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"Hello." – Normal talking.

"Hello." – Normal thoughts.

"Hello." – Zanpakutō speaking.

"Hello." – Zanpakutō thoughts.

Team 15 quietly made their way towards the Land of Rice Fields. Each member had their personal belongings stored in storage scrolls crafted by Tenten. As they moved, they consumed breakfast and lunch while on the move. By early afternoon, they had crossed the border into the Land of Rice Fields. True to its name, they observed numerous rice fields interspersed with occasional houses. Suddenly, a kunoichi dashed towards them. She sported orange hair, a dark blue beanie with a hole for her hair at the back, a sleeveless purple shirt, and green shorts.

"Halt," she commanded, brandishing a kunai at Team 15.

"We come in peace," Ichigo declared. "We are here on a mission commissioned by the Fūma, Hagoromo, Iburi, Kedōin, Kumanoi, Rinha, Sendō, and Yoimura clans," he added, presenting the mission scroll as proof.

"Show me the proof," the kunoichi demanded. Ichigo summoned the mission scroll and handed it to her. After examining it, she sheathed her kunai. "Sorry for the threat," she apologized.

"No problem," Ichigo replied.

"I'm Sasame of the Fūma Clan," she introduced herself. Team 15 reciprocated the introduction. They soon reached a sizable house with a prominent sign bearing the word 'Fūma'. Entering the house, they found themselves in a spacious sitting room. "Please wait here while I inform Lord Fūma of your arrival," Sasame instructed before leaving the room. A few minutes later, a large man with dark eyes and cheek-length dark-brown hair entered. He wore a red band around his head, a sleeveless haori with metal shoulder pads atop, a black sleeveless shirt underneath, and purple pants cinched with a yellow cloth belt.

"I am Lord Fūma. Call me Hanzaki," he announced.

"I am Kurosaki Ichigo, leader of Team 15," Ichigo responded. Hanzaki took a seat opposite Ichigo. "So, Hanzaki, please enlighten us on what you know about the disappearances."

"It was a typical day," Hanzaki began. "Our members were engaged in various activities—tending the fields, patrolling, or honing their skills. Then, one day, a man visited us."

"Did he resemble this?" Ichigo inquired, displaying a picture of Orochimaru.

"Exactly," Hanzaki confirmed.

"Did he provide his identity?" Ichigo continued.

"Yes. He claimed to be Orochimaru."

"I'm surprised he used his real name and appearance." Ichigo remarked. "What was his intent?"

"He knew of our refugee status and promised financial aid and restoration of our glory," Hanzaki recounted. "I refused, skeptical of his intentions."

"But some members believed him?" Ichigo deduced.

"That seems to be the case," Hanzaki affirmed. "Orochimaru didn't divulge anything further," he added when Ichigo inquired. "Can you provide a map of the village indicating the clans?" Ichigo requested.

"Certainly," Hanzaki agreed, returning shortly with a rolled-up paper. He unrolled it, revealing a rough sketch of the Village of Rice Fields. After marking the locations of the clans, he handed it to Ichigo. Ichigo noticed discrepancies—while there were 12 clans, only 9 had commissioned the investigation.

"So, these four clans didn't report any disappearances?" Ichigo sought confirmation.

"No, they didn't," Hanzaki responded. "But we observed neglect from the Hirasaka, Shiin, and Tenrō clans."

"I'll investigate those next," Ichigo decided, rolling up the map. "Do you have accommodation recommendations?"

"There's an abandoned house nearby," Hanzaki suggested. "Feel free to use it."

"Thank you," Ichigo expressed gratitude as he rose. Team 15 followed suit, leaving the Fūma House. They located the abandoned house, which they entered. Ichigo deployed seals, creating a barrier around the house, before addressing the team.

"We'll split into groups of three," Ichigo directed. "Hinata, Guren, and Tenten will investigate the Amagiri and Hirasaka clans. Tenten and Setsura will focus on the Tenrō and Yoimura clans. I'll handle the Shiin clan and conduct interviews with the other clans. Chino will guard the house." With assignments set, the team dispersed to their tasks. Ichigo proceeded towards the heart of the rice fields, spotting a manor guarded by two individuals.

"Halt!" the guards commanded. Ichigo complied.

"I've been hired by various clans to investigate the disappearance of their members," Ichigo explained.

"Wait here," one guard instructed, disappearing into the manor. The other guard scrutinized Ichigo. After a brief interval, the guard returned, accompanied by a man with a pallid complexion and long black hair framing his face. He wore a purple kimono and a matching grey haori over a beige collar.

"Ah welcome," the man greeted. "I am Lord Shiin, the current leader of the Village of Rice Fields."

"Hello, Lord Shiin," Ichigo responded. "I've been hired by some clans to investigate the disappearance of their members."

"I see," Lord Shiin responded. "I wonder how those clans can function if they can't even keep track of their members."

"Is this a recurring problem?" Ichigo inquired.

"Oh, yes," Lord Shiin confirmed. "The other clans send their members on missions, and when they don't return on time, they're reported missing, only to show up weeks later."

"I see," Ichigo acknowledged. "Lord Shiin, is there anything else you'd like to share?"

"Just don't trust those foolish clan leaders," Shiin warned as he headed back to the house. Ichigo swiftly left the Shiin manor and visited all the other clans mentioned in the request. Their accounts aligned with what Hanzaki had said. Ichigo relayed Shiin's information to them, and they acknowledged that Shiin's words held truth. They revealed that while missing members did return after weeks, they often bore injuries they attempted to conceal. Returning to the house, Ichigo found the rest of the team already back and having lunch. After joining them, they reconvened at the table, where Ichigo shared Shiin's revelations.

"That's consistent with what Lord Amagiri and Lord Hirasaka mentioned," Guren remarked.

"Lords Tenrō and Yoimura echoed similar sentiments," Tenten added.

"Is there any distinction between the Fūma house and the others?" Ichigo inquired.

"Their house was notably larger," Hinata noted.

"Agreed," Setsura chimed in.

"I visited all the other clans, and their houses resembled the Fūma house," Ichigo confirmed. "With this information, does anyone draw any conclusions?"

"Orochimaru is the mastermind," Hinata suggested.

"Lord Shiin and the wealthier clans are aiding him," Chino proposed.

"Missing members likely become subjects of Orochimaru's experiments before returning to their clans," Guren speculated.

"That aligns with my assessment," Ichigo agreed. "So, what's the plan, Master?" Guren inquired.

"What are your thoughts?" Ichigo redirected.

"We need to locate their base," Hinata proposed.

"Reconnaissance," Setsura concurred.

"Once found, we should launch an attack," Guren added, clenching her fist with determination.

"If we encounter Orochimaru, what's the plan?" Ichigo questioned.

"We retreat and inform you," Chino responded. Ichigo turned to Tenten. "Any further insights?"

"If we encounter Orochimaru, our focus should be on capturing his accomplices without intervening in his battle," Tenten suggested.

"Excellent," Ichigo approved. "Any ideas on where to search?"

"The larger houses seem suspicious," Tenten pointed out.

"I scanned with Byakugan but found nothing suspicious," Hinata admitted.

"Either they're hidden elsewhere or already disposed of by Orochimaru," Guren conjectured.

"What's the next step?" Ichigo prompted.

"We should monitor for any suspicious activity tonight," Chino suggested.

"If we spot any, it may lead us to their hideout," Hinata added.

"Should we take shifts for surveillance?" Tenten proposed.

"No," Setsura interjected.

"Setsura's correct," Guren agreed. "If we're all awake, we'll be too fatigued for combat."

"Shall we take turns on watch, then?" Hinata suggested.

"What if we miss something?" Chino voiced concern.

"Fear not, I'll remain vigilant all night and alert you to any developments," Ichigo assured calmly.

"Thank you, Master," Chino acknowledged.

"How should we arrange the shifts?" Tenten asked.

"Standard rotation," Setsura suggested.

"Everyone onboard?" Guren confirmed, receiving nods from all. "Who had the last shift?"

"I did," Chino replied.

"Then I'll join you," Guren volunteered.

"It seems you have a plan," Ichigo remarked. With everyone in agreement, Ichigo, Chino, and Guren employed the Chameleon Jutsu, rendering themselves invisible to the unaided eye. They positioned themselves atop the house, with Chino and Guren on the roof and Ichigo standing guard. Upon reaching the Shiin manor, Ichigo used his senses to pinpoint the location of the missing shinobi, who were holed up in a nearby cave. Ichigo maintained his post, allowing his students to execute the mission.

"Whoever they are, are still hiding in the cave." Ichigo observed as time passed slowly. After the first hour, Chino descended, and Setsura took her place. They watched as dusk fell and the moon ascended.

"It's surprising they haven't made a move yet," Guren remarked.

"There's no foliage for cover," Ichigo reminded her.

"True," Guren acknowledged. "They'll likely use the cover of night to depart their hideout." Just as Guren went to relieve Setsura, Ichigo noticed movement in the distance.

"Let's see if Setsura spots them." Ichigo mused as Setsura glimpsed the movement. She descended and roused Hinata and Chino.

"Did we spot something?" Chino asked wearily.

"Yes," Setsura confirmed. The team emerged from the house, ready to track down their targets. Ichigo followed them but remained in the background, allowing the genin to handle the situation. The first one was a bald man with long spider-like limbs. He also had very thick eyebrows and a scar on his right eye. The second one is a grotesque, hunchbacked man with buck teeth. The third one is a young man with short smooth black hair and dark-colored eyes. He wore a short sleeve brown shirt with a maroon-colored line running down to the end of the shirt on the right side, a black pair of fingerless gloves, and a grey pair of pants. The last person was a woman with long black hair, in a hime-style cut, and black, pupilless eyes. She wore a pale green form-fitting vest, with an opening in the center that shows off her cleavage and her stomach, and a camouflage-patterned scarf and skirt.

"Crystal Style: Illusion Crystal Dome," Guren chanted, erecting a large crystal dome that enveloped them, trapping everyone inside.

"Good. Illusion Crystal Dome creates a dome that projects an illusion to the outside, making it appear as if nothing is happening inside. It also confines them within." Ichigo pondered.

Setsura focused on the first man, while Guren targeted the second. Chino aimed for the third, and Tenten went after the girl. Hinata remained hidden until she found an opportunity to strike their pressure points, incapacitating them. In moments, only the second man remained.

"Earth Style: Antlion!" he bellowed upon realizing everyone else was defeated. The ground rumbled, pulling towards him.

"The dome!" Guren shouted as it began to crumble. Everyone directed their attacks at the second man. Chino and Setsura rushed towards the hunchback man, forcing him to halt his jutsu to defend against them. Seizing the moment, Chino and Setsura grabbed his hands, leveraging their momentum to unbalance him. Guren followed up with a kick to the gut. The hunchback man groaned as smoke enveloped him, causing him to shrink. Chino and Setsura swiftly seized the shrunken arms as the smoke dissipated, revealing a small girl with teal-green hair and purple eyes, slightly shorter than Chino. Hinata targeted her pressure points, rendering her powerless. Guren approached her Illusion Crystal Dome, exhaling a sigh of relief.

"Is it still intact?" Tenten inquired.

"Barely. I'll reinforce it just to be safe," Guren replied as another Illusion Crystal Dome materialized outside the first. She turned to Chino. "Chino, you're clear to proceed."

"Understood," Chino affirmed, grabbing the first man. "Guren, we need some thick walls."

"Crystal Style: Crystal Wall," Guren cast, conjuring a large barrier in front of the other three captives.

"Now then, tell me, where is Orochimaru's hideout?" Chino demanded. The man glared at her.

"Never," he growled.

"That's what they always say," Chino muttered, beginning to torture him. He screamed in agony.

"I'LL TELL YOU! I'LL TELL YOU!" he cried out after less than a minute.

"That's disappointing that was less than a minute. Where is it?" Chino pressed.

"There's a secret tunnel from Lord Shiin's house leading to an underground cavern!" he revealed.

"How many people are there?" Chino inquired.

"Only two," he whimpered.

"Blood Style: Blood Choke," she commanded. The blood around his carotid arteries and jugular veins compressed, causing him to gasp for air before collapsing unconscious. Chino calmly retreated behind the wall, inspecting the remaining three captives.

"Did he miss anything?" she asked, blood covering most of her face and body, dripping onto the ground.

"N-no, he spilled everything," the older woman replied, as the others nodded silently.

"Okay," Chino acknowledged, using her Blood Choke again to render them unconscious. "Blood Style: Blood Drain," she cast, collecting and absorbing the spilled blood. She turned to the rest of the team.

"All done," she declared with a smile. "Shall I proceed with the next one?" Ichigo calmly glanced at the remaining three captives.

"Will you cooperate or resist?" Guren questioned.

"We'll cooperate!" the other man exclaimed. The two women nodded in agreement.

"Ah," Chino responded. "That's much better."

Guren posed the same query as Chino, receiving consistent answers.

"Which clan do you belong to?" Guren inquired.

"The Fūma Clan," they all replied.

"Knock them out," Guren ordered.

"Understood," Chino complied, compressing their carotid arteries and jugular veins. The remaining captives collapsed, and they were bound together with anti-chakra handcuffs.

"Let's proceed to the cavern," Guren suggested.

"Are we simply going to infiltrate Lord Shiin's house?" Hinata questioned. They paused, recalling the location of the secret entrance.

"We'll create a diversion," Tenten suggested. All eyes turned to her. "Setsura can use her ice clones to assault the Shiin Manor. Hopefully, they'll distract the guards long enough for us to slip inside."

"I can do that," Setsura affirmed.

"Excellent, let's move," Ichigo urged. They exited the house, employing the Chameleon Jutsu to remain unseen. Arriving at the Shiin Manor, Setsura conjured her ice clones.

"Ice Style: Yuki-onna," she intoned, summoning an icy mist that transformed into five faceless women clad in simple white kimono. The snowwomen charged towards the manor, wreaking havoc. In the distance, they observed guards mobilizing to counter the threat.

"Go," Setsura directed. The team infiltrated the manor amidst the chaos. With the manor in disarray, they easily located the underground passage. They found Lord Shiin and several subordinates attempting to escape through the passage.

"Blood Style: Blood Choke," Chino cast, swiftly rendering Lord Shiin and his cohorts unconscious as they fell, dropping a few journals in the process. Each team member picked up a journal, quickly scanning its contents.

"These are records of money laundering," Guren observed.

"The earliest entry in this one is from last year," Tenten noted from another journal.

"We should retain these for further scrutiny," Hinata proposed, closing one of the journals.

After moving the bodies aside and storing the journals for later investigation, they continued through the tunnel. Eventually, they reached a large underground chamber where a monstrous creature lay dormant. It was entirely gray, with a human face in its chest, another on each hand, and two more on each thigh.

"WhO rRe YoU?" All five faces asked in unison.

"We are here to capture Orochimaru," Guren stated.

"NO!" They all yelled. "OrOcHiMaRu-sAmA OrDeReD Us tO PrOtEcT ThIs pLaCe! YoU ArE An eNeMy!" They yelled. The monster raised its right hand, which transformed into a large black fist, aiming a punch toward them. Everyone quickly jumped out of the way.

"Ice Style: Icicle Crash," Setsura cast. Large icicles formed around her and flew toward the monster. It attempted to block the attack with its right hand, but some icicles pierced through, causing the arm to transform into ash. The ashes then reformed into its original shape, unharmed.

"Chino, could you restrain it?" Guren asked.

"I can try," Chino replied, activating her Ketsuryūgan. "Blood Style: Blood Domination!" Suddenly, the monster stopped moving, its body vibrating as it resisted Chino's control.

"Hinata, can you find its chakra points?" Guren requested. Hinata activated her Byakugan.

"Found one," Hinata announced, running toward the monster. She attempted to strike the pressure point near the face on the left hand, but its thick skin resisted her attack. "Looks like I need to use Hakai-Ryoku [Destructive Force]." Hinata thought, concentrating her chakra.

"Hakai-Ryoku: Implosion Punch," Hinata cast, punching the pressure points. Her chakra surged into the monster's body, causing it to scream in pain. Hinata continued targeting the pressure points, disabling more of its body. Meanwhile, Chino gradually restrained the monster.

After Hinata disabled all the pressure points on its limbs, the monster's chest began to bubble and expand.

"It's going to blow!" Guren shouted. "Everyone, get back!" They all retreated behind Guren. "Crystal Style: Strata Dome!" Multiple crystal domes formed around them, providing protection. Chino continued to restrain the monster as its chest expanded like a balloon until it exploded, splattering blood and guts.

"Blood Style: Blood Drain," Chino said, collecting and absorbing the blood while cleaning the area. They saw the other four limbs rolling on the ground.

"Arashi-sama, where are you? I don't feel you anymore," the face on the right leg asked.

"Why isn't my healing working?" the face on the left hand asked.

"Why does everything hurt!?" the face on the right hand asked.

"I can still fight," the face on the left leg replied. Guren turned to Chino.

"Do you think you can knock them out?" she asked.

"I can try," Chino replied, attempting to use Blood Choke on one of the monster's limbs. Instead, it screamed in pain. "OW! STOP IT!" it yelled. Chino halted her jutsu. "I don't know what he did to them, but I can't choke them," she complained.

Hinata approached the same limb, activating her Byakugan again and using Hakai-Ryoku: Implosion Punch on a pressure point. The limb yelled in pain, and after a few attempts, Hinata successfully knocked it out.

"That took a while," Hinata mumbled, repeating the process on the other limbs until they were all unconscious.

"Hinata, make sure they stay unconscious while we check the rest of this place," Guren instructed.

"Okay," Hinata replied. Everyone explored the underground cavern and found stacks of folders. Guren opened one and found profiles of different victims, most marked with a red 死 stamp, but a few pages remained unmarked.

"Did you find anything?" Guren inquired.

"I found an empty lab," Tenten reported.

"Nothing," Setsura replied.

"I found some test records," Chino said, showing the folders in her hand.

"I found the victims' profiles," Guren replied. They gathered the information and returned to the main room, where the monsters were still unconscious.

"They haven't recovered yet," Hinata informed.

"Good," Guren said. They placed the monsters in prisoner scrolls and proceeded through the underground tunnel. On their way, Chino encased the unconscious Lord Shiin and his assistants in blood, linked their bodies together, and dragged them along.

Upon emerging from the tunnel, they were confronted by the guards of the Shiin manor.

"Stand aside or suffer," Guren threatened. The guards hesitated, unsure of what to do.

"Where are you bringing them?" one guard asked.

"For now, we're taking them to Lord Fūma," Guren replied.

"On what charges?" Ichigo interjected, startling the guards.

"Lord Shiin and likely some of the other lords are suspected of defrauding the Daimyō," Ichigo explained, causing the guards to react with shock.

"We will verify with Lord Fūma," one guard replied. They allowed Team 15 to pass, and they headed to the Fūma House. Ichigo knocked on the door, and a sleepy Sasame eventually opened it.

"Wha?" She mumbled.

"Get Lord Fūma," Ichigo ordered.

"Yes," Sasame said as she ran off. Team 15 entered the same sitting room they had been in the previous day. Their prisoners were on the side. The doors slid open as Hanzaki entered the room. He wore a set of pajamas.

"What happened?" He calmly asked. Ichigo motioned for Team 15 to speak. Guren told Lord Fūma what transpired earlier. He let out a long sigh, appearing as if he had aged a few years.

"So who will be taken back to Konoha for interrogation?"

"For now, the four survivors of Orochimaru's experiments will be taken back to Konoha," Ichigo said. "All the other people who worked with Orochimaru will be left for you and your Daimyō to deal with."

"Sasame," Hanzaki called. The door behind him opened as Sasame revealed herself.

"Yes, Lord Fūma?" She asked, bowing to Hanzaki.

"Go to all the other Lords and inform them that I am hosting an emergency meeting."

"Yes, Lord Fūma," Sasame replied before she slid the door closed. She quickly stood up and ran off. Hanzaki looked back at Ichigo.

"Team 15," Hanzaki began. "I and the rest of the Lord of the Village of Rice Fields, thank you for your assistance in this matter. I will present you with your rewards in the morning." Chino released the prisoners from her blood. Everyone from Team 15 returned to their temporary base.

"Rest for now. We will continue to watch the area," Ichigo said. Everyone nodded their heads as Setsura and Tenten began the shift. In the distance, they could see the other clan leaders arriving at the Fūma house. As soon as the last clan leader arrived, a transparent dome formed around the building. As time passed, nothing happened. It was early in the morning when the transparent dome disappeared. Ichigo, Hinata, and Chino watched as the other clan leaders left the Fūma House. Hinata was soon replaced by Guren. As they continued to watch, they could see Sasame walking towards their temporary base. Ichigo, Chino, and Guren sneaked back inside the house. Sasame knocked on the door. Chino slid the door open and poked her head out.

"Good morning," Chino said.

"Good morning," Sasame replied, trying to keep herself from yawning.

"Is Lord Fūma ready for us?" Chino asked.

"He is," she replied.

"Okay. We will be on our way," Chino replied.

"Okay," Sasame replied as Chino closed the door. She turned to see Setsura, Tenten, and Hinata waking up. Everyone packed all their belongings. Ichigo took down the privacy seals. Team 15 left their temporary base and went back to the Fūma House. Sasame escorted them back to the sitting room where a tired Hanzaki sat. All the prisoners were nowhere in sight.

"Please sit," Hanzaki said. Team 15 sat down in front of him. Hanzaki pulled out a bag of coins and placed them on the table. Ichigo took out the mission scroll and unraveled it for Hanzaki. There was a place for Hanzaki to sign, signifying the completion of the mission. He took out a stamp and placed it down on the scroll. He removed the stamp, revealing a red circle with the clan symbol. He took out a black paintbrush and wrote his name beside the stamp. Once he finished signing it, he blew on the ink, making sure it was fully dry. Ichigo rerolled the scroll and took the money.

"Thank you for all the help."

"We were just doing our job," Ichigo replied as he stood up. The rest of Team 15 stood up behind him. Ichigo put away the money and mission scroll. After that, they left the Fūma House. Ichigo led Team 15 back to Konoha. As they left, Ichigo had the rest of his team keep an eye out as they returned to Konoha. Luckily, no one pursued them. By noon, they arrived back in Konoha.

"We're going to report our mission to Hokage-sama, then have a quick lunch, and after that, a debrief at my house," Ichigo said.

"Yes, Master," they replied. They quickly arrived at the Shinobi Academy. They walked to the Hokage's office. The secretary announced their presence, and the Hokage allowed them to see her. Ichigo presented her with the filled mission scroll, money from Hanzaki, and the filled prisoner scrolls.

"What happened?" Tsunade asked. Ichigo allowed the genin to report to Tsunade about what happened at the Village of Rice Fields. At the end of their report, Tsunade dismissed the genin, leaving Ichigo alone. "What do you think about the mission?"

"I believe Orochimaru left the village before we arrived," Ichigo said. Tsunade nodded her head.

"That's what I also suspect," Tsunade replied.

"Any other missions for my team?" Ichigo asked.

"Nothing yet," Tsunade replied. "This mission will be logged as a B-class mission due to all the missing people, the possibility of Orochimaru being present, the political favors Konoha gained from the Village of the Rice Fields and the Sound Daimyō, and the prisoners for T&I to process," Tsunade said.

"The girls will be excited to learn about that," Ichigo replied.

"The money will be deposited into the Team 15 account," Tsunade said.

"Okay." He left Tsunade's office afterward. Ichigo reunited with the rest of Team 15 outside of the academy. "So where do you want to eat?" Ichigo asked.

"Curry!" Chino shouted.

"Curry doesn't sound that bad," Guren replied.

"I guess curry it is," Ichigo said.

"Yay!" Chino shouted in joy. They walked towards the restaurant portion of Konoha.

"Hinata." They turned to see someone standing there, the source of the voice. He had fair skin and long black hair, featureless white eyes. He wore a beige-colored shirt, a dull blue shirt beneath that, and mesh armor underneath. He wore dark brown shorts and blue shinobi sandals, with wrapped bandages around his right arm, chest, and right leg. He tied his hair back in a loose ponytail tied a few inches above the end. He wore a black forehead protector.

"Neji," Hinata mumbled. "What do you want?"

"Lord Hyūga is mad at you. He wants you to return to the Hyūga estate," Neji said.

"No," Hinata replied.

"What?" Neji replied, confused by her response.

"Did Hinata just say no? She never says no, especially when it's an order from Lord Hyūga."

"Hinata, Lord Hyūga ordered the clan to bring you back to the clan if we spotted you," Neji said, trying to warn her.

"Neji, stop it," Tenten interjected. "Hinata doesn't want to go back, and that's her choice."

"Tenten, this is Hyūga Clan business; please don't interfere," Neji replied.

"Stop it," Hinata said. She walked up to Neji. "You have no right to tell me or Tenten what to do."

"She's standing up to me," Neji thought. "She used to mindlessly obey." Neji glanced at Ichigo. "He was able to help her when others failed."

"Be that as it may, Lord Hyūga still wants you," Neji replied.

"Neji, is it?" Ichigo finally interjected. Everyone looked at him. "Our team just came back from a mission and is planning to eat lunch in celebration of this first completed mission. How about after lunch, Hinata and I will go see Lord Hyūga." Hinata interjected before Neji could reply.

"That sounds like a good idea," Hinata replied. "I think I see Chino's favorite curry restaurant up ahead." Hinata pulled Ichigo's arm, past Neji. Everyone else silently followed him. Neji sighed as he ran back to the Hyūga Clan Estate to report to Lord Hyūga.

They arrived at Chino's favorite curry restaurant. The staff quickly brought them to a booth with enough room for everyone.

"After lunch, Hinata and I will go speak to Lord Hyūga. During that time, all of you will go back home and inventory your gear. After that, you are free to relax at home."

"Okay," Chino, Guren, Setsura, and Tenten replied, accepting Ichigo's order.

"Master, what's the plan?" Hinata asked. Ichigo smirked as he whispered his plan. Hinata's eyes widened after she heard Ichigo's plan. "Master, are you sure that is going to work?"

"It will," Ichigo replied. Soon they finished eating their curry. Ichigo paid for the curry. After that, they left. Hinata guided Ichigo toward the Hyūga Clan. It didn't take long before they could see the entrance to the Hyūga Clan in the distance.

"Lord Hyūga is expecting you in his office," the guard said.

"I know where to go," Hinata replied. They resumed their walk into the Hyūga Clan Estate. As they entered the estate, they could feel everyone watching them with their Byakugan. They ignored it until they arrived at the Lord's office. They could sense everyone stopped watching them. Hinata knocked on the door.

"Enter," someone said. Hinata slid the door open. They could see a man sitting behind a desk. He had long, black hair and featureless white eyes. He wore loose-fitting robes with a long-sleeved, brown haori. "Thank you for escorting Hinata back. Feel free to leave."

"No," Hinata replied. She grabbed Ichigo's arm.

"Hinata, cease this foolishness," Lord Hyūga replied.

"No, you need to stop your foolishness," Ichigo said as he got closer to him. Lord Hyūga was forced to look up at Ichigo due to the height difference. "You abandoned Hinata once she wasn't able to meet your expectations, focusing on her sister instead. On the other hand, I saw the potential that no one else saw. Now that you see Hinata's potential, you try to reclaim her as your own." Lord Hyūga glared at Ichigo. After all, his words were true.

"But she is a member of the Hyūga Clan. She can only learn our techniques," Lord Hyūga replied.

"I don't need your techniques," Hinata interjected. "Master's techniques are much better."

"Child, you don't know anything," Lord Hyūga replied.

"Then let's do this," Ichigo interjected. "If you doubt my abilities to teach Hinata, then let's fight."

"What?" Lord Hyūga asked.

"I mean, if you are questioning my capabilities, then I can simply prove it to you in a fight," Ichigo said.

"I refuse," Lord Hyūga replied. "Why do I need to lower myself to fight you? I have other subordinates I can use to test you."

"True," Ichigo replied. "Imagine the humiliation the clan would have to endure every time your weak subordinates fail." Lord Hyūga's eye twitched with annoyance at Ichigo's words.

"If you want a fight, then I'll give you one," Lord Hyūga replied.

"It will be tomorrow in front of the Konoha Academy," Ichigo replied. "It will give both of us time to prepare for the fight."

"Fine," Lord Hyūga replied as he pulled out two sheets of paper. He began to write the terms for the fight. "When I win, Hinata will be kicked out of the program and will return to the Hyūga Clan."

"When I win, you and the Hyūga Clan will no longer interfere with Hinata's life. You will allow Hinata an opportunity to challenge for the right of being the heir of the Hyūga if she so chooses to." Ichigo replied. Lord Hyūga wrote their terms on both pages. After that, Ichigo and Lord Hyūga signed them. Ichigo rolled his copy. "See you tomorrow," Ichigo said as they left his office. As they left, they could feel everyone watching them. They ignored it and remained silent as they walked out of the Hyūga Clan Estate.

"Head back home. I will let the Hokage know," Ichigo said.

"Okay," Hinata replied as she ran back home. Ichigo returned to the Konoha Academy and immediately went to the Hokage's office.

"What happened now?" Tsunade asked.

"Lord Hyūga tried to get Hinata," Ichigo said.

"And I assume he failed," Tsunade asked.

"I convinced him to a public duel in the Academy Courtyard," Ichigo replied.

"How did you do that?" Tsunade asked.

"Convincing him to duel or at the Academy?" Ichigo asked.


"He didn't pay attention to the location. He was more focused on his bruised pride. I called his clan members weak and taunted him about the ensuing public humiliation."

"That would get him, insulting his clan and the public humiliation," Tsunade replied.

"Anyways, hope you enjoy the show," Ichigo said as he left her office. Ichigo quickly returned home to see them enjoying brunch.

"Ah, Master," Tenten called from the kitchen. "Please dig in."

"Okay," Ichigo replied. They silently ate their food. Soon they finished their dinner, and everyone gathered around the couch facing Ichigo.

"So, let's begin with the mission debrief," Ichigo started. All the girls nodded their heads, paying close attention. "This mission was originally ranked as a D-ranked mission, but once the Hokage learned that Orochimaru was involved, along with his experiments and potential international relations with the Sound Daimyō, she raised the mission ranking to a B-ranked mission." Everyone nodded in understanding.

"With that in mind, how do you think each of you did on the mission?" Ichigo asked.

"We could have been faster. Perhaps we could have arrived before Orochimaru escaped," Guren suggested.

"While that might be true, based on the evidence, Orochimaru had already left before we arrived," Ichigo calmly replied.

"Was our response slow?" Tenten asked.

"Not necessarily," Ichigo reassured. "We didn't have a lot of information to follow, so being cautious was appropriate."

"We did well for our first mission," Hinata said. Ichigo nodded in agreement.

"Yes, you did," Ichigo replied. "Take pride in completing a B-ranked mission compared to your fellow genin who might be struggling with their first D-ranked mission." Ichigo stood up from the couch. "It's okay to be confident, but do not mistake confidence for arrogance."

"Yes, Master!" the girls chorused.

"Anyways, tomorrow we will have a quick training session before we all return to the academy courtyard."

"Why, Master?" Chino asked.

"Lord Hyūga challenged me to a duel regarding Hinata," Ichigo explained.

"It's fun to see Master fight," Chino remarked. Setsura and Guren nodded in agreement.

"Why?" Tenten questioned.

"I forgot none of you have seen Master even slightly serious," Guren added.

"Those sparring matches we have with Master are like him casually stretching," Chino added.

"None of us have seen Master serious," Setsura admitted. Hinata and Tenten exchanged surprised glances.

"That's the most words I've heard her say, not including jutsu," Hinata commented.

"Same," Tenten replied.

"When Setsura uses a lot of words, then you know she's serious," Guren said. Setsura silently nodded in agreement.

"Anyways, time to resume training," Ichigo said.

"Yes, Master!" the girls replied as they followed Ichigo out of the house.

Time Skip: Next Morning

Ichigo calmly stood in the Konoha Academy Courtyard. In the bleachers, Team 15 silently sat and waited. Tsunade and Shizune occupied their VIP seats, while some jōnin, chūnin, and other genin filled the remaining seats, curious about the upcoming match.

"What is taking the Hyūga clan so long?" one spectator whispered.

"I bet they're intentionally late," another speculated.

"Both of you, quiet down. Don't you know the Hyūga clan can read lips?" a third spectator interjected.

Suddenly, they spotted Lord Hyūga walking towards the courtyard, escorted by a group of shinobi. The shinobi then retreated to the bleachers, leaving Lord Hyūga alone as he walked towards Ichigo.

"About time you got here. We thought you wouldn't show up," Ichigo remarked.

"Unlike you, I am a very busy individual," Lord Hyūga retorted. Shizune had left the bleachers and stood in the middle of the courtyard, acting as the referee.

"I am Shizune, the Hokage's Assistant. I will be the referee for this duel," she announced. "This duel will end if either duelist is unconscious or surrenders. Duellists, I need a verbal confirmation that you understand the rules." Shizune turned to Ichigo.

"I understand," Ichigo confirmed. Shizune then turned to Lord Hyūga.

"I also understand," he replied.

"The duel will begin at the count of three," Shizune declared, raising her hand. "One… Two… Three!" She swung her hand down, signaling the start of the duel. Lord Hyūga activated his Byakugan and charged towards Ichigo.

"He isn't moving," Lord Hyūga thought. He raised his arm to strike Ichigo, but suddenly felt something hit his forehead, sending him flying backward. He quickly recovered, only to see Ichigo with his left arm raised and fingers pointing towards him.

"Did he just flick me?" Lord Hyūga wondered. "Why didn't I see it?"

"Did that hurt?" Ichigo asked, lowering his hand. Everyone could see a light bruise forming on Lord Hyūga's forehead.

"Did he just flick me?" Lord Hyūga thought. Ichigo then raised his hand with the palm upturned, extending and retracting his fingers.

"Is that all you've got?" Ichigo taunted as he beckoned Lord Hyūga. Lord Hyūga glared at Ichigo and charged again, trying to land a hit. Ichigo calmly sidestepped, avoiding Lord Hyūga's attacks.

"How is he able to evade the Byakugan?" Lord Hyūga wondered as he struggled to land a hit.

"Stop dodging!" Lord Hyūga yelled as Ichigo continued to evade his attacks.

"Then use your amazing Byakugan to hit me," Ichigo challenged. This continued for another minute until Lord Hyūga stopped, trying to catch his breath.

"Why are you so out of shape?" Ichigo asked casually. "I believe our audience is getting bored."

"W-" Lord Hyūga was interrupted by a sudden punch to his gut. He crashed into the bleachers, followed by the rest of the Hyūga Clan. No one saw Ichigo's punch, but they could see the damage to Lord Hyūga and the bleachers. Standby medical ninjas rushed to Lord Hyūga and began to attend to him.

Ichigo glanced at Shizune. "Lord Hyūga is unable to continue. The winner is Jōnin Kurosaki," she declared. Ichigo then turned towards Lord Hyūga and the rest of the Hyūga Clan.

"As the winner of this duel, the Hyūga Clan will no longer interfere with Hinata's life. The Hyūga Clan will allow Hinata an opportunity to challenge for the right to be the heir of the Hyūga if she so chooses," Ichigo announced. He then turned away from the Hyūga Clan and looked back at the bleachers.

"Let's go, Team 15," Ichigo said.

"Yes, Master!" all the girls shouted as they followed Ichigo, leaving Konoha to resume their training.

"Well, the duel's over," Tsunade said.

"Tsunade-sama, we still have a lot of paperwork to catch up on," Shizune quickly interjected.

"Shizune, can't I celebrate seeing a Lord lose in a duel?" Tsunade asked.

"No, Tsunade-sama," Shizune replied. Tsunade sighed as she walked back to her office.

"Tsunade-sama, were you able to see his movements?" Shizune asked once they were inside Tsunade's office.

"I couldn't," Tsunade admitted. Shizune looked at Tsunade.

"Even you, Tsunade-sama?" Shizune replied. Tsunade chuckled.

"This Jōnin Kurosaki is much more mysterious than we thought," Tsunade replied.

Time Skip: Two Months Later

Ichigo and Team 15 stood inside the Hokage's office. They were not alone. There was an elderly man with grey hair and small, squinted eyes. He wore a pair of blue glasses, a brown hat, an orange turtleneck, and brown pants.

"I am Makino, the director of the hit series, 'The Adventures of Princess Fūn'," Makino introduced.

"I am Ichigo Kurosaki, and this is Team 15," Ichigo replied.

"Now, this is a C-Ranked mission to escort them through the Land of Snow for them to film their movie and return to Konoha," Tsunade explained.

"Normally, the Hokage wouldn't require all of us to meet in her office for just a C-Rank mission," Ichigo thought. He walked towards Tsunade and glanced at her with a subtly confused expression. She replied with a subtle nod. "This mission is not what it seems." Ichigo concluded. Ichigo signed the mission scroll.

"Good luck," Tsunade said as she rolled the mission scroll. Tenten opened the door. Ichigo and Makino exited with the rest of Team 15 and walked behind them. As they left the Hokage's office, Ichigo began to ask Makino questions about the trip.

"How many people will be on this trip?" Ichigo asked.

"There will be twelve crew members going to the Land of Snow," Makino replied.

"Is everything ready for the trip?" Ichigo inquired.

"Yes, we have all our belongings packed and on the carriages," Makino assured. They walked to the back of the Shinobi Academy to see three wooden carriages, each with a pair of horses.

"Director, are these our escorts?" a crew member asked.

"Correct," Makino replied. Makino proceeded to introduce everyone to Team 15. The last two were an odd pair, consisting of a young woman and an older man. The young woman had long black hair with bangs that swept on each side of her face and violet-blue eyes. She wore a green blouse over a pink jacket with brown gloves. The older man had short grey hair with a beard and mustache along with small black eyes. He wore a pair of small glasses and a baby blue long-sleeve shirt with a navy-blue blazer on top.

"This is the actress Yukie Fujikaze, and Sandayū Asama, her personal assistant," Makino introduced.

"Ah, hello," Sandayū said. Yukie didn't say anything. "Sorry about that. She doesn't like talking to new people," Sandayū explained. He walked over to the second carriage and opened the door. Yukie silently walked into the carriage.

"Fujikaze-san, would it be alright if one of my shinobi sits with you in the carriage?" Ichigo asked. Yukie silently shook her head.

"Setsura, you will be in there for now," Ichigo assigned. Setsura nodded her head and joined Fujikaze in the carriage. Sandayū closed the door.

"Hinata, you will be sitting in the first carriage, keeping an eye out for any dangers."

"Okay," Hinata replied.

"Tenten, you will be in the last carriage."

"Alright," Tenten replied.

"Guren and Chino, both of you will be running on either side of the carriage. Every hour, both of you will switch with Setsura and Tenten."

"Got it," Guren replied.

"Okay!" Chino replied.

"I will be running at the back," Ichigo said. Everyone else took their positions around the carriages. With a smack of the reins, the horses began to pull the carriages away from Konoha. Team 15 kept an eye on the road as the convoy headed towards the Land of Water. Along the way, they encountered a few bandits, which Ichigo tasked Team 15 to investigate. They managed to find the bandit camps and captured all the bandits. Their belongings were stored away to deal with later. It took them five days before they arrived at the border of the Land of Water. Normally, this trip would take three days, but they had to stop to film certain scenes for 'The Adventures of Princess Fūn'.

Makino had already arranged for a small ship to take them to the border of the Land of Snow. As they sailed, everyone could feel the weather getting colder. Luckily, they bought thicker clothes before they set sail, except for Setsura, who was unaffected by the cold. They continued to film some scenes during the boat ride. Eventually, they landed on an ice-covered dock. Their wooden carriages and horses were replaced by a sled and a pack of wolves. Sandayū raised his whip and smacked it in the air, signaling the wolves to start running. They spent another week traveling towards the Land of Snow and filming more scenes. As they were filming, suddenly an avalanche charged towards them. Setsura and Guren moved to the middle of the group.

"Ice Style," Setsura began.

"Crystal Style," Guren followed.

"Frozen Dome," Setsura finished.

"Crystal Dome," Guren concluded. A dome made of ice and crystal formed around everyone as the avalanche hit them, burying the entire dome in snow. Once the avalanche settled, Setsura and Guren prepared their next jutsu.

"Ice Style," Setsura started.

"Crystal Style," Guren followed.

"Frozen Tower," Setsura finished.

"Crystal Tower," Guren finished. The ground around them rumbled as they suddenly shot up in the air, piercing through the snow. They could see a group of white-armored people startled by the crystallized ice tower.

"Everyone, capture them," Ichigo ordered.

"Yes, Master," Team 15 replied as Setsura and Guren lowered the dome. They all jumped down to confront the group.

"Be careful, their armor is made from a material that nullifies chakra-based attacks!" Sandayū warned. Ichigo glanced at Sandayū.

"You owe us an explanation later," Ichigo replied as he observed from the crystal tower.

"You're not going to help them?" Sandayū asked.

"No, they got this," Ichigo replied. Sandayū and Fujikaze watched as the group of ten was defeated by Team 15.

"I made sure all of them are proficient at taijutsu," Ichigo explained.

Team 15 knocked all of the enemy forces unconscious. Setsura and Guren lowered the frozen crystal tower.

"Carefully strip them of their armor. They may be valuable," Ichigo said.

"Let me show you how to remove it," Sandayū said as he walked towards the nearest shinobi. Team 15 watched as he unbuckled a flap from the front and lifted it, revealing more buckles holding the sides. He unbuckled all the connectors and removed the top of the armor, then the shinobi's boots and belt. Sandayū pulled off the armored pants of the shinobi. Team 15 quickly moved to the other unconscious shinobi, beginning to remove their armor. After a few minutes, all of their armor had been removed, leaving them in bodysuits. Ichigo pulled out a prisoner scroll and sealed all but one of them inside it. The armor was stored in another scroll.

"Chino, you know what to do with him," Ichigo said.

"Yes, sir!" Chino replied as she grabbed the unconscious man and pulled him to the side. "Dome please," she asked Setsura.

"Ice Style: Frozen Dome," Setsura cast. Chino and her victim were encased in an icy dome. Ichigo turned to Sandayū and Yukie.

"So, you know who they are?" Ichigo asked. Sandayū sighed.

"They are shinobi from the Land of Snow," Sandayū said.

"Why would they attack us?" Ichigo asked.

"Maybe because I'm still alive," Fujikaze sighed.

"What do you mean by that?" Ichigo asked.

"My name is not Yukie Fujikaze but Koyuki Kazahana, the only child of Sōsetsu Kazahana, the former daimyō of the Land of Snow," she revealed.

"Dotō Kazahana and his shinobi staged a coup against the current regime and killed the former daimyō," Sandayū explained.

"This oddly would make more sense based on Tsunade's actions," Ichigo thought.

"So, do you want to try to avenge your father?" Ichigo asked. Sandayū looked at Koyuki.

"This is your decision, Kazahana-sama," Sandayū said.

"I still don't know why they're attacking us," Koyuki said.

"I know the answer!" They turned to see a bloody smiling Chino dragging the prisoner's bloody body towards them. Setsura silently walked on the side, avoiding all the blood.

"Chino, you should clean up all the blood. You're scaring the others," Ichigo calmly said.

"Oh, sorry," Chino apologized. She used Blood Drain to collect all the blood and absorbed it. Ichigo turned to the prisoner.

"Who ordered you to attack us?"

"It was Kazahana-sama," the prisoner replied.

"Why?" Ichigo asked.

"Kazahana-sama ordered us to capture the actress and kill everyone else," the prisoner replied.

"Who might know?" Ichigo asked.

"Rōga-sama should know. He's the leader of this mission," the prisoner replied.

"What does he look like?" Ichigo asked.

"He has light lavender hair and teal eyes," the prisoner answered. Ichigo nodded to Chino. She used Blood Choke on him, knocking the prisoner out. Ichigo tossed the prisoner scroll to her.

"You know what to do," Ichigo said.

"Yes, Master!" Chino replied as she dragged the unconscious body away. Setsura encased her in another Frozen Dome. Ichigo turned his head back to Koyuki.

"So, Kazahana-san, do you have any idea why he would want you?" Ichigo asked.

"Maybe to make sure I don't try and claim the throne?" she guessed.

"Possible," Ichigo admitted. The Frozen Dome disappeared as Chino dragged the new prisoner to them.

"Please get me away from her!" he screamed in fear.

"Okay," Ichigo replied. "If you answer our questions."

"Got it!"

"Who ordered you to attack us?"

"It was Kazahana-sama," the prisoner replied.

"Why?" Ichigo asked.

"Kazahana-sama said that Koyuki Kazahana had the key to a weapon designed by her father," the prisoner explained.

"Where is Kazahana?" Ichigo asked.

"He's back in the Village of Snow, waiting for us," the prisoner replied. Ichigo glanced at Chino and nodded to her. She used Blood Choke

on him, knocking him unconscious. He was returned to the prisoner scroll. Ichigo looked at Koyuki.

"I only have this necklace from my father," she said as she pulled out a necklace with a purple crystal prism on it.

"That's likely what he thinks is the key," Ichigo said. "So, what do you two want to do? Return to Konoha or deal with Kazahana?"

"I…I don't know," she admitted.

"That's okay. This is a big decision," Ichigo said. He looked at Makino. "Any of your crew injured?"

"No, just startled by the unexpected attack. I told them to take the rest of the day off," Makino replied.

"Smart. How much more do you need to film?" Ichigo asked.

"Maybe another day or two," Makino replied.

"I will have my team patrol the area while you finish filming," Ichigo said.

"Much appreciated for the extra effort," Makino replied.

Ichigo turned to Sandayū and Koyuki.

"Are both of you okay with this arrangement?" Ichigo asked. Sandayū looked at Koyuki.

"I am," she replied.

"Hinata, you will be scanning the surrounding area with your Byakugan for an hour. After that, you'll take an hour's break. During her break, the rest of you will patrol the area for an hour."

"Yes, Master," Team 15 replied and followed Ichigo's instructions.

"Tsunade was likely aware of the truth about Koyuki's identity, which is why she personally assigned the mission to our team," Ichigo thought.

Team 15 continued to watch them for the next few days. Right when the film crew finished filming, Hinata called for Ichigo.

"Master, enemy spotted," Hinata reported.

"Team 15, go and capture them," Ichigo said.

"Yes, Master," Team 15 ran towards them.

"Will they be okay?" Koyuki asked. She gradually bonded with the girls after they exchanged stories.

"They'll be fine," Ichigo replied.

As they got closer, Ichigo could see the enemy forces consisted of 30 shinobi, all of them wearing white armor while one of them wore black armor.

"Dotō is the one wearing the black armor," Sandayū identified. They watched as Setsura charged toward Dotō while the other four members dealt with the others. Dotō attacked by using nearby ice toward Setsura. Setsura used her ice claws to shred the projectiles and get closer to Dotō. Dotō tried to get away.

"Ice Style: Frozen Wall," Setsura cast. Dotō ran into the wall, allowing Setsura to fight him in close combat. She released her Frozen Claws and switched to Taijutsu. Dotō struggled against her attack. His black Chakra Armor gradually weakened due to Setsura's attacks. Finally, one of her punches disabled the Chakra Armor, allowing Chino to use Blood Choke on Dotō. Dotō collapsed to the ground. Setsura removed his Chakra Armor and stored it in a storage scroll. Dotō was stored in a prisoner scroll. Setsura joined the rest of Team 15 in capturing the rest of Dotō's shinobi. After five minutes, Team 15 returned to Ichigo with the filled scrolls.

"Good job," Ichigo replied. He turned to Koyuki. "Have you decided what you want to do?"

"I wish to see the status of the Village of Snow," she decided. "Sandayū, will you come with me?"

"Of course, Kazahana-sama," Sandayū replied.

"Setsura, you're with me. Everyone else continues to guard the film crew," Ichigo ordered.

"Yes, Master," the rest of Team 15 replied.

"Setsura, you carry Koyuki," Ichigo ordered.

"Yes, Master," Setsura replied as she picked up Koyuki in a bridle carry. Ichigo did the same to Sandayū. Both of them ran towards the Village of Snow. Snow began to fall as they got closer to the Village of Snow. By the time they reached the Village of Snow, the snow had stopped. They could see people exiting their igloos. One of the people noticed them.

"It can't be," one of the people ran towards them. "Sandayū!"

"B-brother!?" Sandayū replied as he embraced his sibling. They let go of each other. He looked at the others.

"Is that Kazahana-sama?" the man asked.

"She is," Sandayū replied.

"I am glad to see you are fine, Kazahana-sama," the man replied.

"Thank you," Koyuki replied.

"Quickly, we need to get inside," the man said.

"Why?" Sandayū asked.

"That bastard just left the village. We don't know when he'll return."

"Don't worry about that," Ichigo interjected.


"He's currently indisposed right now," Ichigo replied. The man's eyes widened as he realized Ichigo's words.

"And you are?" the man asked.

"Isn't it rude to not introduce yourself before asking for someone else's name?"

"Sorry, I am Ikuo Nishikawa," Ikuo introduced.

"I am Ichigo Kurosaki," Ichigo introduced.

"Setsura Byakushiki," Setsura said.

"What do you mean, indisposed?" Ikuo asked.

"He tried to attack us, and he's currently in our custody," Ichigo said. Ikuo's eyes widened. He looked at Yukie.

"Is this a coup to reclaim your rightful role as Daimyō?" Ikuo asked.

"I haven't decided yet," Koyuki admitted. "I wanted to see the village before I make a decision."

"I see," the man replied, "Well, this is the village now," Ikuo said.

"This is it? I remember it was much larger than before," Koyuki asked.

"That bastard drafted the Yuki Clan and took all the shinobi. After that, he declared war against the nearby villages," Ikuo said.

"Setsura, when your Master found you, were you and your family from the Yuki Clan?" Koyuki asked.

"I am," she replied.

"As part of the 'war effort,' most of our resources were taken by him. Most of us left the Land of Snow to get away from his tyranny," Ikuo said. Yukie was deep in thought.

"I'll do it," she finally said.

"You mean," Ikuo mumbled.

"I will take my rightful place as the Daimyō," she decided.

"REALLY!?" Ikuo and Sandayū yelled. Their loud voices attracted the attention of the rest of the village. The other residents of the village walked over to them, wondering what was going on. Some of them recognized Sandayū and quickly figured out who Koyuki was. Ikuo explained the situation. Upon hearing Ikuo's words, they all looked at her, wondering if she was serious.

"I will become the next Daimyō," Koyuki announced to everyone. They all cheered as she looked at Ichigo and Setsura.

"Let me go and get the rest of my team. After that, we can start the coup," Ichigo said.

"Thank you," Koyuki said as she bowed to Ichigo. Everyone followed suit. Ichigo and Setsura ran back to the group. Ichigo explained the situation to the director.

"How much time will you need?" he asked.

"Maybe the rest of the day," Ichigo estimated.

"Okay. After you finish helping them, you can take us back," Makino said.

Ichigo and Team 15 returned to the Village of Snow. They met up with Ikuo, Koyuki, and Sandayū. Ikuo guided everyone out of the village. In the distance, they could see a large building.

"He lived here?" Koyuki asked.

"Him and his forces," Ikuo replied.

They entered the large building and encountered more guards. Most of them didn't attack once they recognized Sandayū. He introduced them to Yukie, and they immediately joined her side. A few guards loyal to Dotō were quickly knocked unconscious and captured. Once the building was devoid of people, they returned to the Village of Snow.

Ichigo released the prisoners one by one. Each one was given the choice of remaining loyal to Dotō or joining Koyuki. Most of the prisoners chose to join Koyuki once they were assured that Dotō would be killed. The rest remained loyal to Dotō. Koyuki had her new soldiers restrain all the prisoners as Ichigo summoned the unconscious Dotō. Guren and Tenten held him down on his knees and made sure the chakra handcuffs were secured.

Guren punched him in the face, waking him up.

"W-where am I?" Dotō mumbled as he tried to stand up. Guren and Tenten forced him to remain kneeling.

"GET OFF OF ME!" Dotō tried to shake them off, only to notice that his hands were bound behind his back with chakra handcuffs and his ankles were also restrained. He looked to the side and noticed his former subordinates.

"Uncle," Koyuki said as she walked towards Dotō.

"K-Koyuki-chan," Dotō mumbled. Setsura formed an ice sword and swung it towards Dotō, stopping just short of his neck. Seeing the incoming attack stunned Dotō into silence.

"Today, your reign of terror over this land will end," Koyuki declared.

"Wait!" Dotō yelled. Koyuki looked at Setsura and nodded her head. Setsura raised her sword and swiftly sliced through Dotō's neck, killing him. Blood splattered everywhere as they witnessed the rise of the new Daimyō of the Land of Snow.

Author Notes:

The first part of this chapter was inspired by the Land of Rice Fields Investigation Mission Filler Arc. The second part of this chapter was inspired by the first Naruto Movie, Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow Movie.

(1) Ikuo Nishikawa is the voice actor for Sandayū Asama.