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"Hello." Normal talking

"Hello." – Ichigo's thoughts.

"Hello." – Zanpakutō speaking

"Hello." – Zanpakutō thoughts.

It was about noon at the Estate. Ophis and Tearju sat on the porch, holding their respective babies. They were enjoying the weather. A Garganta appeared in front of them. Ichigo drove out of the Garganta. He stopped in front of the house. Ichigo, Jeanne, and Joan stepped out of the car.

"Hello Ophis and Tearju," Ichigo greeted.

"Hello Ichigo, Jeanne, and Joan," They said.

"Thank you for the trip." Jeanne thanked.

"It has been a while since I had a good fight," Joan said. They both walked upstairs. Ichigo looked to see both Nyx and Mea stared at Ichigo. Mea raised her arms towards Ichigo. Ichigo gently picked up Mea.

"How are both of you?"

"Good," Tearju said.

"Bored," Ophis said.

"Great," Ichigo said. "I'm currently touring parts of America. Do you two want to come?" Ichigo asked.

"Will there be food?" Ophis asked. Ichigo chuckled.

"I'll make sure to let you try out the local food there," Ichigo said.

"Um… what about the girls?" Tearju asked.

"You mean, Eve, Esdeath, and Mea?" Ichigo asked.

"Esdeath went to the Yuki-onna village to get more training for her powers," Tearju said.

"I see…" Ichigo said.

"I'm not sure if Eve wants to come…" Tearju said.

"Let's go ask her," Ichigo said. Tearju and Ophis carefully stood up. Mea raised her arm towards her mother. Mea was carefully moved from Ichigo's arms to Tearju's.

"She's usually in the library," Tearju said. Everyone walked to the library. Just as Tearju said, Eve was sitting on a couch reading a book about boxing.

"Hello Eve," Tearju said.

"Hello Mama, Miss Ophis, and Mister Ichigo," Eve said. "Am I in trouble?"

"No dear," Tearju reassured.

"I was wondering if you want to come with us to America," Ichigo said.

"Really?" She asked.

"Yes." She grabbed a piece of paper and showed Ichigo.

"I want to go here." To a normal child, they would expect her to be showing an amusement park or a fictional place. But Eve wasn't an ordinary girl. The piece of paper was a flyer. Ichigo began to read the flyer. It was about a UFC fight in Springfield, Illinois. Ichigo continued to read the flyer. Ichigo realized who the fighters were. Ichigo began to chuckle.

"You want to go here?" Ichigo asked. Eve nodded her head. "Well, it not that far from one of the key spots I'm planning to investigate."

"Does that mean…"

"Yes, we can go and watch the fight," Ichigo said.

"Yay!" Eve shouted as she hugged Ichigo with her hands and her hair arms. She let go of him.

"Come on Eve, we need to pack our bags for this trip," Tearju said.

"Maybe for a day or two," Ichigo said.

"Give us 10 minutes," Tearju said as she walked to her room, carrying Mea in her arm. Eve walked quietly behind her. Ichigo looked to see Ophis disappeared; likely went back to her own room to prepare a bag for Nyx. Ichigo walked back outside. He noticed that Damasen and the other maids were maintaining the farms." Ichigo walked over to the farming area. As soon as the maids spotted Ichigo, they all stood up in attention. Damasen noticed this and followed them.

"Good day Master Ichigo." Damasen and the maids said.

"Good day to all of you and carry on." Ichigo greeted. He walked over to Damasen. "How are you?"

"Good," Damasen said. "Everyone is treating me fine."

"That's good to hear," Ichigo said. He noticed in the forest clearing was a well-built wooden cabin. "I assume the wooden cabin is yours?"

"It is," Damasen admitted. "It felt good building with something besides drákōn bones."

"Well then, keep up the good work."

"Yes, Master Ichigo," He replied. Ichigo walked back to the manor. He noticed that someone had washed, dried, and polished his car.

"Sakuya," Ichigo said.

"Yes, Master Ichigo?" Sakuya said as she appeared behind Ichigo.

"I assume you washed, dried, and polished my car?"

"I did." She said. "Were there any issues?" Ichigo smiled.

"No Sakuya. Good job as always."

"Thank you, Master Ichigo. I live to serve." She said as she disappeared. The estate doors opened as Tearju, Eve, Mea, Ophis and Nyx walked down towards Ichigo's car.

"All of you ready?" Ichigo asked. Tearju, Eve, and Ophis nodded their heads. Suddenly Sakuya appeared with two baby chairs, a baby stroller for two babies, two bottles of milk, and two glasses of water. "Once again Sakuya, thank you." Ichigo took the baby chairs and attached them to the backseat of the car. The baby stroller was placed in the trunk. Sakuya handed the milk bottle to Ophis, one of the glasses of water and the other milk bottle to Tearju, and the other glass of water to Eve. They all looked confused about the given drinks.

"The milk bottle and water contain a sleeping potion that will put you asleep for an hour. It helps you adjust to the different time zone in America." Ichigo explained.

"I see," Tearju said. Everyone entered the car. Ichigo looked back. Everyone was properly buckled and drank the potion. Ichigo snapped his fingers. A Garganta opened in front of the car. Ichigo drove straight in.

Scene Change: America: Indiana

The Garganta opened in an empty highway. Ichigo drove out of the highway and carefully landed on the empty highway.

"Where are we?" Ophis asked. The display on the headrest lit up, showing them their current location.

"We're in Indiana, one of America's many states," Ichigo explained as he continued to drive. It took them six hours before they arrived in Springfield, Illinois. Normally it would take three hours to complete. But Ichigo was stuck with Ophis, who demanded to try out all the local cuisine on the way there. Luckily Ichigo managed to book the hotel room and buy the tickets to the fight on the way there. Ichigo arrived at President Abraham Lincoln Hotel. He parked the car in the hotel parking lot. Ichigo walked out of the car and get the baby stroller out. Tearju and Ophis began to free their babies from the baby seats. After that, they all went inside the hotel to check-in. After that, they went to their hotel room, which was the penthouse suite. Tearju and Ophis took the time to clean up the babies. Ichigo and Eve were looking up the statistics of the match. One of the fighters is a former champion who is coming back for his redemption. While the other fighter is relatively unknown in America. Ichigo knew who this unknown fighter was.

"So who do you think is going to win?" Eve asked.

"I believe our underdog is going to win," Ichigo said.

"Hm… the statistics say otherwise," Eve replied as she pointed at the fighter's states and the current bets on the fight.

"Let's make a deal," Ichigo said. "Winner gets to order the loser one thing."

"Sure," Eve said. Soon Tearju and Ophis were ready. Mea and Nyx were placed in the baby stroller and Ichigo began to push them towards the Prairie Capital Convention Center. Their hotel and the convention center were connected by a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel were staff, checking tickets. Ichigo showed the staff his VIP tickets and was escorted to a private booth. There Ichigo saw a familiar face. Most of her Aztec's attire was replaced by normal casual clothes. She was wearing a shirt with two luchadores wresting in the ring.

"Hola!" She said as she hugged Ichigo.

"Hola Questz," Ichigo replied. They soon ended their hug.

"Who is this?" Tearju asked.

"Oh. I am Quetzalcoatl. Call me Questz for short."

"Wait Quetzalcoatl as in the Aztec god?" Eve asked.

"Exactly." She replied. "And who are you?" She asked.

"I am Tearju and these are my daughter Eve and Mea." Tearju introduced.

"Look at the cuties," Questz said.

"Ophis and this is Nyx," Ophis said. Quetz's eyes widen.

"As in…"

"Yes," Ophis said.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" The announcer yelled, interrupting her thoughts. "Welcome to Springfield Stadium!" They could someone standing in the middle of the ring. "No doubt today we will see something amazing." He pointed at one side of the arena.

"The Baby Eagle has fallen once. Can this Eagle soar again… give it up for the former champion, Daniel EAGLE!" Loud American rock began to play as a man entered the stadium. He was a tall white man with neatly swept-blonde hair and blue eyes. He had a large coat decorated with red, white and blue. The audience cheered as the slowly walked towards the arena. As he walked towards them, he began to perform a set combination of punches; further riling up the audience. He reached the edge of the arena. He casually shrugs off the overcoat, revealing his ripped muscular body. He was wearing a pair of blue shorts with the word Eagle on it. Someone handed him a pair of red gloves as he entered the arena.

(Play Invasion by Shiro Sagisu)

"On the other side!" The announcer said as he pointed to the opposite side of the arena. "The Silent Demon Giant from Japan has arisen. Will this giant be able to rise above the Eagle? Give it up for Sado Yasutora!"

Unlike Daniel Eagle's entrance, Chad calmly walked in. But the music was dramatic. Despite the Japanese name, he looked mostly Hispanic. He also had an overcoat. The coat was violet. On the left side of the coat had the words Brazo Izquierda del Diablo [Left Arm of the Devil] in Crimson in white with red accents. On the right side of the coat has the words Brazo Derecha de Gigante [Right Arm of the Giant]. The audience was confused. They were told he was Japanese, but this man looked Hispanic.

"For those who aren't aware, Sado Yasutora is half Japanese and half Hispanic." The announcer added. Soon Chad arrived at the arena. He calmly untied his overcoat and handed it to his coat, Makunouchi Ippo. He handed Chad a pair of black gloves. Chad entered the arena. The announcer was soon replaced by the referee. Soon the match began.

Chad did a few quick jabs at Daniel. Daniel easily blocked the quick jabs. Chad began to move around, continuing the quick jabs. Daniel followed Chad and blocked the quick jabs. Chad threw another quick jab. Daniel expected that and raised his side to block the jab. But it didn't happen. Chad used that quick jab as a feint and punched Daniel's unprotected side with a right hook. The blow disoriented Daniel. Chad continued to punch Daniel in the face and chest.

"Hands up!" Daniel's coach yelled. Daniel tried to raise his hands up, but Chad's blows were too fast and hard for Daniel. Chad finished Daniel Eagle off with a devastating uppercut to his jaw. Daniel's body rose briefly before he collapsed in the ring. The referee walked over to Daniel. Everyone joined the referee as they began the countdown.

"Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Zero!" Everyone shouted. The referee stood up and raised Chad's hand. The audience began to clap and cheer.

"Winner, by Knockout, Sado Yasutora!" The referee formally announced. The coaches of both fighters entered the ring; checking up on their fighters.

"There we have its folks!" The announcer yelled. "The Demon Giant has silently crushed the Eagle. Will the Demon Giant continue his silent assault on the American front?" Ichigo looked to see Eve who was amazed by the fight. Ichigo turned to Questz.

"Where are you two staying at right now?" Ichigo asked.

"I forgot the name of it," Questz admitted.

"Is it the hotel next to us?" Ichigo asked.

"Actually, it is." She said.

"That's good because we're also staying there," Ichigo said. The door to their private booth opened as Chad walked in. He noticed that Questz wasn't alone.

"Hello, Chad," Ichigo greeted.

"Ichigo," Chad replied as they shook hands. Eve was shocked that Ichigo knew him.

"You know him?" Eve asked.

"I did. We attended High School together." Ichigo said.

"Um… Can I get your autograph?" She asked, pulling out a notepad. Chad chuckle.

"And who are you?" Chad asked.

"I'm Eve." She said. Chad took the notepad from Eve and signed the pad. He handed it back to her.

"To Eve, never forget your friends and family who stick with you from the beginning to the end. Sado 'Chad' Yasutora." The message said in both English and Japanese. Eve blushed as she held it tightly. Ichigo pulled out a camera.

"Why don't you two take a photo together," Ichigo said. Eve turned to Chad.

"Can we?" She asked.

"I can't say no to that face," Chad admitted as he took a knee. Eve sat on Chad's knee while holding up the sign. Ichigo took the photo of the scene. Ichigo looked to see Tearju was also happy.

"Hey, let's head back to the hotel," Ichigo said.

"What about the reporters?" Chad asked. Ichigo smiled as he tapped his finger on Chad. He could feel something flow around him.

"What did you do?" Chad asked.

"I cast an illusion on you," Ichigo said.

"I see…" Chad said as they left the private booth. No one noticed Chad was there, walking back to his hotel, just as Ichigo said.

"Ichigo. I want food." Ophis said.

"Sure," Ichigo said. Ichigo turned to Chad and Questz. "Want to join us for dinner?"

"Sure," Chad said. They found a nearby buffet. Twenty minutes, Chad, Questz, the other customers, and the staff were shocked at how much Ophis could eat. It was hilarious when they tried to stop Ophis from getting more food. One glare from Ophis made them fear for their lives. By the time they left the buffet, all the food that they had in stock was completely gone.

"Um…" Chad started.

"Yes. She can eat that much." Ichigo casually said as they walked back to their hotel. It turns out Chad's and Questz's room was next door to Ichigo's room.

"It's nice to see you all of you again," Chad said. Questz nodded her head.

"It's an honor to meet the Apocalypse." Chad looked at her in confusion. Ophis silently nodded her head.

"Don't worry Mastero. I will explain it to you later." She said.

"Thank you," Ophis replied.

"See you two later," Ichigo said as they entered their own room.

"I'm going to give Mea a bath," Tearju said as she held baby Mea in her arms.

"Same with me," Ophis said with baby Nyx in her arms.

"Ok," Ichigo said. They walked to the bathroom and began to wash the babies.

"Um…" Ichigo turned to see Eve, still holding her notebook. "Thank you for taking me to see the fight and for allowing me to meet with Yasutora-san." Ichigo cracked a smile.

"No problem Eve," Ichigo said.

"Um… so what are you going to do to me?" Eve asked.

"Huh?" Ichigo replied.

"I mean…from the bet."

"Ah," Ichigo said, remembering what they were talking about earlier. "I want you to tell me what you would have asked me to do if I lost the bet." Eve's face suddenly blushed red in embarrassment.


"I want to know what you would have asked me to do if you won the bet."

"I wanted you to adopt me." She whispered. Ichigo could clearly hear her but he pretended to not hear her.

"Huh? What was that? I couldn't hear you." Ichigo replied. Eve pouted.

"I want to adopt your last name."

"I see…Have you talked with your mother about this?"

"Um…" Eve mumbled.

"As your mother. She might give you her blessing." Ichigo said.

"Ok," Eve said. "How do you know Yasutora-san?" She asked.

"Ah…" Ichigo said it all began a few years ago." Ichigo began to tell her about Chad.

"Um…Why do you call Yasutora-san Chad instead of his name?" Eve asked.

"When I first met Chad, I misread his nametag and called him Chad. Chad never corrected me so I still call him Chad to this day, even though I know his name is Sado Yasutora." Ichigo said.

"Oh." Soon Tearju and Mea came out of the bath.

"I'm going to go next. Eve has something she wants to ask you." Ichigo said as he ran to the bathroom; abandoning Eve to her mother.

"Yes, honey?" Tearju asked.

"Um…I wanted to change my last name from Lunatique to Kurosaki… Just like Mea." Eve admitted.

"I see…" Tearju said. "Then… I guess I need to marry Ichigo then." Tearju said.

"Huh?" Eve shouted.

"Eve, you're going to startle Mea." Tearju scolded.

"Sorry," Eve said.

"Anyways, that was a joke," Tearju said.


"Yes, you can change your last name to Kurosaki." She said.


"Really. Though I do ask if you can move Lunatique as your middle name." She said.

"Ok," Eve said. Ichigo walked out of the bathroom when something hit his leg. He looked down to see it was Eve.

"Yes, Eve?"

"Mama said I can," Eve said.

"Great," Ichigo said as he picked Eve up. He walked over to Tearju.

"Does Eve have the proper paperwork filed?" Ichigo said.

"No… not yet," Tearju said. "After all, I was kidnapped from my home in France," Tearju said.

"Hm…Let me ask someone." Ichigo said.

"Hana? Can you hear me?" Ichigo asked.

"One second. Finishing up a video recording." Hana replied. Ichigo turned to Tearju.

"Do you have family or anyone that connects you with France?" Ichigo asked.

"No," Tearju said with a sad smile. "I was an orphan. According to the orphanage, my parents asked them to keep my first name but allowed them to choose my second name. Eventually, I was named Lunatique for me being very moody as a kid."

"Yes, Ichigo?" Hana replied.

"Can you see if you can access France's database to find Tearju Lunatique,"

"Sure," Hana said. "Found her. The French have that she died in a gas line explosion."

"I see… Can you create a replica of Tearju's profile in Japan and include both Eve and Mea on there?"

"Sure," Hana replied.

"Make sure that their last names are Kurosaki and middle name is Lunatique."

"Why?" Hana asked.

"Eve wanted to have my last name. Tearju allowed it but requested her last name be her middle name."

"I managed to have it where all three are official citizens of Japan and that both Eve and Mea have the respective name changes."

"Great. Thanks."

"No problem. Are you planning to go to California?"

"I am."

"Great. I'll talk to you about it in a few days."

"Oh… ok then." Ichigo ended the call after that. Tearju looked at Ichigo.

"As of this moment, Tearju Lunatique, Eve Lunatique Kurosaki, and Mea Lunatique Kurosaki are official Japanese citizens."

"Yay!" Eve shouted. Eve's shouting startled baby Mea and began to cry.

"Eve." Tearju scolded. She quickly turned her attention to Mea and began to calm her down.

"Allow me," Ichigo said as he gently took Mea from Tearju. He began to gently rub her back and released a calming aura. Mea quickly calmed down and went back to sleep.

"Wow. It usually takes me a while to get her to calm down." Tearju said as Ichigo handed her back.

"Anyways, it's getting late," Ichigo said as he stood up. Ichigo went to the master bedroom alone. Eve, Tearju, and Mea shared a room while Ophis and Nyx already occupied another room.

Time Skip: Midnight

"Ichigo wake up. Something supernatural entered the city." Kyōka said. Ichigo grumbled as he opened his eyes. Ichigo got out of bed. "It is currently driving down towards us."

"Got it," Ichigo replied as he shifted into his Shinigami form. He fazed through the wall and into the streets. Ichigo could see his target on the streets. He was dressed in black clothing and riding a black motorcycle covered in Hellfire. His head was a white skill that was on fire. Ichigo could feel Hell's reiatsu flowed out of this being. Ichigo appeared in front of him. The rider didn't change course, driving straight towards Ichigo. Ichigo raised his right foot and stopped the motorcycle. The rider revved the bike. The motorcycle let out a loud roar as it tried to move. Ichigo stood his ground, stopping the bike.

"You dare stop the Ghost Rider!" He yelled.

"How do you have Hell's energy?" Ichigo asked.

"I am the Spirit of Vengeance!" He yelled as he summoned a set of steel chains, which was engulfed in Hellfire. He flung the chains at Ichigo, like a whip. Ichigo grabbed the chains. Ghost Rider was shocked when the Hellfire didn't harm him.

"Who are you!?" Ghost Rider asked.

"I am the Emperor of Hell," Ichigo said as he summoned the Jigoku no Yoroi. He looked at Ghost Rider. "And you dare steal powers from Hell!" The eye sockets of the skulls on the Jigoku no Yoroi glowed crimson as Hellfire leaked out of the sockets. Rebellion appeared in his hands. Ichigo swung Rebellion at the Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider used his chains and blocked the attack. Rebellion easily shattered the chains. Ichigo lunged towards the Ghost Rider. He opened his mouth and began to spew Hellfire at Ichigo. Ichigo ignored the Hellfire as he stabbed the Ghost Rider in the chest.

"GAH!" He screamed in pain. Ichigo pulled Rebellion out of the Ghost Rider's chest.

"H-help me." The Ghost Rider said. Ichigo could a different voice from the Ghost Rider.

"Someone is possessed?" Ichigo thought.

"Regain control of your body," Ichigo ordered as he charged at the Ghost Rider.

"Die mortal!" The Ghost Rider yelled. As he summoned another set of chains. Ichigo spent the next ten minutes attacking the Ghost Rider; slowly weakening him. Suddenly the Ghost Rider stopped moving. The hellfire around his skull was extinguished. The skull began to regain its human features. A few minutes later, Ichigo could see a Caucasian man, maybe Ichigo's age.

"Thank you." He said. "The name is Johnny Blaze."

"Ichigo." Ichigo introduced.

"Nice meeting you." He said.

"I have a few questions for you," Ichigo said.

"Sure." He said.

"How did you get this power?" Ichigo asked.

"I made a deal with a devil."


"Indeed. His name was Mephisto." Johnny said.

"During our short battle, I noticed that there appears to be another personality inside you."

"Indeed," Johnny said. Ichigo summoned his black gloves.

"I want you to concentrate on that other personality," Ichigo instructed.

"Sure." Johnny closed his eyes and concentrated. Ichigo pushed his arm into Johnny's body and pushed out another spirit. This spirit appeared male with dark red skin. His head and arms were on fire. He was dressed in a purple suit with a blush mantle, cape, and boots.

"Who are you?" Ichigo asked. The being tried to attack Ichigo. Ichigo snapped his fingers as the Chains of Hell bounded the being's limbs. "Who are you?"

"I am Zarathos." He said.

"Where is Mephisto," Ichigo asked.

"So you're the one interfering." Someone said. Ichigo turned to see a muscular red skin man in a business suit.

"I assume you are Mephisto?"

"Indeed, and you are?" Ichigo turned to face them, allowing them to see the Jigoku no Yoroi. Mephisto's and Zarathos's eyes widen in shock and fear. Ichigo snapped his fingers as the Chains of Hell bounded themselves around Mephisto and Zarathos.

"Both of you are coming with me to see Sirzechs," Ichigo said. Johnny looked confused.

"Who is Sirzechs?" Unlike Johnny, Mephisto and Zarathos recognized that name.

"NO!" Mephisto and Zarathos yelled in fear.

"Thanks for the help," Ichigo said as he ripped open a red Garganta. Ichigo walked inside the Garganta with the captured Devils.

Scene Change: Sirzechs's office

Sirzechs was down in his office, taking a break from competing for his paperwork. Besides him was Grayfia, who was making sure he went back to work when he was done with his break. A red Garganta opened up as Ichigo walked out with Zarathos and Mephisto being dragged behind him. Ichigo could tell that Sirzechs and Grayfia recognized who Ichigo brought with him. Sirzechs's smiled like a kid who just got his favorite toy for Christmas.

"Ichigo you shouldn't have," Sirzechs said as he stood up from his office.

"Found them in America. They both stole a fragment of the Emperor of Hell's powers."

"I see…" Sirzechs said. He looked at them. "This is a treasonable offense due to the current contract we have with the Emperor of Hell." Zarathos and Mephisto looked nervous. "I will make sure my investigation goes well so that these criminals receive the punishment that they deserve," Sirzechs said.

"Very well," Ichigo said as he left through a red Garganta. Grayfia walked to Sirzechs.

"Why did we have this discussion in English?" She asked.

"He was in America for the last week. He might have forgotten to speak Japanese," Sirzechs reasoned. They turned to the bounded prisoners. "Oh, we're going to have so much fun with both of you," Sirzechs said with a smile that screamed pain and suffering.

Scene Change: Springfield, Illinois

Johnny Blaze could feel it. The invader in his soul was finally gone. A red Garganta appeared beside him. Ichigo calmly walked out of it.

"So they're gone?"

"Yes. Both of them will be punished for their crimes."

"I see…" Ichigo allowed his armor to disappear. "Have a good rest of your life," Ichigo said.

"Thank you. You too." Johnny said as he got back on his bike and rode off under the moonlight. Ichigo returned to his hotel room and went to bed, alone.

Time Skip: Morning

Ichigo opened his eyes, once again alone in bed.

"Man, it still feels weird sleeping alone after all this time sharing a bed."

"Well Ichigo, if you are feeling lonely, we could join you in bed," Shirayuki said.

"I agree," Kyōka said. Ichigo chuckled as he slowly stood up. He walked out of his room to see everyone was up.

"Morning." Ichigo greeted.

"Morning." Everyone replied, except for Nyx and Mea. Ichigo grabbed the hotel menu and began to order breakfast for everyone. As they waited for their food, Eve turned the TV on. As she was flipping the channel, she stumbled on a local news channel.

"-reports of a stranger in biker gang motif with his head on fire." The reporter paused as he turned to his cohost. "Is this a joke?"

"A few local stores and restaurants managed to record this stranger." She said. "Local churches reported that the 'Spirit of Vengeance' has returned to punish all the nonbelievers and the sinners." Eve turned to Ichigo.

"Are you here to investigate that?" She asked.

"I planned to." Ichigo started. "But he decided to come here last night."

"Really?" Eve asked.

"Yep," Ichigo said as he picked up the telephone in the room and called room service.

"So was he powerful?" Eve asked.

"Yes… for anyone else but me." Ichigo said.

"That sounds arrogant," Eve said.

"Normally, yes it does," Ichigo admitted. "But he stole powers that belong to me and he tried to use that power against me. That being said, it didn't work."

"I see…" Soon there was a knock on their door. Ichigo opened it to see it was their breakfast.

"Come on in and place it on the table," Ichigo said. They pushed a large cart into the room and unloaded all the food on the table. Ichigo handed them their tip.

"Thank you, sir. Have a good morning." The hotel employee said as they left. Tearju and Ophis joined them for breakfast.

"So what's the plan right now?" Tearju asked.

"I'm planning to take all of you back to Japan," Ichigo admitted.

"I see…" Tearju said.

"Tearju, now that you don't need to say at home now, what do you want to do?" Ichigo asked.

"Um…Maybe a science teacher? But I don't have the teaching credentials."

"If you want to be a teacher, let me talk with Sirzechs."


"Rias's older brother, the leader of the Devils Fractions, and the true Headmaster to Kuoh Academy," Ichigo explained.

"I don't want to be of inconvenience."

"It's no problem," Ichigo said as he pulled out his phone and called Sirzechs.

"Hello Ichigo," Grayfia said in Japanese.

"Hello, Grayfia. I assume Sirzechs is having fun with those two?" Ichigo replied in Japanese.

"Oh, he is." She said. Ichigo could scream of pain in the background. "Anyways what do you need."

"I have someone in my house, Lunatique Tearju, she's looking for a job as a science teacher."

"Oh, that's convenient. One of our science teachers is planning to retire soon." She said.

"She'll be at my house later afternoon," Ichigo said.

"Ok, I will interview her then," Grayfia said.

"Grayfia, they fainted again," Sirzechs yelled in the background.

"Coming Sirzechs-sama," Grayfia replied.

"Goodbye Ichigo-sama," Grayfia said.

"Goodbye," Ichigo replied as he hung up. He turned to Tearju. "I assumed you heard it all."

"I will not let you down," Tearju said. Soon they finished with breakfast. Ichigo checked out of the hotel. They entered their car and drove out of the hotel. Ichigo founded an empty alleyway and drove in.

Scene Change: Ichigo's Estate

(Back to Japanese)

It was around midnight when a Garganta appeared. Ichigo's car rolled out of the Garganta. Ichigo stopped the car in front of the estate. Sakuya appeared beside Ichigo's car and opened the door.

"Thank you, Sakuya." Tearju thanked.

"Thank you, Sakuya-san," Eve said. Ophis nodded her head to Sakuya. She turned to Ichigo.

"Who will you be grabbing next?" She asked.

"Maybe Scáthach and Nel." Ichigo said.

"About time." Someone said. Ichigo looked to see someone leaped off the roof of the Estate. The person landed to reveal it was Scáthach.

"I guess you're ready?" Ichigo asked. Scáthach replied by walking over to the passenger side of the car. She opened the door and sat in the car. She closed the door and looked at Ichigo.

"I'm ready." She replied. Ichigo opened the Garganta and drove in.

Scene Change: Hueco Mundo

Ichigo drove out of the Garganta. He quickly activated the camouflage feature. Scáthach could see the eternal night sky.

"Where are we?" Scáthach asked.

"Hueco Mundo, the Land of the Hollows," Ichigo said as he drove lightly above the sand.

"Is it always dark here?"

"Yes," Ichigo said.

"Reminds me of the Land of Shadows." She said as they drove on the sand.

"Do you see the white castle in the distance?"

"I do."

"That's Las Noches; the current home for the King of Hueco Mundo and his Espada."

"Nel and Tier said that you were the King of Hueco Mundo."

"I am."

"Why didn't you teleport us straight there?" Scáthach asked.

"For one, I wanted to show you Hueco Mundo and Las Noches from an outside perspective," Ichigo said. Scáthach nodded her head. "Another thing is that I want to see how my Espada normally operate."

"I see… allowing your people the freedom to self-govern themselves despite under your reign." Scáthach said.

"Exactly," Ichigo said. They got closer to Las Noches, Scáthach was able to see plants growing around. Ichigo parked the car in front of Las Noches. Ichigo could two hollows standing guard. Ichigo noticed both guards were sitting down, watching a small monitor. Ichigo looked at them for a minute. To his dismay, they didn't look up from their small monitor. Ichigo moved his car to the side and turned off the camouflage. They still haven't looked up from their monitor. Ichigo pulled out his phone and took a photo of the guards. Ichigo turned to Scáthach. "Want to do some espionage?" Ichigo asked.

"Sure," Scáthach replied. They both drew the runes to hide themselves, their energies, their smell, and their footprint. They sneaked out of their car and into Las Noches. Ichigo gave Scáthach a tour of Las Noches. Every time, they founded a security guard not doing their job, Ichigo would take a photo of them. After twenty minutes of espionage and touring Las Noches, they arrived at the stadium. A new addition to Las Noches. It is designed to facilitate duels, fights, and challenges. They could hear cheering from the spectators.

"Must be a big fight. If most of the residents of Las Noches are here." Ichigo said to Scáthach, purposely blocking the connection to Tier and Nel.

"Indeed," Scáthach replied. They managed inside the arena. Ichigo soon found Tier sitting in a private booth. There were three thrones there: one large and two slightly smaller ones. Tier sat in one of the smaller ones. Ichigo and Scáthach looked down to see Nel was fighting in the arena.

Her opponent was a tall muscular man with light blue spiky hair and matching light blue eyes. His remaining Hollow mask consists of the right jawbone. He was dressed in a partially zipped black shirt with a ragged white jacket with an upturned collar and rolled sleeves. This left his chest exposed his muscular chest and revealing his Hollow hole at his abdomen and a large scar on his torso. He also has on a pair of black pants with black boots. He has two belts wrapped around his waist, with a Zanpakutō sheathed on his left side.

"Grimmjow," Ichigo said, accidentally breaking the runes.

"Ichigo," Tier said as she noticed Ichigo's sudden appearance.

"Why is Grimmjow fighting Nel?" Ichigo asked.

"He demanded to fight you. So, we decided to fight him. If he defeats us, then we would've called you." Tier said.

"Grind PANTERA!" Grimmjow yelled. He was enveloped in wind. It died down, revealing him in his resurrección state.

"DIE!" He yelled as she charged at Nel.

"You remind me so much of Nnoitra," Nel calmly said as blocked all Grimmjow's attacks.

"I'm nothing like that dead fucker!" Grimmjow yelled as he continued his assault.

"You use your anger and rage to attack others with a reckless assault." Nel calmly answered. Nel's lack of reaction infuriated Grimmjow even more than before.

"FIGHT BACK DAM IT!" Grimmjow yelled as he continued to attack. Ichigo and Tier could tell Nel could easily defeat Grimmjow, but she chose not to. Ichigo silently walked to the edge of the private booth.

"Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck!" Ichigo yelled. His voice echoed through the arena. Everyone looked at Ichigo.

"ICHIGO!" Grimmjow yelled; turning to him.

"Yes, Master?" Nel replied.

"Give him a taste of your true power. Show him how far below he is compared to me." Ichigo said.

"As you wish Master." She replied. She looked back at Grimmjow. "Declare Gamuza." She said as she entered her resurrección form. She raised her double-sided lance. "Lanzador Verde." She said as she launched her lance. Her lance glowed pink as it soared in the air towards Grimmjow.

"Desgarrón!" He yelled as he slashed his hands forward. Ten long, blue, sharp blades shot towards the green lance. The two attacks slammed together. Nel's lance easily broke through Grimmjow's attack and slammed into Grimmjow.

"AAAHHH!" Grimmjow yelled as Nel's spear pushed Grimmjow further back. "GAH!" Nel's spear pierced into Grimmjow's body. The lance stopped spinning. Nel flicked her hand, sending the lance back to her hand. She trotted over to the fallen Grimmjow. Her spear tore a hole into Grimmjow's chest. Blood began to leak out of the hole. She pointed her spear at Grimmjow. He glared at her. His eyes screamed rage and vengeance.

"You think this is over?" Grimmjow growled. He slowly stood up; blue reiatsu began to surround him. He remembered this goal. His purpose in life. "I am Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. I swore that I will destroy everything in my way to BE KING!" He yelled as a large pillar of blue reiatsu shot straight up, blowing Nell a few feet away. A small marble-like object appeared in Grimmjow's Hollow Hole. Ichigo, Tier, and Nel recognized what it was.

"Impossible. Why is that there?" They asked.

"Oh no. NO! NO! NO!" Hōgyoku shouted in dismay.

"What is that Hōgyoku?"

"Kill him before he completes his transformation!" She screamed. Nel heard Hōgyoku's hysteric screams from the peerage connection.

"Lanzador Verde!" Nel yelled as she threw her lance at Grimmjow. Her lance soared towards Grimmjow. Nel's lance hit Grimmjow's reiatsu; causing a massive explosion. The dust settled to see someone standing in the dust.

Grimmjow no longer has his Hollow mask. His blue hair has lengthened, becoming vibrantly white, blending down in a patterned blue and black gradient near the end of his hair. At the crest of his head, the white blends to black, and his eyebrows are set aflame, burning black with a vivid blue outline. Grimmjow's chest is covered in black tribal tattoos that circled around his body to his back, while his scar is cracked open and filled with blue Reiatsu. From his torso to his calves, Grimmjow is covered in white fur that is both striped with black and speckled with black; the white fur itself blends into black near his feet, which stretch into feline paws with vicious claws, as well as a sickle-like appendage on both ankles. Both arms are covered in similar fur, with his hands being covered in black fur and the same horrible claws as his feet. His former single tail has split into two and is ablaze with flame in the same way as his forehead. The Hōgyoku floats in his Hollow hole, which now glows blue.

"Resurrección… Segunda Etapa," Grimmjow growled. He charged towards Nel. He began to attack Nel with a barrage of kicks and punches. Nel gritted her teeth as she tried her best to defend against Grimmjow's attacks.

"Hōgyoku, what is going on?" Ichigo asked.

"I agree. What just happened?" Tier asked.

"It is a side effect of Aizen using me to create his Arrancars," Hōgyoku said.

"What do you mean?"

"Even during my sleeping state, I wanted to be freed. Every time Aizen used me I would try to escape but each time I tried, I failed. Those failures caused a small fragment of myself to be contained in all of Aizen's Arrancars."

"What!?" Ichigo questioned.

"I didn't realize it until this moment when I saw that in Grimmjow's Hollow Hole."

"Does this mean that Nel and I have this Hōgyoku Fragment in us as well?" Tier asked.

"Indeed. But I'm not sure how you can tap into that."

"But Ulquiorra's Resurrección Segunda Etapa didn't have a fragment of you on his body."

"It's possible that the Hōgyoku Fragment in Ulquiorra's body could sense his desire to hid his power. It decided to give him a weaker version of his true Resurrección Segunda Etapa."

"I don't like doing this, but should we interfere?" Scáthach asked.

"No," Ichigo said. "Tier and Nel in charge of Hueco Mundo in my absence. If I interfere now, it may imply that I don't trust Nel to win or I admit Grimmjow is a viable threat to me."

"I agree," Tier said. "It crushes the honor aspect of these duels and sows distruct to the Espada." Nel was mildly injured by Grimmjow's fast and powerful attacks. Nel tried to sonído away, creating distance between her and Grimmjow. But Grimmjow quickly sonído towards her.

"I, Kurosaki Ichigo, your King command you, to defeat Grimmjow with everything you have!" Ichigo yelled. His voice echoed through the stadium.

"Just give up!" Grimmjow yelled. His claws glowed blue as swung them at Nel. "You're not going to be able to win! You'll die as useless; just like the rest of your Fracción!" Nel blocked the attack with her lance.

"What did you just say?" Nel whispered.

"Did you become deaf? You're as useless as your Fracción!"

"SHUT UP!" Nel yelled pink reiatsu began to surround her. "Unlike you Grimmjow, I care about my Fracción," Nel remembered all the times her Fracción took care of her when she was stuck in her child state. "I regret the burden that I placed on them for all this time. Even to their dying breath, they protected me from the Quincys." More pink reiatsu flowed around her. Nel glared at Grimmjow. "Their sacrifice is what allowed me to be with the man I love." Ichigo could feel Nel beginning to pull reiatsu from him, causing a pillar of pink reiatsu to shoot up. "I WILL NOT ALL YOU TO SPIT ON THEIR SACRIFICE!" Nel yelled as she was enveloped in her pink reiatsu.

"NO, YOU DONT!" Grimmjow roared as he charged at Nel. Soon there was a large explosion of pink reiatsu, blowing Grimmjow away. The dust settled to see Nel standing there.

All traces of Nel's Hollow mask vanish and were replaced by four curling black-and-white horns that jut upward from her head. She retained her equine lower body, though the fur is now darker in areas and extends to cover her upper body, arms, and hands. Glowing pink markings extend from her torso to her chest and shoulders. Fur identical in color to her hair forms on her back and her tail, the end of which blazes with pink Reiatsu. Nel's eyes become darker and her pupils turn slit-shaped. Her weapon changes from a dual-ended jousting lance to a stylized spear blazed in pink Reiatsu.

"Resurrección… Segunda Etapa," Nel said as she glared at Grimmjow. Grimmjow charged at Nel.

"Even with the power boost, don't think you can defeat me!" Grimmjow yelled as he charged towards Nel with his elongated blue claws. He began to slash her with them. Nel blocked his attack with her lance. Nel kicked Grimmjow in the chest with her front legs, pushing him away.

"Lanza de Tormenta [Lance of Storm]," Nel said as she stabbed her lance towards Grimmjow. Her lance began to spin, sending a tornado of pink reiatsu at Grimmjow. Lanza de Tormenta slammed Grimmjow into the arena walls.

"Gah!" Grimmjow coughed from the impact. Some of his blood landed on his hand. Grimmjow clenched his fist, getting his blood all over his hand. He pointed his blood-covered hand at Nel. Navy blue reiatsu began to form.

"GRAN RAY CERO!" He yelled as he fired his attack. It soared towards Nel. She raised her bare left hand and caught Grimmjow's Gran Ray Cero. Nel opened her mouth wide and began to swallow Grimmjow's Gran Ray Cero.

"Shit," Grimmjow said as he realized what Nel has done. Nel finished swallowing Grimmjow's Gran Ray Cero.

"Cero Doble!" Nel screamed as she shot her Cero. It was pink, like her reiatsu. It was much bigger and powerful compared to Grimmjow's Gran Ray Cero.

"Grrah!" Grimmjow roared. His twin tails lit up with his blue flames. "Pantera Destrucción!" Grimmjow did a front flip into the air while releasing a barrage of Desgarróns towards the Cero Doble. The two attacks crashed into each other, causing a massive explosion of pink and blue reiatsu. The entire stadium was covered in dust from the massive explosion. Suddenly something shot through the dust; parting all the dust in the process and stabbed into Grimmjow's chest.

"GAH!" He screamed. He looked to see Nel standing before him. Her spear firmly pierced through his chest. His resurrección finally failed, turning him back to his normal state.

"Admit defeat," Nel ordered. The pink reiatsu that covered the lance began to spin, inflicting even more pain to Grimmjow.

"N-never," Grimmjow said as he coughed up more blood.

"Enough," Ichigo said. All the hollows looked at Ichigo. He jumped from his platform landed beside the two fighters. "Nel, please pull your lance out of Grimmjow's body."

"As you wish, Master." She replied as she yanked her lance out. Ichigo looked at Grimmjow. Despite the heavily injured state Grimmjow was in, he still glared at Ichigo.

"Despite being this injured and in this sorry state, you still have that ferocious determination in your eyes," Ichigo said. Ichigo grabbed Grimmjow's collar with one hand and lifted him to his face. "Grimmjow. Congratulations on being the second Espada to achieve Segunda Etapa." Ichigo whispered.


"Ulquiorra was the first one who achieved Segunda Etapa…even if it wasn't the true version," Ichigo said. "Anyways… in return for pushing me to grow stronger…I'm returning the favor."

"What are you talking about."

"Grow stronger Grimmjow. Master your Segunda Etapa and come back and challenge us again." Ichigo said as he turned to the side and slightly lowered Grimmjow. His eyes widen as he realized what Ichigo was about to do.

"You!" Grimmjow yelled as Ichigo threw him. He was sent flying out of Las Noches. "BAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAARRDDDDDDDDD!" Everyone in Hueco Mundo could hear Grimmjow.

"Was that a good idea?" Nel asked. Suddenly she was forced back to her normal state as she fell unconscious. Ichigo quickly caught her in a princess carry. Ichigo shunpō'ed to his private quarters. Tier and Scáthach quickly followed behind them. Ichigo placed the unconscious Nel on the bed. Ichigo noticed Jack suddenly appeared. Jack laid down with Nel, hugging her arm.

"How is she?" Scáthach asked.

"She exhausted all of her reiatsu," Ichigo said. "I'm currently sending her my reiatsu to help her recover faster," Ichigo said.

"How long should that take?" Scáthach asked.

"I don't know." Ichigo admitted.

"You're on a schedule?" Tier asked.

"Kind of," Ichigo replied. "I'm currently touring across the United States with a few peerage members."

"And Ichigo is taking me and Nel right now," Scáthach said.

"I see…" Tier said.

"Don't worry, I remembered a few things you said during your introduction," Ichigo said. Tier looked at him.

"You did?" She asked.

"I know where you came from," Ichigo said. He ignored Tier's blushing as he looked at Nel. "Are you going to wake up now Nel?" Ichigo asked.

"Didn't you just say that she was unconscious?" Scáthach asked.

"I know. But I also know that her body just stopped draining me of my reiatsu." Ichigo said. Nel woke up.

"Don't you know a woman needs her beauty sleep?" She said with a pout on her face.

"First off, you are a Hollow, and sleep isn't something you need," Ichigo said. He leaned in closer to Nel; his mouth was beside her ear. "Second, you're are already beautiful," Ichigo whispered to her. Nel's face lit up bright red. Ichigo quickly moved away from the blushing Arrancar.

"Now that Nel's awake… should we get ready to go?" Scáthach asked.

"Huh? Go where?" Nel asked.

"I am currently touring parts of America right now and taking a few members to different locations," Ichigo explained.

"Oh," Nel replied. Nel casually got out of bed. Jack was still hugged her entire right arm like a body pillow. "Let's go!" Nel shouted.

"Before we do that, I got something to show you." Ichigo pulled out his phone. "Before I showed up to the stadium, I did a surprise investigation of Las Noches."

"Oh no." Nel and Tier thought.

"Oh yes," Ichigo replied. "I want you to fix this situation."

"Very well," Tier said.

"In their defense, they were watching the match," Nel said. Tier nodded her head.

"It was the first match that someone challenged you for your Kingship," Tier added.

"Very well. I leave reprimanding them to you." Ichigo said.

"Very well," Tier said.

"With that done, let's go!" Nel shouted.

"Jack wants to come too!" Jack shouted.

"Sure," Ichigo said.

"Yay! Thank you, Master." Jack shouted in joy. They all began to walk back to the front of Las Notches. As they were walking, they passed a few guards they caught slacking off earlier. Now they're standing attention, doing their jobs. They all greeted Ichigo as 'your highness'. Ichigo nodded to each guard as they walked past. They soon arrived back to the front of Las Notches.

"Hello your highness," The front guards said.

"Hello, guards. Seen anything strange while on your post?" Ichigo casually asked.

"No, your highness," they replied.

"I see…" Ichigo said as he deactivated the camouflage feature on his car. Ichigo, Scáthach, Nel, and Jack walked to his car.

"Bye Tier," Nel said.

"Bye Miss Tier," Jack said.

"Goodbye you two," Tier said. Ichigo opened a Garganta and drove in. Tier looked at the current guards. "Inform everyone that was on this rotation in all positions to meet me in the throne room. King Ichigo saw all of you slacking off and he took pictures of it." Tier said as she walked away. The front guards gulped in fear as they relayed the order to the rest of the guards. Soon all of them dreaded the impending meeting.

Scene Change: America: Springfield, Illinois

The Garganta opened up on an empty highway as Ichigo drove out of the Garganta. Jack looked out of the window.

"Wow. Jack sees so many things." Jack said in amazement.

"So where are we heading?" Nel asked.

"Saint Paul, Minnesota," Ichigo said as he raced down the highway.

"Why?" Scáthach asked.

"There are rumors that another pantheon resides in America," Ichigo said.

"Which one?" Nel asked.

"The Norse," Ichigo said. Nel gasped in shock while Scáthach groaned. They looked at each other.

"You don't like them?" Nel asked.

"I hate them very much," Scáthach said.

"Why?" Nel asked.

"It's due to Skaði," Scáthach said.

"Why her?

"Due to Norse Viking invading Ireland and renaming a lot of things it causes my land and her land to overlap. This caused us to have a connection despite being to separate deities." Scáthach said.

"Hm…This doesn't explain why you hate them." Nel said.

"I met Skaði once on the Throne of Heroes. She looked exactly like me but acts more royalty and loves ice cream."

"I see…" Nel said.

"Why do you look excited?" Ichigo asked.

"You may not realize it Ichigo, but I'm of Germania decent."

"Germania, you mean German?" Ichigo asked.

"No. Germania was the Roman they gave for those who lived around the Northern region of Europe."

"Oh. I didn't know that." Ichigo said.

"When I was alive, I worshiped the Norse Pantheon," Nel said.

"When were you alive?" Scáthach asked.

"I'm not sure," Nel said.

"Hm… according to research, the term Germania is from about 2006 years ago." Ichigo said.

"What?" Scáthach and Nel shouted.

"I'm that old?" Nel mumbled.

"It's not that bad," Scáthach said. "Ophis, Eu, and most of the servants are about that age if not longer."

"No, but Tier is much younger than me."

"Nel," Ichigo said. "Age is just a number. If you feel like you are 2000 years old, then you are 2000 years old. If you feel like you are 20 then you are 20." Ichigo said.

"Thank you, Ichigo!" Nel shouted as she lunged at Ichigo and hugs him.

"Nel, he's driving." Scáthach scold. Nel quickly let go.

"Sorry," Nel said. Jack began to laugh at Nel's expense. Ichigo and Scáthach joined Jack. Nel began to pout. "Hey stop it." She said. Soon they stopped laughing.

"So, you're excited because it's like meeting your idols," Ichigo said.

"Yep," Nel said.

"Hm… why do you think the Norse Pantheon has a base here?" Scáthach asked.

"From my research, there is a lot of Norwegian descendants in Minnesota," Ichigo said as he handed them his laptop, with the current statistics of Minnesota's population. Nel and Scáthach nodded their head; agreeing with Ichigo's conclusion.

"How much longer till we get there?" Scáthach asked.

"Maybe an hour or two," Ichigo said. Scáthach and Nel spent the time-shared stories with each other. Jack spent her time either looking outside or listening to their stories. A few stops later, they arrived at Saint Paul, Minnesota. As they drove around the city, Ichigo tried to detect any unusual energy.

"Found it," Ichigo said. He stopped his car in front of a fifteen-foot-tall limestone wall.

"Why did you stop here?" Scáthach asked.

"The source of the energy is behind this wall," Ichigo said as he stepped out of his car. Scáthach, Nel, and Jack quickly followed behind him. Ichigo tapped the wall. Ichigo stabbed his hands into the wall. Ichigo ripped the limestone wall apart, creating an opening for them. They all enter the hole. Ichigo turned around and closed the hole. They could see large birch trees with pure white bark and golden leaves. As they walked past the trees, they could see an eight-story mansion of white-and-gray stone. The double front doors are made from dark heavy wood bound with iron. Mounted in the middle of each door was a doorknocker in the shape of a life-size wolf head. Those doors were pulled open as women dressed in armor rushed out. They were all wearing a white breastplate with golden and pale blue accents and matching, fingerless gauntlets, boots, hip guards, and wing-shaped hair clips. One of the girls step forward and looked at them.

She is a tall, burly eighteen-year-old with pale blue eyes, and snow-blonde hair braided down her shoulders. She is dressed in similar armor like the other women. But her armor also has a bandolier of ball-peen hammers over her armor attire and a golden hammer pendant around her neck.

"Invader. This is your first and only warning." She said. "Leave now or face our wrath."

"I assume you are the Valkyries," Ichigo asked.

"We are." She replied.

"While I wouldn't mind a fight… I was wondering if Odin is available to talk." Ichigo said.

"It's Lord Odin to you." One of the other Valkyries said. The leader glared at the Valkyries who just spoke. She looked away from the leader. The leader looked back at Ichigo.

"Lord Odin will not speak to an invader." She said.

"I insist. Tell him my name." Ichigo said.

"Very well." She said. "What is your name invader?"

"Ichigo Kurosaki." Ichigo said.

"In respect, I shall introduce myself." She said. "I am Gunilla, daughter of Thor, captain of the Valkyries." She said. She looked at one of the other Valkyries. With a slight nod, she ran back to the hotel. "While we wait, would you mind answering a few questions of mine?"

"I can choose to not reply," Gunilla said. Ichigo shrugged his shoulders.

"I wasn't aware that the Norse Pantheon had a base in America."

"Lord Odin realized that his descendants will not remain in the homeland, so he decided to build a base here, where most of them chose to live," Gunilla answered.

"That makes sense," Ichigo commented.

"Thank you." She could hear the Valkyrie return to them.

"Lord Odin ordered us to welcome them." She said, still shocked at what she had to announce. She wasn't alone. All the other Valkyries looked shocked. Gunilla quickly regained her bearing.

"Follow me." She said as she walked inside the hotel. Ichigo, Scáthach, Nel, and Jack follow behind the leader. The other Valkyries followed behind them. They entered the lobby to see hardwood floors covered with exotic animal skins. Columns made from rough-hewn tree trunks with spears for the rafter. They stood in front of a hearth, the size of a bedroom.

"For many of the residences of Hotel Valhalla. there are certain floors that they can't access without special permission. But this elevator doesn't have that restriction." Gunilla explained as she placed her hand on the side of the hearth.

The fire parted, revealing an elevator. The elevator opened its doors. Gunilla, Ichigo, Scáthach, Nel, and Jack entered the elevator. The doors closed up behind him. Ichigo noticed a small screen on top of the right of the elevator. It has the number 1 lit up in red. The elevator began to move. The number quickly began to increase. Soon they were past 50. Ichigo turned to the remaining Valkyries.

"How many floors are there?" Ichigo asked.

"540 floors with 540 rooms." She answered.

"Why so many rooms and floors?" Scáthach asked.

"Hotel Valhalla is designed to be a paradise for the fallen warriors in the service of Lord Odin. They live here and train for Ragnarök." Gunilla explained.

"I apologize for my ignorance but what is Ragnarök?" Ichigo asked.

"I assume you are not aware of Norse mythology?" She asked.

"I am," Nel said.

"Ok then. Go explain to him what Ragnarök is." Gunilla said.

"Ragnarök a series of predicted events foretold to bring the death of the major Norse gods, the burning of the Nine Worlds, and the subsequent submersion of the world in water." She explained.

"The Nine Worlds? Jack thought there was one world?" Jack chimed in.

"No. Norse Mythology has nine worlds: Asgard, the home of the Aesir; Vanaheim, the home of the Vanir; Alfheim, the home of the light elves; Midgard, the home of the humans; Jotunheim, the home of the giants; Nidavellir, the home of the dwarves; Niflheim, the world of cold; Muspellheim, the home of the fire giants and demons; and Helheim, the home of Hela and the dishonorable dead," Gunilla said. They soon heard a ping. Ichigo looked to see the number 540. "We're here," Gunilla said as the elevator doors opened up. They all stepped out. They could see the hallway was decorated with various statues and artifacts no doubt from Norse mythology. They arrived in front of a large door. They could see a pair of wolf statues standing guard in front of the door. Near the frame of the door were two crows watching them. Gunilla stepped forward.

"Lord Odin is expecting you." One of the crows said. The wolves moved aside, allowing them passage.

"Thank you Huginn," Gunilla said. They walked to the door and pushed it open.

"Amazing performance as always." Someone said.

"I am always in your service Lord Odin." Someone else replied. They looked to see Odin was lying half-naked on a massage table, with a towel wrapped around his waist. The other person was a woman tall, with bright blue eyes, and brown-blonde hair braided down her back."

"Ortlinde," Gunilla growled.

"Oh Gunilla, how are you," Ortlinde replied with a small smile before walking away. Gunilla took a deep breath, regaining her bearing before turning to Odin.

"I am sorry Lord Odin for my lack of bearing." She said.

"It is no problem," Odin replied as he snapped his fingers. He was now dressed in a set of robes and sitting on a chair. "You are good now Gunilla," Odin said.

"Very well Lord Odin." She replied as she about-faced and walked out of the room. He turned to Ichigo, Scáthach, Nel, and Jack. His eye widened when he noticed Scáthach.

"Skaði?" He asked.

"I am Scáthach, not that ice cream princess," Scáthach growled.

"Ah… of course. Sorry about that. It's just,"

"Because we look similar." Scáthach finished.

"Exactly," Odin said. "I didn't expect to see you here." Ichigo shrugged his shoulders.

"I heard from the Greek Gods that you made a headquarters here," Ichigo said. "I was curious and wanted to check it out."

"I see…" Odin said.

"How is Loki right now?" Ichigo asked. Odin let out a long sigh.

"He is doing well. He no longer has a desire for Ragnarök." Odin said.

"Isn't that good?" Ichigo asked.

"It is," Odin admitted. "But the issue is that he no longer capable of leading."

"I see…" Ichigo said as he remembered Odin's desire. "What about Thor?"

"Don't even get me started with that reckless idiot," Odin complained.

"I assume he is a frontline warrior who recklessly charges in headfirst into battle?" Ichigo guessed.

"Exactly," Odin said.

"Do you have any other candidates?" Ichigo asked.

"I don't have much, to begin with, but Hela might be possible."

"Hela?" Nel asked. They looked at her. "Sorry for interrupting."

"Its fine Nel," Ichigo said.

"Child. What is your full name?"

"Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck," she answered.

"Ah," Odin said. "To think a child from the Age of Gods still remain." Ichigo stared at him. "Sorry. Odelschwanck is a very old Germanic name. One I haven't heard of since the Age of Gods."

"Please stop reminding me of my age," Nel said.

"Sorry child." Odin apologized. "Sorry… what were we talking about?"

"Hela, your other child." Ichigo reminded.

"Oh right. She is my eldest child."

"But none of the legends ever mentioned her," Nel said.

"I was forced to erase her from history and legends," Odin admitted. "She was from an era when we were in constant war with the other Nine Worlds. I was forced to banish her from Asgard to Helheim. I covered up her existence from all history and legends. "

"She reminds me of Yachiru Unohana." Ichigo thought.

"Have you tried to force her to control herself?" Ichigo asked.

"I've tried," Odin admitted. "But it will force her to defy her written legend."

"Defy her legend?" Ichigo questioned.

"All divine beings are governed by their legend, even if it is forgotten. Such as Zeus being a playboy and dick. He can't help himself because that's what his followers and legend depict him as."

"What if he defies his legend?"

"Then he begins to get weaker," Odin said.

"What if someone else forces him to defy his legend?" Ichigo asked.

"What did you do?"

"I forced him to swear an oath to be loyal to Hera."

"Did he willingly accept it?" Odin asked.

"No. I had to beat him in combat to force him to accept the oath."

"Then it should be fine since he didn't personally defy his oath but was forced to by a third party," Odin said. His eye widened with realization. "Do you think you can help Hela?"

"I can try," Ichigo replied. Odin began to tell the true history of Asgard, that's not written in history. The story of when the Nine Worlds were again each other. Eventually, Odin and Hela forced peace upon the Nine Worlds. Despite the peace, Hela desired for world domination. She eventually tried to kill Odin to take the throne. Odin defended against Hela's rebellion. Odin was finally forced to seal her in Helheim, where she took over the world and ruled.

"I see…" Ichigo said after hearing what happened between Odin and Hela.

"How come you haven't reconciled with her?" Nel asked.

"I've tried. She would come at me with absolute rage." Odin admitted.

"I wouldn't be surprised if she wants your head," Ichigo commented. Odin sighed.

"If she swears the oath I've written and allowed me to teach her what I've learned during my reign I am willing to allow her to be my executioner," Odin said. "If you do this act for me, I will reward each of you when you return," Odin said.

"What do you think?" Ichigo asked Scáthach and Nel.

"You should help them," Nel replied.

"I agree. From what I've heard, you indirectly caused the problem." Scáthach said.

"Do you want to come with me?" Ichigo asked.

"Sure," Scáthach replied.

"I will stand with you if you allow me to," Nel said. "But will Jack be fine with us?"

"Don't worry Mama. Jack will be fine." Jack said. Jack's sudden appearance in their mental conversation startled them.

"Jack. How did you join the conversation?" Nel asked.

"When Mama mentioned Jack, Jack could feel something that connects Jack with Mama," Jack replied.

"I think a bond formed between Nel and Jack; similar to a familiar bond." Ichigo theorized.

"So, what is your answer?" Odin asked. Ichigo looked at Odin.

"We accept."

"Great," Odin said. He pulled out a sheet of parchment and began to write the contract out. As soon as he finished writing it, he handed it to Ichigo.

"I can't read Norse," Ichigo said.

"I see…" Odin said. "Can any of you read Norse?" He asked. They all shook his head. "I see…" Odin said. He drew a few Norse Runes around them. The Runes glowed. Ichigo, Scáthach, Nel, and Jack could feel the magic from the Runes entered their mind. "That should allow you to read Norse." He said. Ichigo looked at the parchment.

"Wow. You are being literal about this." Ichigo said.

"Indeed," Odin said as he stood up. He began to transform. Odin now looks like a barrel-chested man with massive arms. He now has close-cropped gray hair, while his beard is cut square. He now has a black patch to cover his eye. He is dressed in a short-sleeve polo shirt with the words Hotel Valhalla on it. "Let's go," Odin said as he walked out of the room. They all followed him. They entered the elevator. "Floor 1," Odin said. The elevator quickly shot down. The number on the screen quickly decreased. Soon the elevator stopped. They all walked out of the elevator. Odin stepped out first. Everyone quickly followed behind him. They soon arrived to see a man standing there. He had dark skin and orange-yellow eyes. He was dressed in golden armor, a golden helmet, and had a golden sword sheathed in a golden sheath.

"All-Father." He greeted.

"Hello Heimdall," Odin replied. Heimdall turned to Ichigo.

"Thank you for assisting the All-Father with his plan."

"No problem…I guess?" Ichigo replied.

"He is Heimdall. He can see all and hear all across the Nine Realms." Odin said.

"All Nine Realms?" Ichigo questioned.

"The limits of my sights are other countries not influenced by Norse Mythology or dimensions made with magic," Heimdall admitted.

"Makes more sense," Ichigo replied.

"Follow me," Heimdall said. They all followed Heimdall into a dome. "This is the Bifrost Bridge. This allows me to send others across all Nine Realms." Heimdall said as he walked to the middle of the room and pulled out his sword. He stabbed his sword into the middle. Magical energy began to spark around them. The dome began to spin. They notice the opening they entered closed behind them. They could see the top of the dome began to move. They could see an opening began to form to the side of them. "Enter that portal and it will send you to Helheim."

"How will we get back?" Nel asked.

"Call me," Heimdall said.

"Ready?" Ichigo asked.

"Ready." Everyone replied. With that everyone stepped into the opening. They were shot into space in a green beam. Soon they were gone. Heimdall pulled his sword out, deactivating the Bifrost.

First off, disclaimers.

The Valkyries' armor, pervert Odin, and Ortlinde are from Highschool DXD, which is owned by Ichiei Ishibumi, Miyama-Zero, Fuhumishobo, Funimation, ATX, and TNK.

Hotel Valhalla, Gunilla, and muscular Odin are from the Magus Chase book series, which is owned by Rick Riordan and Disney Hyperion.

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Now with that out of the way, allow me to explain a few things.

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Second, why did I move Hotel Valhalla from Boston, Massachusetts to Saint Paul, Minnesota? If I have the Greek Gods in New York, I don't think it would be logical to have Norse be a few hours away from them, despite the possible Norse connections with the founding of Boston. I chose Minnesota because according to the US Census states, Minnesota is the state with the most Norwegian descendants in the US. This also doesn't mean that I will be doing a crossover with the Magnus Chase series because I have not read them.

The third is Nel's origin. I spent many hours looking up any information about Tite Kubo's inspiration for Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck. I founded nothing. During my search, I stumbled upon one website which said that Odelschwanck has Germania origins. German was derived from Germania and Germania followed Norse mythology during the Roman Empire, so I decided to make Nelliel from Germania.

I hope everyone is fine with how I incorporated the Can't Fear Your Own World designs that Tite Kubo did. Anyways, should I give Ichigo his own Resurrección: Segunda Etapa? If so what should it look like. Keep in mind Ichigo's Resurrección looks like his 'Vasto Lorde' form with five set of black wings and duel wielding his 'fake' Tensa Zangetsu.