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A/N: So, apparently Legends of Tomorrow have taken over my life, which is a good thing:). Also, spoilers for all episodes of Season 1.

Warnings: Even though it's not slash, there is possible Ray/One member of the team pre-relationship. Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynmics.

Handle Alphas with Care Cuddles and Vodka

Chapter 1: The Omega

Ray Palmer grew up in a large family, not a rich family, but large all the same; and equally loving. There was his mother and father, grandmother, three aunts, two uncles, and a boatload of cousins. His home was never empty. The house always shook with the stampeding of little feet, laughter, and the air always smelt of good food. He was the only child of his parents, Carolina, and Peter. The Beta and Alpha couple were unable to have children of their own, and were more than happy to adopt Ray when the child lost his parents to a car crush at the age of five, and for all that his parent were great at; they did not know how to raise an Omega child to be an Omega.

Thankfully, grandma Palmer, veteran Omega, was there to help. She taught him everything there was to know about being an Omega.

"We are the backbone of the Pack, we carry and raise the Pups, we keep Den and Nest. We are the nurtures; we stand beside the Alphas, and are the power behind the throne. We love, protect and care for what is ours. We gave, and keep giving; because the world can be selfish and those we call ours need a giving hand and heart. We are the ones who keep bull-headed Alphas and Beta in line through the use of sex, iron skillets, and large amounts of vodka. And not in that order"

Grandma Palmer was, and still is the best (the woman was still alive, kicking and causing terror in the Palmer household last he checked). Even more so when she taught him how to handle Alphas.

"Alphas, all Alphas, are sadly easy my love. All you have to do is let them think they are in charge, let them think it was their idea and you have them in your pocket. Of course that doesn't always work, but I have a few tricks or two that I've used on your grandfather, your father and his siblings that have worked. To which I'll be more than happy to pass to you"

Those lessons, to which he perfected by using them on his Alpha cousins, his father, Uncles and his Alpha Aunt; carried through-out his childhood, all through college, his company and his dealings with Ollie, Felicity, and whatever else life decided to throw at him. Because, Grandma Palmer had been right, Alphas no matter who, or where, were easy; and he even picked up a few new tricks of his own, to which he gleeful told his grandmother about. Of course not all Alphas were like that, just like not all Omegas were like him or his grandmother. Some Omegas used an Alpha's instincts against them, manipulating for their own greed and desires; he had never or would intentionally ever do that.

Grandma Palmer taught him how to deal with Alphas, how to interact with them. How to calm over-protective rages, how to watch body languages, when should he lend an ear, take charge or when he should take a step back.

He may have an IQ of 140, was socially awkward regardless of that IQ, but Ray Palmer was an Omega; a good one at that. He knew how to handle an Alpha and even an Beta if it called for it, and he was damn proud of that.

So when he stepped on the ship, Ray knew this wasn't going to work, seven (then eight) different personalities. Seven different personal issues, seven Alphas, it was a recipe for a nuclear explosion, and this wasn't even including his own personality and issues. Ray wondered, not being important enough to change history aside, if that was one of Rip's deciding factor in picking him for the team. Either way this wasn't going to work, not until there was a clash of epic proportion at least.

That is, if he doesn't do anything.

He was an Omega, the only Omega on the ship, and whether the others admitted on not, they were a Pack or at least slowly becoming one, And as the Pack's Omega it was his job to make sure the clash of epic proportions never cameā€¦.or at least trickled it down to a mini explosion.

Whichever came first.

First thing then first, he needed to stock up on vodka.