Yes, I played Rhythm Thief all through the credits. Yes, I know Charlie is technically shown to be a girl.

Yes, this work features Trans boy Charlie, so if that bothers you in any way, don't read it. Simple as that. I'm not here to hear you complain about a headcanon of mine.



I have been trying to find the right words to say for months. Yes, it worried me to the point of not just spitting it out, like I usually end up doing. It seems like I never will really find out a good way to do it, though, so I decided it was high time I stopped running around in circles and told you what I wanted to say, straight to the point.

Stop calling me Charlotte. I feel uncomfortable when you do.

Before you ask, no, it has nothing to do with Mama. I miss her and I love her as much as I did before she passed away. I'm not trying to forget her or suppress memories I have with Mama or… Of us when we had her.

Still, I don't like how Charlotte sounds when it's meant to refer to me. It doesn't matter that this was how Mama used to call me, it doesn't matter that this is how you have always called me. That makes me no less uncomfortable. When I first realized this happened, I initially thought it had something to do with resenting you or Mama, but later I realized that was not the case.

I don't know if you have noticed, but everyone else calls me Charlie. That started more as a nickname, but as time passed, I realized I actually preferred being called Charlie, and, I don't know if you're aware, but I now actively correct people who call me Charlotte. I don't want you to be an exception. I want you to call me Charlie too. I feel better when people call me Charlie, even when I'm in those terrible dresses I'm obliged to wear for school. I feel much better in my coat or sportswear, obviously, but being called Charlie is somehow even more important for me. You might find it funny, but it's 100% true. Being called Charlotte bumps my mood down like almost nothing else, I don't think I need to say anything more to show my struggles are real. It doesn't hurt physically, like being hit by a ball while chasing some certain criminal, but it doesn't make it any less painful.

I really wish I didn't have to do this, since I know just how much you treasure the name Charlotte and the moments you had with Mama while choosing it. And, to be honest, I don't want any of those other names you considered with her either. I really don't mean to put our shaky relationship into risk, but it's getting unbearable. Put my well-being over your memories with Mama. I am not going to give this up. I can't and am not willing to even try living with it.

I'm not Charlotte. I haven't been Charlotte for a very long time.

I'm Charlie.

I hope you understand what I mean by that.


So! After months of trying to get my hands on a physical copy of Rhythm Thief, ultimately giving up and buying on the e-shop, I finally played it during Easter.

Charlie sounded very much like a trans boy still finding out about his gender identity, so this thing kind of wrote itself.