Artemis took a paper that had come out of the side of the machine and turned back to Holly, walking towards the female as he read the paper's contents. Once to her, looked up, his eyes alarmed.

"My theory was correct. You are a fully fledged human now."

Holly nodded, as though already expecting this. "How did that happen? I mean, a lot of fairies have drank with humans, but none of them turned into one as well…" Artemis could hear the confusion and desperation running throughout her voice.

Artemis ran a hand through his raven hair, taking a deep breath, he looked back at her. "A fairy has most likely never, as Juliet would call it, 'tongued' with a human after drinking with them as well."

The female nodded, although Artemis could tell that her thoughts were somewhere else for the moment. "So, I turned into a human because I had human DNA in my system?" She sighed, "This is just all so confusing."

"Yes, it is." Artemis perched on the metal table, sitting next to the former elf. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close.

Holly put her head on his shoulder and Artemis could feel her warm breath against his neck, causing him to force himself to close his eyes and calm his nerves.

"Artemis…what am I going to tell Foaly?" Holly said, not looking at the man, instead, looking into the space in front of them. "I suspected I would be stripped of my powers, that I would be banned from Haven. Not become a human all together."

The genius sighed. "I'm not positive about what I should tell you, Holls." The nickname rolling off his tongue smoothly, like it belonged there. "My best advice would be to just wait and see when Foaly tries to get in touch."

Holly nodded, moving so her face was buried in the crook of his neck. Artemis just pulled her even closer, and whispered, "Are you tired?" He felt her nod against his skin. he chuckled and got off of the metal slab, taking Holly's hand and helping her off the table as well.

Artemis led her, once again, out of the lab. The next thing the exhausted female knew, she was outside Artemis' room and he was opening the door, leading her in and laying her on the bed. Holly looked up at the man, but his eyes told her all she needed to know. 'Get some sleep and I'll be back later.'

Then Holly slowly drifted into her deep slumber, the last thing she saw was Artemis turning around and heading out the door.




'Disgrace to fairy kind!'

Holly heard all the comments of judgement from behind her as she ran through the streets of Haven, only able to run faster than the mob behind her because of her new long legs. She had no idea where she was going, or how she got back into Haven. But here she was, running from an angry mob that was getting closer and closer to her by the second. Her heart pounded, her stomach twisted from the panic rising inside her.

It was dark as she ran down the deserted streets, her breath rapid as she looked behind her. People hated her, people she KNEW hated her. Foaly, Trouble...every single one of her friends didn't love her anymore.

'Artemis!' she called out, trying to move faster. However, all that happened was that the angry shouts behind the female grew louder. Holly turned a corner to get onto another street. She looked behind her once more and then looked ahead, only to stop in her tracks. Another mob was coming at her from that direction. Holly frantically looked around, but found no escape as the progressing mob surrounded her. She heard their anger in every terrible word they said, feeling the fire burn onto her skin…

Holly bolted upright, panting as she looked around the unfamiliar room. She tried to register where she was when the door to the right of her burst open, and Artemis came inside looking as panicked as her.

"Holly?! What's wrong? I could hear you screaming all the way from my study!" Artemis exclaimed, going over to the trembling female and sitting next to her, wrapping his arms around her waist. She was shaking uncontrollably, and sobbing into her hands.

"I-It was terrible!" Holly cried, muffled by her hands over her face.

"What was terrible? Holly, what's wrong?" Holly said, panic rising in his chest as he held her closer. Artemis rocked her back and forth, trying to calm her down, as he whispered in her ear, telling her everything was alright.

Finally, when Holly was calmed down enough to talk, she told Artemis everything about what she had seen.

"Holly." Artemis chided softly as she finished her nightmare off. "You especially should know better. It was just a dream. A chemical reaction to how you're feeling right now and your thoughts on how people in Haven will take that you are a human. That would never happen in reality, I wouldn't let it." He promised, lying on the bed and pulling Holly with him.

Still, the female couldn't look at him, closing her eyes or looking at the wall away from him. Artemis just sighed and stroked her soft red hair, kissing her temple sweetly.

There was a moment of pure silence before it was broken. "A-Artemis?" Holly's voice came quietly. The man, who still had his arms around her waist and face pressed against her hair, opened his eyes groggily. He was almost asleep, thinking that Holly was asleep too. Artemis acknowledged her by nuzzling her neck silently.

"Do you think that Foaly wouldn't want to see me again, after I told him I was a human?"

"Holly, Foaly would always want to be by your side as long as you didn't turn him into the FBI." Artemis joked. He felt her nod, and knew she was doing so thoughtfully.

"What time is it?"

"Around midnight. You slept the day away."

"Oh…" She turned around to face him, burying her face into his neck this time. "I'm not really tired, but I suppose you are."

Artemis sighed. He was tired, to be honest. He had taken the antidote for his hangover, but it made him tired after 12 hours. "I can stay up for 3 days without any sleep, Holls." He said. Not exactly as lie, but not exactly the whole truth either. He could stay up for that long, but he couldn't do that right now.

"No, you're tired. I can hear it." She said quietly, leaning away to look into his eyes. Her eyes were wide and awake while his were dead and asleep. "I won't bother you…" She turned to face away from him again, but Artemis caught her.

"You are not bothering me, Holly." He reassured her, pulling her towards him.

Suddenly, a loud grumble erupted from Holly's stomach. She smiled bashfully, her face getting even more red, while Artemis just chuckled softly.

"Well, how about we go downstairs and I will make us an early breakfast." Artemis offered.

Holly smiled. In truth, she was hungry. She hadn't eaten in more than 48 hours, but she knew Artemis was tired. So, in the end, she just laughed. "Eat something you cooked? I don't have magic to heal my stomach pains anymore."

Artemis smiled groggily, knowing that this was Holly's way to tell him to go to sleep. Nevertheless, the genius shook his head. "Then you can cook, and I can watch. Or help, if you prefer. The best way to learn is to do it yourself."

Holly cocked her head to the right. "Are you sure? You really do sound tired."

Artemis smirked, leaning over and kissing her cheek. "I'm fine." He promised.

Holly smiled, sitting up and taking his hand. "Alright then, let's go." She got off the bed, tugging Artemis with her downstairs to the kitchen."

Once Artemis had gotten up and moved around, it wasn't as hard as he thought it would to stay awake. He followed Holly downstairs, her hand still holding his. Artemis noted how warm and soft her hands were.

And so, Artemis and Holly went to the kitchen. Amazingly, Artemis didn't harm himself throughout the entire cooking, something Holly thought was impossible. Then again, she did help the man with cutting some vegetables, standing behind him and holding his hands, guiding them for him. In the end, when they were both done with what they had made, Holly put the dishes in the sink. When she was about to turn around, Artemis put his arms around her waist, putting his head on her shoulder.

"We got those test results back…" He murmured in her red hair.

"Yes. We did. I'm human." Holly said slowly, confused.

Artemis smirked. "Remember what was stopping you before…" He trailed off, letting Holly connect the dots. Her eyes widened.

"Artemis-" But before she could get anymore out, she was sitting on the counter, Artemis' body between her legs as he kissed her passionately, running his hands up and down the material of the jeans.

Finally, after a moment, Artemis let Holly's lips go. His breath was shallow as he whispered, "I love you, Holly."

"Artemis, we can't do this. Not here." The female protested, grabbing his hands from her thighs.

"Why not, Holly? You're human...we know that now. There's nothing to worry about."

Holly smirked at the man's sudden frustration. "I said, 'not here.' I didn't say not now."

"What?" Artemis said, confused.

Holly laughed. "And I see the blood has already left that genius brain of yours." She lifted her hand and grabbed a handful of his hair, tugging him down so she could whisper in his ear. "Bedroom, now."