Mother's Day at the JLA Watchtower

Chapter 1: 12 Days before Mother's Day

That time of year. Harvey Prince dreaded THAT time of year. The time of year where his loving, affectionate, compassionate, kindhearted, and extremely insane wife who would be the center of attention. The time of year that he and all the other henpecked men of the estate would have to slave, scrap, beg, and borrow money to buy such frivolous and ridiculous gifts. The time of year Firefly does his notorious breakfast in bed special that always ends in something going up in smoke. The time of year that Harvey not only has to contend with his lovesick wife but also his seemingly endless parade of frenzied, chatty, giggling and downright crazy daughters.

That time of year had two dreaded words Harvey never, ever, EVER wanted to hear

Mother's. Day

As Harvey could recall, the first Mother's Day was the day his firstborn daughter Diana was welcomed into the world. The second came with the birth of the golden child of the family, namely Dinah. However, the third was a downright horror story for him as he was blackmailed, bribed and humiliated into assisting his partner in delivering the devilish Danvers twins; giggling, devilish Alex and always smiling, always giddy Kara. The minute Harvey laid eyes on the sleeping newborn twins, he KNEW they were going to turn the entire Watchtower house upside down. And to add insult to injury; Hippolyta, his own WIFE ignored his pleas and repeatedly insisted they were just "playing" with him. Yeah. "Playing" with whatever dignity, pride, respect and sanity he so desperately held onto. And now Mother's Day is once more looming its head over the Watchtower house. Even worse, Hippolyta's pregnant. AGAIN. Of all the things Harvey wished the Amazons could do without, it'd be endless pregnancy. Yeah. That'll be the day. Right on the day he said "I do" to her, he basically allowed himself to be pulled down into the nightmarish hell that most men call: parenthood. And instead of bundles of joy, he got bundles of havoc and mayhem. Honestly he's surprised he hasn't grown gray hair yet

Harvey simply inhaled and exhaled deeply, preparing himself for whatever outrageous demands his wife had and most of all; whatever his not so normal daughters wanted. Hera help him. Most importantly, Hera help US ALL.