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"I had no option Rose, I didn't want to lose you"

"I am not telling you I didn't want this, I'm just…" I could feel her emotions going haywire all over the place.


'Yes' I took both hands in mines and looked at her in the eye. I don't think she realized her answer came to me via her thoughts. Her heart beat was picking up and her breath started to rage.

"Babe, look at me open your eyes, you need to calm down." Those blue eyes were no longer blue but a full silver colour. I could see and feel the ripples on her shoulder.

"Breathe in deep and exhale." Rosalie started doing as I told her.





The ripples on her shoulder started to slow down till they were no more.

"You have to let her use her powers, Isabell, other-wise she will be unstable" up until now I had forgotten that she was in the same room as we were.

"She is not ready for that." I looked over at Renee standing on the far corner of the room near the slide door and motioned over for her to leave.

"I'll leave but don't say I didn't warn you. If you don't let her try and use her powers to figure out what kind of Kitsune you made her she will grow unstable and dangerous for whoever gets near her"

"Why should I believe you?"

"You still doubt me, even after I tried to help you save her?"

"You also took her from me and did many bad things, your point is?" as frown came upon her face almost as if I had hurt her.

"We all deserve a second chance Bella, maybe she is right?" 'Cut her a break for now please' a soft squeeze came from Rose followed by my exhale. When I looked over to Renee she was gone.

"Thank you." Both arms wrapped around my neck pulling me closed until our foreheads' were touching.

"What for?"

"Saving me" I smiled at her.

"Always" her soft lips touched mine. God how had I missed the contact of her skin to mine. Slowly I pulled her closer to me relishing in the feeling of our bodies pressed to each other. A low moan left her lips as I softly bit on it.

In the blink of an eye I was against the wall with both hands pinned over my head and her lips crashed on to mines kissing me fervently.

"Oh god…Rose…"

'Fuck, you are making me hard baby'

'Oh I know, honey' I smiled against her lips that never left mines. Our emotions were running wild and I couldn't tell where hers started or where mines ended. All I knew, was that I wanted her and that she wanted me too. My hands went down to her hips and down lower, griping on to her I lifted her up. Those long and tone legs were long wrapped around be before I took the first step towards the bed until we landed on the mattress.

Our lips never parting, Rosalie's hand tangled in my hair scraping against my scalp. My instincts said to not stop but the fox in me and the feeling coming from Rose said otherwise. I pushed against her pelvic

'Oh god that feel fucking good' her body rocked. Against mine creating more friction

Rosalie's body was getting hotter as the seconds passed. Her skin was turning pink like in color.

"Baaab… Babe" I tried. To get Rosalie to stop but her lips kept on kissing me.

"Rose" Her lips going down my neck

"Mmmh" I pulled. Away from her just enough to talk

"Your body, it is hot" a smirk came over her lips

"I know" was all she said followed. By a wink

"No love, I mean you are burning up, like with a fever and very high too" Her body was far too hot for a human. I sat up and pulled my powers and made a small block of ice and placed it on her hand. The ice, almost instantly melted and vaporized in her hand.

"CARLISLE!" seconds after I screamed his name he came in barging to the room followed by Renee and Esme.

"Rosalie is burning up and it is not normal, look" I did the same as before for him to see.

"I told you she will be unstable if you don't let her try and find out her true powers Isabela"

"Darling, I hate to agree but I think this time you should listen to Renee" I looked over at Esme then at Carlisle and lastly at Rosalie.

"Only if you want babe" this was not up to me.

"I think I do" Rosalie's emotion didn't only sound in her words but I could also see them in her eyes. I loved her so much that I didn't want her to feel the pain of changing how ever a part of me knew I had to let her do this. Her beautiful eyes locked in mine searching for reassurance that it would be okay. I gave her a small smile and nodded.

"we need to do this in a open space" we all looked at Renee and followed her outside. Rosalie walked hand in hand with me outside before we all took off running. I could feel a part of her feeling through our connection, she was worried and unsure but at the same time she was trying to be brave. I gave her hand a squeeze earing a small smile from those plump lips that I wanted to kiss. Her lips turned in to a smirk before she winked at me as she read my thoughts. Dam I need to get use to this connection.

Once we were at a safe distance from any structure or any person we stopped. At a small clearing Rosalie was to my right me Carlisle and Esme to my left and everyone else was behind us.

"Now what Renee" she turned and looked at me then motioned for Rosalie to stand next to her.

"you need to get her gears started" just as I was about to speak Emmett stole my words.

"What the hell does that mean"

"it mean you need to make her angry or agitated. Fight her, push her to her limits till she let it all out"

"Are you fucking crazy I am not going to hit Rosalie!" it is alright Bella, I'll be okay.

"like hell you will not. I could hurt you"

"Common bear Bella this could be fun its like sparing we always do. If you don't want to, I can do it for you" Emmett had a huge grin on his face, looking like a child on Christmas morning.

"Emmett Shut Up!" an instant pout covered his face. Renee's hand clashed against Rosalie's face sending her against a near a by tree. My flight or fight instincts kicked in seeing her turn to Rose.

"If you won't do it Isabella then I will" I took off behind Renee hitting her with a ball of ice on her back. Little did it did it do to stop her. Rosalie was standing up holding on to her side and pain was visible in her eyes but she braced for the impact of Renee's body against her. I pulled as much power as I could building up a wall of ice just before Renee got to Rosalie. Her body collided with the wall shattering it to pieces.

Rosalie's eyes were now full silver and her body was starting to tremble. Renee was grabbed by the neck just as she slammed in to Rosalie. Her body now in the air was held up by Rose; her eyes flickering from silver to red then back to the beautiful blue I love. Her feelings were like wild fire, rage, hate, love, confusion, desperation and a surge of power, all these things she was trying to control at once.

"Rose, babe look at me" I kept on taking small step towards her. Her ears were now pointy and her skin pale white almost translucent; if her transformation was anything like mines she would soon be on the floor in pain like never before. Renee let out a jolt of electricity shocking Rosalie for just a second before Renee was slammed into the ground.

"Rose" Rosalie lifted her eyes and met my gaze her eyes were now blood shot red and they didn't seem to register who I was, her gaze then fell to my hand reaching to her. In a blink of an eye I crashed in to something solid making a loud cracking sound followed by a burning sensation from my right ribs up to my left cheekbone.