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The First Immortal

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Chapter 17: Owari

. . . .


"...yes, let us kill each other!"

. . . .

150 years after the 4th Great Shinobi World War

. . . .

Meditation was an easy way to pass the time. It required him to empty his mind, allowing him to let him rest from the constant thoughts of home, what could have been, and any hopes for a life that didn't entail endless losses that he could not prevent. He could sit like this for hours, days, weeks, months, even years if he wanted to. His curse kept him alive no matter what he tried.

Starvation didn't work, drowning didn't work, hell, even slitting his own throat only gave him a rasping voice for a few days afterwards. Other than this simple practice of self harmony, he had no way to escape the reality that he still did not wish to live in.

Though, unlike his now immortal life, his moment of peace could not last forever.

"Open your eyes brat...someone's here." The telltale growling voice of Kurama, the Kyuubi no Yoko, murmured out to his tranquil host.

Sighing in exhaustion, Uzumaki Naruto opened his cerulean eyes, the once endless orbs of passion and confidence now dulled into a mute loathing for the world that surrounded him. With a grunt he lifted himself out of his spot on the massive tree stump he made his place of meditation and groaned as he stretched out his stiff limbs.

"Note to self, make sure to stretch every now and then if I'm going to meditate for...How long has it been?" he asked his internal companion, earning a grunt of annoyance from the fox.

"Around thirteen years brat. You need to go out and do something, your body may not be able to perish, but it can degrade over time. And I still don't want a weak host, immortal or not." he growled out, but was promptly ignored by the blond.

Rolling his shoulders, Naruto looked up to the sky and brushed the hair out of his face to see through the tops of the trees. The golden locks had grown out over so many years without maintenance, and nearly reached his ankles in length. "Feh," he grunted out before scowling to the small path ahead of him.

The path cut straight through the forest he had hid himself in, hoping that after a few years, the forest would naturally hide it from view and overrun it with plants. It did not, however, it stayed exactly how he left it nearly thirteen years ago. "That ain't normal…" he mumbled to himself before he set out at a sedated pace down the path.

"This isn't right…" He growled to himself after walking further down the path for what he thought could have been a mile, however, something wasn't right about the path, something was...off.

"What is it?" Kurama sighed, feeling the irritation rolling off of the blond.

"This path...it isn't the same as the one we took to get into the forest…" the immortal shinobi replied, his eyes narrowing as he stopped at a bend in the path. "See, this path was freshly made. I can still see the one we took through the trees as well...someone made a new path...and yet, neither of us felt anyone near our location till now…"

"You're right...that is unsettling...Be careful brat, I can sense something ahead, and whatever it is, it's leaking chakra in droves." The fox replied, growling in warning as he felt the presence ahead of them.

Following this unnatural path, Naruto found himself in a small alcove where the trees formed a perfect circle around a single rock in the center of the clearing. And upon that rock was a small basket...and something inside of it was causing it to shake.

"What the hell…" the blond whispered to himself as he peered inside, and nearly gasped in surprise at what he found.

To whom this may concern,

Please, take care of him, for he is meant for greatness. He will be a shining light in this world, and usher in a new era with his strength.

Take care of this child.

He is…

. . . .

"Owari!" Naruto roared as he blurred into motion, his body shrouding itself in a golden flame of power as he moved faster than any mortal, and immortal eye could possibly follow. However, even with his otherworldly speed, Owari easily evaded the lunge and skipped back a few paces, just in time to avoid the following slash from the immortal's leg.

"Wow Oniichan, you really haven't lost your touch, huh?" Owari giggled as he continued to slip through every one of Naruto's attacks, a broad smile on his face moved with an almost lazy posture. Naruto growled in anger before blurring into motion once more.

This time however, once Owari dodged the initial lunge, Naruto formed an arm of pure chakra to lash out at the boy, clawing at him and knocking him through the air into a nearby building, which proceeded to crumble from the force of the impact.

"And you have gotten sloppy…" the blond seethed as he watched the child of Chaos pull himself free of the debris around himself, nonchalantly brushing the dust out of his hair. Taking his fair time to extract himself from the wrecked building, Owari decided to take a look at the city around them.

"Well, after so many millennia you'd think these mortals would figure out a way to build sturdier hovels to live in, but I guess this is the best they can come up with." he said before sauntering out of the wreckage and lightly tapping on the neighboring building, watching as it too crumbled from the small amount of force he applied.

However, the child was interrupted from destroying anymore buildings as the blond immortal made to remove his head from his shoulders with a particularly violent slash from his glowing arm. "Jeez, Oniichan, give a guy a break here." the child sighed as he ducked under the swip and brought his own arm up, smashing his small fist into the immortal's stomach, launching him into the air like a bullet from a gun.

Naruto couldn't help but spit out the large glob of blood that surfaced after the blow he took. He continued to sail high into the air before he controlled the winds around himself, slowing his ascension till he was able to control his flight and stopped himself in mid air. "Great Sage Art…" he murmured in concentration as lighting began to cackle between his fingers.

Owari curled an eyebrow at the floating blond above him. "Really Oniichan? You know better…" he sighed before bringing a hand up above him. In the palm of his small pale hand was a dark line, resembling something akin to a fold of skin. And, to run the point home, almost painfully slowly, the line opened to reveal a blood red eye, complete with the rippling patterns of the Rinnegan, the Samsara Eye. "You know Jutsu has no effect on me…"

"SMITING OF THE OLD GODS!" Naruto roared as the lighting gathering in his hands erupted forth, roaring out in primordial power, the initial shock wave from the launch itself was enough to shatter the glass of nearby windows and reduce older, less stable buildings to piles of debris. But, as quickly as the Wrath of Gods charged forth, so too, did it disappear, completely absorbed by the Eye of God the child possessed.

"Foolish, I guess your old age is finally catching up to yo-" Owari started to sigh in disappointment, before a blinding pain shot through his body and sent him spiralling through dozens of buildings.

"Hiraishin…" The former Hokage growled out as he stood up from his crouching position, now standing in the place that Owari once stood. "You shouldn't ever let me touch you Owari…"

Owari roared in anger as he burst out of the wreckage of one of the buildings he passed through. "How dare you!?" he roared in equal parts fury and pain. Upon his back was a spiral shaped burn, even with the burn slowly fading away and the child's skin once again forming over his back to heal himself almost instantaneously, the sizzle of burning flesh could be heard loud and clear in the quiet streets of New York City.

"Does it hurt, brat?" Naruto sneered at the raged filled child. "Good, because I have a lot more where that came from!" Once again fading from the world in a flash of yellow light, Naruto reappeared behind the child, smashing his golden fist into the back of his head and driving the child into the cement covered dirt.

From the small crater that was formed below the two, Owari once again roared in anguish, before a silver light overtook his form and blasted the blonde immortal away from himself.

Naruto bounced off of the ground a good few times, cracking the asphalt underneath him each time he hit the ground before he flipped himself over and dug his hands into the artificial ground, tearing it up and leaving a trail of broken rock as he used it to slow himself to a stop. However, his halted movement would not last long, because as soon as he stopped moving, a figure of pure silver energy appeared before him in a blur of unimaginable speed.

Its face was contorted into a visage of pure rage, its body was long and lanky, arms almost reaching the ground from where they hung on its shoulders as it towered over the blond, claws sharp and long, dug themselves into the ground below it as it held itself steady on the ground before leaning forwards and released a massive roar in the blonds face, the force of which sent him flying once more.

However, this time was more controlled, as he let his hands blur into motion, forming complex seals that had been ingrained into his mind from centuries of constant practice. Upon using his powers of the winds around him, Naruto positioned himself so that he was facing the beast before him. "Fire Style: Great Fire Annihilation!" he called out before a torrent of flames escaped his mouth, completely encompassing the beast, causing it to roar out in pain as it was rendered to nothing but ash before his mighty flame. He smiled as the beast was destroyed, but his victory was short-lived as another beast made of silver energy smashed its massive fist into his body, smashing him into the ground below him and causing it to cave in, sending him crashing into the sewer below.

"Ow…" he groaned out as he lifted himself out of the pile of broken cement. "Forgot he could do that…" looking up he could see three silver beasts looking down at, snarling in fury as Owari moved to stand next to them.

"My my Oniichan, I guess my Apostles are not very pleased to see you…" Owari said with a pout, putting a finger to his chin in faux innocence.

The Apostles of Chaos.

Astral manifestations of the power of Chaos, only summonable by those blessed by Chaos herself, including her son.

Short, stout, strong, and stubborn is Wrath. Taking the form of man, its power feeding off of the anger that seeps from its foes.

Ghastly, terrifying, and cruel is Anguish. Taking the form of a serpent, its power feeding off of the pain that erupts from those it fells.

Massive, haunting, and ever present is Despair. Progenitor of the Nuckelavee, it suckels from the fear of those within its grasp.

And finally, long, arduous, and relentless is Regret. Taking the form of an enlongated beastial man, it revels in the regrets of those that hear its mighty roar.

And there was their master, staring down at the blond immortal with a contemptuous gaze. With a flick of his wrist, Owari released a flash of silver energy, reforming the beastial Regret.

Naruto cracked his neck in as he extracted himself from the rubble that encased himself in the sewers, and glared at the four beasts and their master. "So...you're bringing out the big guns already, huh?" he seethed as he once more sheathed himself in a veil of golden chakra, the marks on his cheeks thickening into solid black bars, his hair dancing like fire as two golden horns formed atop his head and the sealing matrix that adorned his stomach expanded across his entire body, covering himself in its intricate design.

"Why of course Oniichan, I would be a fool to underestimate my elders after all…" Owari growled before he flicked his wrist in the blond's general direction, giving the order for his Apostles to engage.

Despair was the first to attack, its long arms extending as if made of elastic, shot towards the immortal at blinding speeds. However, even at the speed of the attack, the claws at the end of the arm only met with the concrete that was once beneath the former Hokage, who took the split second between Owari's signal, and the attack, to blur into motion himself.

Reappearing behind the Nuckelavee-like creature, Naruto tried to slash into the humanesque body that sat atop the horse with the Hiraishin Kunai he once gave Annabeth, only for the serpentine Anguish to intercept him in his initial attack.

Grunting in pain as the snake's tail end slashed into his midsection, Naruto slapped a hand down onto the silver body of the snake and dug his fingers into its flesh. "Wind Style: Gale Palm!" he called out, focussing the torrent of wind chakra through his fingers and into the snake's flesh, blasting the tail apart, all in the split second that the snake made contact with him.

Sailing through the air due to the impact with the snake, Naruto righted himself and halted his flight before bringing his arms up into a hasty guard to block a punch from the humanoid Wrath, cringing from the immense strength the monster had as he was sent crashing through multiple buildings.

"Fuck…" Naruto cursed as he hastily rushed to his feet and dove out of the way as Regret let loose another roar with enough power for the shockwave to topple the surrounding buildings. Sliding to a halt, Naruto brought his hands up into a cross symbol before several copies of himself appeared and dashed forwards after their opponents.

Three dashed in and with their superior speed, crashed into Regret, sending it flying into a stationary bus, the metal of the vehicle folding in on the beast, sandwiching it like a metal coffin.

Two flanked the Nuckelavee, using their higher mobility to keep the monster busy while the others handled the weaker beasts.

Naruto took two more of his copies and engaged Wrath, using the two as human rockets as he threw them at the smallest, yet physically strongest of the Apostles. Wrath simply dug its hands into the concrete below it and lifted a chuck of the man made earth from the ground before using it as a makeshift shield, blocking the first clone causing it to burst into smoke, yet when the second clone struck the rock, it smashed through it using a half made Rasengan, opening the way for the original to blur in front of the monster and deliver a crippling kick to its neck, snapping its head from its shoulders and killing the beast.

Letting out a slow breath, Naruto looked over to where his clones knocked Regret into a bus to see the monster roar out in anger and rip its metal coffin to shreds. Bringing up his hands, Naruto quickly began to blur into hand signs before slamming both palms onto the ground.

"Wood Style: Nativity of Forest Trees!" from the asphalt below, tendrils of wood sprouted out in droves, wrapping around the monster, restraining its limbs and locking it in place as the wooden tendrils covered its body, forming a dome of chakra inforced wood.

Before Naruto could follow up, he felt the two clones he sent after the Nuckelavee be destroyed and blurred into motion. However, before he could move, the master of the beasts appeared in front of him.

"Don't forget about me, Onii-chan!" The Child of Chaos shouted in psychotic glee as he slammed his small fist into the immortals stomach, once again sending him through several buildings, and forcing blood to erupt from his mouth as his internal organs were turned into paste from the strength of the attack. However, the damage didn't last, his immortality, along with the combined healing factor of the Uzumaki Clan, and the purified chakra of the nine Bijuu healing him faster than he could possibly be damaged.

Looking up from the wreckage he caused by using his body as a battering ram through the numerous buildings he was sent through, he saw Owari wave his hand once again, reviving the fallen Apostles of Chaos.


"Wow Onii-chan, you sure can take a hit! Too bad it seems we aren't getting anywhere with this. What with my unlimited power, your immortality, and the fact that my Apostles can't die, it seems we are at an impasse don't ya think?" the Child said with a contemptuous smirk. "So, why don't you just stand aside and let me destroy this world...just like you did last time, Onii-chan."

Naruto seethed as his glare turned ice cold at the small monster before him. "That was a mistake...one I won't let happen again…" he growled as he shifted his feet, trying to get into a better stance and keep fighting.

"Hn," Owari grunted as he raised a hand and snapped his fingers, his Apostles gathering around him, before they seemed to mold together against his body, silver light encompassing his form forcing Naruto to shield his eyes from the intensity of the light.

"You see, that's too bad, Oniichan...Because whether you want me to or not, I'm going to destroy everything...Just like mama wants!" Owari roared as the light began to die down, collapsing in on the child as he absorbed the powers of the Apostles of Chaos into his own body, the light shrinking in on him and settling into his hands.

"Chaos...BURST!" the child roared out as the light finally died out, before erupting forth from his body in a massive blast of pure power.

And then, everything was drowned out by the light.

. . . .

Mount Olympus Throne Room

. . . .

Hestia along with a majority of the campers of Camp-Half Blood sat and watched the battle taking place in the city below from within the goddesses hearth fires in a mixture of awe, and terror. Some were in awe of the unimaginable power being thrown around by the two entities, but others in horror, thinking of all the casualties that this fight have, and will continue to cause to the unconscious populace of Manhattan. The amount of structural damage by itself was devastating, but the death count that would follow that destruction would be utterly staggering once the fighting finished.

However, no matter how cruel it sounded, Hestia's only worry was for the life of the blond immortal engaged with their enemy, fighting with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

"Naruto…" Hestia pleaded as she watched one of that child's beasts crush him into the ground, breaking through to the sewer system below. "Please get up, keep fighting...you can do this Naruto…"

Annabeth watched with bated breath as her blond friend stood tall after being crushed through the ground, nary a scratch maring his body as he almost casually brushed some left over dust from his now torn white and red cloak, his eyes taking on a golden color as he stared at the child in front of him.

"What!?" she yelled in shock as the silver beast he had previously destroyed reformed and joined its brothers and master in the current stare down taking place.

"That isn't good…" Thalia said as she and Percy watched on from behind the goddess and child of Athena. Several of the other campers, along with a few of the uninjured Hunters of Artemis, watched in silence, hoping for the blond immortal to defeat whoever...whatever this being was.

And then, said immortal erupted into a golden flame that sped forth to its enemies at speeds that even Hestia struggled to follow.

Before anyone could say a word of surprise about the speed at which the immortal was moving, one of the spectral beasts blew apart and 'died'. And in what seemed like an instant, the confrontation was over, again with Naruto crashing through buildings and watching as the beasts he worked to destroy reformed themselves.

Hestia clenched her hands into fists, her knuckles turning white as she watched the little monster that created such powerful beasts speak to the man she loved, and then gasped as the beasts morphed to join into the child's body.

"No!" she screamed as the fires of her hearth erupted in a blinding light, stunning the viewers, blinding them for a few moments before fading. Blearily opening her eyes, the goddess of the hearth looked to her fires, and nearly choked in anguish.

For her love, was nowhere to be seen.

. . . .

160 years after the Fourth Great Shinobi World War

. . . .

"Naruto! You have to be fucking kidding me right now! What in the hell do you mean you won't help us!?" Sasuke roared as he looked at the blond before him in utter shock. The once boisterous, brash, and headstrong blond had changed after so many years of self imposed exile.

The blond in question was where he was ten years before, sitting upon the massive stump of a once great tree, his eyes closed and his body in a position used for meditation.

"Like I said, Sasuke, I will not get involved with this…" He said in a low voice, his eyes not once opening while he addressed the man he once considered his brother in all but blood.

"Sasuke," he interrupted with a struggling sigh before the Uchiha had time to go on another tangent. "I'm...I'm not strong enough to help you." he confessed as he finally opened his eyes and looked at his fellow immortal. "I have done nothing but meditate for nearly one hundred years...though I cannot die, my body can degrade to near uselessness...and I'm almost at that point. If it wasn't for my-...If it wasn't for Owari, I'd probably be nothing more than a sack of skin holding bones. I can't help you fight him...I'm sorry…" Closing his eyes once more, he lowered his head and waited for his brother to respond.

When what seemed like hours passed, Naruto once more looked up to his friend, and continued to wait for something, anything from the Uchiha.

"...You can at least do something...can't you? I'm not strong enough either, maybe if this was a hundred years ago I could go toe to toe with this kid, but after so many years of peace? Now, I've become soft, and so has the world. We can't fight this thing alone, at least, not without an ace in the hole." Sasuke finally said as his clenched fists loosened themselves and his eyes softened, hoping he could at least have something to help him and his people survive the coming storm.

All Naruto did in response was reach into his worn sleeves and produce a scroll from within them. He looked at it for a long moment, contemplating the importance of such a simple thing before letting loose a long suffering sigh, handing it to the Uchiha with a defeated look upon his face.

"Please…just, go...clean up my mess."

Sasuke looked at the scroll in the blond's hands nodded before taking it and turning from his brother in immortality. "I'll pick up where you left off...it'll be like old times, with me saving your idiotic ass from your own mess…" and with that, he was gone. Gone to do away with the Child of The End.

Naruto let loose another defeated sigh as he looked to his hands in regret.

"Where did I go wrong with you...Owari?"

. . . .

With Naruto

. . . .

"Hahahahahahahahaha!" Owari cackled in manic glee as the light faded. The sheer destruction surrounding him was immensely pleasing as he looked around to find any sign of life, but, all he could find was burning earth, the surrounding landscape for what looked like miles was nothing but a massive crater, smoke billowing from the devastating carnage.

But, his laughter ended when he felt a hard fist meet his face, sending him crashing into the ground, a deep crater forming underneath his body as he reeled from the blow. Above him stood the blond immortal that had all but disappeared from his sights as attack devastated the world around them.

"H-How! That should have completely erased you from existence!" Owari roared as he struggled to pull himself from the body shaped hole he was forced into.

Naruto just stood above him, his body glowing a bright gold, his naval completely covered in black with his cloak billowing in the wind like an open flame as he looked down at the child with cold and burning eyes.

"I used a technique that I've been working on for nearly a thousand years now. I call it Hiraishin's fourth step. Instead of teleporting myself or an attack to a different location, I used it on you, connecting the mark I placed on you earlier to one I had placed somewhere else. And can you guess where that is?" the blond taunted as the child began to fume in anger. Owari was about to retort, but was silenced when a fist yet again buried itself in his face. "You're on my turf now bitch!"

Owari was sent flying across the ruined earth before a flash of golden light smashed him into the air, and then again crashed into him sending him into the ground, a large crater forming around his body before the golden light appeared above him once more.

"Planetary Rasengan!" Naruto roared out as five spiral shaped craters formed beneath the screaming body of the Child of Chaos. Once the explosion that followed the attack ended, Naruto blurred into sight, watching the boy struggle to stand, his body trying to knit itself together again from the repeated blows.

"Welcome to my Sanctuary, Owari. Or as you might remember it, Home." Naruto said as he crossed his arms and cracked his neck.

Owari shakily stood up as the last of the damage to his body healed over and glared in fury at the blond, his teeth bared as his body began to glow a dull silver.

"Here, I don't have to worry about the world around me getting destroyed, 'cuz guess what? You're stuck here with me kid, no in, or out of this place, it just goes on and on for eternity, so, let's get this over with, we have all the time in the world…" And with that Naruto flashed away once more.

But this time, the enraged child was ready, bringing up his small arm, Owari blocked the kick aimed for his body before using his own unearthly speed to continue to block and counter the repeated strikes from the older immortal, giving as good as he got in return.

Blow after blow struck out from the two entities, craters formed with every punch, ravines ran from every kick, and with every collision of fists brought on tremors that could send the most stable of buildings falling to the ground.

After what seemed like hours of constant back and forth, Naruto finally pulled through as he leaned his head out of the way of one of the child's punches and snaked his around the strike and slammed his fist into the boy's face. "ORRRRAAAAAAAAA!" the blond roared out in effort as he followed through with the strike, and like a pitcher, threw the boy through the air and breakneck speeds, breaking the sound barrier with the speed at which the boy flew.

But Owari recovered just as quickly as he spun himself around and formed two massive arms with his spectral silver energy and used them to slow his flight as they dug into the ground, deep gouges forming in the earth as he slowed to a stop.

And when he finally stopped, he let out an earth shaking roar as once again, the four Apostles of Chaos formed, but, this time however, instead of being the size of large beasts, these monstrosities stood above mountains as they beared down on the blond immortal below them.

Cracking a smirk, Naruto couldn't help but feel something akin to nostalgia as the golden flame of his chakra erupted around him, forming a massive fox-like construct from his very life force, large enough to rival the very beasts he was fighting.

"Let's do this...like the good old days, KURAMA!" he roared in his mind, reaching into the vast ocean of red chakra within his body. The fox roared out in power as it's nine tails lashed out to halt the advancing beasts.

Flicking the beasts away with his tails, Naruto charged forward on all fours and quickly grabbed onto Wraths face before slamming it into the ground, the earth shaking from the force of the blow.

Quickly without breaking stride, the Fox flipped into the air and used all nine of its tails to bat Anguish through the air and send it into Despair. And finally, once landing took a deep breath before releasing a beam of pure chakra out at the two, turning them into nothing but ash in the explosion that could decimate an entire State.

Turning his eyes to his two other opponents, Naruto watched as Wrat pulled itself from the ground and Regret began its charge towards the blond. "Bring it on!" The blond roared out as he met the hulking beast head on, crashing into it in a shoulder tackle, taking both of them to the ground before using his tails to hold the Nuckelavee pinned to the ground. "Lava Style: Molten Rasenshuriken!" Naruto yelled out as a massive ball of molten earth formed in the foxes maw before four spinning blades of pure chakra formed around it, and with a push, the attack burst forth, destroying the beast.

Jumping away before he could get caught in his own attack, Naruto braced himself and blocked a leaping punch from Wrath before skidding across the scorched earth until he came to a stop. "Wood style: Wooden Dragon!" And with that a massive dragon burst forth from the earth below Wrath and crushed the beast within its jaws before flying into the sky and peering down at the Master.

"GO!" Naruto roared as the dragon dived down towards the boy roaring out in power. As it dove down, Owari just glared before raising his hand with a sneer, and once more, the Samsara eye opened in his palm.

"Shinra Tensei." The boy stated as a shockwave of pure gravitational force shattered the dragon on impact, turning it into nothing more than splinters. After that display of power was over, Owari brought his other hand up and aimed it towards the blond immortal. "Call of the Outer Path: Dragon of Fate!" The boy called out as an ethereal dragon roared to life as it rushed out of the boy's body, hell bent on tearing into its prey.

"Fuck!" Naruto yelled in surprise as he exited his Kurama Chakra mode and flew out of the dragon's path, only for it to turn towards the blond and make chase as he ran from the beast, not knowing of its abilities and just what it could possibly do.

Spiraling into the air, the immortal tried his best to completely avoid contact with the astral dragon, narrowly avoiding it several times before he began to channel chakra into his left palm. Quickly after the first waves of chakra reached the Yin seal on the blond immortals palm, a deep violet chakra shrouded his body for a brief moment before it condensed itself into his left eye, forcing it closed due to the strain of the awakening.

After the chakra faded, Naruto opened his eye to reveal that his once cerulean orb had changed into the rippling silver of the Rinnegan, though, with a single critical difference.

Within the rings encompassing the eye sat six Tomoe, signifying that this eye was no mere Rinnegan, no, it was the eye that Uchiha Sasuke once possessed, his own unique Rinnegan that was bestowed upon him by the Rikudou Sennin when the two of them were first tasked to stop Kaguya, Chaos' first attempt at victory in her and Order's game.

Now with both the eye and body of the Rikudou Sennin, Naruto stopped in his flight and stared at the encroaching dragon. With a deadly smirk, the blonde raised his arms and with a fury filled roar, summoned six black orbs before him shaping them into a sphere that encompassed his entire body, and as the spectral dragon washed over his covered form, it's maw clamped down onto the dark sphere with a victorious roar.

Only for it to halt in its charge and fade into nothing as the sphere stopped it dead in its tracks and destroyed the dragon upon impact. Once its ethereal form dispersed with a pitiful wail, the sphere opened itself and revealed the blond immortal floating in the air and looking down at the Child of Chaos with an almost bored expression.

"Come now, Owari, that isn't the best you can do is it?" he taunted as the dark sphere around him returned to the six individual spheres, save for one that elongated into a staff, its head shaped as a circle with several other rings hanging off of it gently clanging and ringing as the bounced against one another, and its end was in the shape of a half circle. "I might not have been able to train you for too long before you decided to follow your mother instead of me, but I would like to think that it took more than this sorry display to destroy my old home…"

. . . .

157 years after the Fourth Great Shinobi World War

. . . .

Naruto sat where he could usually be found, upon the massive stump in the middle of the forest he had been residing in for the last twenty years. Like always, he was meditating, trying to escape from reality for but a moment, trying to forget that all of those he once called precious were gone from this world, forever out of his grasp.

Only, this time however, he was not alone in his peaceful self reflection.

"Oniiiiii-Chaaaaan~, come on already! You said you'd teach me how to use my powers when I was seven, and I've been seven for three whole days already!" The child that hung himself from the immortals shoulder whined as he started to pull on the blonds shirt to try and physically pull him out of his meditation.

Releasing a heavy sigh, Naruto looked at the small white haired child futility pulling on him to get him to move from his place of rest. "Not now brat…" he grumbled as he once again closed his eyes and tried to find his peace of mind once more.

Only for the child to start pulling on his hair. "You promised!" he cried as his small fingers twisted themselves into the immortals long blond locks and gave them a hard pull.

With a quick yelp of pain, Naruto tried to pull the white haired child from his head. "Alright alright! You little brat I'll teach you, I'll teach you! Just let go of me ya little snot!" he yelled in pain as he continued to pry the boy from his admittedly overgrown locks.

And with those words, the boy instantly released his grip on the immortal's hair and gave a joy filled whoop as he jumped down from the stump and stood a few paces from his 'older brother'. "Alright! What cha gonna teach me first huh, huh! Am I gonna learn how to fly!? Oh oh! What about that really cool thing you do when ya make wood come out of the ground!?" All Naruto could do right now was try to not groan at the boy's excitement.

Raising his arms in a placating manner, the blond tried to get the child under control. "Calm down, calm-I SAID CALM DOWN!" he tried to be relaxed...he really did. But once the kid started to bounce in place, he snapped and yelled at the boy, instantly getting the child to clam up and pay attention.

"Now," Naruto began after taking a calming breath. "We'll get to those some other time, for now...Show me how you think you should throw a punch…"

. . . .

Present Day

. . . .

Naruto winced as he recalled those days, back when the child before him was still innocent, still carefree, still...still his. Quickly shaking his head to remove those thoughts from his mind, he looked down at the child and lowered himself to the ground once more.

"How about I teach you some more, huh? Let's see what you remember. You do remember what the first lesson was, right?" he said as he slowly made his way towards the child.

Owari was staring at the blond in a mixture of terror, and excitement. He knew it wasn't going to be easy. He knew just how powerful his 'Onii-chan' was, and yet, he hadn't expected to be as utterly outclassed as he was right now.

His Apostles were useless to him, a mere distraction at best. He doubted he could find the time to release another Chaos Burst without the blond immortal taking advantage of his open state and punishing him for it. And even his rinnegan would do little at this point to help him. He hadn't been able to train while sealed away in the ruins of Konohagakure, so he at best knew what he could do before he was sealed in the first place, leaving him with just the basics of the Asura path, and the Human, Preta and Deva path's being his only techniques he had any real control over. While Naruto couldn't use any conventional Ninjutsu against him, that didn't mean Senjutsu and Taijutsu couldn't have any effect on him, and he knew the older Immortal was worlds above him in those particular aspects. So, there was only one option left for him to do.

Embrace Chaos.

And with that thought, the blond was on him. Before he could even bring his guard up the elder Immortal had his fist buried in his face, contorting his cheek and shattering his jaw. Owari flew through the now open patch of dirt which used to be Naruto's Sanctuary, being knocked away with such strength that his body disappeared from the sight, only forming a blur of white as he crashed on the clear other side of their battlefield. Even with the distance between them, Naruto was on him faster than a man could blink, the trail behind him being turned to molten rock as he soared at a blinding pace towards the boy. And after reaching him he buried yet another otherworldly blow into the child's stomach, shattering the earth beneath them and increasing the size of the crater they were already in.

Naruto glared down at the boy with no pity in his eyes as he watched him squirm and try to repair his broken body. With a grunt he lifted his leg and stomped down on the healing child of Chaos. "Pathetic." He growled out, putting more pressure onto the boy as he drove his heel into his skull. "To think you were the one to bring down the Shinobi race. You're not even on Kaguya's level...They must have gotten weak in their long peace."

The response he received was unsettling to say the least. The boy under his heel just started to laugh. It was low a first, just barely a chuckle, but then it was a fit of giggles, and then full blown laughter. Naruto narrowed his eyes at the child and pushed his foot down even harder. "What is so funny, boy?" he growled out, but the boy just kept laughing.

"You...You think I'm trapped here in you little Sanctuary!?" the boy laughed out, weakly bringing up a hand and loosely gripping the foot pressing down into his skull. Before Naruto could comprehend what the boy was talking about, a bright flash of silver enveloped the both of them, blinding the blond and knocking him away, sending him crashing into the group a few hundred meters away.

Grunting as he brought himself back up into a crouch, Naruto looked over at where the child of Chaos was now standing. He had a silver cloak of energy flickering in and out around his body, violently pulsating with power as he stared at the blond with crazed eyes.

"Hehehehe," he started to laugh again. "You know, the more I use this power the less control I have over myself…" he tapped his head with a manic grin. "Makes me crazy, makes me violent...but most of all, it makes me unpredictable!" he cackled before his face became serious, just a vicious grin left on his face. "You know...the Titans were puppets of Chaos, holding small traces of her power within them so that they could be 'immortal', that's why I was able to destroy that kid earlier, I just took the essence of Chaos from him and his body unraveled itself...But do you know what is interesting?" he asked as he tilted his head to the side, an innocent look on his face.

Naruto glared at the boy, growing suspicious of what he was thinking. He seemed confident...very confident, but even with the power he was putting out the blond knew he could match and surpass it a hundred fold, with both his millennia of training and experience. And Owari knew this as well...So what was making him so confident?

"Those 'gods' are the children of Titans, each holding a minute amount of Mamma's essence within them...I wonder what would happen if I could get my hands on one of them as well?"

Naruto paled, and Owari's smirk widened before with a flicker of silver, the boy disappeared from the Sanctuary.

Naruto's eyes widened in terror as he sought out his marker on Owari's back and flashed after the child.

. . . .

158 years after The Fourth Great Shinobi World War

. . . .

Naruto sat upon his seat of meditation, the long cut stump retaining itself through the passage of time due to the abundance of Nature Chakra being filtered through it as a byproduct of the blond's meditation. Though, for the first time in a century, his meditation was not comforting. It did not dull him to the passage of time. No, it slowed it to a crawl, making it near impossible to hold. Something was missing, and it was agitating the blond to no end.

"Where is Owari…" He thought to himself. It had been far too long since the boy came to pester him about training, raving for food, or crying for him out of sheer boredom. And it was this loss of routine that had the blond on edge.

Ever since he took the boy into his care, it felt as if the passage of time began to slow for him once more. No more did he close his eyes and a year would pass by before he opened them once more. No. It felt as if every second was an eternity with the child. And for the immortal blond, who had to this point loathed the crawling of time, found himself missing the child's presence, missing the time he could be spending with him...he found himself yearning for time to slow and for him to be within the child's presence.

So, for the first time in nearly a century, he voluntarily got up from his place of peace.

He set out on the well worn path from his stump to the small cabin that now graced his forest. He had built it for Owari when he first found him, thinking the open forest was no place for a babe.

Entering the warmly lit cabin with nary a sound, the blond looked for his wayward ward. Where could the child be? He had never strayed far from the blond before, and he had never gone a morning without crying out for breakfast. The cabin was empty, and the hearth fire was waning. The blond took only a moment to add some fuel to the flame before continuing his search.

It didn't take him long to find him once he opened his senses to track the boy. He found him in a small glade just south of the cabin, but what he found would haunt him from then, to his dying breath.

There was the boy he was beginning to see as his own, surrounded by monstrosities that shared his power...and the ghostly specter of a woman, gently caressing the boy's head.


. . . .

Present Day

. . . .

"-WARI!" Naruto roared as his fist crashed into the back of the boy's head, nearly crushing it form the force, but instead sent the boy flying through the skys' of Olympus.

Campers, Huntresses, and Hestia herself gasped in mixtures of fear and surprise from the sudden appearance of the two beyond godly beings. Olympus shook under Naruto's fury. The blond stared down the boy who had landed at the gates of Olympus, on the far side of the realm from them.

"You would dare go after those I love...instead of stand and face me like a man?" The blond thought of the years he spent raising the boy. The time he spent gently guiding lessons into the boy's mind, trying to set him on the right path. The time that now seemed wasted, the feeling of love that once held those thoughts now replaced in sheer and utter disappointment.

"You...have fallen so far from the child I once knew. You are no longer that excitable boy who made my eternal life once seem meaningful. You've changed boy...And I guess it's time I punish you for your failures…"

"Failures!?" Owari screamed in confused fury. The boy's body continued to glow brighter and brighter. "Failures!? What have I failed in!? I took everything you taught me, everything! And I used it to do what I was meant to do! I was created by Chaos to put this petty game to an end! I'd do what you couldn't, Onii-chan…"

The venom that seeped from the boy's tone actually startled the blond for a moment, but was given no time to dwell on it as his senses screamed at him to act. He began to turn back to where Hestia sat when he heard the boy's voice once more.

"I'D END THIS ALL AND FINALLY ACHIEVE PEACE!" the boy screamed as he reappeared before the Goddess of the Hearth, ready to bring his hand down upon her, and sever the small thread of Chaos within her.

Hestia did not flinch, she did not shy away, and she did not run from the boy. No. She threw up her hands, and with a cry erected a barrier of flame that would incinerate all that touched it. She heard the boy's scream of pain and thought herself safe, until the charred arm of the boy burst through the flame, grabbing at her neck.

The sheer force at which she was hit broke her concentration, and her fires died with the short gagged cry of pain she gave out as the boy held her in his hands.

"And I'll start with her!" Owari screamed with a manic look in his eyes, the power of Chaos herself moving from his core, down his arm and towards the goddess in his grasp.

Hestia watched in terror as the boy's eyes shown a sickly silver, and closed her eyes. In all her years she never feared her own death. It was the fate of all things, and that was the truth for even the gods. But, now she did fear her death. Because now, she had someone to call hers. She had found love when she thought she would be unable to with her vows as Maiden, and she had finally found someone that could be Her family alone. And now it would be taken away.

It was in that fear she cried, and screwed her eyes shut, not wanting to see everything she had slip from her in this instant.

But, as the moment passed, she felt the pressure on her neck disappear, and the oppressive presence that was once crushing her in place faded. She opened her eyes, and there behind the boy stood Naruto.

The blond had a hand placed upon the boy's head, his tanned palm squeezing tightly, his left eye opened wide as it began to glow an ominous steely color.

"I'm sorry…I'm sorry I couldn't save you from this fate…" And with his words said, the blond lifted his hand from the boy's head, and what looked like the boy's soul lifted from his body. It screamed in anguish as it was lifted from the body. And then faded into nothing as the boy's corpse fell to the floor of Olympus' Throne Room.

A single tear fell from the blonds face as he stared at the boy's unmoving form.

And all was quiet throughout Olympus.

. . . .

A freak earthquake was what they called it. The event that leveled most of Manhattan and killed thousands. The city had not suffered such as this since 9/11, and it would not recover anytime soon.

Naruto stared down at the ruined city, a somber expression on his face as he stood just within the gates of Olympus. The gods' combined strength was enough to ward off Typhon, and with Kronos' erasure, there was no longer a threat to the balance of Order in the world. Though, this did not seem to lift the overall mood of the heavenly plain of existence that rested above the Empire State building. The fight had been close, and too many lives had been lost for any form of celebrations to be had.

It seemed the world sat in a calm sense of reflection as the blond stared out over it. And he stayed this way until he felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist.

"Things will get better," Hestia murmured into his back as she hugged him."The mortals of this world are resilient, and will use this as a way to grow closer to one another. They will not wallow in depression for eternity, so, why don't we take a lesson from those whose lives are lived in a blink of an eye?" She consoled the blond the best she could, smiling softly when she felt the tension in his shoulders and back fade, and his body relax into hers.

Naruto shifted her so that she was leaning into his side, looking out over the world with his arms now around her.

"I guess you're right." He whispered just loud enough for her to hear. "But let's stay like this, just for a little while longer…" He moved to sit, and she followed him, neither breaking their emprace. She did not protest. She sat there with him, watching over the world in silence, simply happy to be within each other's arms with nothing on the horizon to split them apart.

For a brief moment, the goddess thought she could see a woman looking to her. The woman's Lavender eyes looked at her, and a smile formed on her face. And just as quickly as the vision came, it left, leaving a sense of warmth filling her.

She leaned further into the blond, closing her eyes and focusing on his heartbeat.

"Yes...let's stay here for a while longer…"

. . . .

The End

. . . .

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