Chapter 44

May 21st, 2015


"Christian can you please get me these things while you are up, please?" I hand him a list as today is the day and we will be welcoming the twins.

"Baby, there are already enough outfits in the diaper bags. Do we honestly need any more?"

"Yes, I would like to have options as we don't know yet if they are fraternal or identical twins." I see him roll his eyes and huff at me in frustration. He has been so good these past ten weeks and I know he is so frustrated with me. Now he has to wait another six weeks and I think sometimes he may explode. He has been running and lifting weights more in the home gym. At least he will be ready for me when I am good and healed. Being pregnant with twins I have only gained 17lbs and I know it's on the low side and I'm huge as it is. I hope these boys are huge as I have eaten what I've had to and for some reason I just couldn't maintain the weight. Everything has been monitored so closely with this pregnancy so I have a feeling it will go spectacular.

Each day I have fallen more in love with Christian. He installed a mini fridge in the bedroom so I wouldn't leave the bed if I needed water, and as my snack I craved pineapple. Lilly has a temporary playroom in the bedroom and we would play dolls, color, and nap with each other every day. But after these past two or so months I'm ready to welcome these little boys into the family. I make sure to grab Christian's special surprise I had made for him and hide into my purse.

"Here you are Honey the outfits you requested, we are set to go and the small store with us. I have never seen so much stuff packed into a vehicle. I love it though and I wouldn't have it any other way." He kisses me so tenderly and we make our way to the driveway him holding my hand the entire way there. Lilly is staying at the house with Gail and Kate will be by later to spend the next couple days with her. She will bring her by to the hospital once the boys are born.

"Mama me broters yet?"

"Sweetie I'm going to go get them for you, and they have a special surprise for you."

She jumps up and down clapping her hands squealing and I hear a chuckle next to me as Christian picks her up and swings her around.

"Baby girl we will see you after your nap I promise ok?" He kisses her forehead as she runs to Gail waving bye. I start crying as these emotions are too much for a pregnant woman.

"Baby what's wrong? Are you in pain?"

"No, I just can't believe that when we see this house again we will have our babies." He helps me slide into the sweet and buckles me in.

"I know; Ana and it will be so fulfilling, I can't wait. I can't believe that in a matter of hours our lives and hearts will expand to capabilities I never knew existed till you."

We take off in our caravan of vehicles with security as the media has been relentless. Our home on the sound is like Fort Knox. No one is getting in and we love it as it's so secure but peaceful. No one is around, no other homes nothing. Arriving to the hospital I can already see media camped out at the maternity entrance and chuckle to myself. They honestly think we would go through a main entrance? Grace and Dr. Greene along with our security organized for us to be admitted in one of the back entrances.

I slide out and walk in to a waiting and happy grandma and Dr. Greene. Taylor following with the bags and the cars can be parked where they are so no one sees them leaving and draws attention.

"Are we ready Mrs. Grey?"

"Yes, Dr. Greene we are ready and I'm just excited as I am officially off bed rest." I giggle as I hear Christian sigh and mumble under his breath.


Yes, I'm extremely excited but mostly relieved she's off bed rest. I couldn't stop worrying that at any moment the placenta would tear more and she would bleed out. I had new nightmares the past couple weeks and I never told her as I didn't want her to worry. I will not be fully relieved until she is in recovery and both boys are in our arms.

"More relieved than anything" I tell Dr. Greene as we make our way into the private maternity suite I reserved. It has a California King hospital bed I had delivered. A crib next to it where the babies will be sleeping and a luxurious bath or shower for the both of us. There is a spare bedroom with a queen bed if Ana is too uncomfortable with me in the bed. She has said that no matter what we will be sharing a bed. My favorite part of the suite is we have our own private small kitchen where Gail will bring in the meals and we are able to keep them warm and they are fully stocked with our favorite drinks and snacks. She had premade casseroles in the vehicles that will be brought up so all we have to do is pop them in to warm up. Normally I would have meals brought in but with the media and security frenzy Ana and I get this is the better option. I have learned to not dwell or worry myself sick with all the threats we get daily as we are and have done everything we can do to keep us safe.

"Christian are you upset they won't be here on your birthday?"

"No Ana as they will have their own day now, and as you know I didn't like celebrating my birthday until you and Lilly came into my life. I am actually looking forward to celebrating my first birthday with my gorgeous, hot, sexy wife, and my three children."

"I'm just sorry I can't give you know what for your birthday" My shy little wife. Little is an understatement she doesn't even look heavily pregnant for a woman with twins. I have seen her put away food, so I know she has been eating. Dr. Greene says she's just been putting it everywhere else and not to worry as she is all babies.

"Ana, as long as you and the children are happy and healthy that's all that matters. We will celebrate don't worry." My mom and dad have already volunteered as they know with the bed rest we haven't really had our privacy. So, I will fly her up in Steele Grey that has been fixed and back to its glory up to our cabin for the weekend when she gets her clearance. She stands and changes into her hospital gown and I have to mentally think of something else in my head. She has given me I don't know how many blow jobs and hand jobs but I can't wait till I get to sink in her again. A knock on the door startles me as a nurse comes in with some scrubs and paperwork.

"Mr. and Mrs. Grey here is the admission paperwork and consent for the C-section. There will be some more after the babies are born. Mr. Grey you will need to change into these scrubs in order to be in the operating room with Mrs. Grey." I grab and take them and sign the paperwork and she leaves as I change real fast and fold my clothes onto the bed. I grab Ana's face in between my hands and kiss her as I let my hands run down to her ass and squeeze.

"I love you baby are you ready?"

"Yes" she says as she kisses me back and we make our way out of the room and walk to the operating room following Dr. Greene. Walking in it's a little chilly as I help Ana onto the operating table and the anesthesiologist steps up and rubs some antiseptic on her back for the epidural. Thank heaven my mom ran through every detail of the operation with us or I would be a nightmare. I'm nervous but I know we are in the best hands. I see the neonatologist standing in the corner with the two bassinets for the babies waiting.

"Mrs. Grey if you can sit at the edge of the bed and lean forward holding the pillow to your chest." She leans forward and I help hold her hands as she takes a deep breath as the anesthesiologist gives her an epidural and hearing Ana whimper and squeeze my hands makes my heart leap in my throat realizing she is in pain. Luckily, it's just for a minute or two as she relaxes and the anesthesiologist is finished.

Ana lies down and they make me sit next to her head as I grab her hand and kiss it as they lift the drape.

"I love you" Ana says as she squeezes my hand and the lump of emotions in my throat spill over.

"Oh, Baby I love you too so so much" I kiss her forehead as Dr. Greene steps up behind the drape.

"Mrs. Grey can you feel this?"


"Well here we go then, you may feel some pressure in about five minutes."

"Okay" Ana says as she closes her eyes and breathes deeply.

She opens them and we stare in each other's eyes and I feel her squeeze my hand and become a little pale.

"Are you ok baby?"

"Yes, just a little dizzy and nauseous" I look up and see Dr. Greene working and the anesthesiologist is watching the monitors.

"Mrs. Grey that is a normal feeling but we are going to need you to be calm your blood pressure is a little high." She nods as she does some deep breaths. I lean in and kiss her as it's the only thing helping my nerves.

"Alright here comes the first baby boy."

I stand up and holy shit that is a lot of blood but I see a head with a lot of hair being pulled out of my wife's belly. The most triumphant sound I hear next almost drops me to my knees as I hear the first cry.

"Oh my God Ana baby he is perfect."

I hear her giggling and look down at her and see tears sliding down her cheeks.

"Christian you are the one making me dizzy as you can't sit still." I stop midair as I realize I went to sit but kept going back and forth from sitting to standing.

"Here comes number two, mommy and daddy." And then he is pulled out and screaming along with his brother who is being attended to.

I sit down as I was told they will bring the babies over when they are done cleaning them off. Normally I wouldn't listen but having two babies and with Ana's condition they have to many people in the room.

"I love you so much Baby they are absolutely perfect". She nods as I see her eyes flutter close.

"ANA, Dr. Greene what's wrong?"

"She is having some extra bleeding from the placenta tearing while we pulled the second baby out. I've almost gotten it under control and her blood pressure dropped because of it. She will be fine but out of it for a little while, about an hour or so."

I lay my head next to hers and rub her hair and kiss her forehead and lips, as she has yet again given me the world.

"Mr. Grey would you like to meet your sons?"

I nod as I stand up to follow the nurse and my breath catches as I am staring into a mirror. They look like me and I couldn't be any happier as it tells the world Mine.

"Baby A is 7lbs 6oz, and twenty-one inches. Baby B is 7lbs 5oz, and twenty-two inches. They are both doing extremely well and I see no issues as their Apgar is eight and nine."

I hold each one of their hands in both of mine as I lean down and kiss each one on the top of their heads. They clean Ana up as I follow her back to our family suite and they get Ana situated as I sit in the chair and they bring the boys one by one and before I know I'm holding both of them in my arms.

I rock them as I don't want any family coming to see them till Ana has held them let alone see them.

"What a beautiful site." I look up into the blue eyes that trapped my heart and soul on the side of the road so many months ago.

"How are you feeling?"

"Tired and sore, but most of all I feel like my heart has grown just seeing and feeling the love for the two of them instantaneously"

I slowly make my way to the bed with her and she takes one at a time as I put them in her arms. I take my phone out and take a picture and save it as my screensaver. It will change when Lilly gets here so I can get all three of my children.

"Welcome to the world Theodore Raymond Grey, and Christian Thomas Grey"

"Christian can you hand me my purse please?" I go and get it and she takes out a small wrapped package and hands it to me.

"What's this? You shouldn't have gotten me anything." I open it as she shrugs and giggles and it is cufflinks with our initials entwined and one has an Aquamarine and the other has an Emerald. The birthstones of our three children. I will wear these constantly as I love them.

"Ana thank you for everything, for you picking me up that night, for making me a father with Lilly and now these two boys, but most of all for being My Savior."

"Christian we saved each other". she says as we look at our sons and our daughter runs in, with my family following.

My life, my more, My Savior, and I couldn't and wouldn't have it any other way.