Title: Mates Find Each Other

Rating: M

Main Couple: Harry/Fenrir

Other couples: Hermione/Lucius, Sirius/Remus, Fred/Voldemort/George

Summary: Deatheaters attack the Burrow. Fenrir corners Harry. What will happen? What truths will be revealed? Will there be peace? Dumbledore, Molly, Ron and Ginny bashing. NO UNDERAGE SEX. Harry is emancipated when he claims his Lordships. He is an adult. This also takes place during the summer before 7th year.


Harry was cornered by Fenrir Grayback. He was scared. Suddenly, a strong breeze blew towards Fenrir. Fenrir started sniffing the air. He gasped and starred at Harry with big, round eyes.

Someone called out to Fenrir. He turned around and shielded Harry from that person's sight. He growled. "What?"

Bellatrix said, "Let's go. Potter isn't here."

Fenrir waited until Bellatrix had her back turned towards him. He went up to her, and they appirated away. Harry sighed in relief.