Peggy discreetly checked her watch again. She had already decided that poor dimwitted Anne knew nothing about how her company really made its money, making this whole meal an entire waste of time. To make matters worse, Jack still hadn't come back from his temper tantrum, leaving Peggy alone with Lydia and her sister. She stood abruptly, startling her tablemates, and excused herself with a half-hearted excuse.

Her mouth flattening into a line, she went off to search for Jack. He had been missing from the table now for over twenty minutes.

She didn't know what was wrong with him lately. For some reason, he couldn't stay focused on the mission. He was always off sulking, or flirting or being… confusing. She thought about their previous conversation, where Jack told her she was sweet and special, and the only one for him.

Well, he told his fake wife those things. Occasionally though, late at night, when she was tired and lonely, she would let herself wonder what it would be like to have Jack actually like to spend time with her. To be on the receiving end of his rare, genuine smiles. To have him pull her close and…

Shaking her head she continued down the hall. Her little fantasy was just that - a fantasy. Besides, right now she was too mad at Thompson to see him as anything other than a pompous ass.

Grumbling, Peggy ducked through the kitchen door she saw Jack disappear into. Weaving through the cooks and waitstaff, she headed through the back door.

She pulled it open, stepping out into the empty alley. She had thought Jack was out here smoking. Where could he be?

Fully annoyed now, Peggy turned to head back inside but something caught her eye. Thompson's custom order handgun lay in the street. Jack was gone.

Jack woke up on a cold concrete floor. A sharp pain radiated from his left eye. Blinking, he reached up to touch it, frowning when he met resistance. Tugging at his arms, he realized that his hands were bound behind his back with a thick rope. Letting out a groan, Jack struggled to open his eyes.

He was in a basement, somewhere dark and cold. Lovely. Slowly pulling his protesting body into a sitting position, Jack winced as it all came slowly back to him. The alley, the men - him passing out. Judging by the ache in his head and the cut in his lip, Jack was pretty sure no one caught him as he fell. He scoffed, slightly offended that someone would try to tarnish his good looks. Slowly lifting his head, he began to assess the possible exits. Or at least he tried to. The far walls seemed to be a blur. Frowning, Jack squinted in an attempt to focus his eyes but his surroundings remained fuzzy. That probably should have been concerning but he was distracted by the dots that began to dance in his field of vision. No, not dots - lights. They danced around him like little fairies. Fairies couldn't hurt him. They were just fairies.

Suddenly the whole scenario struck him as hilarious. He let a small chuckle. And then a giggle, and then he began to laugh, a full belly laugh as he stared off into the darkness.

Suddenly a loud crash from somewhere over his head silenced his laughter and Jack listened as it was followed by a scream and a thud. A couple of quick gunshots followed, accompanied by several voices shouting and the sounds of general mayhem. Jack's addled brain struggled to make sense of discordant sounds, but he couldn't track what was going on.

Suddenly, the basement door handle started to turn. Jack's instincts kicked in and he began to struggle against his restraints. He wasn't sure who was through that door but he was pretty sure he didn't want to be tied up to meet them.

Finally, the door burst open, pouring in light that temporarily blinded Jack. Unable to see more than a blurry silhouette, Jack crawled backward, feeling with his hand for something to use as a weapon. His hand closed around something glass and sharp. As the person took a step towards him he tensed, squeezing his eyes shut but the person at the door didn't attack him.

Blinking hard, he saw the shape of a woman approaching him. This confused Jack. She was curvy in all the right places, and soft curly hair As she got closer, he could make out more of the features in her face. She was beautiful. Jack wondered if he had actually died, and she was an angel from heaven coming to rescue him. A soft hand brushed his cheek and Jack relaxed, his head rolling back to look at her. Seconds later the soft had slapped across the check. A stern British voice called to him, saying

"Jack! Snap out of it! Wake up!"

"Peggy," he said with a drowsy grin. "I wasn't sure you were coming."

Smiling down on him, Peggy freed his hands from the restraints, frowning at the broken syringe needle he was clutching.

"Someone's gotta get you out of trouble Jack" she chided affectionately. As she helped him to his feet, Jack beamed at her.

"You're always there for me when I need you Peggy. That's why I love you. "

Then he passed out.