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I Need Love

A Cowboy Bebop Fanfic

By: Aolani

Faye Valentine sat at the table in the back of the cafeteria, and looked out the window. Why do people think I am so different? I am as normal as everyone else in this room. She was nibbling on some chips, and had a drawing pad and pencil in her hand. She looked out the window to find some inspiration but couldn't find anything. She set her pencil down and looked around the large lunchroom. Everyone was sitting with their friends and boyfriends, everyone belonged. They all belonged somewhere. All except her. She looked around the room once again, but something caught her eye.

Spike Spiegel looked down at his lunch. They have crap for food here. How is a man supposed to grow on this shit? He pushed his lunch away; he had suddenly lost his appetite. This was his first day of school here, and it wasn't turning out that well. Everyone seemed to hate him here. He looked up suddenly when he felt someone staring at him. He saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She had the greenest eyes he had ever seen, and they were clear and big, and they looked intelligent too. She had shoulder length hair, and it was in two braids down her back. She had a yellow head-band in her hair that madder her hair look ever violet. Spike was attracted to this girl but he didn't see why she was staring at him. She suddenly picked up a pad that was sitting in front of her and put it into a bag. She grabbed the rest of her stuff and made her way toward him. She was wearing a pair of baggy low jeans that accented her small wait. For her top she wore a gray tank-top that cut off above her belly-button. She had her belly-button pierced so he could see something winking at him. Wow.she's one pretty girl...

I can't believe that I am doing this. What was I thinking? Well, I can't turn back now.She made her way through the crowded caferteria to where the guy with puffy green hair sat. When she saw him staring at her, she felt like a freak. At least I can try to make new friends. What's there to loose? Everyone else hates me..except for Vicious. Thinking about Vicious brought a simile to her face.

hand out, and Faye took it laughing softly.

"Quite the gentleman I see."

"I try really hard to be." Spike said giving her a gorgeous grin, "what brings you to this side of the lunchroom?"

"Oh, well didn't they tell you? I am the welcoming committee. Welcome to High school Hell."

"Yeah, well I have been in a lot of hells."

"Well, this is a total different kind of hell."

"What are you doing here, when you could be with your friends?"

"Well...umm, I don't really have any friends except for Vicious. All my real friends don't go to school."

"So you are trying to befriend me?"

"Well I have nothing better to do now."

"What do you say to going to a real place and getting something to eat?"

"Sure, we still have forty-five minutes before we have to go to school. You are a senior right?"

"Yeah, I just moved here, but you can hear about my life story later. Now we have to go to school and get something to eat. I'm starving, The stuff here is crap."

"That's why I buy stuff out of the vending machine." She took out her bag of chips and handed them to Spike. He took them gratefully, and they both stood and walked out of the lunch room. Everyone they past stopped talking and stared. Everyone never really noticed Faye until now. All the guys didn't notice her until she had finally found a guy, and the girls were jealous that she found such a great guy. This sure is one hell of a way to start the year. Spike thought with a grin.