Previously, on Laws of Clarity, Hayley had an interesting confrontation with Caroline at the duplex, forcing Klaus to intervene, before Kol revealed to Hayley the way he sabotaged Caroline Forbes' reputation in the city. Cami received a surprise visit from Elijah, who begged her to give their marriage another chance. Before accepting the proposition, Cami revealed to him that she was pregnant with his child. After the divorce process being annulled, Davina and Kol were married by Judge Horner, to Klaus and Hayley's rage. Finally, Elijah met with Klaus at Rousseau's in order to give him a life lesson about happiness.

PLOT: 3 months had passed since the annulment of the divorce between Elijah and Camille. Hayley becomes even more career-obsessed, forcing Davina and Kol to intervene, as Elijah and Cami get a fresh start. Learning about Mikael's birthday party, Hayley meets her mother, needing help. Afterwards, during the spectacular event, Cami makes a confession to Hayley, while Klaus has been given permission from Mikael to promote his art and maybe even hold an auction at the party. An unexpected situation, forces Hayley and Klaus to come in contact with one another more than they both wanted.

Davina stuck her head inside of her office and watched what she was doing. The girl had not seen a single smile on Hayley's face for the past three months. It looked like everything had gone back to the way it was before the divorce between Elijah and Cami had started.

Hayley Marshall was focusing on her work more than ever, had gone through many divorce trials, had won all of them of course and then she would even deal with the press when they asked her personal questions.

Davina knew that Hayley had entered a dark period of her life after the Klaus Mikaelson incident and the way Katherine Pierce had threatened to expose her drunk photographs to the the press and ruin her career. As her assistant, the girl was doing her best to help her out.

"Hayley, I got you the papers you wanted." Davina whispered, entering her office with a smile on her face. It felt like it was her duty to get her to become the fun, loving, passionate and wild Hayley that she had been a few months back.

And maybe a simple smile was going to make a huge change. Davina's boss was just sitting in her chair and looking out her window passively.

"Already?" she simply answered without looking at her. "Yeah." Davina replied with a frown as she put the papers required on her desk. Hayley turned around and rubbed her eyes. She looked extremely tired. "You do a very good job, Davina. I am proud of you." She told her and tried forcing a smile.

"When was the last time you went out, Hayley?" Davina asked her before she could stop herself and the young lawyer looked up from her papers with an arching eyebrow.

"I know I've given you a certain curtesy around here, Davina and I care for you like I would care for a friend but my personal life is really none of your business, nor is it a subject which would be discussed in my office. Now, can you please get me a coffee?"

Hayley returned to her papers and normally, Davina would back off after getting such a response but not this time! Things were going over the line and she was worried for the one person who offered her a great opportunity at this law firm. Davina took a seat in front of her desk and grabbed a hold of her hand.

Hayley groaned and asked, "What is happening to your behavior today?"

"Even if you are my boss, you need to understand that I am not a child. I am 20 years old, Hayley…and I am also married now, which is not something which can be said to you, someone 6 years older than me."

Davina put out her hand, showing her wedding ring. Hayley gaped at her for a moment and then she frowned, pulling her hand back. "When did you ever receive the permission to act like a pain around here, Davina? Maybe if you are grown up and a married woman too…perhaps you don't need this job!"

Hayley snapped at her and Davina looked at her with pleading eyes. "Look, I'm sorry for what I said but you have been acting like this for 3 months and I just can't take it anymore! I want my friend back, Hayley."

"And you need to understand that we do not get everything we wish for in life. If that was the case, maybe mine wouldn't have been so miserable right now. You are married…and to a very wealthy young man too. Good for you! Enjoy it! But you have no right to pry into my personal life!"

Davina sighed and looked down at her feet, while she was sitting. She then whispered, "I want to help you." Hayley's eyes softened and almost at once, she was upset at herself for yelling at this girl who had stood beside her no matter what.

She hadn't spoken much to Cami after it has been revealed that she stopped the divorce process and decided to remain married to Elijah, despite his indiscretions.

Her mother was a pain as always. Freya and Rebekah were somehow keeping themselves away from her and Hayley knew the reason well enough. Davina was the only one she had to talk to…and she had even snapped at her plenty of times at her horrid idea to marry Kol at such a fragile age.

Hayley simply didn't know which way to go from this point on. She knew that it was all her fault. That everything went spiral because she made a decision for her own benefit, but not for others.

She made the choice for herself to start sleeping around with Klaus. No one obliged her to do so.

"I know. I'm sorry." Hayley finally told her and a smile crept on Davina's face as she raised her head towards her and said, "Good. Because I really think that I can help you." "There is nothing…"

"Yes there is, Hayley. You are not yourself and your partners can see that too." "It's been only 3 months, Davina and I made a lot of mistakes that I hope I will never have to repeat." "I understand but you have people who count on you…"

"Exactly! Which is the reason why I have to focus on all of these cases. I need to leave my personal problems aside for now." "No. You have let them aside for a while now. It's time that you faced them…and you can start that tonight." Davina whispered with a smile.

Hayley rolled her eyes and leaned back into her chair. "Why tonight? What is happening tonight?" Before Davina could answer, the door to the office opened and Kol Mikaelson stepped inside with a smirk on his face and a bouquet of flowers in his hands.

"Hello, darlings! Hayley, I hope you don't mind me dropping off some exquisite flowers for my most special darling!" Kol handed the flowers to Davina and flashed her a charming smile as she ran up to him and kissed him passionately.

Hayley watched them for a moment and felt the sadness creep up through her. She knew that this was because maybe…she wished to have the same thing. And now something like this seemed very far away from possible. "Okay! Break it up you two! I have work that isn't going to get itself done!" she finally exclaimed.

Kol and Davina broke from each other's embrace and looked at her. Then they returned to her desk and sat down in front of her. Hayley looked up and whispered, "Come on, you guys! I am seriously getting behind in all of this."

"You never had this much work to do, not even before you became extremely associated with the Mikaelson family…in more ways than one." Kol responded with a grin and received a nudge from Davina, who glared at him.

"Kol, just because you see yourself as victorious because you had Caroline Forbes leave from this town humiliated, that does not mean that I am in your debt to tolerate you anytime you want to be around my office." Hayley explained to him with a serious tone and Kol's smile vanished.

"Hey, I didn't do that for you only. I also did it for myself. You know perfectly well how it went down. And I came here to see my wife…but also to talk to you about something."

"If it is another opportunity to get into another one of your plotting schemes, I think I am going to pass."

"No. None of that. My father's birthday party is tonight. As you must know, he is turning 59. And he would want you to be present…and your mother too." Hayley eyed Davina for a moment before saying, "I don't think that your father would like to associate with me any longer. Not after the way I represented Cami in court against the Mikaelsons and after I slept with…"

She stopped talking, realizing that she really didn't want to say his name and less in front of them. "Hayley, the whole family wants to see you. Freya and Rebekah have been asking for you. Your mother is still good friends with mine and…"

"…and there is one person in your family I don't want to see." Hayley concluded. Just thinking about it, she felt her eyes glister with tears threatening to fall. But she was strong and she did not let those tears fall. She would never tear for him.

Kol noticed her for a moment and then he whispered, "Hayley…Nik did not betray you." She held up her hand and hissed, "I told you that I do not want to talk about something like this. Don't even mention him!"

"Look…you accused him, alright? And even after all the bullshit he accused me of, including Caroline…I still got his back because he is my brother and he still cares for me because he sees me as his brother still. He believed me eventually when I told him about Caroline. Why is it that hard for you to believe that he had nothing to do with those photos?"

"When you do what I do for a living…you will realize that coincidences do not really exist." "Hayley…" Davina started saying but Hayley closed her eyes and started running her hand through her hair.

"I told you my answer. I am not interested but make sure to send my happy birthday to your father, Kol." Kol frowned and eventually stood up and said, "You know you can't go on like this forever, right? At some point, you will have to move on. All of us have. And maybe it's time you picked up Cami's calls too."

Hayley looked up in shock at hearing Cami's name coming from his mouth but she just frowned and returned to her papers as Kol left the office.

Davina turned back to her and whispered, "I'm really sorry. He isn't always like that but…he's right. Cami has been asking for you and she is pretty upset that you refuse to take any of her calls."

"I was her best friend and I had been there for her for better or for worse. I agreed to represent her in court against her husband at a much smaller fee than usual, I was forced to take in all the charming schemes Klaus Mikaelson had prepared for me as my opponent, I had to endure one of the most pathetic rich models in the United States, but also a backbiting little bitch who threatened to expose one of my darkest and personal secrets if I didn't get off the case…and she made a mockery out of me and my job in the end."

"She still loved her husband and she is carrying his child. You can't blame her for deciding against the divorce eventually."

"Well, I do. And I really don't care for what she has to say or what the Mikaelsons have to say. Cami is a Mikaelson still…so that includes her. Now please go, do your job and don't put me in this kind of situation ever again. I can't do this anymore, Davina. I feel…I feel as if I've lost every ounce of emotional strength that I used to have. I am tired. And in order to remain a top lawyer, I need to focus on this job. That's all I care about now. Please go."

Davina didn't need to be told twice especially when she saw that her boss was tearing again. She left the office in peace, unsure of what else she could do.

"Good morning, Leslie!" Elijah exclaimed with his hands in the pockets of his suit as he stepped over in the modern hallway. The young girl had on a more elegant uniform and she looked really happy to be there.

"Good morning, Mr. Mikaelson!" "Do you like the new building, your new desk and the new office I have bought for my wife?" "Yes, of course! It is a wonderful deed and I am grateful to be working in such a luxurious place. I am sure that our patients will be more than happy to be here."

Elijah smiled and nodded before pointing to the door. "Is my wife in there?"

"Yes, she is. You may go inside." Elijah nodded and opened the door, sticking his head inside. He observed her. She kept her head high and was looking out the window. Her hair was wavy over her shoulders and her hands were around herself.

It looked like she was trembling and Elijah frowned, immediately going to her side. He placed his hands over her arms and Cami looked startled.

"Are you alright?" he asked her softly and Cami immediately nodded.

"I'm fine. I just feel a little sick…and I already told you…that I didn't need a new office. The old one was fine." "Are you quite certain?" he asked, trying to get closer to her again but she pulled away and slowly ran her hand over her stomach, showing clearly that she was 5 months along.

Her child was safe and healthy…and it was a boy. The doctor had found out for her. She didn't know how to feel about finding out. More and more, she was starting to reflect upon her decision to not get a divorce for the sake of this child.

And whenever she saw Elijah waiting on her and trying to woo her like he once had, it broke her heart. She didn't know what she could say or do about that.

Their relationship was never the same as it had been once and even with Katherine out of town, Cami could still feel her presence between them. Then, there were times when Cami thought about her former best friend, Hayley.

She missed her and all the times and the fun they had together. It was difficult for her to think that she would never have something like that again. What was more…it was heartbreaking and insulting to the years she had spent with this person.

She knew she betrayed her best friend when she called off her divorce especially without consulting with her first. She couldn't understand at first but she had spent the last 3 months reflecting on it.

And she knew that she had to do everything possible in order to try and reconcile with Hayley. She kept thinking about her life and the huge changes when suddenly, she felt Elijah's hand press gently over her huge bump.

She turned around immediately and her face was only a few inches from his. She saw something in his eyes which was different than the other days when they interacted. He caressed her face with the other hand and was leaning in.

She sighed and accepted his kiss. It was difficult at first. She felt odd because she had not experienced such comfort from him for months. But now, things were changing and she didn't know how to respond.

When he pulled away from her, she kept her lips parted and their eyes connected.

"Camille…" "What was that, Elijah?" she asked almost at once. "Something I needed to do. It has been months…we have decided to remain married after all." "And you know on what grounds." "I accepted those terms at first but I feel I can no longer."

"Elijah, we have a child together. A child who is going to need his parents together. I respected that and I continue to respect it. But if you think that I can just forget everything you put me through just because we are back together for the sake of the child…it's just wrong. It's not fair to me."

"I know that. I have given you time. I have given you months but you must believe me when I tell you that I love you and I will continue to make up for everything I have done in my past. Please forgive me, truly." Cami licked her lips and then, she crossed her hands over her chest.

"This is not something I can give an answer to right now. Let me think about it. I will decide if I should give you another chance." There was still a look of disappointment on his face as he pecked her cheek ad was ready to walk out that door.

"I will give you my answer!" Cami called out after him and Elijah turned around with raised eyebrows.

"I will give you my answer tonight at your father's party." He smiled this time and nodded, before asking, "Will Hayley be joining us?" Cami's face fell as she replied, "I don't know. She hasn't answered my calls for months. I don't think she will come."

"She will come around, Camille. I am sure she will." "We don't share the same confidence about things, Elijah. Thank you for what you have done for me…for improving my work place."

"I have already explained to you that I love you. I would do anything to keep you happy." He then left without waiting for a response from her.

When she thought about it more, she realized that the little dignity she had left…it would be taken away from her if she denied attending such a famous event. The Mikaelsons were the most powerful family in New Orleans and regardless of the way the scandal of the divorce of Elijah and Cami, had affected them all, Hayley felt like she still had to make herself present at that party.

Upon leaving her office building, she texted Davina to inform her that she had decided to be at the party that night.

The only thing Davina had replied with was a smiley face who was winking and she felt even more pissed off. Two hours before the party starting, Hayley found herself at her mother's loft. Her bodyguard let her in immediately with a smile.

"Hayley! My darling!" Annabelle called out and immediately stepped over to her and pulled her into a tight hug. Hayley could only roll her eyes but she sensed something different with this hug.

She felt more warmth from it which was very unlike her mother. When she pulled back, she saw that Annabelle was upset. "Mom, why are you making such a scene?" Hayley eventually asked.

"You had barely spoken to me for months, since…since everything went down for you. Baby, I am trying to apologize the best I can…"

"What for? You are not responsible for anything that had happened. You are not responsible for my decision to start a secret affair with my opponent, Klaus Mikaelson, you were not responsible for Katherine's actions and not responsible for Cami turning her back on our friendship."

"But I am responsible for not giving you a proper and deserving childhood, Hayley." Annabelle eventually told her.

Hayley's face softened as Annabelle pulled her by the hand towards a couch and ordered her maid to offer them some drinks. "I should have been a better mother to you, obviously. And of course, if it weren't for me, if I had offered you advice in your life, maybe you wouldn't have suffered so much."

"Mom…" Hayley raised her hand and told her to stop. All of these confessions were just too overwhelming for her. She didn't know how to continue and Annabelle grabbed her daughter's hands and squeezed them tightly with hers.

"I promise that I will do better and I will do my best to guide you from this day forward. I am really happy that you still come to me despite everything."

"You're my mother which gives you my unconditional love." Hayley responded with a small smile.

"But I want to be deserving of that love." Annabelle said to her and for the first time, Hayley noticed that her mother was wearing a very elegant design gown. Her hair and make-up were already done and she remembered about Mikael's party.

Hayley closed her eyes and then Annabelle whispered, "You actually love that young man." As soon as her mother's words were out, she felt the tears finally stream down her face.

She was her mother and maybe she didn't mind crying in front of her, as she would have minded if other people were around to see her shed tears.

"It doesn't matter. It's all over. I don't want to remind myself of the past. It's ruined me. But I refuse to lose the prestige that I have worked so hard to receive as a lawyer." "You will not lose it. Everyone knows who you are. You are your father's daughter." Annabelle told her while wiping her eyes.

"I'm such an idiot to me crying like this." Hayley said while laughing a little bit and Annabelle shook her head, while going in the other room. She brought back a beautiful, dark red, strapless mermaid dress.

"It will look really good on you tonight. You have an exceptional slender body and the appropriate breast measure. Everyone will be impressed with your appearance. You shall have all the young men salivating."

"Gee, thanks…but I am not interested." "You say that now…" "Mom!" Hayley warned her and Annabelle just shrugged and whispered, "Okay. I am only happy that you are coming with me."

Hayley simply nodded and stood up, looking at herself in the mirror before she went back into the bedroom and changed into the dress. Her mother's ladies were there to help her right away. They curled her hair and tied it up in a bun, before adding the earrings and a necklace of rubies.

Hayley entered the limousine and eyed her mother for a moment, stating, "Do you really insist on going to this party…so noticed?"

Annabelle smiled and said, "Sweetheart, I told you that I would change my behavior as a mother but not as a professional. I am the most famous fashion designer New Orleans has ever had and it is my job to be this noticed. I need to be in the center of attention. After all, this is how the press thanks me for my hard work. Any publicity is god publicity so it should be good for you too. So do not forget that as soon as we step out onto the patio, you will show some smiles. I know that you have personal problems but if you want to be perceived good by the…"

Hayley sighed and rubbed her forehead.

"I don't care what others think about me, Mom. You know that."

"It's about time to change that. And it will be a good change for you."

"Why do you assume that I need to change?" "Because bad things happened to you mainly because of the way you reacted to previous events. Try getting a new perspective and new thoughts about yourself.

The way you feel will be reflected to everyone around you. Feel good tonight. Put your past behind you and enjoy the spotlight because you deserve it. You are the best lawyer this city has."

"Not if someone else has taken my place already." Hayley said and looked out the window. She realized that soon enough they would arrive to the Mikaelson mansion and she didn't know how she will come face to face with Freya, Rebekah, Esther, Cami and even Klaus. Maybe she would not see him…maybe…

Annabelle didn't take her eyes off her daughter and told her, "Klaus Mikaelson didn't continue his career outside of the Mikaelsons Corporations firm. You don't have to worry about that, darling. You are still the best lawyer and no one denies that. You have never lost a big case."

"And neither has he." Hayley mumbled. Her thoughts trailed back to Kol and what he had told her.

Was it truly possible that she had accused Klaus of something which he did not do? Was everything just some stupid game from him from the start? The seduction, the smirks, the wise cracks…everything? Or was it something more? Hayley didn't realize for a moment that her mother had been talking this whole time.

"And I have heard that Mikael's relationship with Niklaus has ameliorated. He has even allowed him to expose his art collection tonight. It is very exciting. There will be a bidding, you know?"

There was no response which followed as the limousine pulled up in the Mikaelson large yard. The paparazzi were already there snapping photographs of every car pulling up in front of the house. Esther and Mikael Mikaelson were at the front with their butler, awaiting to welcome their guests.

Hayley tried to do as her mother asked and as soon as she stepped out of the car, she tried smiling. She followed her mother to the front porch, where Annabelle and Esther hugged each other and Mikael kissed her hand.

"Hayley! I am so happy to see you have decided to come!" Esther exclaimed with joy and hugged her too. Hayley's eyes turned to Mikael's face.

"Happy birthday." She said softly. "I thank you." Mikael responded but with no emotions on his face as he continued to watch her.

The awkward silence was killing all of them as Annabelle and Esther were looking from Mikael to Hayley nervously.

"Let us say that we shall let bygones be bygones, wouldn't you agree, Hayley?" Mikael kissed her hand with a small smile and Hayley finally smiled back.

But she still didn't feel any comfort, even seeing that Mikael held no resentment for her because of the trial or even because she was partially responsible for Klaus' departure from his relationship with Caroline, the relationship Mikael himself had arranged years ago. Hayley entered the mansion along with her mother and they both looked around.

"There are some familiar faces…including Elijah and Cami. Go to them. Please." Annabelle encouraged before she left her daughter alone.

Freya and Rebekah ran into Hayley almost at once and they both looked happy to see her. But none looked happier than Cami. "I've been trying to reach you, but…"

"I'm sorry. I should have been more understanding." Hayley said almost at once, making Cami smile and pull her into a fierce hug. Hayley hugged her back, realizing how much she had missed her friend.

"How if your baby? Your relationship with Elijah?" Cami smiled and nodded, "Both are strong. I decided to give Elijah a second chance to mend our relationship. And as for the baby…it's a boy."

The blonde also ran her hand over her stomach to show just how happy she was. "That's wonderful! You already know the gender." "I will give birth in about 4 months so of course." Hayley gave a nod, unsure of what else she could say.

"Klaus is…" Cami started saying but Hayley shook her head and stopped her. "No! Cami, please!" "You can't avoid this forever, Hayley. You have to talk to him and things have to be cleared out. He didn't do anything you accused him of. Please…"

More and more Hayley was starting to believe this. After all, people she trusted were insisting on it. But how could she turn things around now? It was too late. He probably hated her and she would look like a fool in front of everyone if she begged for forgiveness. No. She was strong and she refused to loose that from her description tonight.

But it was hard not to think of this man who had entered her heart and captured it completely. It was hard…especially since this man's art was plastered all around the mansion walls and people were admiring it.

She recognizes lots of these paintings…paintings he had shown only her, at first, in that apartment he had bought for himself.

And just like her mother had told her, an auction had started and surprisingly, there were only beautiful ladies participating. Beautiful and rich ladies, of course.

"Who wants to start the bidding?" a voice called out and the women cheered as the painting was exposed and Hayley felt her heart drop when she saw what painting it was. It was the one she admired most…the one she loved…the one she called twisted and dark.

The women had started bidding and Hayley was blocked.

The numbers were going high and she listened to each and every one of them as most women were retiring from this bidding. "Anyone wishing to go higher?" Hayley couldn't stop herself.

She raised her hand and called out, "40.000 dollars!" It was a lot of money but she had this kind of money and she needed to spend it. She couldn't let this painting be sold off. She just couldn't. It meant too much to her.

Surprisingly, no one had wished to go higher and her heart stopped when she heard that the painting was sold off to her. "And we have failed to mention to you a bonus prize for buying this particular painting, which is, a night, particularly this night, spent with the artist himself!"

Hayley literally felt the ground move under her feet. The other women were clapping for her and from the distance, she could see that Freya, Rebekah, Esther, Mikael, Elijah, Kol, Davina and Cami were looking at her.

They all had smiles on their faces but she couldn't handle this. It was too overwhelming. Her feet ran her to the front door, where the butler was waiting with a surprised look on his face. But before Hayley could take one more step, she saw her mother pulling her towards her.

"What's going on with you, sweetheart? Why are you running like this? Everyone is watching!" Annabelle snapped at her but her stare showed concern.

"It was all your idea, wasn't it? You and the rest of the Mikaelsons! What is this bonus prize? I don't believe in any of it! You knew that I would buy that painting, didn't you? You are responsible…"

Hayley exclaimed but Annabelle gripped her hands tighter. "Give it a chance, darling. Give it a chance." Hayley shook her head and wiped a tear from her face.

"Does he know about this?" she finally asked and her mother shook her head.

"Not about you. But he is waiting for the prize winner on that balcony. Go. Do not make the same mistakes I have done. I didn't know how to cherish love…which is why I lost your father and I was never able to find love after that. Go and make yourself happy. You know what makes you happy, Hayley. He makes you happy."

Exasperated, Hayley took deep breaths and whispered, "It's too late." "No, it isn't. It isn't…you have your chance to make things right. You need to take it."

Hayley's heart rammed inside of her chest as she felt her mother's warmth around her.

There were people staring at her but she didn't care. She remembered what she had said to herself many times before, that regardless of her many mistakes, she was a warrior.

She was a fighter and she was not about to let herself become weak. She was showing no weakness…not anymore. She took strong steps through the crowd, walking past familiar faces and stepped out onto the balcony of the mansion.

He was there and he was looking out at the lights of the city in the darkness of the night.

There was a glass of champagne in his hand and on a small table in the corner, she knew that the other glass of champagne was waiting for her. She parted her lips and watched him for a moment. She hadn't seen him for a long while now.

Hayley never thought that she would miss him this much.

Gently, she closed the balcony doors behind her and walked over to the the corner, where she grabbed the glass of champagne in her hands. She tipped it over gently on her lips and tasted it. "So, I am to congratulate you…"

Klaus started saying as he turned around but he stopped talking when he saw her standing there, beautiful, but her eyes showed the unhappiness he guessed she had in her. He suddenly found himself frowning as their eyes met.

"What are you doing here?"

"I bought the painting." Hayley replied sincerely. Klaus watched her but her eyes could no longer look into his his. She turned her head to one side as he stepped closer and placed his glass of champagne on the table.

"What is the reason you're here? I believe you have made it clear that you want nothing to do with my family." "I never said that. You are putting words in my mouth."

"Perhaps…but 40.000 dollars? Who are you trying to impress here, love?" Klaus said to her and Hayley could feel her heart breaking when she saw the anger flowing through him.

He was looking at her with hatred. She could see that and she felt helpless. Like there was nothing she could do to change that.

"I am not trying to impress anyone! But I wasn't going to let you sell that painting!"

"Why? Why do you care about anything that has to do with me?" he insisted and stepped closer to her. She couldn't handle this much proximity so she took a step back but he stepped right towards her and gripped her arms.

"What are you trying to prove here, Hayley?" Her face was already holding back tears and watching her broke his heart…but he had to push this time. He wouldn't make the first move regardless of what she wanted or how he felt.

"It doesn't matter. Your painting is mine now because I wanted it." "Why?" Klaus grabbed a hold of her hands and kept her close. "Klaus, you need to let go of me." "Not until I receive an answer." She searched his eyes this time and said softly, "You are not being persuasive."

"Fortunately for you, I am not using my skills to get what I want. But do not make a mistake in thinking you will not offer me what I want, Hayley…which is an explanation." "So you were behind this too? You along with the rest to bring me here?"

"The only person I was expecting was the new owner of that painting, having the intention to congratulate that person and see it fit that she knows how to care for that painting for it is special to me." Hayley smirked and pulled her hands back. "Yeah, sure! Advise one of the pretty ladies who were bidding for it, right?"

"What are you implying?" "You wanted a new bedmate and of course…since Caroline was shamed out of this town its only natural for you to want some fresh new company. It must be hard to live without it. What? A man of your status, with your family and with your millions without a hot chick by your side? It's absurd!"

Hayley pulled away from him and started walking back, wanting to leave the balcony but he stepped in front of her, stopping her from leaving. "It will be a damn cold day in hell when I let you leave and make a fool out of me, Hayley."

"You don't want me here, Klaus." "That is up for me to decide."

She gave up trying to leave, eventually, seeing as she would be stuck here with him. She went back to the table and took another sip of the champagne. There was a headache which was killing her for the moment.

Moments of silence followed in which he would just stare out to the city and she would watch his every move. He was trying to distract himself from her, that she was sure of.

It had been 3 months since they had last saw each other and she felt even guiltier for the way she parted from him that night…in Hawaii. She spoke up, realizing that he wouldn't say anything to her.

"I bought that painting because I had to express the guilt I have felt for the past few months. I had to buy it because I felt that I would be the only one to understand it and care for it…as I understood and cared for you."

His face turned to the side and he looked into her eyes now. His hands almost looked like they were trembling on that railing.

"Using the past tense, correct?" he finally whispered and she shook her head. She stepped forward to him courageously and cupped his face. He didn't stop her but nor did he make a move either.

"It isn't in the past tense…I do…I still understand…and I still care for you." She insisted and rubbed one hand over his stubble. Klaus took in a deep breath and then let it out.

She felt like she had finally reached him but then he whispered, "What are you talking about love? I believe you made it clear…we were strictly sex and nothing else."

Hayley closed her eyes and she started trembling because of all the emotions building up inside of her again. His eyes remained cold and he would break and that was when she realized that he had every right to be this way. He had every right…because she treated him horribly…and she accused him of many things.

Taking a deep breath, Hayley looked away and then she whispered, "That's not true. You know it isn't. It's more than that…it's much more. You just…" She stopped talking, unsure how she could continue. His eyes remained cold and she pulled away from him. "Fine! I know you want this punishment for me and I will gladly accept it!" she exclaimed.

When he still didn't react, Hayley said, "I'm sorry…about everything. Truly. I should have known better than to accuse you. After everything…and every night we spent together, every secret we shared with each other…I should have known better, I know. Because I trusted you and I still do. Maybe to you I was just sex…maybe so and frankly I don't really care anymore. I have gone through hell and back for the past few months. But you need to know that you meant more to me. And I'm sorry that I mistreated you. You are really…the best thing to have ever happened to me."

Hayley wiped away her tears. She was unbelievably weak and she hated herself for it. But she couldn't keep going like this. Davina was right. She had to let it out of her system…all that she was feeling for this man, even if he humiliated her.

She shrugged and said, "I'm sorry and I wish that our vacation in Hawaii would have continued…" She looked at his face one more time and saw that he was petrified.

She walked back to the balcony doors, where she knew that people were waiting to find out what happened, but Klaus stepped forward and drew the curtains around the doors, before locking them completely. Hayley was shocked but before she could tell him off again, he leaned in and pressed his forehead to hers.

Her lips were parted and she was waiting for something to happen but nothing did. Instead, he took her hands gently and pressed them to his chest.

"I too wish that our family dinner would have continued without any interruptions that night…little wolf." She could already feel herself smiling when she heard the nickname which was meant only for her. It made her feel special to him and only now was she realizing that she was special to him, just as he had been special to her.

"Katherine's actions have had consequences and I had personally made sure that she paid for everything…and those photos are never to be revealed to anyone. As for our night…I was planning something special when you were to sneak into my room again. I was preparing a confession." Klaus admitted and Hayley found herself sweating.

His one hand went around her waist as he could feel that her feet were not really holding her as strongly as they should have. "What kind of confession?" Hayley asked back and then she lightly gasped when she felt his lips at her cheek, creasing it gently.

"A love confession…something very unlike me…but something I was willing to do with you, Hayley." He responded. "Why?"

"Your body for my pleasure was not enough. I was greedy. I was selfish and I was willing to do whatever it took in order to have all of you…your heart and your soul. Not just your body." He could finally see her smile as she had her eyes closed.

That smile was certainly something he missed seeing. This was something worth craving. He let his thumb graze her cheek again as she leaned into his touch.

"But then that incident happened and all hope of what could have been vanished before my eyes." Klaus added and then he saw her smile drop instantly.

"I plead guilty." Hayley finally told him as she opened her eyes to look at him and he smirked, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close to him. "Very well…your sanction shall be decided by me…and I believe I know what I want from you, Hayley Marshall."

"What, Mr. Mikaelson?" Hayley started her tease and Klaus rolled his eyes with a smile.

"Precisely what I craved and that Katherine incident denied me. Your heart and your soul. I want you to belong to me…fully…and without any objections."

Hayley sighed with a small smile but she started shaking her head. "No, little wolf! I said that I will not accept a refusal." Klaus insisted, holding her. Their noses were now touching. "Is that an objection, Mr. Mikaelson?" "Indeed." She leaned in and pressed a kiss to his lips.

Her tongue caressed his inner mouth and he reciprocated at once, longing for her touch. He kissed her more feverously and when he pulled back, she said, "Sustained." "That's what I want to hear, love." "But…"

"No, Hayley, no. You need me and you desire me just as I need and I desire you. Let us have this." Hayley started arguing, "Our reputations are…"

"To hell with them. Think about this, love. A job is a job. This is different and much more…" "Klaus, what will happen when we might face each other in court again? What will happen when it will be necessary of us to…?"

He kissed her once again and she could no longer complain. His lips molded into hers and she felt like she would never have to worry about anything ever again as long as she had him.

"If it shall be necessary, I shall fight you in court with every ounce of my strength and then I shall look forward to a passionate and fiery night, when I will make love to you and hold you with me. How does that sound, little wolf?" She smirked and nodded, "That's sounds like a dream becoming reality."

"As for tonight…I want you to forget about these past 3 months. All of it." Hayley agreed, accepting his proposition and closed her eyes to only feel the warmth radiating from his body onto hers.

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