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He was aware; he had always been. Nearly from the moment he was born. Perhaps it was because Magic and Fate both sought to help the child, who had so heavy a burden to bear in life. His keen awareness gave him advantage; however, it came at a painful price: He was aware, and he understood.

He understood what was happening when his mother, beautiful with fire-red locks and leaf green eyes, sobbed in his father's arms. He understood when their friend—a tall, pale, mysterious man—informed them that someone named Regulus had died, and had felt pity when Uncle Padfoot had collapsed on the floor, eyes wide and his normally rosy complexion pale. He'd listened intently when Mooney had whispered about rumors of a conspiracy. He'd been awake and aware when the old manipulator had visited his parents, and had noticed how fake the man's concerned gaze was.

"….prophecy…Harry…Dark Lord approaches…must be hidden…spy…" not much could be heard through the closed door of Hadrian's nursery. Hadrian pulled himself up, onto his small feet, his chubby hands hanging onto the side bars of his crib. His shaggy hair hung over his round face, partially obscuring his eyes from view; his huge, round and intelligent Avada green eyes that swept across the room suspiciously. Someone was watching him. Someone he couldn't see.

Coming to a decision, Hadrian took a breath and began to wail, as infants his age tend to do when left alone for long periods of time. He continued his shrieking as he sat himself back down on his mattress and laid down, just as the door opened. His mother, Lily, gazed down at him with an affectionate look. Though there was weariness and concern in her expressive eyes.

"There, there" she cooed the way mothers do. "Nothing's wrong…" Hadrian almost snorted, but held it in. He understood enough to know that infants his age typically didn't express themselves in this manner. So, instead, he quieted and playfully gurgled, snagging a strand of his mother's hair. "Oh, were you just lonely?" she asked him, stroking one of his rounds cheeks with a finger. Two more figures appeared in the doorway.

"I'm afraid I need your answer tonight, Mrs. Potter" the old man said. James Potter stood next to him, but soon inched closer to his wife. His wild, messy back hair was mirrored on his son's head; though his eyes were small and brown, his nose a bit too round and his chin too wide for the son to bear much resemblance to his father.

"James?" Lily asked quietly. The man chewed his bottom lip.

"Maybe," Hadrian watched as his father took a steading breath. "Maybe it would be best."

"Only if you come with us," Lily said, her voice still low but nonetheless resolute. "Hadrian needs both of his parents." James gave his wife a playful smile, though it was a failed copy of his usual, carefree grin.

"Well," he said. "If something happens to me I'm sure Padfoot or Severus would be happy to play house with you." Lily didn't smile back. James' smile wavered. "I'm not even half joking, Lils, I'm needed with the rest of the Aurors, the public is going crazy. I can't just run away…"

"And yet, you expect me to?"

"If I may" Dumbledore said, stepping closer. He attempted to ruffle Hadrian's hair, but Hadrian only scowled, screaming loudly in protest. Dumbledore withdrew his hand. "James my boy, your family needs you. So very many things could go wrong, after all. I would rest easier to know you were nearby, to protect them."

James thoughtfully stared at his son, before slowly and wordlessly nodding. Dumbledore clapped his hands together, a strange gleam in his eyes that neither of the older Potters seemed to see. "Excellent. I've several safe houses prepared, the Fidelios Charm just needs a few more hours to be set." James only nodded. Lily made no acknowledgement that she heard.

A loud Crack and the man was gone. Out of the shadows stepped a man with long raven hair, beetle black eyes and a sallow complexion. Dark bags hung under his eyes. "Severus," Lily said, relief in her voice. "Anything?"

"Don't trust him, Lily. Never for a second," Severus Snape said as he began to pace back and forth across the nursery floor. "Tom has no intention of harming a hair on your son's head. You know how he feels about the art of Divination. Particularly if its Sybil Trelawney that gave the prophecy."

James snorted in amusement at his one-time rival's words. "Here, here. Always knew that Riddle was a smart man." Severus nodded, a touch of a smile gracing his face for a moment before it was gone.

The adults continued speaking about the war, about the raids and battles that had been won and lost. James expressed his regret about their neutral stance, though Severus was quick to reassure him. "You have Lily to take care of, Potter. Being involved in the war more than you are as an Auror would be, simply put, irresponsibly stupid and selfish of you. Now that you have a son, that only strengthens your reasons for staying out of the war. Even Lucius Malfoy is feigning neutrality now that young Draco has been born and Narcissa is dead." James went to say something else, but a sharp hand gesture from Snape cut him off. "And if anything happens to either Lily or Hadrian, be certain that your death shall be slow, painful, and by my wand."

Despite the death threat, all three Potters smiled.

It would be the last (relatively) peaceful moment Hadrian would ever get with his parents.

His life went to hell with the kidnapping of Bellatrix Lestrange. "What is she doing here?" James demanded, seeing the still, unconscious form of the woman, recognizing her as one of Severus' closest friends.

"This," said Dumbledore as a few of his beloved Order members lugged the woman down the steps of the Potter's safe house to the basement "is one of the Dark Lord's most loyal followers, one that my sources say the Dark Lord places much value in. He would stop at nothing to get her back, but I have plans to interrogate her. Unfortunately, all available people are needed, as there is an attack on Hogsmeade as we speak."

"So you're just leaving that murderess here with my wife and son in the house?" James asked, his face white with fury.

"They are perfectly safe, I assure you. She's under the Drought of Sleeping Death, and she won't awaken until she is given the antidote. Furthermore, because of the Charms on the house, Voldemort cannot get to her."

James spat out "Fine" before turning on his heel and marching angrily up the stairs. He never noticed Dumbledore pocketing a silvery cloak that he had hung over the back of his couch.

To say the Dark Lord was furious, would be an understatement. He was livid. Bella, his loyal Bella, had been kidnapped by the Order. Tom sank down onto his throne, head in his hands. No doubt she was already dead.

Bella…his loyal, crazy, mothering, happy-all-the-time Bella…

His doors flew open. Tom jerked up, on his feet and his wand at the ready within the space of a heartbeat. The tension left him completely as he realized it was just Severus, then he noticed Severus' slightly panicked expression.

"My Lord," Severus dropped to his knees in front of Voldemort. "Bellatrix, she"

"I know" cut off the Dark Lord, but Severus continued, interrupting what Tom was about to say. Which was surprising to him, to say the least.

"She's in Godric Hollow! Held in the Potter's basement! She's under Sleeping Death, but Lily is already preparing the antidote." Voldemort stood up. He was on friendly terms with the Potters, since many of his Inner Circle—Severus, Sirius, Remus, Fenrir, Lucius and Rudolphus to name a few—were close friends with them. And so, Severus—who was the Potter's Secret Keeper—had entrusted Tom with the location of his best friend and her husband.

"Bring the Lestranges, then go to Hogwarts. We can't have Dumbledore suspecting you. Does he still believe Pettigrew to be Secret Keeper?" A nod from Snape. They had performed a faulty ritual with Dumbledore's pet rat, making the old fool and Pettigrew alike, believe that he was the Keeper, to prevent suspicion from falling on one of the Dark Lord's people. Severus bowed again to Tom.

"As you wish," a pause and then "Please be careful, my Lord." Tom smiled at him, and nodded. As Severus left the room, Pettigrew slipped in to bow, prostrate at his "master's" feet.

Dumbledore waited outside Godric Hallow, hidden in the folds of his stolen invisibility cloak. As expected, Peter had successfully "betrayed" the Potters and given the name of the safe house to the Dark Lord. Tom Riddle himself, along with the two Lestrange men, had just appeared and were approaching the house.

Dumbledore pointed his wand at the tall, handsome figure in the middle pushing as much power as he could into a simple compulsion spell. Tom paused, his two companions took several more steps before realizing their leader had stopped. Then Voldemort took off in a run towards the house. Before Rabastan and Rudolphus could follow suit, two Stupefys send their way left them sprawled on the ground. A piercing scream split the night. Dumbledore smiled before Disapparating.

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