Forged Within the Flames

By SmallOne-86

Summary--Harry and his friends return to Hogwarts for another adventure packed year. Three teachers and a new fifth year student join them. Will these changes mean an end to Harry Potter, or Voldemort? Someone will die, someone will get hurt, someone will cry, someone will leave, someone will wed, and someone will find their family. Read and find out who.

Disclaimer--I own anyone you don't recognize, Leanne, Roxanne, and Emily. Everyone else isn't mine, if I've forgotten any characters you don't know, sorry I own them too! This is a Severtius Challenge with a few ideas from others pitched in.

Chapter One--Return to Hogwarts

Harry smiled as he and his three friends, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron entered the Great Hall to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Great Hall was decorated with colors from each house as well as Hogwarts colors itself. Above them the bewitched ceiling displaying the stormy dark clouds, rain was falling half way down the hall.

The four friends sat down at the Gryffindor table, quickly immersing themselves in talk of their summer. Harry said nothing of his summer, having spent a lot of it under the cupboard when he wasn't getting the stuffing beaten out of him. Dumbledore had told him he would have to spend the whole summer there instead of going to the Burrow. On September 1st, Vernon had drove him and his stuff to the station and dropped him off. To get his mind off the horrible summer events, Harry's eyes naturally turned towards the teacher's table at the front of the large room. He smiled when he saw the usual people. Hagrid, a large man half giant, was just sitting down in his seat. Harry and his friends had befriended Hagrid instantly, finding him both friend and almost like an Uncle. Beside him sat Madam Hooch, her bright yellow eyes glowing as another year of Quidditch and broom flying began. On the other side of her was Professor Flitwick, the small dwarf like teacher who taught Charms was smiling as he spoke to Madam Hooch. However, when Harry's eyes traveled to the teacher beside Flitwick he became confused.

A young woman with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes sat between Flitwick and Dumbledore. A smile was planted on her face as she spoke to Professor Dumbledore. She was easily the youngest person up there, probably in her early thirties and no older. As Harry looked at her, he found her eyes to be quite striking, much like Dumbledore's. Her hair was pulled back in a French braid and her eyes sparkled with excitement. Dumbledore caught Harry's eyes and smiled brightly at him, then returned his attention to the young woman beside him.

Harry knew that Dumbledore would explain that later. On Dumbledore's other side was an empty seat for Professor McGonagall, the Transfigurations Professor, and head of the Gryffindor house. She was strict, but it was no secret that she looked out for all her students and was especially of fond Harry, as most of the teachers were, with the exception of one who was sitting beside McGonagall's empty seat.

Professor Severus Snape, a man who seemed to loathe everything that had to do with Harry Potter. He had hated Harry since his first day at Hogwarts five years ago.. He was the Potions Master, but fancied the Dark Arts. He was a distant man, with a somewhat monotone voice and a pensive attitude towards most of the students and staff, except Dumbledore, whom he seemed to get along well with most of the time. He had dark brown eyes, a crooked nose a firm jaw and jet black hair that surrounded his thin pale face.

Next to Snape was another person Harry didn't recognize, and this woman looked very much like the other woman, only had blond hair and was maybe a year or so older. She was talking to Snape, smiling and laughing periodically, which Harry found somewhat odd, since he had never heard the Potions master say anything funny.

Next to her was a person that caused Harry to break into a huge smile. Professor Lupin. He had been the Dark Arts teacher two years ago and had returned to the school. He was also talking to Snape and the young woman beside him. When he looked up and saw Harry. He smiled pleasantly; Lupin had taken a quick liking to Harry as well, having been James Potter's best friend when they had gone to Hogwarts. Harry smiled back, then turned as the big doors of the Great Hall opened wide. Professor McGonagall and first years entered. There was one girl, with jet black hair and green eyes that walked beside McGonagall; she had a smile on her face as she caught the attention of Dumbledore.

As they stopped in front of the stool and Sorting hat, Dumbledore rose. He stretched out his hand into the air, stopping the talking, and smiled.

"Welcome to Hogwarts, some beginning of the year announcements. To start with, the Forbidden Forest was given its name for a reason, so please keep out of it. As some of you may have already noticed, three teachers from last year are no longer with us. Professor Moody had other things he had to attend to, so I'm pleased to say Professor Remus Lupin will be returning, hopefully for a wonderful year and longer if we can keep him," Dumbledore smiled with Lupin as students as the students cheered for him; even the Slytherin table seemed pleased to see him back.

"Silence, thank you. We've also added two new teachers. Sadly, Professor Binns has moved on and is no longer with us, as well as Professor Trelawney," There was another uproar of cheers, Dumbledore smiled as he knew most students found Trelawney to be somewhat on the unstable side. After it quieted down again he spoke.

"Taking their places will be two new teachers. To my right is Professor Roxanne and on my left is Professor Leanne Dumbledore. My daughters." Everyone was shocked, it wasn't that they didn't think the professor couldn't have children, more that they hadn't thought that he had. Harry smiled at the thought, knowing now that History and Divination would probably much more interesting and hopefully not as spacey as before.

"A fifth year student will also be joining us. Emily Bryant." The young girl with jet black hair stepped forward smiling and looked at him, turning to McGonagall as she placed the hat on her head. There was silence, as everyone waited.

Emily sat in the chair, nervous. She really wanted Gryffindor and the hat spoke as it thought about all she had, until finally it bellowed, "GRYFFINDOR!" The entire table stood up and cheered as she hurried over to sit down beside Harry. Everyone gaped. As the two sat side-by-side it was hardly unnoticeable.

"Bloody hell, Harry," Ron said as he looked from his best friend to the new girl. He hadn't really noticed that Harry had changed. His hair was now much darker than it had been the year before, his face more pale, more long and narrow.

"What?" Harry asked.

"You two could be twins," Hermione whispered as she looked at them as well. Harry rolled his eyes and smiled at the young girl.

"I'm Harry Potter, this is Ron Weasley, his younger sister Ginny Weasly and Hermione Granger," Harry said. Emily smiled and shook his outstretched hand, as their hands met she couldn't quite explain it, but it was as though a part of her that had always been missing was suddenly found; a connection was made.

It was half an hour later that everyone was finally Sorted and Dumbledore rose again as McGonagall chimed her fork against her wine glass to call the attention of the students.

"Let it be a glorious year. May the feast begin." Instantly the tables were lined with food and the children began to eat.


"Admit it Harry, something is up. That girl looks exactly like you!" Ron exclaimed as he sat in his best friend's room. They had managed Prefects this year so they each got their own room. Hermione came in.

"Is he still going on about Emily?" Hermione had also made Prefect this year, to her delight and no one's surprise.

"Yes," Harry said looking at him. Quickly picking up his books he groaned.

"What's the matter?" Ron asked.

"We have double Potions tomorrow with Slytherin," he said and the other two friends groaned as well.


Snape sat quietly in front of the fire, his mind set firmly on the issues at hand. He knew full well the reaction that had come when everyone saw Harry Potter and Emily Bryant together. It was hard to miss; they looked like identical twins only of the opposite sex.

In his lap sat a photo album, a human one, not bewitched. It was opened to a page that held two pictures on it. The left was a picture of six people, no more than seventeen, each in comfortable clothes, and all smiling wide. The three boys were standing over three girls, The young man in the middle had jet black hair and was smiling widely; it was Snape. On either side of him were his friends' Lupin and Potter. In front of them sat the three girls, each one positioned in front of their boyfriends. On the right was a picture of a young Snape holding Lily's hand, as they smiled at one another.

"Fifteen years later and I still can't escape those eyes," he whispered.

Severus jumped slightly when there was a knock on his door. As it opened he saw Leanne Dumbledore slowly walk in. He snorted slightly, thinking of the irony.

When they had first started school, none of them had gotten along. Potter and Lupin were best friends with Sirius and Pettigrew, while Severus had been a loner and Lily's best friend had been Leanne.

Their third year at Hogwarts had been a horrible accident, where Severus had almost died, and the one to save him was James. James and Severus had never really talked about it, the truth was James knew it was his own damn fault, but they had instantly become friends. A year later Roxanne Dumbledore, or Roxy as they called her had joined the school and the group of friends as well. Lupin had almost immediately taken to her, finding her sweet and endearing. At the time James had been dating Leanne, and Severus, Lily.

Everyone was sure they would remain that way forever. But, Leanne soon discovered she had love not for James, but for Severus. Roxanne and Lupin were separated when he finished school. Severus and Lily had gotten married right out of school, and remained that way for a year, then the twins were born. However, in the fear that the twins might be hurt or turned into Death Eaters like Severus, he and Lily told only four people about the twin's real parentage; James Potter, Leanne Dumbledore, Albus Dumbledore and Remus Lupin. Lily had openly refused to tell her dear friend Sirius, in fear that he would react badly to this, seeing as Sirius could hardly stand being around Severus. So in attempts to keep the twins safe, Leanne took Emily and left for the states, intending on bring the girl back when it was safe. While Lily and James pretended that there had only been one child and that he was theirs, cast a mirror spell on him and pretended Lily had never married Severus. They then named Sirius God-father and Severus disappeared, forever.

"What would people say if they saw Leanne Dumbledore walking into Professor Snape's quarters?" he asked slyly. He couldn't remember the times the girls had snuck down to his quarters, or him to theirs. Back then the rivalry, although still there, was not nearly as bad. Slytherins were friends with Gryffindors, and visa versa.

"Probably the same thing they said when we were students," she said smiling.

"How did you convince Albus to allow you to teach here?" She smiled as he hugged her close. He had missed her in the fifteen years away.

"Wasn't really hard. He wanted to make sure the three of us were safe, and the only way he could do that was if we were here. So here we are. Emily knows her father works here, and part of her is praying he knows too," Severus touched her cheek.

"He knows, oh he knows. Does she know about her brother and mom?" Leanne smiled.

"She knows she has a brother, and that her mother died by Voldermort's hands. Severus it's been fourteen years, but she never stopped loving you or believing that you loved her."

"I never stopped loving her," he whispered. His lips touching her's, wondering if it had really been twenty years since he had been with this woman, and fourteen since he had been with any woman.

"I loved Lily," he whispered.

"I know you did Severus, I was at your wedding, and the birth of Harry and Emily. I'm their God-mother. I know you loved her, and she loved you more than you may ever know. I don't want to replace your wife, just help you heal since it," she said placing a gentle hand on his cheek.

"Do you really wanna fall for the 'Greasy git'?"

"Severus, I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. Now let them see the real you, not this Mr. Hyde you put up every time you're around the Slytherins. That's not the man Lily married, and that's not the man I loved."

"I can't, I'm a Death Eater. I have to do it, if not for me, then for Emily, and Harry. I swore to Lily I would protect them. They're my children."

"Severus, you aren't that man. At least tell Emily. Tell her soon, in Dumbledore's quarters. She'll accept it, I know she will."

"But will Harry?" Snape asked.

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