I Need Love

A Cowboy Bebop Fanfic

By: Aolani

Note: I think most of you have noticed that there are two chapter 10's. One is an author's note, and the other is really chapter 10, even though it is chapter 10. Sorry if I am mixing you up, but I can't help it because I am mixing myself all up! Sorry about that! I will try to fix it, but if I don't fix it in time, I just wanted to let you know!

Chapter 11


"Gosh! Get off me you big BAFOON!" Faye nearly shouted when Devon landed on top of her.

"Sorry 'bout that. Couldn't help it!" Devon said with a grin.

"Stop joking around, you two! We have work to do. No time to be rolling around like little children…." Julia said, as she took off the parachute.

"You should be glad that I was there to help you!" Devon said.

"Well I sure am, but that doesn't give you reason to molest me!" Faye said jokingly.

Devon and Faye pushed each other around for a little bit before they got serious, and took off their parachutes. They looked around real quick then they went through their utility belts and backpacks, making sure that everything was where it needed to be or was easily assessable.

"Hey! Do you guys know if the other team has gotten their key yet?" Faye said, as she strapped a knife and gun to her thigh.

"There on their helicopter, and motoring your way!" Spike said over the intercom.

"Good," Devon said, "We still have a head start. Let's get moving, and see what's in the middle of the maze."

The three of them starting trekking up the mountain. At the top you could see great, huge stone walls enclosing the whole maze.

It took them a good 20 minutes before they reached the top.

"Who needs a thigh master when you can climb steep hills all day?" Faye said to Julia.

"You have to stop joking about that!" Julia said, glaring at Faye.

"YOU use a thigh master? I mean really, don't you get a good enough work out in the gym…or even in bed?" Devon said with a little waggle of his eyebrows.

"I use the thigh master, because I want to tone my thighs. There's nothing more to it. Although it's none of your business, yes I do get a GREAT work out in bed. Not everyone to be like you though, hopping around from bed to bed every night." Julia said sternly.

"Hey! Are you trying to ruin my chances with Faye?"

"Yeah right, buddy." Spike muttered over the intercom.

"As if you will ever have a chance since Spike is here." Julia said with a straight face.

"Would you guys stop talking about me as if I am not even here?" Faye said glaring back at both of them.

They stopped bickering when they reached the huge ornate doors.

"Let's get this over with." Faye muttered, as she placed the key in the whole and turned.

The great big doors shuddered for a moment before they slowly started opening. It was like magic, for they opened by themselves. Once all three of them stepped through the door slowly started swinging shut.

"Were in." Julia said.

"What happens now?" Spike asked.

"Well they go through the maze, running into all sorts of stuff. Sometimes they even run into the other team, and they have a little brawl. But the maze is always a tricky place. It's almost like it moves around you. There has been cases where a team get stuck, and can't find there way out, and have to be extracted." Jet said with a solemn voice.

"Tricky, Tricky, TRICKY!" Ed said, jumping around.

"Has anyone…….." Spike stopped, looked around, "……..died………..in the maze?"

"God Spike! It's not likes it's a ghost town, or a haunted house. NO, no one has dies. Sure they have been hurt, but that's because of the stuff you run into when you are in the maze."

"Ah….okay." Spike said a little sheepishly, "Are we going to do anything? I mean other than sit here and listen."

"Spike my boy, that's what we do best. We have to listen, and make sure everything is going okay, otherwise we wouldn't be able to get them out of trouble when they need it the most."

They entered the maze, and they weren't surprised to find tall green hedges, which were the walls inside the a maze. It was just like one of garden mazes, that you see so often in royal houses, and real rich peoples backyards.

"Okay Devon. You're the mastermind here. Where should we go?" Julia said.

"Well….we have a choice of either going left, right, or straight. If you go straight, it is most likely going to lead you close to the middle of the maze, then swerve off, and head back to the outside. But usually that's what the maze maker want you to think, so the most logical answer is to go through the middle…..of course there is the 20 where either the left or the right is the….."

"Shush!" Faye said smacking him in the arm, "We don't need a whole detailed explanation on which way we are going to go! Just tell us where!"

"Tell me about it.' Spike muttered over the line.

"Fine then. I am deciding that today we are going to go right."

They then all headed off to the right, sticking close together.

"How long do you think it is going to take to get through this thing?" Faye said, "I want to get home so I can watch my favorite show tonight! I hope I don't have to miss it."

"You never know, this might not be the last challenge. There might be another one after this that we have to go through. It could take us until tomorrow morning before we actually win." Julia said.

"You never know." Was all Devon said.

They continued walking on, stopping every now and then to take a drink or take a little break. They didn't run into anything dangerous yet……just got a little mixed up in the maze.

"I thought you said that he knew what he was doing! They have been going around in circles, for what seems like forever!" Spike practically yelled.

"Hey! I can hear you!" Devon said.

"Well good! Now I can tell you what I think of you stupid logic about going around in this maze!"

"Oh Yeah? Who's the one that is IN the maze?"

"Oh yeah! Well I WOULD be in the maze, but unlike you, I haven't been doing this for my whole life. Shouldn't you be able to get in and out of there quickly?"


"Really! Well ("

(Let's just say that went on for a little bit….)

"Boys!" Julia and Faye screamed.





"SHUT UP!" they screamed.

"There coming! God! While you two were having the time of your lives, Spike forgot to look at the fricking radar, and now there right behind us!"

"Thanks to Devon yelling at him, they heard him, and now are just a curve away!"

"Hustle! Move those asses!" Faye said, and they took off at a run.

"Now would be a good time for Devon's good sense of direction!" Julia said, as she took out her stun gun.

"Do you think we are going to need that?" Devon said, "they can't be that close!"

"Well there are! No time to talk, or kick you in the butt! Keep going!" Faye said as they took a turn.

"What happened? What the HELL happened?" Jet said as he ran into the room, holding up his pants.

"The minute I leave this room, you stupid, have to do something stupid!"

"He he…..ah…..they caught up…..and I kind of forgot to warn them……." Spike said sheepishly.


To be Continued……

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