Chapter Thirty-Three


"Welcome, Lady Zabini and Heir Zabini."

Lady Zabini smiles at me and says, "Thank you for giving us a safe place to go, Lord Potter."

I do not correct her about my lordships. I look at Blaise and say, "Follow me. Everyone else is waiting at the dining table."

We went and sat at the dining table. I ask, "Blaise, what did your inheritance test show?"

Blaise got an angry look on his face. "Dumbledork has blocked my mate bond, so I can't find them. According to the inheritance test, my mate is Viktor Krum."

I think for a moment. "I will have to get ahold of him along with Fleur Delecour."

We eat and make small talk. After I'm done eating, I go to my study and make the letters to the mates. I look at Hedwig and ask, "Do you think you could make two long trips at once?"

Hedwig glares at me as if to say I insulted her. I laugh and say, "Okay, girl. I need you to take these to Fleur Delecour and Viktor Krum."

Hedwig bobs her head once and flies off. After a few minutes, I see nine owls make their way into my study. They drop their loads and fly straight out. I pick up the first parchment and open it.

Dear Harry Potter,

I am intrigued by your letter. I am available to meet you on the appointed date. It will be interesting to see what you want/need from us vampires.

Vincent Batling

Leader of Batling Coven

I smile and reach for the next one. I can't believe the vampires have accepted to meet me so easily. I hope the others are good news too. I read the parchment.

Dear Harry Potter,

You have piqued my interest. I'll see you on the appointed date.

Bardou Howell

Leader of Howell Pack

I can't believe my luck. On to the next on, and the next one. I kept reading them all. I was relieved when I saw that the leaders and the headnasters/headmistresses agreed to meet with me. I would meet the three leaders in two more days and the headmasters/headmistresses in three more days.


I was sitting on my bed moping when an owl flies into my room. It lands on my bed and drops a letter before continuing on its journey. I opened the letter and read it.

Dear Fleur Delacour,

I don't know if you remember me from the Tri-Wizard Tournament. My name is Harry Potter. Recently, some truths have become known. I have enclosed a copy of your mate's inheritance test and a portkey for you and your family to join me in a safe haven. Before you do, I think you should visit the French branch of Gringotts and get an inheritance test done as well.

The activation word is 'Sanctuary'. You may bring your family.


Harry Potter

I couldn't believe what I was reading. I quickly run out of my room and go to my parents to talk about this.


I was on my way home from quidditch practice when a snow white owl flew towards me. I hold out my hand, and it drops a letter before it flies off. I continue to walk home and greet my parents. I tell them about the letter. We decide to read the letter together.

Hey Viktor,

It's Harry. I know I'm late on my letter to you but a lot has been going on over here. I have included a portkey to a safe haven where I am at. The activation word is 'Sanctuary'. You may bring your parents if they wish to come.

Before you come, you need to know I found your mate you were telling me about in your last letter.


Harry Potter