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Bella walked into the conference room and sat down in the back row. She didn't want anyone to know who she was just yet. She liked to observe people first and get her opinion of them before they could make one on her. There were well over one hundred people here: most in scrubs, some in suits- must be the stiffs on the board. Charlie had informed them his daughter was coming in his place but she hadn't met them yet. She couldn't wait, she thought dryly. Two men sat three rows in front of her, arguing with each other. One was a dark blonde. He was at least six two, very well built, gorgeous. Looked like a good fuck. She bet he wouldn't be five inches. The man next to him had thick luscious bronze locks that made your fingers itch to run them through them. He was about six two as well, a hundred and ninety pounds, average build. His sideways profile displayed a slightly crooked nose and a crooked smirk to go along with it. She leaned forward to hear what they were saying.

"I just don't like it," the blond said.

"You don't have to like it," Bronzie said.

"I am looking out for your best interest. I love ya, man. I don't want to see you make a mistake like this," Blondie said.

Oh. They were gay. She frowned. What the fuck? What was the world coming to when two gorgeous male specimens had the hots for each other? She had nothing against gay people, some of her best friends were gay, she was down with the rainbow,etc, but damn. Seattle sucked. Her vagina waved bye bye to the notion of getting any action with a live penis. The Love Bunny it is.

"Fuck!" She cursed for the fifty-first time today.

Blondie and Bronzie looked back at her and she glared at them. Stupid gay doctors.

"What?" She yelled.

They looked to each other and blinked, taken aback by her attitude. She decided to have a little fun. After all, they could be bisexual, and a threesome wouldn't be totally out of the question. A little sandwich action could be enjoyable.

She leaned forward, making sure her breasts were behaving themselves by being showcased properly in her low cut black sweater.

"Tell me… " She purred. "What does a woman such as myself have to do to get a thorough examination by hot male doctors such as yourselves?"

Blondie smirked and Bronzie swallowed hard. Hmmm… maybe not so gay after all.

"Just tell me when and where," Blondie said.

She turned to Bronzie and looked at him, biting her lip in an innocent gesture.

"And you?" She asked.

He leaned forward and cleared his throat uncomfortably. Now that he was a little closer, she could see that his eyes were a cobalt blue. Her throat went dry.

"Sorry, I am taken but my friend here is more than willing to do anyone or anything. Just be sure to have him wear protection, though I am sure the syphilis is all gone by now," he said.

Bella cut her eyes to Blondie, who was looking at Bronzie like he was going to kill him. Bella snorted.

"Um… no thanks," she said to Blondie.

"I… no…. I don't… he was kidding… I…" Blondie stuttered.

"Yeah," she said, dismissively. "So, what do you to do here besides spread disease?" She asked, cutting a disgusted look at Blondie.

"I am Dr. James Riley, head of Plastics and this asshole here is Dr. Edward Cullen, head of Neuro. And you are?" Blondie…er …James said. So Blue Eyes was her boss. Interesting.

"I am just a girl in a hospital," she said.

"You just hang out in a conference rooms for no good reason?" Edward asked, disbelievingly.

"Yeah, you got a problem with that?" She asked curtly. She didn't like being questioned, even if he was her boss. Wait a damn minute, she was technically his boss. Hmmm…. so many possibilities.

"It's your time. Just what do you do for a living?" He asked.

"A little of this, a little of that," she informed him vaguely.

"Let me guess… you are in between jobs and want to pick up a rich doctor to live off of. I should tell you that pink hair will only get you laid, not married. Now, if you dressed up a little and got rid of the extensions maybe."

She narrowed her eyes. He was like sympathetic or some shit. Like she was a clueless adolescent who needed to have help dressing herself in the morning.

"Thanks for the advice. I will put it up there with making sure I always follow the rules… which I don't do if I can help it," she hissed at him, her eyes flashing.

Just then a tall redhead walked past her and stopped in the aisle where her new bitches were.

"May I get by, James?" She asked.

James just looked at her and stayed where he was.

Edward kicked his leg and made him move to allow the redhead to get past. She sat down on the other side of Edward and kissed his cheek.

So this was his bitch… looked frigid to her. She would call her… Firecrotch. She was assuming the carpet matched the drapes.

"I found an apartment to look at. It is seven minutes away and is on the sixteenth floor overlooking Eliot Bay. It sounds perfect! We have an appointment tomorrow night. It has big closets and a hot tub and two bedrooms," she said, all excited.

Was this bitch for real?

"So, have you two heard about the new owner? I hear the guy is sending his step-daughter to start things off. I bet she doesn't know a thing about medicine. She probably spends her day at the mall spending Daddy's money," Firecrotch said.

Was she kidding? Bella made a mental note to torture her as much as possible.

"I hope she doesn't mess with my department. I have a degree in Gynecology and Obstetrics and a Ph D in Genetics. I hope she knows that we are all the best in our fields," Firecrotch said.

Gloat, much?

Yeah, bitch… keep on talking.

Bella leaned forward.

"Hey, you. Fi… Red," she quickly amended.

They all looked back at her again. Firecrotch had a disdainful look on her face.

"Are you talking to me?' She asked loftily, looking Bella over and obviously finding her lacking.

"No, I am talking to the other redhead in your row," Bella said sarcastically.

Bitch actually looked for another redhead and then looked back at her confused.

Are you kidding me? She had a Ph D?

"Yes, I am talking to you. What is your name?" Bella asked, super sweetly.

"What is it to you?"

"I heard you say you were a gynecologist and I happen to be looking for one and I just wondered," Bella shrugged.

"Oh! I am Dr. Lauren Mallory," she said proudly.

Like that meant shit to her.

"Thank you. I will be looking you up real soon."

Thank you, bitch.

"Yeah, you do that," Lauren said, dismissing her.

"Alright, everyone come to order. As you all know Seattle Presbyterian has a new owner and I am not quite sure where she is at the moment. I told her to be here at eight, but you know how young people are these days. Now her name is Bella Swan and you might recognize the name. She is the daughter of Renee Swan and the stepdaughter of Charlie Swan. Charlie could not be with us for another three months so he sent Bella in his place to get things transitioned over. Bella is a neurosurgeon fellow and has asked she be allowed to continue her fellowship here so she will not be behind when she returns to Mass Gen. I know we will all be very welcoming to her when she arrives. Go out of your way to help her. I know I can count on you all."

Bella stood up and walked confidently to the front, feeling all eyes on her. She smiled and walked up to the podium.

"May I help you?" The stiff asked, confused.

"No," she said simply. She turned and smirked at the audience.

"Hi there. You are probably wondering who I am and the answer to that is not a pink haired bimbo trying to land a doctor for marriage or syphilis, for that matter, nor am I a flighty daddy's girl who spends her days at the mall. I am a neurosurgeon and a damn good one at that and as of this moment, I am your boss. My name is Dr. Bella Swan and you can call me, Dr. Bella Swan."

She focused on the three shocked people near the back.

"We are going to have so much fun," she smirked, winking at them.

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