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The school bell rang. The students were leaving the school. Some ran, some walked. The weekend had finally begun.

Four girls were walking through the school yard with no rush.
"What are you up to this weekend?" asked the girl with long, brown hair. Her name was Alyssa.
"I'll go to visit my oldest sister with Thom," answered Lin, the girl with short and black hair. She was the tallest of them.
"I'm gonna hang out at the town. I have really no plans," answered Selena, the redheaded girl.
"Me neither. We could hang out together. What about you, Alyssa? You're gonna spend the weekend at your family's summer cottage, eh?" said Marie, the blond with a single ponytail.
"Yeah. The weather broadcast forecasts that the whole weekend will have a sunny weather, so I'll enjoy it while I have the chance," Alyssa told.
"Yeah, it's so annoying to mold at school when the weather is the best ever!" Selena noted.
"We know, right?" Lin noted.
"Yeah. And hey, Alyssa, I know that you don't care about horoscopes, but the latest horoscope told that during this weekend, Capricorns like you will get a very big change in their lives," Marie told. "I decided to tell you just in case something actually happens."
"Okay, I'll keep that in mind. But I have to go now. Have a good weekend, you guys! See ya on Monday!" Alyssa said and left, dismissing Marie's talks about horoscope. Like Alyssa herself had noticed, most of the time they did not come true. Probability was on the side of nothing big happening. Rushing past a chattering group, she saw that her mother was already waiting for her.
"How was the school today?" her mother asked.
"Quite fine. Some boys haven't STILL realized that the holiday is already over," Alyssa answered. Her mother laughed.
"The boys are boys, aren't they?" she said.
"Yeah. Unfortunately," Alyssa mumbled.

Some hours later Alyssa was already sitting outside the summer cottage, enjoying the cool wind and the nature's voices.
Oh, I wish life could be nothing but this, she thought.

The wind's blow made the trees' leaves rustle against each other. The sun was warming everything nicely. Some birds tweeted. Alyssa wished nothing else than that this relaxing moment would last forever.
"Are you sunbathing?" a voice broke the charm and Alyssa opened her eyes, starting. It was her father who had broken the moment's charm.
"No. Just relaxing," Alyssa grumbled. Her father laughed a little bit and sat down to another chair.

Alyssa's mother came pretty soon, and told, "The dinner is ready."

Alyssa stood up from her chair, but before she could say anything, three black and purple, strange-looking planes (or were they even some sort of fighter-jets?) flew over them. They flew very low, so low that they almost touched the treetops.
"What was that?!" Alyssa's father shouted.
"Like I'd know!" Alyssa said, frightened by the unfamiliar aircraft. Those jets did not look like they were even from Earth!
"They don't look familiar to me, either! They must be something completely new!" Alyssa's mom noted.

The jets turned around and came back the way they came from.
"They're coming back!" Alyssa cried out. What were the pilots even doing?! The jets flew over them once again, engines roaring, then made a sharp turn and started to fall.
"They're coming down!" Alyssa's mom shouted.
"WE NOTICED!" Alyssa yelled back. She was backing away, ready to turn her back on the jets and run as they came.

Suddenly the three jets transformed into giant robots. They were even higher than the cottage! Alyssa did not say anything. She just gasped and walked backwards in horror, her mouth agape.
"What on Earth are those?!" her father asked.

The robots came closer to the family. The three humans backed away, but when the robots grabbed them, there was nothing they could have done. Crying for help was useless, so was Alyssa's father's crying for God to help them.

All Alyssa knew was that she thought she was going to die now. After that, everything blacked out.

The first thing Alyssa noticed when she came to after that was that she was hanging from her wrists. Her vision sharpened slowly, and when she noticed where she was, a shriek came out of her mouth.

She was hanging from metal chains that were fastened around her wrists. And she was hanging high. Very high.
Don't look down, she commanded herself in her mind. Don't look down.

So, instead of looking down, she looked to the left. She saw her father, hanging from chains just like her.
"Dad!" Alyssa called.
"Alyssa, are you all right?" was the answer.
"I'm fine. What about you?" Alyssa answered. Before her father could answer, mumbling was heard from Alyssa's right side. She looked there, seeing her mother.
"Mom!" she shouted.
"Where are we?" her mother asked.
"I dunno. Somewhere very high," Alyssa asked, looking down again. She gulped, cursing her fear of heights.

Before she could tell herself to look up, the doors in front of them opened up and a robot came in. This robot had a dark grey paintjob, red eyes and a red crest on its head – ior was it a helmet?/i Alyssa wondered through her fear.
"So, you have woken up," the robots said with a masculine voice.
"Err… Who are you?" Alyssa managed to ask.
"My name is Starscream," the robot answered.
"So, uh, mister Starscream, where are we? And why are we here?" Alyssa's father asked. Starscream looked at him.
"You're here, because we need your… assistance," the robot answered. His tone was as slick as the robot himself seemed to be.
"Assistance on what?" Alyssa's mother asked, distrusting of this being in front of them.
"Leading the Autobots into a trap," was the answer from Starscream.
"What do we have to do then?" Alyssa's mother asked. She decided not ask who these "Autobots" were.
"Stay here and try to call for help," Starscream answered tersely.
"Yeah, sure, it's very easy to call the Autobots with a cell phone with both hands in chains over the head and without knowing the phone number!" Alyssa quipped, her voice full of sarcasm. While she was afraid, part of her already hated this giant robot who held her family prisoner. She wanted to do something to resist this being and his slick voice.

Starscream reacted very fast: he turned away from Alyssa's mother and smacked the girl with the back of his hand. Alyssa let out a scream of pain as she swayed in the air, still held by the chains that chafed her wrists in the pace of her swaying. She soon felt some blood coming down from her wrists; her skin had been broken. Her stomach and lungs hurt as she tried to get back the air Starscream had just hit out of her.
"Alyssa!" the girl's parents shrieked. Alyssa did not say anything. She was just gasping, not daring to look Starscream into eyes. She realized now that she had decided to mess with the wrong person and she truly regretted her mistake.
"We can also make some fake calls if we feel that it's useless to try to talk sense to primitive life forms like you," Starscream hissed. "We can kill you right away if you decide to not to cooperate."

Alyssa wanted to ask why Starscream and his pals were not already making fake calls, but she decided not to risk her and her parents' wellbeing. No one said anything, the humans fearing another assault. Starscream said nothing more, just left the room, concluding that his prisoners would cooperate.
"Alyssa, are you all right?" Alyssa's mother asked, worried about her daughter.
"Still alive. When I get back to school, I need something to cover my wrists. 'Cause everyone will just think that I've been cutting myself instead of having been chained by some giant robots if they see the wounds. They'd never believe me if I told them about this," Alyssa answered, now raising her head up to look at the door which had just closed, sealing their only way to escape the giant alien prison. "We'll get outta here. I know we will."

/Author's note: Transformers Prime (c) Hasbro, the humans of this story (c) Me/