Sequel to "Guardian Angel", "Cracked", and "Innocent No Longer". Time for the Doctor to comfort Rose. Nine x Rose, 109 words.

He wakes after about two hours of nightmare-free sleep to see Rose curled into him, her fingers idly tracing patterns on his chest. "You need to sleep," he tells her gruffly. She lifts her head a little bit.
"'M—not sure if I can," she says hesitantly. He frowns.
"Why not? You've got to be exhausted; you're only human."
He hopes she doesn't take that as an insult.
"'S my fault," she bursts out suddenly. "The Dalek. I touched it."
"Rose," he whispers into her hair, "never feel guilty for your compassion and humanity."
It's what I love about you.
"Sleep, Rose. 'S my turn to watch for nightmares."