Welcome to a new story, guys! This one is going to be different and quite exciting. An AU Human story about family but most importantly how to balance love and duty. The main pairing is Klayley, however after a lot of debating, I have decided to Camlijah to be the side-pairing, simply because they have a lot in common and fit better together (I like the way I write Cami, compared to the way the writers present her on the show). Also safe to mention that this story is based on the movie "Laws of Attraction"

PLOT: Hayley Marshall had studied law for many years and at the age of 26, she could finally call herself a successful attorney, recognized by the state of Louisiana. Hayley meets up with her best friend, Camille O'Connell-Mikaelson at the gym right after the young woman won one of her biggest cases yet, earning her a bigger position in the company and discusses her current life, while Cami shares hers. Meanwhile, Annabelle Marshall, the wealthy mother of Hayley, presents her fashion industry with a surprise top model. Finally, the rich Mikaelson family of New Orleans is surprised to learn of a prestigious member returning to his childhood town of New Orleans.

"Your honor, I object! My client happens to be a very docile human being! Never in my life has he ever been aggressive towards his wife and he shall never be. If you ask me to put him on the witness stand so he can confess, I am certain that Dr. Phillips will agree to it!" Hayley Marshall was known and feared at the age of 26.

Law had always been her domain, ever since she was a small child and she used to watch her father, "the bull" as the citizens of New Orleans would call him, on television. The strength with which he always defended his clients made Hayley adore him more and more. Her mother, Annabelle would always claim that she was too smart for her own good. It wasn't as if she didn't want her daughter clever.

She just didn't want her daughter to follow her father's path, since she didn't think that women could be just as tough in court and could represent their clients with the same type of ferocity as men could. By the age of 6, Hayley Marshall soon found herself in the middle of an ugly divorce between her parents.

It was all over the news that Jack Marshall, the famous lawyer and his wife, the prestigious fashion designer, Annabelle, were divorcing.

Hayley could remember well that she had spent most of her time with her very ill grandparents from her father's side. She was smart enough to understand that her parents didn't want to live with each other anymore and yet she was too young to understand how complicated a divorce between two people truly was.

The process ended after a couple of months since Jack Marshall was clearly representing himself in court, while all the other lawyers Annabelle had contacted to represent her, were too afraid to stand against Jack Marshall, afraid of embarrassing themselves in court. After all, Jack Marshall was a man who had answers for all the questions, but one of his biggest qualities was also kindness and even though he and his wife no longer saw eye to eye, they both loved their daughter, so for the sake of the family, they agreed on joint custody of Hayley, as well as splitting equally their fortune.

Nothing was ever the same for the Marshall family and 5 years later…came the untimely illness and eventually death of Hayley's father. The young 11 year old and her mother mourned Jack Marshall, just as the rest of New Orleans did.

Everyone was certain that Hayley was too young to be left fatherless, especially after having to bear such a dreadful divorce, so her mother started bringing many suitors to her home, all of them from wealthy families, hoping to catch the eye of one of them and get married. And she did. She kept Jack Marshall's last name and continued her business in the fashion industry and eventually Marshall's Epiphany sold for more than Annabelle could hope for.

As the years passed, Annabelle started getting more and more interested in her work that she barely had any more time to spend with Hayley. The young girl shared all her troubles with her grandparents but even they, as sick as they were getting, couldn't offer her much advice about life. So she was left to figure things out on her own.

By the time she turned 18, when her grandparents passed away as well…Hayley was certain of what she wanted. She wanted to practice law, something her mother was extremely against.

Annabelle had always worked hard to send her daughter to fitness classes, help her lose weight through diets, until Hayley could truly be called a "hot chick" by any man who would see her passing by. Annabelle would claim that this was her way in which was able to express her daughter's natural glow but truly, she had other motives.

"Mom, I am not going to become your model. I want people to look at me and not take me for a sex object. Whether I am good looking or not, I am getting into law school, for that is the only way I can be respected as a woman in this family and in this city. I want to be strong, just like my father was."

Hayley would always give her the exact same speech until eventually, Annabelle gave up on trying to get her daughter to start modeling for Marshall's Epiphany. Eventually, Hayley found herself getting a scholarship at Harvard Law School. For some reason, she thought of it to be more as a pity gift, since the people there knew about her father's reputation and the fact that he was now gone.

They offered her a chance out of pity, Hayley thought but she didn't care. She was going to prove how tough she could be as a young woman.

She took the scholarship and moved away from New Orleans, getting in touch with her mom recently only for her to brag about her love life. She had a total of 7 lovers. She married 3 of them and then ended up divorcing them all. Hayley couldn't help but roll her eyes whenever her mother made her comments on the phone when she was supposed to be studying, "I was always a good mother to you! And now you leave me in the hands of obnoxious and traitorous men! I never deserved this kind of treatment! I honestly can't wait until you do become a lawyer. I want you to represent me in any case I need and take down these bastards!"

And now, 8 years later, here she was, walking down the court institution steps, as the paparazzi couldn't help but start snapping photographs and asking Dr. Andrew Philips questions about the way the divorce was finalized and the way Hayley Marshall, the daughter of the late Jack Marshall had did it again and had won a very important case, among others.

"How does it feel to know that your wife is not entitled to a cent of your fortune?" one woman asked and placed the microphone in front of him.

Dr. Andrew Philips smiled and let out a loud laugh, grabbing Hayley by the waist and saying, "How do you think I might be feeling when I have the best lawyer in New Orleans by my side? She did a fantastic job and that company she works for should be very proud of her!"

The paparazzi asked him some more questions before their turned their attention to Hayley, who smiled softly, pushed a part of her wavy and glossy hair behind her shoulders and licked her lips dry with red lipstick. Her black suit matched her perfectly as the woman asked, "How does it feel to know that you have the other lawyers of this city at your feet?"

She placed the microphone in front of her and Hayley stated, "I am flattered, really, but you know, I doubt that I really am the best lawyer in this town. I think that every lawyer anticipates differently than others and has different methods of winning their cases. The only thing I can tell you is that I worked hard to be where I am now. I wouldn't call myself the best. I am sure there are lawyers out there who might be able to take me down but even if they are…they're rare." Hayley finished her sentence with a smirk as Dr. Philips and the paparazzi laughed at her sass.

"Good luck in the future, Dr. Philips. It has been an incredible journey and now you may rest easy knowing that you can have your life back again." The reporters told him and he waved at them. "I can tell you that divorce is kind of liberating!"

As soon as the filming ended and the reporters as well as the paparazzi went their separate ways, leaving Hayley and Dr. Philips on their own on the streets. "I have to admit Miss. Marshall that you handled all of that beautifully…I adored every moment of it. The press…the judge…even my wife. The way you speak your mind amazes me. I must say that I would have won far less if I had chosen any other lawyer in this town to represent me."

"I am happy that I could be of service and the generous donation you are offering my company really means a lot." "Oh, it's not like you need it, sweetheart. You thrive in this town, just like your father before you." Hayley stopped smiling and just pursed her lips. "Yeah well, I prefer not to be compared to my late father. He was a great lawyer but I don't want to be seen as the daughter of Jack Marshall. I want to be known as Hayley Marshall."

The doctor scratched his forehead and whispered, "You could make that all go away you know? You should change your last name."

"No, thank you. I like this one." He smirked and said, getting closer to her. "I would gladly offer you my name. Think of how this sounds, Hayley Philips. Has a nice ring to it don't you think?" Hayley gasped. "Dr. Philips, you just divorced your wife and now you are asking me to marry you?"

"Not right away but how about you come with me for just a little while? Why don't you agree to be lovers? We could make quite some magic together, sweetheart. You are beautiful, smart, sexy…" Hayley started to get annoyed and spat, "Dr. Philips, I agreed to represent you knowing that you would understand what business is. Even if the divorce has been finalized, I refuse to go out with you. Now, if you'll excuse me…" "But why not?"

"The age difference, for starters…I am 26 and you're almost 40." "Ah, come on, I don't think that really matters." "It matters to me. Now, if you'll excuse me…I have to get going. Good luck from this day forwards!" "Not even a quickie?" he asked her and Hayley could only scoff and start walking faster. Plenty of guys have hit on her and clients too, but much younger clients.

Dr. Philips took the cake. This was the reason she wasn't even interested in finding a lover, just one night stands whenever she felt like she would explode with stress.

But it was strictly against her policy to start seeing and sleep with her clients. Even ex-clients. She wanted everything to be kept professional. Looking at her watch, Hayley whispered, "Shit." She was running late, but thankfully, she brought spare clothes for the fitness club she joined the other week.

She wanted to keep fit, knowing that with so many cases which had piled up on her desk, she needed a break now more than ever. Hayley Marshall stepped into the gym with her hair tied into a ponytail and her gym clothes on. Her gorgeous porcelain and flat belly was showing, but she didn't care. Taking a huge gulp from her water bottle, she headed over on the treadmill, where Cami was already waiting for her.

They really missed each other and this Friday, right before the weekend, they could finally take a break from their jobs and actually start focusing more on their lives.

Camille was 28 and one of the best in her domain of couples counseling, just as her best friend was in law. "Hayley! Hey! You were all over the TV!" Cami gasped as she was running, slowing down her pace and pointing at the television in front of her. "Yeah, I could barely get them away from me." "Well, you won that bastard's case and that is all that matters now, right?" Hayley laughed as she got on her own treadmill and started with a slow pace.

"Bastard? What happened to the gorgeous Dr. Philips you always admired?" "I had him and his wife for couples counseling last week, remember? You were the one who made the suggestion to your client." "Oh, yeah! You never did tell me what happened with that." "Well, we haven't seen each other at all this week. You've been stressed out, working hard and I had to deal with all the emotions of people who are on the brick of divorce."

Hayley let out another giggle as she started to pick up the pace and jog on the treadmill. "Well, you are the one who wanted to be a couple therapist, Cami." "Well yeah and I like my job. I swear that I do, but it gets tiring sometimes. I can't say it's the same type of job as yours but still…"

"Any job gets tiring at some point, Cami. We just have to know how to deal with it." "Quite the pair we are. Your job is to get people divorced and my job is to keep them from divorcing. So…as I was telling you about Dr. Philips…he's a pervert." "Why do you say that?" Hayley asked. "I don't know I'm almost convinced that his wife was telling the truth about the many women he slept with behind her back."

"Well…I was going to tell you about this when we would grab some lunch but since you mentioned it, this creep actually hit on me almost as soon as the press disappeared." Cami's mouth parted in shock as she started to slow down on the treadmill, compared to Hayley who was going fast and sweating already. "Are you serious? And what did you say?"

"I turned him down the most polite way I could. He has tons of money and I wouldn't be surprised if he would have sewed my company if I was rude to him in any way. As charming as he can be, this guy is dangerous." "Not to mention like 14 years older than you! That is so disgusting." Cami complained.

"You would be surprised but I have represented quite a few 50 year old millionaires against their wives, who have brought some 20 year olds to court with them." "Mistresses?" "You guessed it! So like I said, it can get much worse, but still. I have a strict no dating the client policy, no matter how charming or dashing he may be." "But he's also much older than you, Hayley, remember that." "Okay…okay. Elijah is older than you, by the way. The hypocrisy shines in you today Cami Mikaelson."

"Elijah is 32. That's only 4 years older than me. That's fine." "Cami, calm down. I rejected Dr. Philips, okay? Not happening." "Okay, but…I'm your best friend and it's natural for me to get worried sometimes." By this time, Hayley had slowed down on the treadmill and started drinking some water before wiping the sweat off her forehead with a towel.

"Why would you be worried about me?" "Because your love life sucks! No offense!" Hayley smirked and shook her head. "Well, excuse me…not all of us have had the chance to find fine, kind and rich men like you have found Elijah." "Hayley, you know that I didn't marry Elijah for his money or his family popularity in town. We really had so much in common and..."

"No, I know. But why are you going in the past tense?" Hayley asked her, suspiciously all of a sudden.

"I said that in the past tense?" Cami suddenly looked confused and Hayley put her hands on her hips, eying her. "Yeah, you did. What exactly are you hiding from me?" "I'm not hiding anything, Hayley. What would I be hiding?"

"Well…you and Elijah was kind of like love at first sight. I personally don't believe in that. You should be able to know that person inside and out in order to fall in love, but anyway…the two of you got married after 3 months of dating. That's a short time." "Yes, Hayley and now, we have been married for 2 years." "Congratulations from my part! I didn't say anything…" "Yes, you did. What exactly do you want to know about my marriage to Elijah? We're happy. He has been promoted to CEO of Mikaelson Corporations by Mikael and…we're happy."

"Cami, don't be so defensive. I simply asked if something is wrong. The two of you didn't know each other that well before your marriage and as a couple's therapist, you should know better than I do how that can affect relationships." "Hayley, you never had a serious relationship with a man."

"You're right but I also don't like to see my best friend upset. Why don't you trust me with this truth? What's going on with you and Elijah?" Cami looked at her as they both stopped with the treadmill to catch a breath and she whispered, "It's just that he's been a bit distant lately. He has been so caught up with work and so have I…we haven't really had many moments together." "Well, that may be my mom's fault." Hayley replied, rolling her eyes.

"Why would you blame your mom for what happened?" "Because she is the one who asked him to look for a new assistant for her…but she gave him a very long list of qualifications this assistant needed to have. So I guess he spent a lot of time searching." "Really? He didn't tell me that." Hayley pursed her lips and tried to ignore that statement and move on from it. "Should we grab a bite to eat now?" They headed over to the changing room after taking their showers.

Cami broke the ice by asking, "So has Elijah found an assistant for your mom?" "Yeah. It's some girl named Katherine Pierce. She has a twin sister named Elena." "Aha." "Does she complete all your mother's requirements?" "My mom is picky but I think she will do."

"Where do you want to go after lunch? Do you want to watch a movie?" "Actually, my mom called before and told me that she is expecting me at her studio. Apparently she has some news and she wants me to be there to greet Katherine into the fashion family industry or something." "Oh, okay. I'll come with you, then. I have two days off from work and nothing better to do at home." "Where's Elijah?"

"At Mikaelson Corporations. Where do you think?" "Mikael making him work late again?" "I don't think so. The company is doing fine but Elijah likes to stay over and work over hours." "Well, no one can blame him for turning into a workaholic. I'm on that path too." "You never stopped and asked yourself why you're turning into one?" "Why do you think I'm turning into one, Cami?"

"Because you do not have a love life. And that's worrying me." "I have had…men…of course I have had late night escapades before." "Not one night stands! A serious relationship. Find a guy with whom you can just…click…and fall in love." "Cami, you have always been the romantic one, but I am the one more focused than ever on my business and my business is as follows…I get up, I go to work, I eat…I work and then I go home."

"So you never want to meet a guy of your own?" "Why would I want to? All the guys who are interested in me are actually not looking at me in the eyes but at my ass. You're lucky you found someone like Elijah. But I don't think I will have that much luck. All the guys I meet are jerks and perverts or already married. So…" Hayley sighed and ran her hand through her hair. The sun was glowing on them as they walked down Bourbon Street. "I know you're still affected by what Jared did to you…" Cami started saying but Hayley snapped, "I'm not. Rest easy at night knowing that I have forgotten all about that guy."

"You haven't been the same since he dumped you for that blonde twit." "Forgiven and forgotten. Can we just move on from the subject of my love life, please? You don't like to talk about yours right now, either." Cami nodded. "Okay. Lighter subjects…did you see that Caroline Forbes is moving in New Orleans?"

"Caroline Forbes? Who is that?" Hayley asked, frowning. "Oh my God, you really have been under a lot of pressure and stress with work, haven't you? Caroline Forbes is the daughter of one of the biggest millionaires of Mystic Falls, Bill Forbes." "Okay. So what's so interesting about her?"

"She's tops in modeling and everyone in the fashion industry is interested in having her model their clothes! It's a riot on television! You should have watched!" Cami explained and laughed. "Yeah…maybe I should have…but like I said, my job is more important." "You're 26 and you only ever had one boyfriend in college and a few one night stands. You have to get out more and meet new people. You never know…you might find that guy who will sweep you off your feet." "In New Orleans? Not a chance."

They continued walking, somehow slowly, neither one of them interested in hearing the complains of Annabelle Marshall. "So…Mikael and Esther Mikaelson are having a small family get together tonight. I have to go too since I'm Elijah's wife." "Interesting? Something going on?" "Rebekah and Freya are coming back from Paris."

"The Mikaelsons have many children. I don't know how they manage to put up with all six." "Yeah…they are numerous. Finn and his wife, Sage are going to drop by and Kol…being Kol." "The last time I saw Kol, he hit on me." "Oh yeah, I remember that!" Cami laughed along with her. "I am sure that nothing's changed about that guy. Oh…and there is also Niklaus, but I don't think he's coming. He and Mikael are not very close."

"Niklaus? Who is he? I never heard of him." "Third oldest in the family. He's 28. He likes to be called Klaus. He's actually a great lawyer himself, from Mystic Falls. Think of him as more of an older version of Kol, but with much better tastes and class. Ironically, he's dating Caroline Forbes, the model I told you about." Hayley smirked and whispered, "Just as I told you. The only thing guys who originate from this place, are into are boobs and a nice ass, with a bit of sass. Elijah is the only exception."

"Yeah but if he's a lawyer, you might have something in common with him if you meet him." "I am not in the mood for more competition so let's just hope that he stays in Mystic Falls." "Yeah, let's hope for the best. The last thing I want is for you to feel anymore challenged than you already are."

Finally, they entered Marshall's Epiphany, where Annabelle's voice could have been loudly heard. Hayley rolled her eyes as she straightened and walked towards the elevator in her high heels.

"Good day, Miss. Marshall!" Tommy, her mother's bodyguard greeted her. "Hey, Tommy. How's it going today? Is my mom freaking out as usual?" "Yes, ma'am. I think you can hear that loud and clear." He joked. Sure enough, Annabelle was yelling at two of her best models that they were not capable of representing her bikinis in the photographs.

"You know what? Take a break! Everyone!" she snapped, including at the photographer. Annabelle started fanning herself and then gasped when she saw her daughter at the door. "Remember. Not a word about my love life in front of my mother." Hayley whispered to Cami, just as Annabelle stepped forward and pulled her into a hug.

"Oh, my sweetheart! How are you, honey? Have you been gaining weight or is it just my eyesight playing with me?" she asked but there was still a smug on her face, showing that she was not kidding around. "You're really adorable sometimes, Mom." Hayley commented and cocked her head to one side with a smirk. "Well I have to be…my reputation is on the line. What about your…reputation?"

"Everyone has seen me on television today. I won Dr. Philip's case." Hayley explained with a proud smile on her face. "Ah, yes…I have seen the way that man was looking at you. I don't know why you put up with it." "He was not looking at me in any kind of way. You are hallucinating. Dr. Philips is a very respected doctor in this town and I helped him rid himself of his bloodsucking wife. And at the same time, I earned myself and the company millions so I've had a pretty good day. Can't say the same about you, right Mom?"

Cami's eyes were widening at the way Hayley was talking to her mother at that moment and everyone remained silent as Annabelle and Hayley were eying each other with challenging glares. "Well…can't argue with you, darling. You have always been your father's daughter. I don't think you have even an ounce of my spirit in you. Can someone please just get me an ice tea?!" "Right here, Annabelle!" A young woman with curly brunette hair stepped over with the drink and handed it to her.

"Thank you, Katherine. Ah yes, Cami, I wanted to thank your husband for choosing my personal assistant. Katherine here is an angel." The young woman blushed and giggled. "It's too much, Anna."

Hayley raised her eyebrow. Anna? No one ever dared to call her mom that. She didn't think of it to be respectable, but it seems like she didn't mind having Katherine around, acting almost as if she were a part of her family. Katherine smirked and held out her hand to Cami. "I believe you are the famous woman Elijah is obsessed with. My name is Katherine." Cami stared at her for a moment, shook her hand and said in a rather unusual tone, "He is not obsessed with me. I happen to be his wife." Cami stated.

"Oh, I know. You're a therapist, right?" "A couple's counselor actually." "What's the difference?" Katherine cocked her head to the side. Cami sighed and turned to Hayley. "Didn't you say that we have to…go?" Hayley nodded at once and said, "Oh yeah…you told me that you need to find a dress for your meeting with the Mikaelson family tonight. Sorry, Mom, but we have to go now."

"Well then I'll just see you tonight, darling." Annabelle commented but Hayley looked confused. "What?" "Well, I was invited because I am close friends with Esther. And you know you are always welcome, sweetie. Aren't you coming?" "Actually…I'm busy tonight. I have to write a report. Maybe another time. Let's go, Cami."

They moved to the elevator when Annabelle called out for them saying, "Wait! I forgot to tell the two of you the best news yet. This is going to be a big break for Marshall's Epiphany, girls. I am getting myself a new model. She is darling, glowing with ambition and beauty. Not to mention young, only 21." She was growing with anticipation, rubbing her hands together.

"Really? Good for you, Mom. Who is it?" "Caroline Forbes! Her father is a millionaire and he is paying me a humongous amount of money to have his daughter model for me. By the end of this week, with Caroline's image…Marshall's Epiphany shall be the biggest business in this town. I will be a goddess!" Annabelle started fanning herself again as Hayley and Cami eyed each other.

"Okay…have fun tonight, Mom. I might call you later." Hayley and Cami stepped outside and out of the building before Annabelle could stop them. "Thanks for saving me from that. Why did Elijah choose someone like her? It's not like him."

"I know she may look like a bitch but maybe her aptitudes are what Mother required. Do you want to go someplace else?" Hayley asked her. "I don't know. It's getting late and I need to get ready for tonight, but I'll call you later to inform you how it's all going at the Mikaelson party. Are you sure you don't want to come with me and maybe spare me the drama there?"

"I'm sure Elijah will have it covered. I have had a long day myself so I think I am just going to pay a special visit to my bed earlier than usual." "I thought you said that you had a report to write." "Actually, that was just a little white lie I had to tell Mom so I wouldn't be forced to go tonight."

"Ah, so let me guess. The reason you don't want to come tonight is because of your Mom, right?" "She has embarrassed me enough in front of the Mikaelsons. I won't have it anymore. So, you and Elijah have fun and I will just sit indoors and eat some snacks." "Eat snacks? Are you trying to draw your mother's attention by gaining weight?"

"I am not gaining weight. Look at me. I've been on her special diet all my childhood. I am just right. I am slim…even if I am not model slim like she always wanted me to be. I have a hard time believing those girls know what eating is. All they do is drink water."

"Okay, you have a point. But what do you think about Caroline Forbes modeling for your mother?" "Well, Cami, if my mother thinks that she is going to get more attention just because Caroline Forbes is going to model for her, she couldn't be more wrong." "Relax. I think you know just as well as I do that it's going to bring her a lot of good publicity. Her father is a good business man, even if his daughter is a scorpion through personality."

"It's fine. I just don't want Mother to get in over her head." "You know she always does. But she and Esther have a lot more in common than you might think. So…I guess I better get ready. Bye, Hayley. I'll call you, okay?" Saying their goodbyes, Hayley headed back to her suite in one of the most expensive building in New Orleans. She threw her keys on the table and immediately stripped, heading into the shower. The hot running water washed her and comforted her.

It wasn't just that she was feeling tired after such a long day. She was feeling dirty as well. Never had she imagined that she would get hit on by Andrew Philips after all she did for him.

But it wasn't as if she wants already used to this. She was famous and everyone in New Orleans knew about her father. They used to worship Jack Marshall just like they now worship Mikael Mikaelson and his family. Hayley knew she wanted to prove herself to be a fantastic lawyer, but because she was a young woman, she couldn't be taken seriously no matter how many cases she won. She often had many people, even her boss, telling her to try and find some stability…some love…and stop being so caught up in her work. But she couldn't.

She was very closet o achieving what she had always dreamed of achieving. Sighing, she turned down the water and stepped out of the tub, wrapping a towel around her and she headed into the living room, turning on the television. Sure enough, all over the news was the fact that Caroline Forbes was coming to New Orleans to model for Marshall's Epiphany.

Rolling her eyes, Hayley sat up on her couch and munched on a few chips. "Caroline, how do you feel about joining Marshall's Epiphany? Is this an accomplished goal for you? How does your father feel about this?"

The questions were buzzing from the press, as Caroline was caught walking on the streets of Mystic Falls with shopping bags and two bodyguards. She took off her sunglasses and smiled at the camera, saying, "Of course I am excited. Daddy paid a lot for me to see me in the spotlight and I can assure you that I won't disappoint him and I won't disappoint Mrs. Marshall either."

Hayley sighed as her eyes started drooping. "Are you going to be moving to New Orleans anytime soon?" One woman asked and Caroline smiled widely. "Sooner than you might think." Hayley finally closed the television and went to change into her nightdress and head to bed.

Camille was standing in front of the mansion, waiting for Elijah to park his car. She was wearing a green dress, with her hair pulled up in a bun and she had a small handbag in her hands. Elijah joined her in a few seconds and took her hand in his. "Are you alright, my darling? You have not spoken a word since we left home."

"Oh, I just…I went to the gym with Hayley today and then we stopped by at her mother's studio. And I learned that the reason why you have been working so late is because you were looking for an assistant for Annabelle. So my question is, why didn't you just tell me?"

Elijah's mouth parted for a moment and he said, "I didn't believe that it would be of any importance to you. After all, you have your own business and Mikaelson Corporations doesn't seem to interest you one bit." Cami smiled and nodded, eventually, looking down. "I do hope that I haven't upset you or anything." "No, of course not. It's just that…" "Just what, Camille?" Elijah almost snapped at her, seeming frustrated. Cami thought about Katherine, her sly smirk and her handshake and then shook her head. "Nothing. It's cold. Let's just go inside."

The butler took care of their jackets almost immediately and led them into the family room where Mikael was already served with drinks of all sorts. Finn and Sage were standing there, looking very happy together. They joined in conversation and soon enough, Rebekah and Freya's plane landed and they headed straight to the Mikaelson family mansion.

Cami greeted them happily and held their hands. They brought clothes for her from expensive designers as well as souvenirs. "This is amazing! Thank you so much!" Cami exclaimed and hugged and kissed them all. But for that one moment, she did wish that Hayley was here with her as well.

Kol arrived later than usual, with a smirk playing on his face as he made fun of his sisters and claimed to have taken responsibility for his actions and wanting to help his father in the business.

Mikael of course was very proud to hear that. He congratulated his son and even made a special toast in front of his family. "As you all may have learned from the news, Caroline Forbes and my son shall be joining us in New Orleans quite soon!" Rebekah gasped and smiled, after which she clapped her hands together.

Being the youngest in the family, she was the most childish but she was the sibling who loved the most. "Niklaus? He is returning?" Elijah, who was sitting next to Cami, asked. "Yes! Since he and Caroline are in a stable relationship, I have decided to make him a proposition and make him return to his hometown to be the lawyer of the company."

"Father, that is a great offer you have made him! I do remember how upset you were when he rejected your proposition that he takes over the company." Finn stated. "Yes, I was disappointed, but as you very well know Niklaus happens to be the best lawyer in Mystic Falls. He is known for his reputation and greatly respected there. However, I shall like for him to be respected here as well. He and Caroline shall be arriving tomorrow."

Kol clapped his hands together and smirked, "Awesome, indeed. It's a pity that Hayley isn't here, though. As a lawyer herself, I think we would sense some real tension in this house between the two. Imagine them standing outside a bathroom door, trying to persuade one another of who should be the one entering it."

He was the only one laughing at his own joke. Annabelle Marshall rolled her eyes and waved her hand. "I doubt that, young Kol. My Hayley doesn't have that necessary skill to defeat a man as brilliant as your brother. But my dear Esther, I would like to thank you for persuading your daughter-in-law to come here and pose as a model for my work." Esther laughed.

"There is no need to thank me. I want her and Niklaus to be back. And she is not my daughter-in-law…yet." "Do you think your son will pop the question anytime soon? He is 28. A marriageable age." "Caroline is a beauty. He wouldn't have found a more suitable woman anywhere. I am certain he will ask her. We just need to give it some time and the news of a wedding between a Mikaelson and a Forbes shall be flowing in the streets of New Orleans."

As Annabelle and Esther were laughing with themselves, Cami had managed to sneak into the kitchen and make a phone call. "Come on, Hayley. Pick up." When she didn't answer, Cami realized that she must have really fallen asleep. "Camille, what are you doing here?" Elijah asked, as Cami turned around, looking at him in shock.

"I could ask you the same question. Why aren't you with your family?" "If there is something bothering you, I would prefer that you share it with me. Not necessarily with Hayley." "There is nothing wrong. Now, let's get back to the party. And stop making such a scene out of this whole thing."

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