Stef left the room and two teens remained silent.

''Did she just kick me out?''

''Honestly, I don't know.''

''I have to find somewhere to crash. ''

Callie was very surprised by this.

''You are really thinking about leaving?''

''Yes! What other option I have?! You heart her Callie.''

''I did, but…''

''NO! I will not let her run my life. She has no right to act that way.''

''Brandon, you also were over the line…a bit…''

''Callie, I was just standing up for us.''

''I know B, but try to understand her.''

''I can't . I'm sorry.''

Callie knew that was a lost battle. Brandon made up his mind. He and Stef were very much alike, but none of them wanted to admit it. She didn't want to argue, so she bended one more time her principles and took a seat beside her boyfriend.

''Ok. Let's find you a place to stay.''

They were silent and thinking.

''I can't go to my dad's. AJ is there… Maybe I can ask Matt?''

At first, that was an amazing idea. He would be with someone who is close to him and knows they are together. She wouldn't have to worry about trashy motels and all that could happen there. But her happiness was very short termed. Callie remembered that he has some family members visiting.

''His cousins are in town.''

''I forgot…Hm… I have some cash… I can crash at that small motel.''

''My dad gave me some money too. I'll give it to you.''

''No, that's for you.''

''Brandon, I rather give it to you than spend it on something worthless. I want to give it to you. We are in this together.''

''I love you Calls…''

''Love you too…''

She helped him pack and just as the family got to diner, two of them got downstairs with his things. Matt came to pick him up and was waiting a bit further from the house. Lena stood in shock when she saw Brandon with bags.

''Brandon, what is going on?''

''Mom told me to leave.''

She turned towards her wife that had no idea what was happening.

''Stef, come here please.''

Stef came and couldn't believe that he would really leave.

''B said you told him to leave.''

''I did not!''

''Yes, you did mom!''

''No, I didn't!''

Lena looked at very sad Callie.

''Honey, what happened?''

''They had an argument. Stef wanted to ground him and he told her that he is eighteen and she can't do it. And then she told him that then she has no responsibility over him and that he may leave if he doesn't like living in this house.''

Lena turned toward her wife.

''Stef…. Why?''

''He doesn't respect us as his parents.''


''No, if he wants to leave let him go!''

With that all the kids were up and at the front door. Mariana and Jesus looked at Brandon and Stef expecting some more information.

''You can't leave Brandon! Why would you? Where will you go?''

''I will inform you when the time comes.''

He hugged his siblings and promised he would be ok. Lena was next and she tried to convince him to stay and make Stef apologize, but she couldn't do it. Mother and son were very stubborn. He took his phone out of the pocket and handed it to Stef.

''I don't need this anymore.''

Her way to control the situation was not taken from her.


Next was Callie. He took her into his arms and held her tight.

''I love you… I'll see you tomorrow at school.''

''Love you too. Take care B.''

''You too…''

He opened the door and took things into Matt's truck. Matt and him drove for some time in silence.

''I don't want to talk about my mom.''

''Ok… My mom said you can stay with us when her sister and her family leave.''

''Thanks man.''

''Hey, it's nothing. You are my friend Brandon and that's what friends do for one another.''

Brandon's room was small, but pretty ok. He placed his bags in the corner and got on the bed. He asked Matt to get him a prepaid phone and to text Callie that he is ok and what is his room number.

In the house things were not going well for anyone. Callie and Mariana were very quiet, Jesus was mad with Stef and Jude was scared what would happen now. Lena and Stef were arguing in the kitchen for past hour and things didn't look well. There were a lot of bad words and blaming the other one and Jude was afraid that one of them would leave the house. Callie was in Brandon's room, just lying on the bed and inhaling his smell from the pillow and the shirt he last slept in. She held it tight and close to herself. Mariana came to see her later and found her very silent.

''Hey, is there any news?''

''Matt texted me. B is ok and they found him a room.''

''Where is he?''

''In some motel. He will tell me all in the morning.''

''Are you coming to bed?''

''I think I will stay here.''

Mariana knew better than to ask too many questions or make comments. She knew that Callie needed some space and she had to give it to her.

''Ok. See you in the morning.''

Morning in the Foster household was not chaotic as it usually was. It was very silent and the silence was unpleasant and tense. Stef and Lena could barely look at one another and kids started to wonder will B's departure ruin their mothers' marriage. Seeing Brandon at school got them happy. Jesus and Mariana had so many questions for him and Callie held his hand under the table. He gave her a paper with instructions how to find him and told him to leave her phone with Mariana after school. He didn't want his mom to find him. Room was taken on the name from B's fake ID, so Stef couldn't trace him even that way. After school, Callie left her phone with Mariana, so Stef can't track her either. She had other phone Matt gave her and she used it to talk to Brandon and arrange meetings with him. They spent entire afternoon in his room. She tried to convince him to come back home, but he didn't want to talk about it. He stood firmly behind his act and words.

''I will not crawl back to her… I can't.''

Callie knew there was no use in arguing. She had to drop it…for now. The rest of their time together, they spent making love to each other.

Mariana came home with Jude and Jesus and found Stef making some food.

''Hey kids…''

''Hey mom…''

She looked at them and she was surprised.

''Where is Callie?''

They lowered their gaze.

''She is…''

She knew where she was…no, she knew who she was with…

''App says she is at home.''

''Her phone is…''


''She gave it to me before I left school.''


They all looked at her. She knew the answer….all of them knew it.

''So I wouldn't find Brandon.''

''Mom, we are going upstairs. We have work to do…''

They went to their rooms and Stef stayed alone in the kitchen. She felt so many different things. She was hurt, disappointed, angry and blamed all of them who agreed with Brandon's and Callie's relationship. Lena came home around seven and she was surprised to find the house so quiet.

''Are they taken by the aliens?''

''They sided with Brandon and Callie. Mariana has her phone. They don't want me to find him. He doesn't want me to find him.''

Lena left her bag and took a seat beside her wife.

''Babe, give him some time. It will pass.''

''No, it will not. He is eighteen.''

''Yes, but…''

Before Lena could say anything, Callie got into the house. She greeted them and left to his old room.

''She was with him… And she said nothing about it. Not even apologizing for giving Mariana her phone.''

''Stef, calm down. Give it time. You all need to cool off.''

''I am cool…''

''No, you are not. Give it few days.''

In next few days, Stef and Lena waited for some of the kids to say something. Brandon even found a way to avoid Lena at school, so she couldn't reach him that way either. Kids would hang out together at school and after school, Callie would leave her phone with Jude or Mariana and go with Brandon to his motel. They would spend entire afternoon together and just before her curfew, Matt would pick her up and get her home. On Friday, Robert came to school to pick her up and invited her and Brandon to have lunch with him. He took them to a restaurant and Callie was glad two of them are ok. Brandon liked Robert and Robert liked him back. He believed he is good for Callie and he loved her very much.

''Callie, I talked to my lawyer. Soon Stef and Lena will get the papers for the annulment of the adoption and reistatemant of my parental rights.''


''You still want that?''

''Yes, very much.''

'' Why do you look so sad?''

''Because we are having some issues.''

Robert was surprised to hear this.

''What is it?''

''My mom kicked me out.''

''Oh, God! Where are you staying?''

''At motel…''

Robert got up from his chair and turned towards Brandon.

''We are picking your things up and you are moving in with us.''

''What? No, I can't ask you to do that.''

''No, not a word. Some sleazy motel… No way! You are my daughter's family, that makes you my family too. You are moving in. No arguing there…''

Brandon was surprised by the statement that he is family. Callie was so proud of her dad and on the verge of tears.

''Young man, let's get your things…''

They went to motel and picked up all of Brandon's belonguings and took them to Robert's house. Jill was very surprised to find her husband with young Foster boy and his bags.

''What happened?''

''He will be staying with us. Stefanie kicked him out.''


''My mom kicked me out because of our relationship.''

Jill just lowered her gaze and nodded.

''Welcome to the house and family…. Put your things into Callie's room. I am guessing you will be sharing…''

Teens looked at her in shock.

''I think it's useless and stupid to pretend you are not having sex and you want to sleep together. So, we will do this. Callie, are you on a pill?''


''Ok, we will start you on some as soon as we can and then we will have one less worry. Please, until that, use protection. Ok?''

They nodded and kept of how cool two of them were with her and Brandon, there was no way for this conversation not to be awkward.

''We might then try to find a bigger house.''

Callie was not expecting this. Quinn residence was huge comparing to Foster house.

''Why? This one is amazing.''

''It has only six bedrooms. We would need more and you deserve your own space.''


''Like house with a pool house or garage apartment.''

''Oh, you don't have to bother. We are ok.''

Robert smled at the kids and his wife.

''I think Jill expects grandchildren…and a lot of them.''

Callie blushed.

''It's early.''

''I know, but you want children?''

They looked at each other. They never really spoke much about that topic.

''We do, but some day…It's too soon now.''

''But I can hope…''

Brandon took Jill's hand and kissed it.

''Mrs. Quinn… I promise you will have full house of them if you want it… You have my word. Callie and I will have big family. Some of them would be our biological children and some would be fostered or adopted. You know she has soft spot for the system children and she will give her best to save and help a lot of them and I will be there for her. We will fill the house with kids and laughter. I can assure you.''

''Thank you Brandon.''

Callie was shocked with that statement. Brandon really knew her well. She wanted to be a social worker and help kids. She wanted to adopt and she wanted to have her own kids. B summed up what she wanted without really having conversations about it. Robert and Jill went upstairs to get the room ready and two of them stayed in the living room. She turned towards him and gave him a kiss he would remember for a long time.

''I love you Brandon Michael Foster…''

He smiled and kissed her back.

''Always Callie Quinn.''