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Chapter one

We are….

My name is Isabella Cullen and I live with my coven, we travel the world moving from place to place. For the past three hundred and fifty years we haven't settled down and that has been fine with me but i think it is time we take a break and start catching up with this generation. My brothers and sisters haven't attended school as long as i remember, we have lived a life, of what the others call a nomad's life. My coven is very supportive always allowing me to take most of the decisions making me feel like the leader of the coven but I rather leave that to Carlie's my father by name, i am his first daughter.

Carlie took all of us under his wings some time after he met Esme his mate, I was the first in the coven followed by Emmett and Kate then Jasper and lastly Leah. We have been together for over a five hundred years except for Leah who has been with us for the last hundred and twelve years.

Esme my mother and Carlie's wife is the heart of the family she cares for each one of us and keeps us in line. We all love her like a mother except for Emmett, with all the food he eats he just might love her for all the food she makes for him and Leah.

Emmet my younger brother by years but not by age is the goof ball of the family that looks like hulk but is always making jokes and keeping us happy. He is simply a big teddy bear. There is no way in the world that anyone could hate him.

Leah my youngest sister and newest of the family is the loving, protective and sarcastic bitch of them all, don't get me wrong that is just an act to keep all the boys off her back. She is still looking for her mate but after Sam died she has mostly kept to her self in the sense of mating. Thanks to Leah we can say we are rich but that's a story I will have to tell you another time.

Then we have Jasper the strategic, we met jasper during a war I don't remember exactly when, I mean come on try keeping track after you have live roughly hundred years but I can tell you it was in the south side of England. He worked for one of the biggest mob lords of the region.

Lastly we have Kate Emmett's cousin she is the diva of the family, even though she doesn't like being called the pretty face of the family. She is the one that keeps up with modern-days technology and what's not. The rest of us mostly keep up with dressing right an one or two other things.

"Bella… Bella!" must she always yell so loud? She knows I can hear her regardless of how low she speaks.

"Bella! Get down here and eat your breakfast. You will be late for your first day of classes."

"Coming mother!"

Bella sat there starring at her computer for a bit before she turned it off and went downstairs to have breakfast with her family.

Okay okay before you all say anything yes it's the first day of classes of our second year here. I ran to the door and jumped the flight of stairs landing on my two feet just in front of Kate that was walking from the living room to the kitchen.

"Hey watch it you almost landed over me." Kate huffed and walked pass me.

"You know you want me over you Kate just admit it."

"Keep dreaming Bella, Keep dreaming." We both walked into the kitchen and found Esme standing at the stove with an apron over a yellow Sunday dress placing food on the plates for us. Carlie, Esme and Jasper just sat around watching Leah, Emmett, Kate and my self eat our breakfast. As per usual its always Leah and Emmett that are always the first to be stuffing there faces with food.

"Seriously Emm stop eating like a pig the food isn't going anywhere," his response to Kate sounded something like I'm not eating the food keeps jumping into my mouth. Kate just rolled her eyes and started eating. Sometimes I wonder where the hell does all that food go. You could probably feed ten humans with all the food they consume.

Once we were all done, we found our way to the garage. Kate took shut gun as always jasper jumped at the back of Emmett's jeep. I plugged in my headphones pressed play as Leah and I revived our engines and took off with our motorcycles. Fifteen minutes later we arrived at Forks high. We parked off and headed in, we all had different classes. Emmett Kate and Jasper are seniors leaving Leah and I as Juniors yet we only had three classes in common, Sociology Algebra and Arts.

I don't give a damn 'bout my reputation
You're living in the past, it's a new generation
A girl can do what she wants to do and that's what I'm gonna do

An' I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation
Oh no, not me

An' I don't give a damn 'bout my reputation
Never said I wanted to improve my station
An' I'm only doin' good when I'm havin' fun
An' I don't have to please no one

An' I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation
Oh no, not me, oh no, not me

Picture this me parking my bike and walking to school blasting Joan Jets Bad Reputation. Black tore skinny jeans combat boots tight white V-neck shirt showing my tones abs and my black leather jacket with my shades, dark black hair tied up in a ponytail. Pretty Bad Ass right? But reality is different there was no song blasting off except in my headphones and the halls were mostly empty.

When we got here all everyone could talk about was us we were the highlight of everyday, it took almost two months for people to stop gossiping about my family. Everyone trying to make friends with us or ask us on dates. Don't get me wrong its nice to have all these guys fanning over me but I don't swing that way and neither does Leah well not anymore I think. She can be rather confusing, Leah abstains from dating yet last year just before classes were over she went on three dates with this girl that's in my class, Angela that's her name. And then there is Kate who just loves the attention but no one seems to be good enough for her. Jazz and Emmett are captains of the Football team and lacrosse respectively so they are bound to have all the girls at their feet.

I got to my first class and waited for the teacher to arrive. There wasn't much to do so I sorter through my music and found one of my favorite and hit play. Black Dog by Led Zeppelin was on. The halls were starting to get full.

That's when I saw him walking down the hall to where I was standing against the wall. He had a huge smile on his face broad shoulders very muscular but his face was still boyish, short black hair. I see why girls line up to him, he is handsome and funny and he is a close friend of mine actually the only friend I have. I don't know what it was about him but he was the only guy I felt that just had to be in life and Not romantically plus he is the only guy that wasn't all up in my business when we got here.

"Sup Jake?" I say hi fiving him as he leans on the wall.

"Not much. Same old same old. How was your summer?"

"Quite interesting. We went down to Cali had a great time hit some girls went to clubs. You know how we do it." A little white lie wouldn't hurt him. Jake rustled my hair truth is we spent all summer up in the mountains and down by Canada.

"That's my girls. Well at least yours was better than mine I was stuck all summer at the res with Seth and Emily and our cousins that just moved from Alaska."

"Are they enrolling this year?"

"Yeah but only Alice and Rosalie cause dufos thinks this school isn't good enough for him."

"Dufos? Is that his real name?"

"Oh no I just call him that. I don't really like Edward he is a stuck up pieces of shit."

"Damm I feel the love there Jake." I said smiling.

"yea well Rosalie isn't that far behind she can be a total bitch. Alice is the only one that is sweet to everyone."

"That's quite the family you have there" at that moment the teacher walked in and all the students followed suit. First class went by in a blink of an eye.

My second class was Sociology so I was waiting for Leah by the door.

"Hey sis waiting for me?" said Leah coming from my right side.

"Yup. Hey you seen any of the new girls?"

"Not yet but I heard they are really Hot."

"Well we yet to see that. By the way the are Jake's cousins."

"Well then you can ask him to hook you up." I just laughed

"Well its two of them so maybe we can both get hook up" I waggled my eyebrows at her.

"Nah am good right now"

"Is it that Angela girl?"

"yeah she is pretty cool and we have a good time when we hung out."

"so its like serious with you two?"

"Nah we just fool around nothing serious but I have considered it"

"oh okay well that's good" we took our seats at the back of the class.

The teacher started the class shortly after. Classes went by quick. When the bell rang Leah and I went to the cafeteria to meet up with the others. Jazz, Em and Kate were already at our usual table with their trays of food. We went over and made line to get our food before heading to our table.

You know that feeling you get like your heart sinks in your chest or just goes cold cause you know something is about to happen? Well that's exactly what is happening to me. I turned around and scanned the cafeteria looking for any threat but I didn't see anything that caught my attention except for someone that was walking out of the cafeteria. I could tell it was a girl with about my height and had long blond hair, she was very curvy too. I hadn't seen her before so that meant she was one of Jake's cousins. Leah hit me in the ribs to get my attention.

"ow. Dude what the fuck?"

"Bella I'm fucking starving and you are holding the line up."

"sorry got distracted."

"with what?"

"I think I saw one of Jake's cousins."

"Is that why you have drool on your face?" I made a quick motion to wipe but it was all dry. Then I heard my family laugh from across the room obviously no one heard us.

"Very funny lee" Leah just nodded at me and we went on. Once we had our food we went to our table and ate everyone around us were talking about the new girls.

I hadn't been paying much attention till I heard Jasper say "…Blondie"

"I swear she just shut me down like that. Cold like dry ice. That girl took my ego and mopped the floor with it."

"she made you look stupid. You are lucky we weren't around the rest of the team Emmet."

"Yeah. Just shut up about it jazz." They all started laughing.

"hey Emm did u at least get her name?" I don't know why but I wanted to know her name.

"Yeah her name is Rosalie Brandon" I pretty much just zoned out after that



Every time I said her name my heart hammered again my chest. Why though? I haven't even seen her face let alone met her. Lunch was over and we all made our ways to our different classes. I had Spanish next, half way to my class my hands started getting sweaty ad I turned the corner to my class I wad hit the most delicious smell of pheromones. It felt like running into a brick wall and it made me crumble to my knees.

"Fuck…" Leah's class was down the hall to the right but she still heard me.

"Bella you okay over there?"

"Yes just someone's pheromones fucking with my head."

"Okay. See you after class" then I heard her walk into class. I stood up and continue in to the class the more I got close the harder it was to walk I wanted to just grab who ever these pheromones belong to and have them there and then.

I was looking down heading to my usual place at the back of the class and that's when I saw her the same blond from the cafeteria sitting on the chair next to mines. She was looking out the window then she looked at me standing there, I was having hard time breathing and my hearth was pumping a thousand miles per hour. Her eyes were the most beautiful blue color I had ever seen they seem to pierce through me her skin was clear and flawless, perfect full pink lips. She raised her perfect eyebrow

"Did you loose something…" her voice snapped me out of whatever I was in as I took my seat next to hers. I wanted to tell answer her but I was afraid my instincts would betray me. So I folded my hands on the table and tried to concentrate on the session.

"I want you to turn to your partners and introduce your self's in Spanish to each other." Did our teacher really have to do that?

I turned slowly and smiled at her.

"Hola me llamo Isabella, igual me puedes llamar Bella." I stretched out my hand she sighed annoyingly then she spoke.

"Mucho gusto me llamo Rosalie pero no pienes que porque te estoy ablando ya somos amigas." I nodded at her.

She sounded even hotter talking Spanish.

When she took my hand it felt like electricity was coursing through my veins. I clench my jaw and balled my fist trying not to jump her as a wave of arousal and possessive instincts to mark her as mine hit me.

Where the hell were these things coming from?

Neither of us said anything for the rest of the class. When the bell rang I walked out of class as fast as I was allowed to amongst humans.

"Leah.. Leah can you hear me?"

"yes. What happen you sound distressed?"

"meet me at the parking lot." She didn't answer me but I knew she heard me. Once I was out of the building I gulped as much air as I could to clear my head from all her pheromones. Leah was standing next to her bike pacing back and forth. When she saw me she came walking to me with a worried face.

"what happen?"

"We need to get to Carlie."


"I… I… don't know." Leah placed her hand on my shoulder.

"Take a breath and calm down." I did as she said.

"I just met Rosalie she is in my Spanish class, before I got to class I was hit with her pheromones they were so strong iy knocked my to my knees then as I walked to class it got harder to breath and when we touched it felt like I was being electrocuted… I felt this need to mark her as mine." Leah looked shocked at me.

"Ohhh" she said shaking her head.

"oh what Leah?"

"That sounds a lot like our wolf imprinting"

"I'm not a fucking wolf Leah. No offence"

"Yeah I know that silly. None taken"

"Common lets get to Carlie. I'll txt the others that we are leaving."

So there it is the first chapter for walking the lines. I hope you like it and can anyone guess what Bella is?