticed.

"I have to go guys." Margo starts acting strangely. "Have you seen Melissa?"

"She is just right there" AJ answers pointing her finger to their aunt.

Just after the brunette leaves AJ says:

"I guess she doesn't want to spend some times with us. Maybe it's for the best, it would have been really awkward to see you staring at her during the entire evening."

"What?" Nick asks, because he wasn't really listening.

"Whatever. Enjoy the party." And she leaves. He will solve his girlfriend problem later, first he has to know why Margo is acting so strangely since this couple arrived.


Faye is drinking with her old friends and circle, talking about everything except magic, of course, it's not the time to be exposed to everyone.

"I really want him to come back to me. And Margo is so much more well-behaved when he's around." Diana says with a sad look in her eyes. "I know he is Captain of the boat and it's pretty important, but I miss him so much, and the kids miss him too."

"Where is he exactly?" Melissa asks.

"He's still in Australia, he texted me last night and promised me to come quickly as he can."

"Grant is a good guy." Her sister comforts her. "I'm sure he will keep his promise."

"But, he's also a witch." Diana whispers the last word. " And nothing has happened in 20 years; I'm worried."

"Don't be Diana. We called it peace." Faye comments. "Maybe we have just destroyed every threat to our circle, and now we are safe, and we can leave happily ever after."

"I can't believe Faye says that." Adam comments.

"Me neither." Faye answers with an awkward smile.

They laugh.

"I think I will greet the new couple." Melissa announces.

"There is a new couple?" Diana asks.

"You don't know?" Melissa answers. "But your daughter asks me their address earlier, she said that you wanted it to invite them to dinner."

"Margo came to you?" Jake asks with a worried voice.

And Faye knows that Jake is hiding something.

"What's wrong Jake? Faye asks.

"Nothing. Well I should go. I have an important meeting tomorrow and I need some sleep."

Jake is leaving and Faye invents some excuse to sneak up. She follows Jake steps and meet him outside looking around.

"I know you too well Jake." Faye starts. "You're hiding something."

Jake turns his back to face her. She has never seen him this worried for 20 years.

"We need to find Margo."


Ethan is drunk. He knows that his parents won't be pleased about that, but Henry is a pretty much convincing person. Besides, he really likes the guy. He should hated him after what he did to his own brother and Margo. But Ethan couldn't. He is sure deep down that Henry is a good guy with feeling like everyone else, and sometimes he also thinks that Margo was the problem, that she manipulated the two boys, because she is this kind of bad person.

Ethan was playing football in his X-box with his school mate Jonathan. They were alone tonight. His parents were going out in some kind of date. Of course his sister and his cousin Sophie-Ann were also present, but he barely see them, they were surely doing some boring girl stuff, as usual.

"Give me some." His friend asks pointing the pop-corn bowl.

Ethan did it and returns to his game, before he heard some cry. One of the girl was crying. He was worried, maybe it has something to do with magic. He excuses himself to his friend and goes downstairs to see exactly what happened.

"I'm a horrible person." He recognized his other cousin, Margo Barkley.

He has decided that it was better to stay in the stairs and just listen what happened.

"Are you drunk Margo?" He heard Sophie-Ann asks.

"I'm a horrible person, I don't deserve him." Margo cried louder.

"Calm down." His sister says. "Explain to us what happened" she pursues with a sweet voice.

"Nick broke up with me."

Ethan couldn't believe it, Nick and Margo were almost dating for a year now, and pretty much in love, sometimes it was even embarrassing to see how much they were close.

"I'm so sorry." Sophie-Ann says with some pity in her voice. "He's a douche, to not see how amazing you are."

"No. He's not. It's me I'm the slut."

"Don't say that." Amelia-Jane adds. "He's the one who dumped you."

"Because I cheated on him!" She cried.

Ethan is surprised he would never think Margo to be the kind of girl to cheat on her boyfriend, even if sometimes she could act like a real bitch.

"What? With who?" Sophie-Ann asks as surprised as he is."


"Henry as Henry Armstrong-Chamberlain, your boyfriend twin's brother."

Something was hitting Ethan's chest as hearing this words, like he was stabbed in the heart.

"Ex-boyfriend." Margo says. "And yes. It's just happened. Henry told me some really nice things that no one has ever said to me, and as foolish I am I believed him, and I was drunk and high. I can't believe I lost my virginity to this asshole."

"You slept with him?" AJ asks carefully.

"Well obviously. I told you I've cheated on my boyfriend what do you think I've done, just kissing him? This isn't cheating, if it was I would have cheated on Nick with pretty much everyone. But this isn't the point."

Typical Margo.

"It happens, that I have feeling for Henry." Margo confessed.

"What?" AJ asks surprised.

"When Nick broke up with me this morning, I went to see Henry and told him my feelings towards him, but he rejected me."

Ethan smiled at the announcement. He wasn't sure why.

"And Nick how is he?" AJ asks.

"Who cares about Nick, he is better without me."

Margo was a real selfish girl. She wasn't crying because she has regretted to cheated on her boyfriend and hurt him in the process, no, she was crying because she loses her virginity to a guy who didn't give a damn about her.

"Margo, you can't say that!" AJ protested. "Do you even regret it, cheated on your boyfriend. Nick loved you, and you hurt him pretty badly. And of course everyone knows that Henry is an ass, what were you thinking god damn it!" Now his sister was really pissed. "By your fault, our circle is broken and won't be ever the same."

"That's not true!"

"It is and you know it. How do you think Nick would react seeing you almost every days after what you did to him!"

"I was so sure you will take his part! I don't even know why I'm here, maybe hoping that you could comfort me."

"Comfort you! Are you kidding you're the one to blame in this story! We need to stay together, and one day we would have to bind the circle, but now with your mistakes there is no way Nick agreed, or his brother, or even you!"

"Please guys, don't fight." Sophie-Ann begged the two girls.

"No. You know what! Screw you, both of you." Margo ended the conversation, he heard the door slammed meaning that the girl has left.

"You shouldn't react like this." Sophie-Ann told her cousin. "You know how can she be when someone rejected her."

"And Nick, do you think of him? He loved her so much."

"I think you are taking this too much personal."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You've always have a thing for him."

Ethan heard his sister laughing awkwardly.


"Ethan? Are you drunk?" his mother asks him, and he knows that it soon will be his death sentence.

"No." He lies. But Cassie isn't stupid.

"What happened?" She asks carefully with no anger in her voice.

"Mom, will you still love me if I'm different."

Cassie laughs.

"You're different, we all are, we are witches after all."

"No, I didn't mean that. I mean, you love dad very much, and Aunt Diana loves uncle Grant, Aunt Melissa was in a relationship with uncle Luke, and before their divorce Faye and Jake were also in love."

"I don't understand."

"I think I'm in love."

Cassie smiles.

"That's amazing Ethan, who is the lucky girl?"

"This is exactly what I'm trying to tell you. And if it's not a girl will you still love me."

His mother put a hand in his shoulder and looks at him with eyes full of love.

"A girl, or a boy, it doesn't matter. I will always love you with all my heart, baby. So who is he?"

"I promise I will tell you if something more happened."

"Well the thing if it's a boy, I won't have to be worried of you to make a girl pregnant."


"I love you."

"I love you too mom."

His mother is about to leave but adds something before still smiling.

"Oh, and I forgot, you're grounded for two weeks, alcohol is very bad. Good night baby."

Ethan sighs, well he surely has deserved it.


Margo has everything she needed. She parks her mother's car in the street and goes out.

"Sneaking out, typical Margo." She hears a voice close to her.

It's too dark to see who can it be. But when the person is getting close. She sighs in relief. It's just her ex-boyfriend Nick.

"Why are you following me?" She asks annoyed by his strange behavior. "Are you the kind of stalker I should be afraid of?"

"What are you hiding, you were strange earlier and you're not the kind of person who can be trusted. What do you want to do to this nice couple? Making them go away?"

Margo sighs. And take Nick's hands. She looks at him deeply in the eyes, just when they were together. Because like this he can say that she is telling the truth.

"I suspect them to be witch hunter."

She can see astonishment in his face. Does he believe her? Not sure.

"I talked to your father about that, and he said that I should sneak into their houses, just to check if I'm right."

"My father told you to do it?"

"Well not today, our parents were supposed to have dinner with them while I'm sneaking out into their houses, but then I saw them into the boathouse and knew we couldn't wait your mother to convince mine for this dinner."

"What a plan! So no one know you're here?"

She moves her head negatively.

"Do you realize how stupid you are!" He shouts at her.

She is not really pleased to be insulted by her ex-boyfriend, but doesn't say anything, nonetheless.

"You know they could go back home at any time if someone isn't watching their every move."

She nods. Of course, she hasn't think about that. Maybe is right after all, she is stupid. And if they are truly witch hunters, she has almost exposed herself to a great danger.

"I text Amelia-Jane and told her where we are and also to look after the new couple."

"No! "she shouts. "Please don't do that, I don't want her to know, maybe I'm wrong and she will be very mad at me to sneaking out into someone place, and besides, I'm sure she won't be please to know that you've followed me."

"You get a point. Then I'll send it to my father, since he's the one with who you talk about it."

"Thank you. Now, let's go."


Melissa is talking with the charming couple. Apparently their name are Janice and Eric and they're from Chicago. They are really enjoying their time in Chance Harbor, and Melissa has invited them to dinner, in two days, something they've gladly accept.

"Faye Chamberlain." Faye joins them a bit later.

"Nice to meet you Mrs Chamberlain." Eric says.

"This is Eric and Janice" Melissa presents them to her best-friend.

"So what's bring you in Chance Harbor?" Faye asks and Melissa find the tone of her voice a bit rude.

"Business. My husband and I are working with some company in Seattle. But we were thinking it would be better to live in a small town. Changing air and everything. Chicago is a really nice city. But too big for my taste." Janice answers politely.

"Right. Tell me more about your job, I'm sure it's something really interesting." Faye continues in a way Melissa doesn't really understand

Why her friend is so rude with this very nice couple. Melissa always knew that Faye didn't really much like strangers, always suspecting to be related to evil four their circle, but like she said earlier there is no threat anymore, so why this strange act. Maybe she is a bit drunk, that it won't be surprising. She was always rude when she was drunk.

Melissa leaves the couple in Faye's company the moment she sees the man who has broke her heart.

"Luke? What are you doing here?"

"Melissa. Nice to see you too. What can I say Ethan is my nephew, I wouldn't miss his 16th birthday party, wouldn't I?"

"The only person you care about is yourself."

"That was harsh Melissa. So where is my beautiful Princess?" He asks looking around the crowd.

"With her friends."


"Lock unlock" the two witches pronounces the spell to unlock the door of the house. Margo goes first and Nick follows.

They turns the light with their magic. The house is full of boxes, like every people who has just moving out.

"Maybe we can make a spell to find what we want." Nick suggests.

"And now I'm really wondering who between you and me is stupid." She answers exasperated. "If they are truly witch hunters don't you think that they can recognize witch mark leaving by our magic. No, we 're doing in the old way. Let's just check around first, and if we don't have the choice we will search in the boxes."

First they look into the kitchen, they've already unpacked everything needing for this room, but nothing suspicious is around. They continue to the living room each of them at a different corner.

Margo watches Nick back. After what she did to her, he is with her, believing every words she said, and following her because he thought she would be in danger. She doesn't deserve this guy, he is too good for her. Amelia-Jane was right, it was her fault.

"You know..." She starts and he turned his back to face her immediately at the sound of her words. "It occurs to me that I've never apologized about what I did to you. You didn't deserve that. So, I'm sorry, truly."

Nick looks at her without saying anything.

"But you have to know that I did love you." Margo continues. "I didn't know why I've done that. I really can't explain it. Sometimes I'm more acting with my body instead my brain."

She is waiting for Nick's answer, and after a long and unbearable wait, he finally spokes.

"They could come home at any time."

It's not the words she has expecting. But she understands, she can't blame him since she's the one who destroyed their relationship.

"Thank you." Nick says. "It would have take you a long time for you to recognize your wrongdoing. But what should I've expected, you've always been that stubborn, and that one of your default I used to love."

Reluctantly, she smiles.

"I really want us to be like we were before our relationship, can we be friends?" She asks.

Nick sighs.

"Margo, I'm really grateful that you've apologize, but that doesn't mean that I forgive you. I can't be your friend, not now. Too much has passed between us. But we have the circle, and I have to accept that you and my brother are part of it, and I do, accept it, even if looking at you everyday is so hard, I'm working on it, AJ is helping most of the time."

"She is a good person." Margo admits. "I'm happy that she's the one in your heart now." she says sadly.

He nods.

"Let's go looking in the basement. When people have something to hide, it's usually in these kind of room." Margo announces.

The two teenagers have found the door leading to the room. Margo has almost her hand in the door handle, when suddenly they hear the door opening.

"Oh My God they're home, what can we do?" Margo asks panicked.

Nick takes her hand and lead her into a closet. They hide on it. Margo is shivering. How can she be that reckless, and more of this she has trained Nick in her plans and put him in danger. She feels Nick's hand on her own. She doesn't know why he's always doing that, be nice to her.

"Nick!" Someone shouts. "Margo!"

The young witches go out immediately from their hide once they recognizes the voice.

"Dad!" Nick shouts before embracing his father.

"We have to get out of here." Jake announces. "Faye has just texted me. They're on their way."

But Margo doesn't make a move, still looking at the door of the basement.

"Margo?" Nick asks.

"We have to look on it." She points the door.

"We don't have time Margo." Nick answers.

She nods and finally follows them, but still wondering what kind of thing they would have found in this room.