Hello there – It's been quite a while since I posted to the FanFiction site but having seen the play – retelling this wonderful story – I've been inspired to do some more Fanfics surrounding Goodnight Mr Tom.

It's written in Tom's point of view. - Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer – Characters belong to Michelle Magorian!

Chapter One

He's just got back from the station and as the door closes he's reminded of the day - forty years before when he buried Rachel and the baby. He remembers coming back to that cottage, alone, lonliness looming. No one to share the house with.

For most of the time since then he'd felt fine. He never got no bother from anyone. He never really went out unless he had to. It had been fine. But then, six months ago, things changed. He has changed. He knows it.

He'd tried to remain cheerful after he had told the boy about the letter from his mother. The poor lad. William had come bouncing in – He was so full of excitement. What news to come back to eh? As he had told him, he knew William was devastated. Now he's on his own again he can finally admit to himself – so is he.

They'd not had long to get William ready. The letter arrived yesterday and he was getting the train home that morning. It seems so sudden.

He smiles as he thinks of the lad, arriving all thin, timid and terrified. The poor soul that arrived on his doorstep couldn't be more different than the boy he's become. The country air has done him some good. He wonders if William had ever been happy before he came to Little Weirwold. He's come out of his shell. Made friends, just like a nine year old boy should.

The evening draws on slowly. He watches the clock almost continuously. William should be home by now. Back on his old ground. He wonders what the boys mother is like? But he doesn't think of her for long. No cards for the boy's birthday. No greetings at Christmas, just one letter when he got here and another taking him back. What sort of life have they had together? He wonders. Just the two of them.

He goes to bed early that night after hearing the ten o'clock news update on the wireless. He knows it's far too early for him but he wants to get the day over and done with. Sammy's already settled down. He's noticed him glancing up at the loft trap door.

"He's not here Samuel" he tells the dog. Samuel runs over to try and give him a hug. It's as if the dog's trying to lift his spirits.

As he climbs into bed he thinks of the last thing William said to him before the train left the station.

"I'll miss you" William had told him.

"I'll miss you too" he admits to himself before he nods off to sleep.