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Chapter One: Halloween

"C'mon, Bufferoni! Let's really commit to this dress up business," Xander pleaded, waving the white robe in Buffy's face.

"At least you won't be stuck as his sidekick," Willow added, her fuzzy mask slightly muffling her voice.

Biting her lip, Buffy took the costume and held it against her front, gauging the relative attractiveness of this versus the pretty princess outfit she'd been eyeing. Angel might prefer the old timey look, but to be honest it would be super fun to dress up as a group with her friends. And, she'd still be girly and pretty.

Just more kick ass.

"I guess. It is way cheaper than the other outfit. I want a light saber, though!"

"Chewie! There you are! What the hell is going on?" Han grabbed his copilot's shoulder, glaring around the streets of this crazy, backwards town. Tiny monsters were running around, ineffectually attacking much larger humans. "Hey, aren't you shorter than normal?"

Chewie relayed his extreme displeasure with his new height, and the general insanity of the situation. Then he started gesturing wildly behind Han, freaking out about something to do with Leia.

"Han! Where's Luke? What is going on?" Leia strode up, blaster out and ready for action (as always). "I've got his light saber here. What is this crazy place?"

The trio glanced around, taking in the chaos. Someone had set a nearby shrub on fire, and a middle-aged man was trying to extinguish it while also avoiding knee high monsters. There was a strange vehicle approaching, with flashing red and blue lights. Weirdly, it had four wheels and didn't seem at all capable of flight. "Look, Princess, I don't know where your brother ran off to, but we need to get someplace more secure and figure out where the Falcon is. Luke can find us with his hocus pocus." Han started off down the street, strangely confident that he could find a safe place to camp out.

"Han! Damn it, my communicator is completely fried," Leia growled as she hurried to catch up, smacking the busted device with her hand a few times. Chewie moaned in agreement.

Soon, they were in front of a house, oddly familiar although Leia was certain she'd never seen it before. "I'm pretty sure this key will open the door," she said under her breath, and sure enough, the door swung open in front of them.

"Buffy! Freaks! Help me!" A loud scream from the street made them whirl around, Leia pulling out the light saber and igniting it. The reassuring hum was almost as good as having Luke around, and if she was force sensitive anyway. Might as well use the cool weapons.

A girl dressed in a tight cat costume was trying to get away from a herd of tiny monsters. With a collective shrug, the three waded into the fray, trying to avoid any fatal blows since for all they knew, this was some strange regional conflict. "Get inside the house!" Leia commanded, shoving the girl towards shelter.

After a few strikes with the weapon, and Han and Chewie's careful marksmanship, the monster took off down the street. A few were limping, so hopefully they'd think twice about coming back.

"Let's barricade these doors, and then head upstairs. I don't like all these glass windows, too easy for us to be flanked," Leia started hefting a heavy table, Han coming to help her.

"Guys, aren't you supposed to be fixing all this? Isn't that your loser group's mission, fix the crazy Sunnydale problems?" Cat girl was apparently recovered enough to sass them now.

"Look, lady, I don't know who you think we are, but whatever is going on out there has nothing to do with us. I don't need to get involved in whatever local problems this planet has, I've got trouble enough with this one's family ties," Han jerked his head toward Leia, who scowled at him. Chewie reprimanded him with a growl and a head cuff.

"Ummm, Xander, this is your town. And what other planet could you be involved with? Jeeze, drink the Kool-Aid much?"

"The name is Han Solo," he retorted absentmindedly, checking their barricades.

"Look, whatever is going on has given you weirdos some kind of amnesia, I guess, but you dweebs dressed up like Star Wars characters. Of course Buffy had to be a princess," Catty tried to explain. "Ugh, you're all useless. I'm calling Giles."

She crossed over to a crude communication device, and Han decided to ignore her for now. "Let's get upstairs, and shut off the lights. Hopefully we'll go unnoticed until we can get you out of here."

"Pregnant, not helpless, Han," Leia grumbled, but let him guide her upstairs. His sporadic overprotective instincts were mostly adorable. What was really surprising was that Luke hadn't shown up to glare menacingly at anything that might be any kind of threat to her or the babies. "I hope Luke finds us soon. He's been hovering almost as much as you lately, he should be here by now."

Chewie reassured her that her twin must be nearby and wouldn't let them worry much longer. Smiling her thanks, Leia chose a door that felt right and found a frilly but comfortable bedroom.

"Good, you can lie down for a bit," Han hustled her over. Chewie glanced around, and went to find another bed. He was oddly tired too.

"Alright, Han. But kiss first, and you have to be my pillow," Leia tugged his face down. After an appropriate amount of smoochies, they settled in. The stress of the strange town and worry about Luke definitely wore her out. Within a minute, she was fast asleep, curled up against Han's side.

Buffy really didn't want to wake up. Since being called, she hadn't slept well at night, but right now she was super comfy. The pillow was firmer than normal, but warm and nice smelling. Grumbling about the sunlight, she snuggled into the pillow, resisting the call of morning.

"Ummmm, Buffy? I think we were married last night. Please don't hurt me."


I know! Everyone does a Halloween reboot, but I really wanted an ensemble costume for them, that would also give Buffy and Willow some useful skills, instead of Buffy's cross stitching and Willow's completely bogus no skill.

More? Why yes, there will be more! Hopefully Leia can inject some bossy, take charge attitude into Buffy's non-slaying hours, and Han can make Xander less…Zeppo. Whether or not Willow tries to tear anyone's arms off is still to be decided.